Tabekake Gospel Plan: Dear Succubus Sister 4.8

Tabekake Gospel Plan: Dear Succubus Sister

Vol.2 Chapter 15: The Ghost’S Identity

306 May 31,23 Kadono Yuu

As the child of a human and a succubus, Miori spends her days at a church she ran off to as a child, trying to keep her hunger under control. However, as a man's life force is essential for her survival, she regularly sucks small amounts from her childhood friend Mahiro... Until one day, their relationship slowly begins to change.
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My Future Habit ♡ 4.5

My Future Habit ♡

Vol.1 Chapter 6

12 May 31,23 Yoshimura An

☆ I'm Shiratori Nagisa, an idol! Tossing people around is a hobby of mine. Is there a strong and cool boy out there somewhere? Finally, a super hilarious romantic comedy! Includes 2 other stories.
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Living With a Kunoichi 4.8

Living With A Kunoichi

Vol.1 Chapter 10

278 May 31,23 Ponto Gotanda

Tae, a beautiful 17-year-old girl, and Kotaro, a serious office worker. These two seemingly happy people have a secret they can't reveal to anyone - the rival ninjas of Iga and Kouga secretly live together in this laid-back romantic comedy!
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Murky boundaries 4

Murky Boundaries

Chapter 55

870 May 31,23 Solanine , Beebee

A cute younger guy, a confident sexy guy, and an able obsessive guy in a triangle romance. "You! What do you want from me?" "Romance. I would like to date you, Professor." Sangil Choi, a Korean Literature professor, has a scar from an unrequited first love buried deep within him. All of a sudden Haneul Park, an undergrad student, barges into his life asking to date him. At first, Sangil finds it a
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Anemone Theater 3.5

Anemone Theater

Chapter 54

2K May 31,23 Zoy , Greensea

Seongho, who is under extreme stress because of his conservative father, suffers from chronic headaches.To get rid of the headache somehow, he takes the whole pill and accidentally kisses a man.And feel like that severe headache is fading away... Is it because of the drug? Or because of the kiss?
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King's Maker 4.2

King's Maker

Season 3 Chapter 98

11.4K May 31,23 Haga

Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, returns to the palace after years of living in hiding. He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince. He
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I Don’t Like That Smile 4.5

I Don’T Like That Smile

Chapter 165

2.5K May 31,23 Daken hiroshi

“That cool face of yours… I want to mess it all up” Ritsuki told Sumire at the gym. A game between the school’s most popular boy, Ritsuki and a friend has begun. The game was to win the heart of Sumire, who was rumored to be the biggest slut in school. As Ritsuki becomes closer to Sumire, he starts to see Sumire’s true colors. A bitter sweet love story of 2 people wi
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When We Acquainted 5

When We Acquainted

Chapter 2: A False Will (2)

20 May 31,23 Summer

That house has invioable rules:One, do not defile the gods.Two, the gods must not be defiled.Anyone who breaks them will be cursed.Lee Seojin lived an ordinary life, except for a strange encounter in his childhood. One day, he receives a disturbing message: "I want to see you and tell you something before I die." It was a poignant message from a girl who claimed to be his old class
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define 3.8

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Define

Vol.17 Chapter 70: Process 21

690 May 31,23 Hajime Yatate

Universal Century 0087, seven years after the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. Ensign Reccoa Londe has provided the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) with information regarding possible mobile suit development at the civilian colonies of Green Noa. Lieutenant Quattro (Char Aznable) with his wingmen Lieutenant JGs Apolly (Andy) and Roberto (Ricardo) hea
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I Tamed the Crazy Marquis 4.7

I Tamed The Crazy Marquis

Chapter 71

9.4K May 31,23 gol_G , KRFFR , Ire (II) ,로판맛집 ,유레트

Laranora Ador gets more than she bargained for when she rescues a young boy from being sold off in an infamous auction house. The boy is actually Eskal van Dyck, the "Crazy Marquess," in disguise! Unaware of his violent and heartless true nature, Laranora takes Eskal under her wing. Determined to raise him with utmost care and respect, Laranora grows deeply attached to Eskal... and in return, the
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I Adopted A Villainous Dad 4.8

I Adopted A Villainous Dad

Chapter 21

4.5K May 31,23 윤슬

I entered a novel in which the heroine who reincarnated as a saintess has to walk on a thorny path. ‘Yeah, nope!’ I, who decided to walk on a flower path, abandoned the original frustrating family and adopted my bias as my dad in our first meeting. “You, be my daddy!” The story’s final boss and villain! But now he’s just my dad. Fufu. “Daddy, why is your n
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Song of the Night Walkers 4.7

Song Of The Night Walkers

Chapter 172: What Time?

65.2K May 31,23 Kotoyama

Unable to sleep or find satisfaction in his daily life, Yamori Kou begins exploring the city at night, where he meets a strange girl who offers to help his insomnia by sleeping beside him.
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The Savior «Messiah» ~The former hero who saved another world beats the real world full of monsters~ 4.5

The Savior «Messiah» ~The Former Hero Who Saved Another World Beats The Real World Full Of Monsters~

Chapter 17: Give And Take

4.4K May 31,23 Heisei Owari,Harada Eri

The "former" savior, Takeru Yamato, was summoned to another world and executed because of his strength. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Japan, where he spent time before being summoned. However, in the city, demons appearing from "gates" rampage, and those called hunters fight using magic. Returning from another world, Takeru decides to hide his powers and live, but...
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I Became the Villain's Mother 4.8

I Became The Villain's Mother

Chapter 90

67.4K May 31,23 Yuliji

I have become the mother of “Ain Spenner”, the antagonist of a novel. I was supposed to be a bad stepmother who abused him as a child and was killed by him when he became an adult. But I saw the cute look on his naive and chubby face, “No, he’s so cute. He’s so young that he’s still sucking on his tiny fingers! How could I ever hurt him?” The child was so
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Kyuuseishu ≪MESHIA≫~Isekai wo sukutta moto yuusha ga mamono no afureru genjitsu sekai wo musou suru~ 4.4

Kyuuseishu ≪Meshia≫~Isekai Wo Sukutta Moto Yuusha Ga Mamono No Afureru Genjitsu Sekai Wo Musou Suru~

Chapter 17: Give And Take

2.5K May 31,23 HEISEI Owari

Kyuuseishu MESHIa Isekai wo sukutta moto yuusha ga mamono no afureru genjitsu sekai wo musou suru~ manga, The Savior ~The former hero who saved another world beats the real world full of monsters~ The "former" savior, Takeru Yamato, was summoned to another world and executed because of his strength. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Japan, where he spent time before being summoned. However,
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Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu 4.8

Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu

Chapter 404

330.2K May 31,23 Oda Tomohito

Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no-one can take their eyes off her. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty out of their league, but Tadano Shigeo knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others. Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun.
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Off the Plate 3.4

Off The Plate

Chapter 22

73 May 31,23 Jai

Gyul Han met Jeongro Yoon in Portugal on an unexpected night. The two of them talked, drank, and went home together and… that was that. However, five years later, it seems fate wanted the pair to meet again. Jeongro is now a chef competing in a cooking show and Gyul is one of the judges on the panel. They are able to talk about cooking, their past, and their hardships but… will they ever be able t
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Focus on You 2.7

Focus On You


656 May 31,23 Chajung

Weird boyfriends do weird things, but hiring someone to film a sex tape without consulting their partner? That goes beyond weird. Even if it’s supposedly for the sake of their relationship, Jay’s reluctant to oblige to his boyfriend’s spontaneous request. The filming part doesn’t bother him too much, but he’s not comfortable with having a total stranger watch them go at it. Once the camera starts
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The Iceblade Magician Rules Over the World 4.5

The Iceblade Magician Rules Over The World

Chapter 100

25.9K May 31,23 Sasaki Norihito,Mikoshiba Nana

The Arnold Magic Academy, a prestigious school that has produced a lot of great wizards. One boy, Ray White, decided to attend as the only wizard from an ordinary family. He is surrounded by students from aristocratic families and magicians who distance themselves from him. But people don't know. He is a person who has made a lot of achievements in the previous Far East fight, and now he is sa
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Bocchi Tenseiki 4

Bocchi Tenseiki

Vol.3 Chapter 17

5.8K May 31,23 Fast, Midorikawa You

I don't trust any human being. An unemployed, virgin 29-years-old Loner man who has a very deep distrust toward humans was trying to save a woman who was almost raped. He is stabbed in the chest by the assaulter and left to die alone while cursing the humans. When he came to, he realized that he had reincarnated in another world as the second son of a lower noble family where magic and
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Ayaka-chan wa Hiroko-senpai ni Koishiteru 4.1

Ayaka-Chan Wa Hiroko-Senpai Ni Koishiteru

Vol.1 Chapter 9.5

113 May 31,23 Sal Jiang

Soft and bubbly office lady Ayaka is madly in love with her senior at work, Hiroko! Two lovestruck coworkers who both think the other is straight totally crush on each other... popular Twitter artist Sal Jiang’s latest office rom-com!
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Kurai Anoko to Shitai koto 4.7

Kurai Anoko To Shitai Koto

Vol.1 Chapter 13: About That Gloomy Girl And Me

649 May 31,23 Ikari Manatsu

That gloomy girl is so beautiful! Let's aim for it! A school romance comedy together with that reserved, cute girl as we try to stop being loners!
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Sensei to JK 3.9

Sensei To Jk

Vol.4 Chapter 29: "bad Habits" And Sensei (Continued)

262 May 31,23 AYASE Alice

Nako is a high school girl who falls in love with her cool and mysterious private teacher.She loves her teacher and wants to act on her love, but sometimes it doesn't work out...This is a heart-warming slice of life manga about the daily life of a girl who is in love with her teacher and her mysterious teacher who may or may not be aware of the girl's feelings.
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Bad Thinking Diary 4.1

Bad Thinking Diary

Chapter 56

13.2K May 31,23 Park Do-Han

Min-Ji and Yu-Na, who have always been together. From the age of 17 to the age of 21, they are each other’s best friends. From one day the relationship is subtly different. Min-Ji’s wild dream about Yu-Na started! Their relationship begins to change into something other than their best friendship. Unrequited love, excitement, and obsession. “‘bad ideas” growing up in their own minds. Where will th
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