The One Within the Villainess 5

The One Within The Villainess

0 Oct 01,22 Shiraume Nazuna,Makiburo

In order to clear the name of 'Emi,' a girl who had reincarnated as Remilia, the villainess of an otome game, the real Remilia who had been watching all along inside awakens. Now it's time for the true villainess' revenge to begin!
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Time To Dedicate Your Death 4

Time To Dedicate Your Death

Chapter 8

8 Sep 30,22 Getcha ; SAN (II) ; Wonhiteu

When a forty year old Illian opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a small hand. An old mercenary, who went back 10 years in past and turned into a twelve year old child, Haven Winter! First of all the family that is falling apart must be re-established, Now that he is back in the past, he must protect the thing he couldn't protect in his previous life. Howeverthe guy who bothered him in the
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The Duke’s Teddy Bear 5

The Duke’S Teddy Bear

Chapter 24.5

25 Sep 30,22 Choi seong-ha

She is an illegitimate child of a count and is always careful not to tarnish her family's name. Since childhood, she has a secret that no one knows, and that is everytime she goes to sleep, her soul leaves her body and wanders around she can control and enjoy this ability of hers. One night at the ball, she got involved into an unpleasant situation with the Duke, and as she wanders around that ni
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Tabun Korekara Ai no Hibi 4.1

Tabun Korekara Ai No Hibi

Chapter 9

8 Sep 30,22 Ikemori Ayu

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio tha
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Summer Bloom At The Corner of The Street 4.2

Summer Bloom At The Corner Of The Street

Chapter 24: The Second Seed

8 Sep 30,22 兔街子 (Tu Jie Zi), 鲜漫文化

18-year old He You is about to enter her first year of university. However, shortly after arriving in the new town she was scorned by a strange boy. While she was lost, she was attracted by the scent of flowers and ended up at a florist shop at the corner of the street. She was invited into the shop by a beautiful and enthusiastic woman who hoped she would be a part-timer there. Turns out, the own
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The Law of Raising a Wolf 1.5

The Law Of Raising A Wolf

Chapter 20

0 Sep 30,22 歌茗, 梨梨圆上艹

You Qi is a cowardly and timid man, who is constantly chasing over Zhou Zheng, a man with a mean and violent character. Feeling annoyed at being with such a pushover, Zhou Zheng couldn’t help but to care for him. A tsundere actor and a nobody who puts his cowardice aside to take part as a stand-in actor. Can they face their true selves?
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This Human Became the Bizarro Lord 3.9

This Human Became The Bizarro Lord

Chapter 29: Double Agent

83 Sep 30,22 雨田心于

Since childhood, the protagonist could often see terrible “bizarre” creatures that no one else would see throughout lifetimes. Yet, he was never afraid. Instead, he was drawn to those bizarros and grew an attachment to them. Then one day in high school, he happened to meet a bizarro monitor and receive an invite to manage a prison that houses countless bizarros, as well as track down the ones who
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Inkya na Boku ga Futago ni Aisareru Wake 4.2

Inkya Na Boku Ga Futago Ni Aisareru Wake

Chapter 6

33 Sep 30,22 Mitsuya Bond

Hikaru is a BL otaku who has a complex about the color of his eyes. He was childhood friends with popular twins Nagi and Arashi, up until middle school when they started ignoring him! Hikaru is hurt because he doesn’t understand why, but one day he gets pushed down by the twins?!
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One Semester Servant 5

One Semester Servant

0 Sep 29,22

One Semester Servant manhwa, Instead of trying to express his feelings to the girl he likes, Revan gets bad luck because his love letter was found by her friend. Because he didn't want the letter to leak, he had to be Yesika's servant for one semester!
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Sin Flower 2.3

Sin Flower

0 Sep 29,22 Taffy (태피)

Haesoo takes care of Dojin after he loses his parents to an evil spirit. As Dojin grows up, he struggles to hide his feelings for Haesoo, but tries to do so regardless by assisting him in his priestly duties. But evil soon creeps into Dojin's heart when he stumbles upon Haesoo's dark secret, whispering to let his desires loose...
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Vanilla soda sky 3.7

Vanilla Soda Sky

0 Sep 29,22 Dangko JJ

.Taeha Oh, a math teacher who is having a boring day because it is not peaceful. One day when I endured boredom with sensational online low-flying activities, a new physical education teacher came to school like Hyeseong... But when I met this physical education teacher, he was a college alumnus who was famous for being a gay king car..!! Even at some point he starts to linger around Taeha...(Goog
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Girlfriend for Hire 5

Girlfriend For Hire

0 Sep 29,22 Rusena

They say unhealthy attachments are the root of most problems. Kim Luna knows this because she's attached to many things - her toxic ex-boyfriend, her kind but unavailable psychiatrist, and most of all, her opulent lifestyle that she lost after her family went into debt. So when she meets Moon Sung-hyun while working as a girlfriend-for-hire, it's no surprise that another unhealthy relationship beg
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CEO Bao Was Dumped By His Wife 5

Ceo Bao Was Dumped By His Wife

0 Sep 29,22

CEO Bao Was Dumped By His Wife MAHUA, Summary: The beloved wife of CEO Bao ran away as soon as their marriage contract ended. He didn't expect that he was just a plan B among many plans of his wife. She was one of the top students in college. She is the champion of boxing. And now, she has stolen his heart! Unbelievable.
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Dakkou Suru Made Ochimasen 4.7

Dakkou Suru Made Ochimasen

Chapter 5

50 Sep 30,22 Yoshiragi

An ecchi Ero-Mangaka, Yoe and an NTR Ero-Mangaka, Mayama, are close neighbors. However, their tastes and age gap are vastly different. A romcom story of "understanding each other " begins.
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The World They're Dating In 5

The World They're Dating In

0 Sep 29,22 Yullo

.On the day she declared she'd stay single, three men who had never been in Seul's life appeared in front of her.A dreamy ideal type, a male friend who she thought would be her lifelong friend, and even a blind date with excellent realistic conditions, appear all at once.Will Seul be able to keep her convictions of staying single until the end?
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Rosalyn Bogarte 5

Rosalyn Bogarte

0 Sep 29,22 Hano , SWE

Rosalyn Bogarte manhwa, "Do you not think the husband is so beautiful his in-laws will bring him into sudden wealth?"Due to the luxurious spendings of the royal and noble families, the church and state of the Calabria Kingdom had collapsed. In order to obtain honor, the only thing they cannot obtain, being bourgeois, the Bogarte merchants try to marry off the black sheep of the family, their seco
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The Goal is to be Self-made 5

The Goal Is To Be Self-Made

0 Sep 29,22 Kim Daham ;Summer Fall

Read manhwa The Goal is to be Self-made"Your Grace the Duke, please marry me."When I woke up, I was in a game world.But the problem is that I became a supporting character that was to be sacrificed to break the hard mode.There is only one way out of this situation.Marry the Eastern Grand Duke Sedrick Etzel, avoid a predetermined death, quickly earn a lot of money and become self-made![!] Crafting
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My Wife is Actually the Future Tyrant Empress 5

My Wife Is Actually The Future Tyrant Empress

0 Sep 29,22 漫绘新风

The Lady is the future tyrant, Lady Tyrant is the future empress of my wedding, Zhao Jinyu had no idea that after his rebirth, he would have the future tyrant empress who usurped the throne as his wife. He puts in his heart and soul to prevent his wife from going astray in her current life. But this beloved wife seems to be different from her previous life. How come she doesn't care about the affa
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The Cellist 4.5

The Cellist

0 Sep 29,22 Binabi

Kim Hayeon was just covering for a friend at their day job when she unexpectedly ends up inside cellist Ji Sehun's private waiting room. Despite his immense musical talent, Sehun is aloof and cold-hearted, and doesn't take kindly to Hayeon's intrusion. Though he accuses her of attempted theft, he cannot get her out of his mind, and attempts to court her. But while Hayeon may be timid, she is not e
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Drawing Romance 4.8

Drawing Romance

Chapter 83

92 Sep 28,22 Chocochip

Chan-Woo finds it difficult talking to Sul-Hee, who always seems to be angry about something. However, what he says to her actually makes her heart beat like crazy! A sweet, romantic story of a young couple's first love!
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Adapted Male Lead 4.9

Adapted Male Lead

Chapter 36

33 Sep 28,22 Shirabeen

Yeo Ju, planned to confess to her childhood friend through a novel and even signed with a publishing company. Yeo Ju then is bound by money when she tries to leave the publishing company.Adapted Namjoon / Dramatized Male Lead / mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga reco
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Prince’s Pampered Wife 3.3

Prince’S Pampered Wife

Chapter 19

25 Sep 28,22 Ake Comic, 阿柯文化

By a curse passed down from generation to generation, he was destined to live a solitary life, but then he met the evil Suliuan. "Sir, someone wants to push your wife into the water!" No hurry, throw them into the well. "Lord, someone is openly insulting her!" "Do not worry, chop him on the road." "Sir, your wife has run away again." "No hurry Wait, which way?!" He had everything under control, bu
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My Tender Despot 3

My Tender Despot

Chapter 45

12 Sep 28,22 Haotoon , 三福动漫

It is said that the most merciless despot has fallen for a lady and devoted his soul and heart to her. It is also said the despot sentenced the lady to death in the end. History buried and story twisted, yet true love never fades.mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga re
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Doushitara Osananajimi ♀️ no Kanojo ni Naremasu Ka!? 3.7

Doushitara Osananajimi ♀️ No Kanojo Ni Naremasu Ka!?

Chapter 6

42 Sep 29,22 Yasaka Shuu

High schoolers Minami Ikoma and Yuzu Makita have been childhood friends since grade school. Since their parents are friends, they have always been together. However, as Minami sees her friend get confessed to, feelings in her own heart start to sprout. A romantic comedy of two childhood friend starts.
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