The People of the Rising Moon City 3.8

The People Of The Rising Moon City

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Dracula On The Shore

11 Sep 28,23 Subuta Yūki

An invisible person, a werewolf, a dracula, a medusa, a naga, a mummy, and a franken. These seven monster teenagers grow up as they wrestle with and learn about friendship, love, and family through each other. A series featuring these monsters, illuminated by a gentle moonlight.
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Dark Twilight Sanctuary 4.9

Dark Twilight Sanctuary

Chapter 3

29 Sep 28,23 Seki Ayumu

Maid Refreshment "Comet Bug" stands quietly amidst the bustle of the city.This is a place where both master and lady can return anytime. It is a place where there are "maids" who will gently and calmly accompany the tired hearts of the customers.There, Pero, a new maid, is about to receive her first customer.Pero desperately wants to heal him from his deep wounds, even if only for a mo
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Hagoromo-sensei wa Kyou mo Kanzume 4.5

Hagoromo-Sensei Wa Kyou Mo Kanzume

Chapter 3

25 Sep 28,23 Jirou Katou

Hagoromo Aoba is a mangaka best known for her series revolving around delicious meals. Inaba Nichiro is assigned to be her assistant, but discovers a shocking secret: Hagaromo-sensei is a massive canned food nut!
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Channel wa Sonomama! 5

Channel Wa Sonomama!

Chapter 2.2

2 Sep 28,23 Sasaki Noriko

Yukimaru Hanako is leaving her family in Eniwa, Hokkaido, to go live in the big city of Sapporo and work with the HHTV news team. Hanako has bumbled her way goodnaturedly through the hiring process, which included a written test, an interview, and a presentation. One of the other new hires at HHTV, the stern, professional Yamane Hajime, has watched her in disbelief, infuriated that she seems to ha
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Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha ga Hikikomoru ni wa Hirosugiru 4.5

Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha Ga Hikikomoru Ni Wa Hirosugiru

Chapter 2.2

92 Sep 28,23 Hanabokuro

After being expelled from his family home, our main character tries his hand at becoming an adventurer, only to find out that things aren't quite as they seem. Determined to change his fate, and with the money he's saved up, he heads out to purchase a plot of land in the remote, unexplored wilderness, with the intent of forging his perfect new life. Little does he know, this expanse is infamous as
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Higan no Orca 4.2

Higan No Orca

Chapter 1.2

0 Sep 28,23 STUDIO koemee

Marlin Trout is an organization established to stop suicides in Japan, where the number of suicides has drastically increased due to the development of society. Wakame, a slightly natural staff member, is constantly pushed around by her uncooperative partner, Umi. They are the best buddies with the best record, but they have a certain "history" together...?
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Elf and Bike and Imperial Geographic Surveyor and... 4.3

Elf And Bike And Imperial Geographic Surveyor And...

Chapter 1: Nonoa And The Spring

50 Sep 28,23 Isomoto Tsuyoshi

Road-movie-like manga about the perky elf and her rugged sidekick, who explores and maps an area where the situation is unclear. -AMAZ
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Junket Bank 5

Junket Bank

Vol.4 Chapter 28

8 Sep 28,23 Tanaka Ikkou

"Junket Bank" is a manga of a gambling place operated by a bank. Mitarai, a bank clerk bored with his every day duties. One day, Mitarai went to the basement of the bank while thinking that something was wrong with his new boss Usami, but witnessed gambling there...
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Izumi and the Dragon Book 4.3

Izumi And The Dragon Book

Chapter 1

0 Sep 28,23 Nagimiso

"The Dragon Book" which thoroughly covers all dragon and shows adventurers the way to their dreams. Said book is a best-seller representing "Sword and Friends & Co." but its contents are based on nothing more than the the dubious stories of adventurers that haven't been verified, as a matter of fact it's riddled with mistakes. The head of the editorial department of Sword and Friends & Co. starts
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Oneloli Cabaret Club 4

Oneloli Cabaret Club

Chapter 3

0 Sep 28,23 Kasuga Sunao

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Director Kim 4.5

Director Kim

Chapter 105

71.3K Sep 28,23 Park Tae Joon,Jeong Jong-taek

"Please don't touch the guy wearing glasses…" Department head Kim, who quit his job as a special agent only for his daughter Minji and chose to be normal. Then one day, Minji disappeared silently, and Manager Kim began to find his daughter by turning the country that monitors him into the enemy.
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Choukadou Girls 4.6

Choukadou Girls

Vol.3 Chapter 25: The World Amanohara Subaru Loves

641 Sep 28,23 Oyster

A moving girl figure are back. A love comedy of the everyday feeling that a super-movable girl wraps around a nerdy boy, Haruto!!
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Level 1 kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou 4.2

Level 1 Kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou

Chapter 10

4.2K Sep 28,23 Shiraishi Arata

Shinobu Iijima lost his life along with his beloved sister and prickly stepfather in a mysterious disaster. When he woke up, he was reborn in the world of the game he had been playing. Shinobu was in despair as his stepfather erased his game data and he had to start from the tutorial, but he learned that his sister would soon be reincarnated into this world as well. In order to s
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Pumpkin Night 4.4

Pumpkin Night

Chapter 103

41.9K Sep 28,23 Hokazono Masaya

A deformed female human go out with a pumpkin on her head to kill all who bullied her in the past.
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The Savior «Messiah» ~The former hero who saved another world beats the real world full of monsters~ 4.6

The Savior «Messiah» ~The Former Hero Who Saved Another World Beats The Real World Full Of Monsters~

Chapter 24: A Monster Beyond Monsters

13.3K Sep 27,23 Heisei Owari,Harada Eri

The "former" savior, Takeru Yamato, was summoned to another world and executed because of his strength. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Japan, where he spent time before being summoned. However, in the city, demons appearing from "gates" rampage, and those called hunters fight using magic. Returning from another world, Takeru decides to hide his powers and live, but...
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Isekai Shokan Ojisan No Ju Muso Life Sabage Suki Salary Man Ha Kaisha Owari Ni Isekai He Chokuki Suru 4.4

Isekai Shokan Ojisan No Ju Muso Life Sabage Suki Salary Man Ha Kaisha Owari Ni Isekai He Chokuki Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 15: The Two Minds Trial

3.9K Sep 27,23 Morio Masahiro

The middle-aged man and airsoft enthusiast Daisuke Koga is summoned to a different world on his 40th birthday. Given the ability to turn airsoft guns into real guns, Daisuke must save the other world while traveling back and forth between reality and the fantasy world. Alongside female swordsman Rena, Daisuke becomes the only gun user and dominates in the fantasy world after work!
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The Tutorial is Too Hard 4.7

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 132

122.8K Sep 27,23 gandara, 이마에 다이키

Gandara's fusion fantasy novel, 'The Tutorial is Too Hard', is now here as a webtoon. One day, amidst a boring life, an invitation message appears before my eyes. Following it is a difficulty-selection window.    . I select hell-difficulty without hesitation. And I regret it. I know it said hell-difficulty, but this is
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Choujin X 4.7

Choujin X

Chapter 41.5

14.4K Sep 27,23 Ishida Sui

The latest from Sui Ishida! Sometimes to fight a monster, you must become one!
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Secret Siblings 4.3

Secret Siblings

Chapter 9

5K Sep 27,23 Masgini

Two siblings, who do not have a drop of blood between them, after watching an adult movie, the rough and annoying relationship between them will begin to change after he begins to touch his sister's breasts.
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Unlocking her 3.8

Unlocking Her

Chapter 59

24.9K Sep 27,23 Hanai

“Are you certain that you will choose the A cup over the D cup?”….Like everyone else, I also had a solid plan for my life. However, I have been a spinster for 2 months, and working part-time at a convenience store shop is not really enjoyable. Until whence I picked up a cell phone with an image of her exposing her body…My life started to change!
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Demon City Hunter 2.7

Demon City Hunter

Vol.1 Chapter 7: The Rain Of Blood

298 Sep 27,23 Kikuchi Hideyuki

God's come down to earth and all hell is breaking loose! Enter a world where demons seen only in dreams are real, oceans swallow cities, and the powers of the mind are preferable to guns. It is here in the "Demon City" that Kyoya Izayoi, master of the rare martial art of nenpo, wields the mythical sword Ashura in defense of beautiful Sayaka Katagiri. As the evil Dark Ord
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Madam 4.1


Chapter 72

36.8K Sep 27,23 Kampis (캄피스)

At the age of 13, Dolsoe, who blushed just looking at the youngest woman, soon grew up to be a strong young man. There is a different tension between the woman who has become more mature and beautiful and her childhood friend Yeoreum
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Cruise 4.7


Chapter 34

1.7K Sep 27,23 Webnyu (웹뉴)

The best cruise in Korea invited the Yongjin Taekwondo team, which has amassed ten million views on YouTube and is growing in popularity, and boarded to perform. But what awaits them after their performance is a ?! There is still a week until the cruise gets to land.On top of the sea, where there is nowhere to go, the cruise turns into a prison where the people are locked up in an instant, and
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Dore ga Koi Ka ga Wakaranai 3.8

Dore Ga Koi Ka Ga Wakaranai

Chapter 24.2

2.3K Sep 27,23 Oku Tamamushi

Our protagonist, Soraike Mei, confessed her unrequited love to her friend at the high school graduation ceremony… That was the plan, at least. Her confession was a failure. Because of that, she is keen to go to school to “Definitely get a girlfriend during college!” But for some reason, one woman after another keeps on approaching her?!
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