My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today 4.4

My Girlfriend’S Not Here Today

Vol.5 Chapter 25.5: Afterword And Extra Pages Volume 5

5K Jul 20,24 Iwami Kiyoko

It's a secret that I'm dating the love of my life at school. There's no way I can tell anyone, especially when we're both girls. But I can't help my feelings from slipping out in the background. It's not the ideal way to be a couple, but I can put up with it because I really love her... But such loneliness has also nurtured dark thoughts in my head.
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Designs 4


Vol.3 Chapter 14: I'll Think About It Later

69 Jul 20,24 Igarashi Daisuke

Beyond the natural world lies a breed of abnormal beings... HA, or Humanized Animals. They are a hybrid of human and animal, "designed" at the genetic level. Possessing astonishing physical capabilities, these HA are deployed into scenes of intrigue by certain ambitious individuals, seeking to showcase their true value. For what purpose did humans design these beings? Behind it all lie
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End of the World 3.5

End Of The World

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Sunflowers

0 Jul 20,24 Okazaki Kyoko

In addition to the title story about boy and a girl who kill their parents and roam the American Midwest, the collection includes five short stories: "VAMPS," Okazaki's version of a vampire tale; "Sunflowers," a summer vacation nightmare experienced by an elementary school student; "Little Sun in the Water," a coming-of-age story of bankruptcy; and "Otome-chan," a family story about a father with
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Risky Vice 3.6

Risky Vice

Chapter 23

211 Jul 20,24 Jerriman

and are the two mafia groups that reside in ‘Black City.’ Jaewoo, a scrap metal delivery man, is raising his little brother on his own. On one of his deliveries, he gets entangled with the mafia boss of - The strong and dangerous ‘Risky’. The unexpected warmth that Risky showed was more than enough to cause Jaewoo to fall in love. However, behind his gentle demeanor was an unknown motive… Jaewoo
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Chess Piece 3.7

Chess Piece

Chapter 73

8.4K Jul 20,24 Updating

I'm Jeoh, a namchang selling himself in a daldong neighborhood that is collapsing. A serial killer appears with the death of a terminal employee ( plot is like killing stalking)
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Love Sick Dog 2.5

Love Sick Dog

Chapter 54

1.8K Jul 20,24 Songhyel

Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Ye-Gyeom, who is thirsty for love, but always lived a life of being abandoned and betrayed, meets Joo-Yeong. The love he receives from him is twisted instead of affectionate.However,
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His Name is 101 5

His Name Is 101

Vol.3 Chapter 7: Midair Explosion Order

9 Jul 20,24 Yokoyama Mitsuteru

(from ebookjapan):Babel II is back! Koichi Yamano, a 16-year-old ESPer boy, is now called 101 at a research institute, where he donates his special blood to give vitality to the sick. However, he escapes when he finds out that ESPers are actually being created and misused by a huge organization. The battle between 101 and the organization has begun as 101 tries to dispose of his ESP ab
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Saikyou no Shien-shoku 4.3

Saikyou No Shien-Shoku "wajutsushi" Dearu Ore Wa Sekai Saikyou Kuran O Shitagaeru

Chapter 47: Coming To Terms

9.1K Jul 20,24 Yamori-chan , Jaki

Noel, a youth who admires his grandfather, who was hailed as a hero, and aspires to be the strongest Seeker.But his Job that appeared in the appraisal, was the support class Talker.Talker is a peaky job with the weakest individual abilities. A job that could never become the strongest.If I create the strongest clan and become the clan master, then I'll essentially be the strongestThinking that, No
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Greatest Clan 4.8

Greatest Clan

Chapter 47: Coming To Terms

51.5K Jul 20,24 jaki,yamori-chan

Noel, a youth who admires his grandfather, who was hailed as a hero, and aspires to be the strongest Seeker. But his Job that appeared in the appraisal, was the support class Talker. Talker is a peaky job with the weakest individual abilities. A job that could never become the strongest. 「If I create the strongest clan and become the clan
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Tales of Greed Deep 4.4

Tales Of Greed Deep

Chapter 5: Printer [2]

18 Jul 20,24 Kimkkulppal , Nurimaru , ak Mansa , Joo-in Kim, PTJ COMICS

"Tales of Greed" is back with an even deeper story! What if the desires that every human can have become a reality? Will the outcome ultimately lead to happiness or bring about destruction?
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Kazuo Umezu's 5

Kazuo Umezu's "ultraman"

0 Jul 20,24 Kazuo Umezu

(from ebookjapan): Kazuo Umezu's "Ultraman" was serialized at the same time as the 1966 TV broadcast! The fierce battles with popular monsters such as the Baltan and Mefilas aliens are fully recorded along with the color pages from the serialization and the chapter covers! Kazuo Umezu's very famous manga adaptation of the first Ultraman series.
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Seeds of Anxiety* 5

Seeds Of Anxiety*

Vol.2 Chapter 51: #051 Pipe Men

0 Jul 20,24 Nakayama Masaaki

Continuing in the same vein as previous installments, a new collection of "everyday horror" vignettes.
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Vigilante 4.7


Chapter 132

5.1K Jul 20,24 CRG

The law is flawed and I'll be the one who will make it perfect. Blame the law that released you.
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CasinoGui 4.6


Chapter 41

1.2K Jul 20,24 Hanaichi Nozaki,Yoshida Shirou

Gen Suzuki, a young man who grew up in an orphanage, is trying to live an honest life.   But when the cruel reality of the 10 million yen debt from her sister hits him, he decides to rob a Dark Casino.   What awaits him is the baptism of the underworld!
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Be A Eunuch's Wife To Control The World 4.4

Be A Eunuch's Wife To Control The World

Chapter 361

13K Jul 20,24 Guai Xiao Shou Manhua

She died due to betrayal in her previous life. After time-traveling, her soul fell onto Xiliang Mo, a girl who has the same fate as hers. She swears to let those who hurt her pay their price. Step by step, she broke the legs of her sister, force her hypocritical stepmother to die, and sell her coldblooded father. What if her husband is vicious? Then just abandon him and remarry someone else. But w
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Battle Studies 4.6

Battle Studies

Chapter 41

92 Jul 20,24 Nakibokuro

You can’t win through only with “friendship” and “youth”. We stake our lives to get to Koshien!! Kanou Shoutarou entered an official baseball club at one of the best powerhouse baseball schools in the country - DL Gakuen. However the discipline in the club, he admired so much, was beyond all imagination! From Nakibokuro - the former member of PL Gakuen’s baseball club who
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I Want to Be You, Just For A Day 4.7

I Want To Be You, Just For A Day

Chapter 210

26.3K Jul 20,24 Sam

The count's daughter, Psyche, is loved by all. Psyche, who took everything from me. Psyche, who always gets what she wants. I wanted to be her, even if just for a day.
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Kagerou ga Yureteiru 3

Kagerou Ga Yureteiru

0 Jul 20,24 Kondenriki Kanao

One day, a transfer student named Atami suddenly appeared in the countryside. Everyone is intrigued by the rare existence of a transfer student. He hurt his leg as a result of an accident and is still suffering from the after effects. He is sincere to everyone, and those around him have always cared for him. On the other hand, Kamonomiya, who is part of the track and field club, is a straightforwa
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Throw the Trash in the Trash can! 4.2

Throw The Trash In The Trash Can!

Chapter 104

4.3K Jul 20,24 EDDiERiNG

'Woobin', who uses his good looks to seduce rich women and has lived like trash. He ends up falling in love with 'Suzy', a chaebol heir who was only supposed to be a target of his seduction. He experiences the sweetness of love for the first time, But it lasts only for a while because what's hidden behind Suzy's angel-like appearance begins to slowly choke
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Apricot Fuzz 2.3

Apricot Fuzz

0 Jul 20,24 Nagito

After school, the secret talk between girls starts today, too. The class madonna, Nanba Rinon, confides to the introvert Furutsuji about the violence she's suffering on a daily basis from her father... To indulge herself in the pleasure of self-pity. And Furutsuji who comforts Rinon with deep compassion. However, there's malice lurking inside that smile... She's realized Rinon's XX.
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Juujika no Rokunin 2.7

Juujika No Rokunin

Chapter 174: I Hate You, I Hate You, I Hate You

131.2K Jul 20,24 Nakatake Shiryuu

”Is it okay to kill people?" A treacherous revenge suspense by Shiryu Nakatake, a newcomer to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. "Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do nothing. He should be given a chance to be reborn." "Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself." In order to d
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Pet 3.8


Chapter 24: Butterfly Method

264 Jul 20,24 Miyake Ranjou

The story revolves around people who possess the ability to infiltrate human minds and manipulate memories. Their powers have been used in the underworld for covering up accidents, assassinations, and all manner of crimes. But these powers not only destroy others' spirits, but also corrupt the users' own hearts...
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THE LAST MAN (Italian) 2.9

The Last Man (Italian)

Vol.4 Chapter 33: Last68: Biojack

46 Jul 20,24 Egawa Tatsuya

A mysterious boy lies naked and unconscious on the street. The story begins when ninth grader, Ai Oomori, and his third grader brother, Seigi, find him. This boy has no memory of the past and doesn't even know his real name. He is like a little baby. Ai names this boy Makoto and takes him back home. Makoto has superhuman physical powers and can even recover quickly from injuries. Who is Makoto? Ma
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