The Most Ordinary Relationship 3

The Most Ordinary Relationship

Chapter 9

29 Mar 23,23 Munzi , Jowoo , ANA

"Hey! Go out with me, Cha Wonwoo." The lonely and tough days of being a 20 years old. The relationship between the two, which started with just a simple word, has more days of quarreling than having fun, "I've never been tired of living together for the past 10 years, but we can't live forever." After spending 10 years together, we became comfortable with each other like a family.
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How To Stop The Tyrant’s Blackening 4.6

How To Stop The Tyrant’S Blackening

Chapter 57

3.8K Mar 23,23 Yeoon Han , Iro , 이로

In contrast to her past life in Korea, the storybook world Rayne Haatz inhabits is full of wonders—think dreamy powers, nobles inspired by card suits, and anthromorphs. There’s just one issue… her destiny in this world is to die! Luckily, it seems that someone wants her alive. In her fourth life, Rayne vows to stop her scheming family from giving Emperor Jaynen the dark nightmares that drive him m
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Please, Let Me Return Home 4.4

Please, Let Me Return Home

Chapter 70

8.7K Mar 23,23 EZ (이지)

Read manhwa Please, Let Me Return Home / Summary:The protagonist, who loves romance novels, possessed a character in the world of the novel as soon as she received a confession from her crush, Yejun. In the novel, she possessed a fallen aristocrat named Beatrice. Rather than having a sweet relationship, she was threatened with her life. Daniel, the suspicious fiance who tries to take her life ev
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An Hour of Romance 4.7

An Hour Of Romance

Chapter 138

11.5K Mar 23,23 Kim Myeongmi

Promoted at the speed of light, the star of JK Electronics, the ultimate career woman, yet always forever alone Cha Ju An! Kind, honest, full of vitality, and with the looks and physique to rival a model, yet bumbling fool Yoo Do Jin! With such different personalities, one day these two… #suddenly #withoutwarning #during #officehours switched souls?!!!
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Do You Wanna Touch My Tail? 4.4

Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?

Chapter 27

321 Mar 23,23 岛上Project

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Betrayal of Dignity 4.6

Betrayal Of Dignity

Chapter 10

834 Mar 23,23 Kimpa , Bokyung Kong

Would you sacrifice your honor to marry a Duke? In order to save her family from ruin, Chloe Verdier must find a groom for her sister, Alice. She soon runs into the handsome but arrogant Duke Tisse who makes a proposal that could save them. When Alice flees with a mysterious man, Chloe must seek out the Duke in the biggest gamble of her life.
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Saving the Villain Who was Abandoned by the Female Lead 4.6

Saving The Villain Who Was Abandoned By The Female Lead

Chapter 78

33.1K Mar 23,23 Yeon-Bi

I tried to save the sub male lead, who was poisoned by the female lead, but an accident happened! He said he would repay the favor, but he randomly sent me to the most notorious villain, the Family of Assassins?! The family that consists of the oldest brother, a knight in the Imperial Army preparing for a revolt, the second brother, a reverend with a large bounty on his head, and a father who is t
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The Villain Loves Me Very Much 3.6

The Villain Loves Me Very Much

Chapter 77

262 Mar 23,23 免森森 , 书耽网

He is beautiful, he is miserable, and no one can resist his temptation in many planes. Domineering President: Never try to escape from my palm again! Gao Leng Xueba: You don't know this kind of topic. Do you want me to teach you after class? Black-bellied Prince: My dear, you are mine alone Bai Yu lay comfortably in that person's arms, smiling evilly, "Strategy? It's all under my control."+
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The Book of Lagier 4.6

The Book Of Lagier

Chapter 96

25.5K Mar 23,23 Kim Joon-hyung,Gongdeuntab

The great Demon King, Embilden, was the first to unite the demon world. One day, a human dared summon the Demon King. It was the greedy and fat, Prince Lagier Lou Jerlayla Rodwill! However, while summoning the Demon King, he had made a mistake in the process, which caused his death. Lagier's body is forcefully frozen because of the contract he had made with the Demon King…
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Sisters at War 4.7

Sisters At War

Chapter 19

89 Mar 23,23 Maenggi ki

What if your worst enemy turned out to be your sister? Dark loner Haera and golden child Li-on have always been arch rivals, competing to be the best in their arts high school. Of course, Li-on always seems to win, with the support and privilege provided by her wildly wealthy, world-famous sculptor mother. Then again, Li-on has dark secrets of her own, and there’s just something about Haera -- her
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Jackpot! 2.8


Chapter 9

8 Mar 23,23 Shin Bi

Love doesn't always work the way you want it to, at least that’s the case for Sojoong. Unfortunately for him, the love of his life, Ji-hoon, doesn't love him as much as Sojoong thought he did. So heartbroken, he decides to break things off. But that doesn't mean that Sojoong can just forget the love he felt or the memories they shared together. As he spends his days wallowing in misery, hoping for
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Stuck in My Sister's Dating Sim 3.9

Stuck In My Sister's Dating Sim

Chapter 8

31 Mar 23,23 Mongdo

All I wanted to do was save my sister’s game, but how did I get dragged into it? I got transmigrated into my younger sister’s stupid dating simulation game! Jinsoo Lee has played this game before and knows enough about it… to realize he’s been transmigrated as a trouble-making, good-for-nothing villain who dies way too soon. His new plan is to lead a quiet life while he figures out a way back
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Cherry Complex 2.4

Cherry Complex

Chapter 11

426 Mar 23,23 Jin 5

not found...
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One Step Toward Freedom 4.3

One Step Toward Freedom

Chapter 440

28.7K Mar 23,23 Cai Jian,Zhang Yue

Our Main Character was transported to another world and the first thing that happened thing to him was that he was forced into a marriage….<br>
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The Only Necromancer 4.8

The Only Necromancer

Chapter 84

56.3K Mar 23,23 Kim Kyungyeol

The world is ending. Monsters from legends appear everywhere. They eat people, conquer the streets, and begin to make dungeons in the buildings and subways. If you could choose one job in this decrepit world, what would you choose? For a “necromancer” extinction is my playground and death is my wealth.
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Be Frank and Strict 3.1

Be Frank And Strict

Chapter 35

64 Mar 23,23 阿阮有酒 , 长佩文学

To Yang Juan, He Lang seems to be just an Internet Cafe Manager who lives frugally and saves up money to buy dresses. In the world of an online game, Yang Juan portrays a naive, adorable, and soft girl - at least that's what He Lang thinks. The honest Yang Juan was entrusted by his roommate to control a female character's gaming account and use it to expose a cheating, in-game partner. By day, he'
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Contract Wife Runs away from the CEO 4.3

Contract Wife Runs Away From The Ceo

Chapter 520

4.9K Mar 23,23 Qian Cao , Nian Hua Fu Liu (Original) , Shi Bu Manhua

Her best friend's planned a meticulous plan to schemed her. Her first time was snatched away by a cold demonic President. Her first love that once loved was also ruined. He threw down a marriage contract, ignoring her resistance and declare his possession to the whole world.Alternative the wife contract ran away of ceo,Flash Marriage President Contract Wife,Hasty Marriage Contract With The Heir
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Don't Be Nice To Me 3.8

Don't Be Nice To Me

Chapter 41

817 Mar 23,23 Ssak

You called me first, bought me chocolate milk when I was drunk, deliberately visited me at my part-time job and the small group that consisted of only us. I didn't want to receive any of this from you.Yeonwoo Hyung, the person who treats me nicely but appears indifferent towards everyone else.
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unOrdinary 2.8


Chapter 303: Episode 295

108.3K Mar 23,23 Urusai-baka

The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization... that something needs to change...
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The Eve Festival 3.8

The Eve Festival

Chapter 23

80 Mar 23,23 Bad Pharmacy

The story of 2 high school students and their growth as they have a hard time around immature adults.Yoon Jungwon, the model student and class president, seems to be hiding a secret, and Kwak Gilsung, a rising Taekwondo player stuck in his rebellious phase.Why are these two drawn toward each other? The tearful growth of two people exploring their youth!It was still the eve festival
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I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend 4.7

I Became The Male Lead’S Female Friend

Chapter 22.5

667 Mar 23,23 Sunshine Beast , ggory

She became the failed-in-love, jealous inducer, female friend of the male lead. In addition, the character even has an unrequited love for the male lead. She would be ruined. As long as this was the case, she decided to just become friends! It was nice to have the first meeting with such a young male lead… "Hello, Miss Bouser." "Uwa!!" You were mistaken for a girl and you cried?
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Haunted by Desire 4

Haunted By Desire


1.1K Mar 22,23 Penguin, Unknown

.Jo Sungjae spends passionate nights with the ghost that visits him every night- a ghost that resembles Dohwi, the person he loves, and as the nights progress, his condition worsens. Dowhi is worried about Sungae and invites him over to his house What could Hong Dowhi's birth secret be? Will the enchanted Jo Sungjae be able to survive till the end?
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Carnal Karma 3.7

Carnal Karma

Chapter 104

1.4K Mar 22,23 Studio Stella

.27-year-old virgin Eun Chae-yi becomes an overnight sensation when a Hollywood star kisses her at an airport in front of hundreds of fans and cameras. And if that isn't enough, the next night, a handsome prince of a mysterious country woos her into an unforgettable one-night-stand. But when both these strangers insist that she is their lover from a past life, Chae-yi must figure out what are memo
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Signal To Love 3.4

Signal To Love

Chapter 6

12 Mar 22,23 TT , 藤烧

[Translated by Mosh Scans] Zhong Xinhuai, who never believes in fate, helps his cousin teach a lesson to a scumbag who askes for a "Fated Mate" and broke up mercilessly. Only to find out he's the scumbag's real "Fated Mate"?! Since then, the cool senior has been entangled by the fate-believing "scumbag". But, he's also the new student in the same major he's a Teaching Assistant. One runs away... O
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