The Great Villain Senior Brother and All of His Yandere Junior Sisters 4.4

The Great Villain Senior Brother And All Of His Yandere Junior Sisters

Vol.1 Chapter 10

67 Sep 28,23 Pikapi (噼咔噼)

Lin Xiao became Villain senior Brother of the Qinglan Sect after Reincarnation!As long as you follow the plot of the original book, and become a Evil villain, you can become a God and ascend to heaven!Even if he is suffering he had no choice but to tease the fourth junior sister, steal the clothes of the third junior sister, pour some strong medicine into the second junior sister’s water,
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Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha ga Hikikomoru ni wa Hirosugiru 4.6

Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha Ga Hikikomoru Ni Wa Hirosugiru

Chapter 2.2

92 Sep 28,23 Hanabokuro

After being expelled from his family home, our main character tries his hand at becoming an adventurer, only to find out that things aren't quite as they seem. Determined to change his fate, and with the money he's saved up, he heads out to purchase a plot of land in the remote, unexplored wilderness, with the intent of forging his perfect new life. Little does he know, this expanse is infamous as
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Archissamer 3


Chapter 5

2 Sep 28,23 Toshi

Follow two prominent young adults as they try to find their own paths. In a fantastical world filled with demons, ghouls and power in the unknown, they search for the will to keep living.
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Human Rendering 3.8

Human Rendering

Vol.0 Chapter 0.5: Epiphany, Part 2

0 Sep 28,23 Cristiancomr

Tenma normally lives with his sister, in a city known mainly for being small and far away from other cities. One night, he returned from a trip he was making, discovering that his entire city was annihilated, and his sister was infected by a monster called "Basis", these monsters are able to copy the appearance and personality of their victims, attacked victims have their souls sealed and enter a
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Higan no Orca 4.2

Higan No Orca

Chapter 1.2

8 Sep 28,23 STUDIO koemee

Marlin Trout is an organization established to stop suicides in Japan, where the number of suicides has drastically increased due to the development of society. Wakame, a slightly natural staff member, is constantly pushed around by her uncooperative partner, Umi. They are the best buddies with the best record, but they have a certain "history" together...?
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Academy Genius Swordsman 2.7

Academy Genius Swordsman

Chapter 6

58 Sep 28,23 Seok Wando, Sichi

Ronan lived a wasteful life filled with regrets. A second chance befalls him at the end of his futile life. He went back to the time when he was a ten-year-old child! For the people who sacrificed themselves for him, he becomes determined to live a new life.
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Elf and Bike and Imperial Geographic Surveyor and... 4.3

Elf And Bike And Imperial Geographic Surveyor And...

Chapter 1: Nonoa And The Spring

50 Sep 28,23 Isomoto Tsuyoshi

Road-movie-like manga about the perky elf and her rugged sidekick, who explores and maps an area where the situation is unclear. -AMAZ
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Don't Fear The Reaper 2.8

Don't Fear The Reaper

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Cut

0 Sep 28,23 Helsing

After a demonic ritual, 20-year-old Shelley Highgate has mysteriously risen from the grave, and is under fire from a Grim Reaper for cheating death! The two form an unlikely alliance to find the cult that killed Shelley and traverse the gothic world of the Deadlands.
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Zhege Fanpai Youdian Liangxin, Danshi Bu Duo! 4.6

Zhege Fanpai Youdian Liangxin, Danshi Bu Duo!

Chapter 48

50 Sep 28,23 Hui Jing She

Qing Feng accidentally transmigrated to ancient times and became an overlord, the master of the Qing family. He thought that he could finally live a life where he’d have everything just by lying down. Who would know that his twin brother is the “legendary chosen one” and he’s the “destined villain”? To survive, he can only work hard with the help of the system!HeheheSometimes being a villa
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All My Abilities Are Forbidden Spells 4.8

All My Abilities Are Forbidden Spells

Chapter 3

42 Sep 28,23 17K漫画

Lin Han finds himself transmigrated into a world that merges reality and games. This world is rife with dungeons, forbidden zones, and hidden realms, not to mention rampaging monsters! When the time for the Class Change comes, Lin Han doesn’t receive the Warrior Class that he has always dreamt of. Instead, he receives the class Life Cleric. Just as he’s despairing over his misfortune… With every a
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High School Mythology 3.7

High School Mythology

Chapter 3

8 Sep 28,23 Seo Jin Seong

One day, The son of God came to the school. Her name is Go Deung Shin.Since her arrival, Go Deung Shin has shown many miracles, such as raising a sitting person, knocking down the school’s bully, reviving the dead and other such miracles.And Bae Du Hong, a loser at school was reborn by Go Deung Shin and fights as the first apostle to prove the miracles of Go Deung Shin.But is she, or i
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Banshee Bashing 4.2

Banshee Bashing

Chapter 7

25 Sep 28,23 二三玖陆工作室

What should I do if I encounter a banshee? Normal people: “Run away.” Onmyoji: “Exorcise spirits.” Monk: “Duhua.” Bman reader: “Chase her!” Huo Xie (male lead): “I punched the banshee straight in the face and grabbed her.” Then I’ll make her admit that there are no ghosts in this world by holding her hair and throwing her ashes away!
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Baki Rahen 4.9

Baki Rahen

Vol.1 Chapter 3: A Body Equipped With Swords

33 Sep 28,23 Itagaki Keisuke

The sixth part of the Baki series.
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Conditions of a Guide 4.2

Conditions Of A Guide

Chapter 16

17 Sep 28,23 Dada , Jinlamb , Ojing

Choi Tae-hoon, who was diagnosed as a Guide at the age of five and didn't find his Espers until he was twenty-eight, meets them for the first time one day at the signing of top actor Ji Kwan-young, whom he went to at his brother's request....... * * * "After all, Choi Tae-hoon, I have to let the words come out of your mouth first." The guide's face turned bright red in hindsight. It
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Swallow Knights Tales 3.8

Swallow Knights Tales

Chapter 4

8 Sep 28,23 hanheun, Kim Cheol Gon

Endymion Kyrian was born with the natural talent of a host. With the only thought that he wanted to become a knight, he left the "Pretty Boys' Forest" host club came from the province to the capital with his bloated dream, and finally joined the "Swallow Knights" chivalric order. But this chivalric order... is something suspicious? A story full of ups and downs about the former host Mion who becam
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Izumi and the Dragon Book 4.3

Izumi And The Dragon Book

Chapter 1

0 Sep 28,23 Nagimiso

"The Dragon Book" which thoroughly covers all dragon and shows adventurers the way to their dreams. Said book is a best-seller representing "Sword and Friends & Co." but its contents are based on nothing more than the the dubious stories of adventurers that haven't been verified, as a matter of fact it's riddled with mistakes. The head of the editorial department of Sword and Friends & Co. starts
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The Team Leader is Tired of Being A Newlywed 5

The Team Leader Is Tired Of Being A Newlywed

Chapter 12

0 Sep 28,23 Ganghada , Jang Green , 강하다

What would you do if you were ordered to enter a fake marriage… with your crush? That's exactly what happened to Dodam, an agent working for the NSO, the most secretive government organization. Dodam's mission? To expose an industrial spy. But here's the twist: she has to go undercover as a newlywed with her boss and crush, Juwon Gi. Dodam is determined to accomplish her mission and win Juwon's fa
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Wild Strawberry 4

Wild Strawberry

0 Sep 28,23 Ire Yonemoto

Plants have evolved. They can now feed on humans and become terrible monsters known as Jinka. Kingo and Kayano do their best to survive in a Tokyo overrun by plants, but when Kayano becomes a Jinka, Kingo will do anything he can to get her back!
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How to heal from schizophrenia 5

How To Heal From Schizophrenia

0 Sep 28,23 Vie.Ame

*Meet the Apr 2023 Bronze Award Winner for MangaPlus Creator's Monthly Prize!*What if bad emotions turn you into a monster ? Bulle wants to save his father from schizophrenia!
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Nano Machine 4.9

Nano Machine

Chapter 173

201.7K Sep 28,23 Great H (현절무), Hanjung Wolya (한중월야)

English: After being held in disdain and having his life put in danger, an orphan from the Demonic Cult, Cheon Yeo-Woon, has an unexpected visit from his descendant from the future who inserts a nano machine into Cheon Yeo-Woon’s body, which drastically changes Cheon Yeo-Woon’s life after its activation. The story of Cheon Yeo-Woon’s journey of bypassing the Demonic Cult and risi
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