Kanojo no Kuchidzuke Kansensuru Libido 4.6

Kanojo No Kuchidzuke Kansensuru Libido

Chapter 11: All Of Her

289,626 Jan 26,20 Kida Miyuki,Sosou Shibu

A story about two cute schoolgirls..
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Tadokoro-san 4.7


Chapter 46

2,611,700 Jan 25,20 Tatsubon

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Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead 4.4

Azur Lane 4-Koma: Slow Ahead

Chapter 43

749,839 Jan 25,20 Hori no Su

Azur Lane official 4-koma webcomic.
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I Would like to Capture You 4.4

I Would Like To Capture You

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Kudoki, And The Bomb On The Heart

148,468 Jan 25,20 Hinako Yui

1st year high school girl Hyoudou Kudoki loves cute girls! But she's not good with 3D girls relationship, instead, she withdraws herself into her childhood friend's room and play Bishoujo Game every single day, but then, a smartphone app she got one day has dramatically changed her entry life!
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1 x ½ 4.4

1 X ½

Chapter 15.2

884,342 Jan 24,20 Taiyaki

Mother × daughter. It is Yuri manga of real parent and child objects.
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Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life 4.4

Yuricam - Yurika No Campus Life

Chapter 32

788,138 Jan 24,20 Harada Shigemitsu

Yurika attends a girls-only college with a long tradition of lesbian love, and according to rumors, she's been with over half of the 10,000 girls who attend the school! This rumor is mortifying to Yurika, and seriously damages her chances of ever getting a boyfriend. The truth is, for some reason, she's just completely irresistible to women, even women who claim to be straight. One day, Yurika get
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Can't Defy the Lonely Girl 4.7

Can't Defy The Lonely Girl

Chapter 4

155,843 Jan 23,20 Kashikaze

Ayaka Sakurai is an excellent student, but she gets nervous at exams, so she had to settle for a lesser high school than she expected. However, her teacher offered Ayaka a recommendation letter to the school of her choice if she could convince the delinquent girl Sora Honda to come to school. When Ayaka visited Sora at her home, Sora was quite willing to go back to school, if Ayaka would agree to
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Moon and No Make-Up 4.7

Moon And No Make-Up

Chapter 12

82,855 Jan 23,20 Yuu Akegata

A sweet and juicy love honey that a bumpy yuri couple unfolds in a corner of the city.
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Sakura Nadeshiko 3.6

Sakura Nadeshiko

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Kiraboshi The Radiant!

16,325 Jan 22,20 Haga Yui

Two girls who want to become idols are entering into their long dreamed school—Kiraboshi-juku—Kiraboshi Nadeshiko and her close friend Mangetsu Sakurako. These two are so close that despite both being girls, they're often compared to a married couple by people around them. And so begins their life in the dormitory as roommates. However, on their first night, an unusual
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Otome no Teikoku 4.6

Otome No Teikoku

Vol.15 Chapter 195: Miyoshi’S And Ayano’S Slumber Call

2,586,557 Jan 22,20 Kishi Torajirou

The everyday lives, games and hijinks of high-school girls at an all-girls school.
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Angel x Demon 4.6

Angel X Demon

Chapter 8

103,295 Jan 22,20 Shimmer

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Dear My Teacher 4.6

Dear My Teacher

Chapter 9

454,583 Jan 22,20 Ajiichi

Fujimura Kaoru is the nurse at an all girl's school and, for the third time this year, she has been confessed to by a student. Naturally, she has turned down each offer in the kindest way she could. Isechi Mikoto is a student who has been ostracized by the school because of a rumor that she might be a lesbian. She also happens to remind Kaoru-sensei of her former lover.
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A Story About Doing XX to Girls From Different Species 4.6

A Story About Doing Xx To Girls From Different Species

Chapter 11

425,109 Jan 21,20 Suimin

The only human student at an all-girl school is on a mission to sexually harass each of the monster girls.
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Social Anxiety Vs Yuri 4.6

Social Anxiety Vs Yuri

Chapter 42: Other Students

1,343,048 Jan 21,20 Himitsu

Cute 4-koma collection of one socially anxious girl being surrounded by attractive women hitting on her!
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Citrus + 4.8

Citrus +

Chapter 9

673,019 Jan 20,20 Saburouta

The continuation of Yuzu and Mei's story.
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Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It 4.7

Even If It Was Just Once, I Regret It

Chapter 6.5: Special Chapter

560,955 Jan 20,20 Miyahara Miyako

One day, a jobless Koduka Chiyo is wallowing in self-pity and trying to escape from reality when her landlord bangs on her door — she's three months behind on rent. <br><br>Her landlord's solution? <br>"Please have sex with me."<br><br>Thus the two begin living together — a romance comedy that seemingly starts with sex.
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Koi ni Wazurai 4.6

Koi Ni Wazurai

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Missing Link Side:shuri

40,025 Jan 19,20 Gotou Yuuki

Scandal: Hashimoto Misaki is a member idol group Lily-Puri. Her girlfriend, Nagisa, thinks that Misaki might be too close with one of her members, Ayame. Furthermore, a magazine has been trying to break a scandal about Misaki. The magazine eventually gets just the scoop they need that puts the pair's relationship in jeopardy.
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Muttsuri Girl to Koisuru Bitch 4.5

Muttsuri Girl To Koisuru Bitch

Chapter 2

44,177 Jan 19,20 dattsun

Author's Twitter
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This Love That Won't Reach 4.5

This Love That Won't Reach

Vol.6 Chapter 29

1,645,456 Jan 19,20 tMnR

Girl who lives with her recently wed brother falls for her sister-in-law...
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Vampeerz, My Peer Vampires 4.7

Vampeerz, My Peer Vampires

Chapter 11

328,767 Jan 19,20 Higashiyama Show

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Chun and Alice 4.4

Chun And Alice

Chapter 3: Hidden Monster

40,302 Jan 18,20 Cha Zi

In order to make a living, the vagrant Eastern girl Bai Chun became the "living mannequin" of queen Alice. Planning to make a quick buck and then escape, Chun inadvertently became embroiled in a conspiracy of those vying for power while trying to leave. Can the temporary union of East and West avert disaster? Find out in Chun and Alice~
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Handsome Girl and Sheltered Girl 4.6

Handsome Girl And Sheltered Girl

Chapter 4

233,971 Jan 18,20 Mochi Au Lait,Majoccoid

Ooguma Satomi has never been in a relationship. One day, she fell in love with a handsome younger boy in her class, without knowing that he... is actually a girl.
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