Romantic Dark 4.1

Romantic Dark

Chapter 2

0 Jul 06,22 Watanabe Kana,Shirado Natsumi

Neo, who is about to make his major debut in the band, gets constantly injured. A traffic accident that happened for three days in a row, a mysterious high fever and him constanly falling down the stairs... The manager ordered me to remove the curse, and the one I was heading towards was a pretty girl- "Yoyo". "I'll help you find the mystery of your destiny", the girl spoke, while stepping into my
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The Novel’s Extra 4.8

The Novel’S Extra

Chapter 21

50 Jul 06,22 Jee Gab Song (지갑송),Carrotoon (캐롯툰)

Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body. A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished. He had become his novel’s extra, a filler character with no importance to the story. The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline. However, he soon finds out the world isn’t exactly identical to his creation.
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e: 2-nensei-hen 4.6

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu E: 2-Nensei-Hen

Chapter 6: Room 6

0 Jul 06,22 Kinugasa Shougo,Shia Sasane

The second spring at the Advanced Nurturing High School is welcoming Ayanokoji and Class D. The special exams aren't only what awaits them, but the unique freshmen as well. Kazuomi Hōsen and Ryūen. The two who shared the bad reputation between themselves during Ryuen's middle school days. Takuya Yagami, who proclaims to come from the same middle school as Kushida, is approaching her. And the capri
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Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu 5

Inazuma Eleven: Baku Gaidenshuu

Vol.1 Chapter 5: The Fated Battle Looms!

0 Jul 06,22 Koshita Tetsuhiro

The first volume features different stories about the original cast's training sessions and special techniques. It fills in gaps that were never explained before and offers a new point of view about some in-game scenes. The second volume recreates the world seen in the videogame "Inazuma Eleven Strikers" for Wii, from the point of view of Inazuma Japan. It features many characters from
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Irekawarare Complex 3.8

Irekawarare Complex

Chapter 3

0 Jul 06,22 Takayomi

I finally reunited with my first love, but I am getting in my own way!? A Gender-Swapping Romantic Comedy begins with my two forms and her!
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Mobile Suit Gundam F90 FF 5

Mobile Suit Gundam F90 Ff

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Liv's Rebellion

0 Jul 06,22 Yoshiyuki Tomino, Ino Nobuyoshi, Hajime Yatate

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Fatal Code 2.3

Fatal Code

Chapter 2: The Crisis Of Wilson Corporation (2)

0 Jul 06,22 Chen Guojian

Ian Wilson, the CEO of Wilson Corporation, was unjustly accused of murder after his company’s artificial intelligence robots were involved in murder incidents. While making his escape from arrest, he met Colin, his new staff, who was then being dragged into the case. As they set out to find out the truth, they discovered a series of old events, and to their surprise, everyone around them seemed to
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Gokurakugai 5


Vol.1 Chapter 1: Gokuraku District’S Troubleshooters Office

0 Jul 06,22 Sano Yuto

Tao and Alma, a pair of troubleshooters who work in a bustling red-light district, take on any job that requires a solution.
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She will Die in 100 Days 2.9

She Will Die In 100 Days

Chapter 20

17 Jul 06,22 CREEK_NEO

A yandere who will inevitably kill a girl after 100 days.
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My Cat Is a Kawaii Girl 4.7

My Cat Is A Kawaii Girl

Chapter 5

17 Jul 06,22 Shimahara

The manga of the stories of Kinako-chan by 40原 (40hara (Shimahara))
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With Her Who Likes My Sister 3.5

With Her Who Likes My Sister

Vol.1 Chapter 11.5

0 Jul 06,22 Sinkun

Due to various reasons, Hishiro Kinome is looking for a place to live. To this end, her sister suggests that she lives... with a lady who likes her sister?!
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Stay With Me 2.3

Stay With Me

Chapter 2

0 Jul 06,22 Pufu

The hottest and most popular model on SNS these days, Choi Bom. Born with a good-looking appearance, he accidentally became a trend, posting a job offer for a housekeeper on his SNS. And after a while, a man comes to visit saying that he will work as a housekeeper... His best friend and first love, who disappeared 7 years ago ...
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Wo Kao Qiangpo Zheng Shang Wangzhe 3.5

Wo Kao Qiangpo Zheng Shang Wangzhe

Chapter 18

8 Jul 06,22 河取

High school student, Yin Yongtian, has OCD. He got on the wrong side of a bully after His OCD interrupted his proposal. He was almost beaten to death, But he activated-The my Compulsion, your Compulsion system! The protagonist, Yin Yongtian, has no interest in cultivating, but due to constant reminders like “Unfinished Notification Mission” “Almost Full Skill Proficiency” and “Extremely Irregular
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Umeko-chan wa Koishiteru 4.7

Umeko-Chan Wa Koishiteru

Chapter 2

8 Jul 06,22 hirata

Although he's tall and athletically gifted, Oga Masamichi is a boy best known for being a huge scaredy-cat. And recently, there's something that's got him even more on edge than usual... And that's him being haunted by what he's sure is the ghost of a girl who committed suicide at the school long ago, and still stalks its halls!But, the truth is, the girl that Oga has been swearing up and down
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Give the Harem to the Villainess 4.1

Give The Harem To The Villainess

Chapter 16.5: Side Story: Ilier

8 Jul 06,22 米鹿, 薪传文化

Lin Ci transmigrated into the otome mobile game she created and became the villainess. The only way she can go back to the real world is avoiding the harem ending and letting the heroine, Rutas, end up with one love interest. Otherwise, Lin Ci would be killed according to the plot. To survive, Lin Ci must win over the men from the heroine one by one!
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My Engagement With The Prince Was Cancelled So I Will Stop Pretending To Be a Fool 4.7

My Engagement With The Prince Was Cancelled So I Will Stop Pretending To Be A Fool

Chapter 2

25 Jul 06,22 SAYAMA Hibiki

It is mid-spring in the country of Brior. Olivia, a duchess, pretends to be a fool under the order of her fiancé, the crown prince, Alan, and suddenly, he tells her that their engagement has been annulled. Olivia was stunned, but she was even more confused when the second prince, Cyrus, suddenly appeared in front of a large audience and asked her to marry him. This is a romantic love story of a ge
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Their Ark 4.5

Their Ark

Chapter 4

0 Jul 06,22 iYo

Once upon a time, there lived a family who hunted animals for sport. Their actions were met with punishment, cursing all their descendants through the maternal lineage to live a life transforming into animals.Flash forward to modern day times, where all relatives of the family have adapted to their circumstances, and have found their own happiness while living a comfortable life. But for the b
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My S-Rank Party Fired Me for Being a Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, but They're Artifact Class! 4.4

My S-Rank Party Fired Me For Being A Cursificer ~ I Can Only Make “Cursed Items”, But They're Artifact Class!

Vol.1 Chapter 2: A Stall That Sells Curses

42 Jul 06,22 Lagun

The manga version of one of Shōsetsuka ni Narō's most popular isekai fantasy novels!Gaile, a Cursificer, is left penniless when he's expelled from his party as soon as they reach S Rank. Apparently he wasn't contributing enough?! But they hadn't realized that his cursed items outperform even holy relics and legendary equipment!Gaile decides to try to make a living on his own off of his cur
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Level 1 kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou 4.3

Level 1 Kara Hajimaru Shoukan Musou

Chapter 3

25 Jul 06,22 Shiraishi Arata

Shinobu Iijima lost his life along with his beloved sister and prickly stepfather in a mysterious disaster.When he woke up, he was reborn in the world of the game he had been playing.Shinobu was in despair as his stepfather erased his game data and he had to start from the tutorial, but he learned that his sister would soon be reincarnated into this world as well.In order to stop his f
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VShojo Comic 3.1

Vshojo Comic

Chapter 16.5: Anime Expo 2022

0 Jul 06,22 Merryweather

An official comic series featuring the Vtubers of VShojo.
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Official Guidebook 3

Kobayashi-San Chi No Maid Dragon Official Guidebook

Chapter 2: Miss Kobayashi - Character Profile

0 Jul 06,22 Cool Kyoushinsha

A complete compendium! This official guidebook tells you everything about "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon" (as of now).Character profiles for humans and dragons / Recap of the story by volume / Dragon matching test / Guardian knowledge test / Collection of gorgeous illustrations by the best guest artists / Q&A with Coolkyoushinja / Drafts for Chapter 1 / Illustration gallery (in full color).
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Satellite Coin Laundry 4.5

Satellite Coin Laundry

Chapter 1

0 Jul 06,22 Niwakaame

This work depicts the slightly mysterious daily life that happens in a laundromat in a corner of the universe. On this planet blessed with water, today creatures visit again to wash various items. (MTLd?)
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Childhood Bride 4.6

Childhood Bride

Chapter 3

150 Jul 05,22 Yoo Wol

Coming back to his hometown in 7 years, this place has changed into a place that no man can resists, unlike what it used to be! A noona wearing a sexy female diver suit, up to his sexy mom’s friend with a mature figure that stimulates the hearts of men…! “The things we weren’t able to do back then… Shall we do it now?”
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Tonde Hini Iru Yuri no Inu 5

Tonde Hini Iru Yuri No Inu

Chapter 19: To Be By Your Side

8 Jul 05,22 Liberum

Masamune Endo, a high school student, likes Yuri Hanabuchi, a cafe clerk. He goes to the cafe and tries to ask for contact information, but he has been successfully evaded. One day, he helps Yuri from her ex-boyfriend who was being violent. The two decide to sign a "restricted lover contract" …?
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