Conditions of a Guide 4.2

Conditions Of A Guide

Chapter 16

17 Sep 28,23 Dada , Jinlamb , Ojing

Choi Tae-hoon, who was diagnosed as a Guide at the age of five and didn't find his Espers until he was twenty-eight, meets them for the first time one day at the signing of top actor Ji Kwan-young, whom he went to at his brother's request....... * * * "After all, Choi Tae-hoon, I have to let the words come out of your mouth first." The guide's face turned bright red in hindsight. It
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The Way To Kill You 3

The Way To Kill You

Chapter 28

0 Sep 28,23 Chang , Sanla

Han Woojae put his dream of becoming a screenwriter on hold to take care of his family and support his already successful writer wife, Lee Seojin, until their daughter turns 8. One day, a mysterious girl approaches Woojae, claiming that his wife is doing "bad things" behind his back. She tells Woojae that she is the only person who knows all of Seojin's deep, dark secrets. As Woojae learns about h
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Secret Office 5

Secret Office

Chapter 33

0 Sep 28,23 Yureureu , 유르르

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Henkutsu na Yankee-kun o Hottokenai 4.4

Henkutsu Na Yankee-Kun O Hottokenai

Chapter 7

0 Sep 28,23 Yodogawa Yuo

Mikagura Shiki, who is a yankee but has excellent results, and Touji Yamato, who is tall and blunt. When Mikagura almost fell down the stairs, Touji rescued him, and this is how the two met. They grow close after that, but one day Touji's blunt words make Mikagura angry. That night, Touji dreams of being attacked by Mikagura, and to find out why, he attacks Mikagura while he is taking a nap ...
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Oneloli Cabaret Club 4

Oneloli Cabaret Club

Chapter 3

0 Sep 28,23 Kasuga Sunao

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Wild Strawberry 4

Wild Strawberry

0 Sep 28,23 Ire Yonemoto

Plants have evolved. They can now feed on humans and become terrible monsters known as Jinka. Kingo and Kayano do their best to survive in a Tokyo overrun by plants, but when Kayano becomes a Jinka, Kingo will do anything he can to get her back!
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Naruto: The Whorl within the Spiral 4.5

Naruto: The Whorl Within The Spiral

0 Sep 28,23 Kishimoto Masashi

The story of Namikaze Minato (Fourth Hokage), the winner of the world-wide popularity poll project--NARUTOP99! Just how exactly did Minato, the father of Naruto, develop a certain jutsu...?
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How to heal from schizophrenia 5

How To Heal From Schizophrenia

0 Sep 28,23 Vie.Ame

*Meet the Apr 2023 Bronze Award Winner for MangaPlus Creator's Monthly Prize!*What if bad emotions turn you into a monster ? Bulle wants to save his father from schizophrenia!
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Abyss-Chan 3.3


Vol.1 Chapter 2: Obscure Plane

0 Sep 28,23

The ominous girl of Achos High whom none dare to defy. With just a glance she instills fear onto every student. She approaches no one and no one approaches her. However due to her social anxiety, it seems she remains unaware of her overwhelming presence, making her everyday life ever more so troublesome. Is she truly a fearsome girl or is she just misunderstood?
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Call Me Before Dawn 3.8

Call Me Before Dawn

Chapter 4

0 Sep 28,23 Save

A romantic love story between police officer Kai and special agent Shouyue
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I'm Being Used as a Toy by the One I Hate! 2.1

I'm Being Used As A Toy By The One I Hate!

Chapter 14

25 Sep 28,23 Benomoto

“From here on out, I’ll give you… the ultimate pleasure with this toy.” Nanase, who works in the sales department at an adult good company, and Togo, who works in the development department, are like cats and dogs. Even today, I was full-on rejected during my presentation and ended up working overtime into the night. For work… I was putting one of Togo’s products in my ass when, for some reason, T
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The Villainess Wants To Go Home 2.6

The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 6

17 Sep 28,23 VrK , WHYNOTME , DXD Animation

A friend of the heroine, Lillie, possessed by the villain Astin. What saved me from the life of the villainess was always my sweet friend, Lillie. Lily was my everything. 'If you stay by my side, Lillie might be unhappy' So I decided to disappear from Lillie's side. All for a perfect ending. however.... “Lician, why are you looking for me?” Why did the male lead,
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Pavlov's Dog ( Pi Li Pa La ) 4.2

Pavlov's Dog ( Pi Li Pa La )

Chapter 28

0 Sep 28,23 Ji Chuan , Pi Li Pa La

I come as soon as I hear you ring the bell, because I'm your most loyal dog...
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The Team Leader is Tired of Being A Newlywed 5

The Team Leader Is Tired Of Being A Newlywed

Chapter 12

0 Sep 28,23 Ganghada , Jang Green , 강하다

What would you do if you were ordered to enter a fake marriage… with your crush? That's exactly what happened to Dodam, an agent working for the NSO, the most secretive government organization. Dodam's mission? To expose an industrial spy. But here's the twist: she has to go undercover as a newlywed with her boss and crush, Juwon Gi. Dodam is determined to accomplish her mission and win Juwon's fa
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He’s Not for Sharing 5

He’S Not For Sharing

Chapter 27

0 Sep 28,23 Rei Ko , Yuri (ii)

Aran is a young and successful businesswoman who firmly established herself as an indispensable member of "USWork", a company that provides shared office space. That is until the love of her life who became a distant memory comes back into her life as a tenant of her office space. Both seem to remember how the sudden romance abroad ended abruptly, but agree to pretend to be a couple at work for co
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Pink Heart Jam 4.5

Pink Heart Jam

Chapter : Sequel

0 Sep 28,23 Shikke

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple
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Swolemates 3.6


Chapter 22

25 Sep 28,23 LummyPix

When the cocky, social-media star Braydin, and the nerdy, gamer Alex first meet at the gym, their relationship starts off on the wrong foot. But, as they're forced to work together they find out they might have more in common than they initially thought. Also they get buff AF.Swolematesmangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of you
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Contradict 3.7


Chapter 7

0 Sep 28,23 Ohshima Kamome

A cocky and confident Yajima harbors dislike for Torikai, a cool and talented fellow trainee in the Rescue Team. The two constantly quarrel, but one day they cross the line while squabbling and end up sleeping together. Yajima regrets it, but at the same time he cannot get Torikai's pleading expression out of his head. However, because they have been rivals until now, he just can't bring himself t
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ItaKiss 5


Vol.13 Chapter 49

0 Sep 28,23 Tada Kaoru

High school senior Aihara Kotoko has had a crush on Irie Naoki since freshman year. But she's been discouraged from confessing to him by a few things: he's a member of "Class A," the top ranking class in school, whereas she's in "Class F"; he gets the top score on every exam; and he's so smart, popular, and handsome that he's been class president every year. When Kotoki finally musters up the cour
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Insufficient Direction 5

Insufficient Direction

0 Sep 28,23 Anno Moyoco, Anno Hideaki

(from ebookjapan):A hilarious and unique work that candidly describes the daily lives of popular mangaka Moyoco Anno and her husband Hideaki Anno! Who would have thought that the big couple of the anime and manga worlds would be living such a funny and adorable otaku life! This is a shocking work that not only otaku-kun living all over the world but also otaku-wives (wives of otaku husband
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Urban Legend Hunters - The Baby Ghost- 5

Urban Legend Hunters - The Baby Ghost-

0 Sep 28,23 Nofi

Someone at school is worshipping a baby spirit! In order to prevent young love from running rampant, the school implemented a “dating ban.” This created a very tense atmosphere at school. Yangda, a high school boy, believes that there are secrets behind every urban legend. In order to find out who is pretending to be a ghost, he decides to hold a ritual to summon baby spirits! However, he’s wrappe
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Demon's Legacy 5

Demon's Legacy

0 Sep 28,23 Ryoo Natsu

Meet our hero, a regular guy in Japan with a bad attitude and not many friends, he lives with his mother, studies history at university and leads a boring and dull life, that is until one day his whole world goes up in flames, literally, he finds out that everything he knew was a lie and now he has to deal with monsters, magic and mayhem. He's got some new powers, but he doesn't know how to use th
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A Party Cure 3.7

A Party Cure

Vol.1 Chapter 6: The Catch

0 Sep 28,23 Za Dog

"A Party Cure" takes place in 1996, when strange events began to unfold in Tells Newhour, the number of Deviants - people who had obtained abilities through murder - is on the rise. It did not go unnoticed by the special forces of the town "Cat Mafia".
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Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - Tarano Surimi works (Doujinshi) 4.3

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - Tarano Surimi Works (Doujinshi)

Chapter 16: Cronch Cronch

17 Sep 28,23 Tarano Surimi

Collection of Tarano Surimi's Revue Starlight comics. "WTF" is the correct reaction for each of these. Originally posted on: ( (
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