The Indomitable Martial King 4.7

The Indomitable Martial King

Chapter 26: 8. Dwarf (2)

218 Apr 23,24 Yang Kyung-il,Nafundal,Ykb (임경배)

In a world where humans sell and buy otherworldly species as slaves, the great mage Rifenhardt is treated like the Demon King for helping the otherworldly species. A party of heroes arrive to bring down the Demon King! Rifenhardt succeeds in greatly injuring the heroes, but he faces death at the hands of... the Martial King Tesslon! "Time and Space Regression Spell." How
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Yasashikunakunai! 5


0 Apr 22,24 Akane Nozomi

Yoda Nene's marks are so bad, she's at risk of having to repeat the year! That's when she decided to ask the school prince, Hatsuse Tooru, from the advanced class for his help with her studies!But who would have thought that the popular Hatsuse, who's also known as the white prince, is actually a super black-hearted prince who is obsessed with earning brownie points!!
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School of Streets 4.5

School Of Streets

Chapter 9

0 Apr 22,24 Slankit (슬랭킷)

Hyeun is a genius dancer but has stage fright, and Suhyun is a beginner dancer but is not afraid of the stage. This is the Street Dance growth story of two different dancers!
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Anton 3


0 Apr 22,24 Yasuhiko Yoshikazu

1199 - 10 years after the death of Minamoto no Yoshitsune at Hiraizumi. Japan is now under the shogun Minamoto no Yoriie, son of Yoritomo, who had schemed against Yoshitsune. Yoriie hears of followers of Yoshitsune still lurk about, and is more than willing to get rid of those thorns in his side. However, they are more pertinent than he could imagine...for Yoshitsune's orphaned son, Hoshiwakamaru,
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She Changed So Much in One Year 3.4

She Changed So Much In One Year

0 Apr 22,24 Ogata (オガタ)

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Corrosive 3.2


0 Apr 22,24 Im Ae-Ju

In a world that has become brutalized after a massive virus outbreak, some survivors have managed to survive by traveling in small groups. One of these survivors, Seonho, has been quietly living as a two-man group to protect Hae-soo, which is often dismissed as a useless individual. But one day, Seonho’s group is captured by a group of people who enjoy murder, violence, and Sexual Assault as a way
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My Stepmother Made Me Fall For Her 3

My Stepmother Made Me Fall For Her

0 Apr 22,24 二三玖陆工作室

Ruan Tao, who originally wanted to dominate the entertainment world, encounters his malicious stepmother at the very beginning of his career. However, the stepmother is a great actress who dominates the world of entertainment with an iron fist. Ruan Tao can only submit and at the same time think about how to overthrow the evil stepmother's reactionary forces!As a result, she is arranged to par
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The Rising of the Commoner-Origin Officer: Beat up All the Incompetent Noble Superiors! 4.7

The Rising Of The Commoner-Origin Officer: Beat Up All The Incompetent Noble Superiors!

Chapter 2.1

17 Apr 22,24 Hanane Kosaka

All the bosses are annoying! The reincarnated strongest magician's trampling and subjugation begins!Hazen Heim, a newly appointed imperial general, is demoted to the front line because he is a commoner. There were a lot of incompetent people, such as "a trash superior who takes advantage of his position to steal the achievements of his subordinates", "an evil subordinate who keeps bullying peo
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Isekai de Aisare Sugite Komattemasu! Isekai BL Anthology 2.7

Isekai De Aisare Sugite Komattemasu! Isekai Bl Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 2: I’Ve Been Reincarnated As The Best Friend Of The Prince Of Darkness

17 Apr 22,24 Ei Enroku, ◇◆◇◆, Tachibasami, Yoshihisa Shiba, Tentsubu

Despite being a misanthropic mage!?? Despite being the best friend of the fallen prince!?? Despite being the villainous son!?? To be adored by the cheat protagonist in another world! The popular BL novel from 'Moonlight Novels' is now in comic form! An otherworldly BL anthology!!01 **A Deliberate Mage is Doted Upon by a Holy Knight in a Peaceful World**Manga: *Yamamori Potato*Original:
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Rejoice In Your Enemies 3.9

Rejoice In Your Enemies

Chapter 7: I Volunteered

0 Apr 23,24 Shou, Ji Jing Jun

His beloved crush was snatched up by the nerdy new student. Furious, Ren Zhichu tries to harass that nerd at every chance he gets. Unexpectedly, during their interactions with each other, Ren Zhichu actually develops feelings for that nerd...
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Sohee Stealing 5

Sohee Stealing

Chapter 2

0 Apr 22,24 Selabi, 2L (이리터)

Are you saying you're going to steal me because you're such a bastard?Kim Ye-seul, who transfers to a new school, is admired by Iljin Jin So-hee from the first day. But Ye-seul doesn’t care about this. Rather, she takes off her thick glasses and puts on heavy makeup, revealing a face that looks just like So-hee. Ye-seul provokes So-hee. She begins to ‘take her place’.
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Existential Unplugged 5

Existential Unplugged

0 Apr 22,24 Saji Komori

Philosophers, burdened with unexpressed thoughts after lifetimes of reflection, have curiously reemerged in our world! Among them, Kierkegaard finds an unconventional outlet for his! Watch as he rocks the city of Nakano with a comedic twist on philosophy!
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Gift of Poison 5

Gift Of Poison

0 Apr 22,24 Dodotan

Gift Hisono is a gifted painter cursed with financial woes. On the brink of finishing his latest work, his trusty palette knife suddenly snaps! In a desperate attempt to afford a replacement, he steals paint from his close friend and fellow art club member, Taima. This act of theft witnessed by another club member, Kadomi, marks the beginning of his poisonous downfall...
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Normality and Monsters 4.6

Normality And Monsters

Vol.1 Chapter 3

17 Apr 22,24 Warugi Wanai

Itou-san, who’s poor at interpersonal relations, was jealous of her mild-mannered classmate Takahashi-san, who gets along well with everyone. But one day, she witnesses Takahashi-san swallow a person whole. Takahashi-san was a monster mimicking a human!Such a terrifying monster was calmly blending in with the class – that’s extremely admirable!! I definitely want to be her friend!!And so I
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Lovers Beyond Dimension 4.6

Lovers Beyond Dimension

Chapter 3

0 Apr 22,24 Early Flower

Yuan lived a poor but fulfilling life until she was transported to a different world to become a saint. "My slave, you're late." "What? Why would I want to assist this grumpy, ill-mannered dragon? And why would I want to be his partner?" The dragon, however, gradually changed its nature."I will always be by your side. You are my precious saint." "This is wrong! This is so wrong! An
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The Villainess Can't Take Revenge on Her Reaper Father 4

The Villainess Can't Take Revenge On Her Reaper Father

Chapter 1

0 Apr 22,24 Yui Regina

The villainess wants to take revenge on her reaper father! Capella Axicon, the daughter of two great dukes, faces a dire situation after being accused of murdering her fiancé, Prince Oberon. Seeking help from her only remaining family, her father, the Reaper Duke, she's met with his ruthless demeanor. "I want revenge on my father!" Her earnest wish is fulfilled after her execution as she's granted
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Tetsujin No. 28 Full Length Detective Manga 5

Tetsujin No. 28 Full Length Detective Manga

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Tetsujin Appears

0 Apr 22,24 Yokoyama Mitsuteru

"A mysterious robot suddenly appears in the streets of Tokyo. Boy detective Shotaro Kaneda approaches the mystery of Tetsujin 28, a robotic weapon developed by the Japanese Army during the war."The first in a series color reprints of the blockbuster hit Tetsujin 28-go, including full color and two-color pages.
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Maronie Oukoku no Shichinin no Kishi 5

Maronie Oukoku No Shichinin No Kishi

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Bring On The Night

0 Apr 22,24 Iwamoto Nao

The Marronnier Kingdom lies landlocked by seven other nations. General Baribara sends her seven children, from the sleepless Nemukunai to the eternally hungry Harapeko, out to these kingdoms in the interests of diplomacy. Yet Baribara herself is not from Marronnier, and questions swirl internally and externally about her power and those of her children; and it seems there may be more going on in
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Muscle Mage 4.5

Muscle Mage

Chapter 8: Mistwood Forest

33 Apr 22,24 水落声声

In an era when magic is prevalent, the magician is the most powerful profession in society. Atilian, who is completely unable to practice magic, has a reason why he must become a great magician!He relies on perseverance, passion and courage to conquer everyone around him!
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Scratch 2


Chapter 3

0 Apr 22,24 Majayong (마자영)

"Scratch syndrome is a disease that causes bodily wounds when your mind is afflicted. A disease where you bleed when you're emotionally hurt by someone you love. A rare disease that plagues 0.00001% of the world's population."
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Alien X Peke 3.8

Alien X Peke

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Ch. 2

0 Apr 22,24 Toriyama Akira

(from Wikipedia):Alien Peke plans to take over Earth, but suffers an accident. Three months later, he is still trying to find his spaceship and starts working as a bodyguard for a human family. Two chapters published in Weekly Shōnen Jump issues #37/38 and 39 of 1996
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April Fool's Collection 2024 3.7

April Fool's Collection 2024

Chapter 49: Isekai De Tochi O Katte Noujou O Tsukurou - Mangadex Quiz

17 Apr 22,24 MangaDex

Collection of April Fool's releases from various groups.
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Watashi no Hatsukoi wa Hazukashisugite Darenimo Ienai 2.9

Watashi No Hatsukoi Wa Hazukashisugite Darenimo Ienai

Chapter 3

0 Apr 22,24 Fushimi Tsukasa

Chiaki is handsome, academically gifted, athletic, and born into a wealthy family with a beautiful sister. Despite his seemingly perfect life, he faces a persistent problem: he's never been lucky in love and struggles to capture the attention of girls. Determined to turn things around in high school, he wakes up one morning to a surprising transformation—he has turned into a girl!He is shocked
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