Yankee Girl no Namaiki Oppai ni Kachikomi!! Anthology Comic 2.7

Yankee Girl No Namaiki Oppai Ni Kachikomi!! Anthology Comic

0 Mar 23,23 Hori Hiroaki, Kashima Ui, Sano Takashi, Saburikku, Nakahara Kaihei, Koda, Momoshika Fujiko

An anthology of yankee girls' romance by various mangakas.---Chapter - Mangaka:1. (/author/234850eb-6136-43d1-b0cc-878d42db2ce9)2. (/author/231ce6c0-085d-4d8c-aaf9-a2c3c1bd0b37)3. (/author/9ef50101-0c53-4edb-94ff-e8197cd153c4)4. (/author/36b4d0b6-7f45-41fb-a270-af8c6be6e9da)5. (/author/fa8b8ddd-8677-42bb-8956-500efb117bf5)6. (/author/56f01726-1ddf-411f-a459-d57ee2f0
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Memeshii Aku to Azatoi Suh 5

Memeshii Aku To Azatoi Suh

Chapter 1

0 Mar 23,23 Takuma

Hooking up with your sex friends whenever you like and with no strings attached is the best! Playboy college student and advocate of free love, Suu, ends up sleeping with his friend’s persistent and clingy boyfriend, Aku. It was supposed to be a one night stand, but Aku just can’t forget about Suu after losing his virginity to him and makes Suu the new object of his affection.
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86 — Eighty Six — Run Through the Battlefront 5

86 — Eighty Six — Run Through The Battlefront

0 Mar 23,23 Asato Asato

"Eighty-Six"... It is a derogatory term for people of color who used to live in the Republic of San Magnolia. They were stripped of their human rights simply because they were colored, forced into battle to fight mechanical weapons called the Legion developed by other countries, and died inhumanely... The survivor of that war, Shin, moves to the neighboring Federation of Giad and fights th
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Yankee Onii-san o Munekyun Saseru Houhou 5

Yankee Onii-San O Munekyun Saseru Houhou

0 Mar 23,23 Kunichi Shizuku

Hajime, a straight-laced high school student, fell in love at first sight with Mitsuru, a Yankee who helped him one day. Since Hajime has no experience in love, he starts approaching Mitsuru while studying shoujo-manga. And when he starts to pay attention to his appearance in order to become the man Mitsuru likes, Hajime suddenly starts to get popular...!?
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Zhong Qing 5

Zhong Qing

0 Mar 23,23 长佩文学, 木更木更

Low-grade guide, Qin Yun, forcibly marked by divine-grade sentry tyrant Mo Sheli, aggressive maiden-heart seme x serious straightforward uke starting an unbashful unabashed companion life, conquering the whole universe while at it
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Love Story Of Liar Fox 5

Love Story Of Liar Fox

0 Mar 23,23 Mepuchin

Momiji, a fox cub, was in a car accident and nearly died. She is rescued by Shintaro, a boy who wants to be a cartoonist, and falls in love with him. When she's returned to nature, Momiji meets an otter master, and after some training, she is finally able to transform into a human. Momiji then heads to Tokyo to find Shintaro, but what happens? The pure-hearted, straight-laced fox gir
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Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki wa Danshiryou de 5

Hatsukoi No Tsuzuki Wa Danshiryou De

0 Mar 23,23 Nanami Yue

Shu finds herself transferring to a high school filled with guys despite being bad at dealing with them, and decides to work hard to overcome her problem. But when she hits her limit, the one who saves her from this mindset is a remarkably flashy and cool guy named Shiba, who was initially nothing but cold and rude to her. In reality, Shiba is actually a kind person who tells Shu, “I will protect
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Gohoubi wa Yoru ni Choudai 5

Gohoubi Wa Yoru Ni Choudai

0 Mar 23,23 Myuuna**

"How is it? Sweet, right?" Hinano, a library committee member, discovers Haruna-kun, who's famous for being super popular, sleeping in the library. Moreover, Hinano gets entangled with Haruna-kun and is robbed of her first kiss ...! She goes home trying to forget about it, but what is Haruna-kun doing at her house? Her mom suddenly drops a bomb that they will be living together for half a year?! A
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Debu to Love to Ayamachi to! 5

Debu To Love To Ayamachi To!

0 Mar 23,23 Mamakari

Yumeko used to be bullied for being bigger than other girls, but after she almost dies in an accident and awakens with no memories, she decides to turn her life aroundーby living happily in her own skin and even going after the one she loves.
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Youjo Musou: Nakama ni Uragirareta Shoukanshi, Mazoku no Oujo ni Natte 5

Youjo Musou: Nakama Ni Uragirareta Shoukanshi, Mazoku No Oujo Ni Natte "eirei Shoukan" De Dekiai Slow Life Wo Okuru

0 Mar 23,23 yocco

Lilith, the summoner who accompanied the hero party, was betrayed during the battle with the demons and suffered a serious injury because she refused the invitation of the hero. Helped by her demons, she cannot return to the country in a detour, so she decides to become a demon at the recommendation of Astaroth, the four demon kings who helped her. However, she made a slight mistake and she turned
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Today to Tomorrow 5

Today To Tomorrow

0 Mar 23,23 Mundeug

Two young survivors of the infamous Hanseong apartment building collapse 18 years ago.After that event, they lead very different lives.A woman who lives in the present with the idea that there is no tomorrow, and a man who is afraid of death and has become a "hikikomori" himself. Eighteen years later, the two meet by chance, but can they make the most of the one day they have left?
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Yasashiku Nanka Dekinai 2.6

Yasashiku Nanka Dekinai

0 Mar 22,23 Chashibu Tam

Since entering university, Izumi has been approached by strangers on campus. It seems like there's another 'Izumi' who wears glasses just like him, and he recklessly takes on other people's requests. In an unexpected turn of events, he got to know this Izumi, so he started following him around to prevent people from mistaking them... A slow, quiet, heartful, twilight romance.
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Hero Detective Nick 5

Hero Detective Nick

0 Mar 22,23 ZAKI Mitsunori

Nick Spade is a detective in a city where super heroes exist. However, his work consists of walking dogs and investigating cheating cases. One day, a former well-known super villain becomes a prospective client of his. What request would a super villain make to an ordinary detective?
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Delusional Love Disorder 4.5

Delusional Love Disorder

Chapter 7

0 Mar 22,23 KLBB , 长佩文学 , 阿潜 , 青袍龙葵子

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Honestly, I like you a lot! 3.8

Honestly, I Like You A Lot!

Chapter 6

67 Mar 22,23 Tama

Ji-Hyuk reunites with his old female friends from college to celebrate him finally entering the workforce.The always cold ‘Lim Ji-Ah’ and the cute ‘Choi Yoon-Ha’ with her bobcut.After Yoon-Ha went home early, an already awkward situation for Ji-Ah and Ji-Hyuk alone grew worse when Ji-Ah frantically bolted from Ji-Hyuk’s room and huh…what’s that in her bag!
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Boku no Joshiryoku wa Ano Ko no Pantsu ni Tsumatteiru. 5

Boku No Joshiryoku Wa Ano Ko No Pantsu Ni Tsumatteiru.

Vol.3 Chapter 17: My Femininity Is Stored In That Girl's Panties.

0 Mar 22,23 Yuzuki Ryouta

Akira Miwa (15) is an ordinary girl who likes boys. One morning, she wakes up to find that she has been cursed and turned into a boy! In order to return to her original body, she has no choice but to regain her feminine power by stealing and putting on "Maiden in love’s Lucky Panties"! Enduring shame and fear, she chases after every pair she can find.
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Mahoutsukai Mana to H no Tobira 5

Mahoutsukai Mana To H No Tobira

Vol.1 Chapter 1

8 Mar 22,23 Nakajima Kouki

A slightly naughty fantasy comedy that begins from the bottom floor of a dungeon!Adventurers return from the dungeon. In the hands of the wizard Mana, who is changing clothes, is the "dangerous swimsuit" found in the dungeon. "What would happen if I wore such a naughty swimsuit?" - It was a gateway to a sweet world.
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Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo Risuka 4.8

Shin Honkaku Mahou Shoujo Risuka

Vol.4 Chapter 15: Magical Girls Kill With Their Eyes! — Anyone Who Sees It Dies!

8 Mar 22,23 Nisioisin

The elementary schooler unlike any other, Kugi Kizutaka—who is searching for "useful pawns" in order to achieve his own ambitions—comes to learn of Mizukura Risuka, a magician with the title "The Red Witch of Time." Risuka had left the Kingdom of Magic through the Gate, chasing after her father, a great mage called both "a God" and "a Demon." An unpredictable and unchained magical tale!
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Łucja of Steel 4.6

Łucja Of Steel

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Broken Dream

0 Mar 22,23 Kouji Inada

In the country of Steam Polska there's a yearly steam-powered armor tournament and whoever wins gets to be proclaimed "Steam Knight King". Female knight Lucja is a contender but, unlike other warriors, she only uses her armored hands to fight.
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