Kirameki no Lion Boy 4.3

Kirameki No Lion Boy

Vol.1 Chapter 3

5,113 Jan 26,20 Maki Youko

Takanose Miwa is a high school freshman who's obsessed with manga and fictional characters. Having already given up on a "Prince Charming" in real life, she begins to learn about love and friendship when she accidentally bumps into a classmate that looks exactly like her favourite manga character.
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The Restricted Zone 5

The Restricted Zone

Chapter 4

6,060 Jan 26,20 YOUZT

The tragedy of a city was wrapped in a layer of the secrets. When he returned to the old city, he was caught up in sudden changes. And the boy he once loved became familiar but was a stranger at the same time. Behind the mysteries and the temptations, what is the truth...
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Askr Yggdrasil's Wood 4.5

Askr Yggdrasil's Wood

Chapter 6: Chapter 06

33,940 Jan 26,20 dna_s

Exiled to a desolate and harsh planet, Ayr spends his days hunting giant monsters as his food source. Then, everything changes when a police officer comes and tells him his exile was revoked. After arriving in Askr he learns that a lot of time has passed while he was gone. 100 years. Everything seems to be different now, but one question remains: For what reason was
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Picking Up A Shool Beauty To Be Wife 4.6

Picking Up A Shool Beauty To Be Wife

Chapter 1

11,971 Jan 26,20 Iciyuan动漫&艾鲁猫

one of the China’s first secret soldier, Luo Feng returns to the city, becoming the most successful student in Zijing middle school! there are so many school beauties, which one of them can get into his eyes?
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Love Your Enemies 4.9

Love Your Enemies

Chapter 2

9,943 Jan 26,20 Jeongyun

End of trouble, life reset! Bae Yeon Hee’s struggling campus romance!
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Dino Getter 3.8

Dino Getter

Chapter 2

4,671 Jan 26,20 Hoshi Kazumi

Dino Getter is a manga series by Kazumi Hoshi for the 40th anniversary of Getter Robo. It introduces the Dino Getter Robo in an original eight chapter story about a battle between the Dinosaur Empire.
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Let's Go! Streamer Girl 3.3

Let's Go! Streamer Girl

Chapter 51

10,015 Jan 26,20 Wanxiang Studio

You must have seen too many beautiful sexy and lovely streamer girls, but I bet you never see a streamer boy in girl’s clothes! Three men can make a drama! Now check out how a true boy becomes a new hot streamer girl!
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Neta Chara Kari Play no Tsumori ga Isekai Shoukan ~Mayoibito wa Josei no Teki ni Ninteisaremashita~ 4.2

Neta Chara Kari Play No Tsumori Ga Isekai Shoukan ~Mayoibito Wa Josei No Teki Ni Ninteisaremashita~

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

87,956 Jan 25,20 Shingyou Gaku

Horikawa Kento, a 35 years old man was transported into a different world with online game skills. His character is a 15 years old boy with absurd skill. , ,  and . In order to survive in this world of monsters, how will he use his skills?
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Schoolmate Kiss 3.9

Schoolmate Kiss

Vol.1 Chapter 1

31,888 Jan 25,20 AZUMA Yuki

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Is It Odd That I Became An Adventurer Even If I Graduated From The Witchcraft Institute? 4.5

Is It Odd That I Became An Adventurer Even If I Graduated From The Witchcraft Institute?

Vol.2 Chapter 12

131,890 Jan 25,20 Ikapon

Having graduated from the prestigious Witchcraft Institute at the top of his class, no job is out of reach for William Glenford. But William dreams of only one thing: adventures. Finding companions in a guild with a party of girls including a cleric, a martial artist and a beastman catgirl, and being ranked the lowest at the entry level, they immediately begin noticing that he's g
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Forced Marriage, Stubborn Wife 3.9

Forced Marriage, Stubborn Wife

Chapter 72

156,691 Jan 25,20 Wu li wenhua

NanQiao Chen is a weird beauty. She doesn’t love him, his money and the convenience and aura what his identity brings to her. So BeiCheng Mo has been wondering why she insisted on marrying him. Until that day, he saw the one whom NanQiao Chen love as her life. And then, he exactly knew the true heart hidden in her cold and gorgeous appearance…
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Romantic Cure for Gynophobia 4.4

Romantic Cure For Gynophobia

Chapter 50

142,396 Jan 25,20 Liang Hewen

Romantic Cure for Gynophobia Irrespective of gender, I only love you
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In Love With Two Of Me 3.8

In Love With Two Of Me

Chapter 20

28,921 Jan 25,20 NetEase

The ordinary girl Yuffie Fowler, who was suddenly unemployed, entered a “parallel world” by mistake. Facing a totally different self and a completely strange environment, Yuffie was caught adultery in the act by a strange and handsome guy called “Sugar daddy” before clearing her head, and was even framed by a rich and beauty rival in love...
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Toorigakari ni one point advice shiteiku type no yankee 4.9

Toorigakari Ni One Point Advice Shiteiku Type No Yankee

Chapter 6

96,176 Jan 25,20 Otsuji

Sakurai-san looks like a yankee, but gives people he passes one point advice.  Those who meet him for the first time are often scared by his frightening appearance but through the advice, they learn of how kind hearted he can be. Slowly, Sakurai's circle of people begin to grow. He's kind, considerate, knowledgeable and versatile in all forms of sports...!! Today, th
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Sex and Dungeon 4.6

Sex And Dungeon

Chapter 1: Candles And Springtime

204,804 Jan 25,20 Mikansukii,Sahara Gensei

Souhei embarks on a trip in the gigantic labyrinth that suddenly appears in his basement. But it's an extremely special dungeon where the only way to become stronger is to do lewd things with girls and increase Lv (Love)! The story of a young boy who explores and does lewd things with women!
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Fatal Code 5

Fatal Code

Chapter 36

89,004 Jan 25,20 Red cyan anime

In a game, the top game master Tu Lan received the message of seeking help from his full brother Tu Mu. After he got off the line and investigated, he discovered that Tu Mu in real world was actually a fake one. Tu Lan then logged into the game, trying to save the real Tu Mu, only to find he was unable to get off the line and was hunted by his former full-levelled account...
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Infinite gold god 3.8

Infinite Gold God

Chapter 0

16,694 Jan 25,20 Fox prawn culture swollen

My sister Li Xiayue is trapped in the game. In order to rescue his sister, Li Dongyang resolutely logs into the game of danger and signs a contract with the AI ​​system goddess Lilu who was knocked down on the altar in desperation. He can use.....
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Another Emperor Reborn 4.7

Another Emperor Reborn

Chapter 1

23,050 Jan 25,20 Ji le niao tu

Broken liver day is 14 days! Reiki revived, the whole world was covered by rich reiki, and the creatures on the earth were affected by this. Humans began to awaken to have stronger power, and creatures other than humans also evolved rapidly under the influence of aura. Some powerful and mysterious races have risen quietly. Legend has it that the power is fixed-the alien royal family. By coincidenc
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