Phoenix Descends From Above 4.4

Phoenix Descends From Above

Chapter 3

836 Aug 08,20 Updating

JunAoHuang, the number one female of all, got into the body of a Miss of the Feng Family that got her identity stolen and life taken away by her trusted servant. Now we will show you what a really Miss of the family is like! Did the ex husband do this for power? Breaking people’s knees and destroying their glory! Once undefeated and respected by all, now facing royal uncles that are nothing
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Who said I’m the boss 4.5

Who Said I’M The Boss

Chapter 1

1,612 Aug 07,20 大行道动漫

Li Qiyue, only wanted to get married, but with the special ability to refine his daily necessities into magic weapons, he ended up beginning his career as a refiner instead… But wait, why is the protection bureaus main job beating people up? Why did his girlfriend dump him to save the world? And most importantly who said he was the boss? (this might be a bad description, but Chinese isn&rsq
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Tang Yin in Another Realm II: The Rise of Feng Nation 4.5

Tang Yin In Another Realm Ii: The Rise Of Feng Nation

Chapter 1

3,239 Aug 07,20 Cloud Comics,云端漫画

The assassin Tang Yin, who had transmigrated to another world, relied on his decisive and determined heart to sit on the throne as the king of Feng Nation, but two days after he became king, he was met with an assassination attempt. The mysterious Ling Wu Academy, the superpower nation Zhen Nation, and the Hao Tian Empire appeared one after another. In the midst of many crisis and obstacles, how d
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Waste of Banshee God 4.8

Waste Of Banshee God

Chapter 0

659 Aug 07,20 WenYuan Culture

Demon Bai Youling went wild on the day of her wedding, and was pierced by a sword by her lover. Waking up again and rebirth with the body of the dead girl of the Bai family. Face-slapped scumbag men and bitches, re-walking to the peak
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MONSTER: The Quiet Beast’s Warmth 4.4

Monster: The Quiet Beast’S Warmth

Chapter 1

793 Aug 07,20 六柴

A young girl who is cursed by a black butterfly has met with all kinds of mishaps, but every time gets saved by a white butterfly. This time the curse of the black butterfly strikes once more, but along with the white butterfly that came, was unexpectedly a long haired, beautiful man with wings! “Could it be that an angel came to save me?” “No, he is not an angel! He is… a
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Female General and Eldest Princess 4.8

Female General And Eldest Princess

Chapter 1

533 Aug 07,20 请君莫笑

In order to survive in troubled times, to avenge her loved ones, and to seek justice for the 118 people who died in her village, Lin Wanyue took the identity of Lin Feixing, her younger twin brother, to join the army, resolving to kill the all Huns in the world. The queen died in the court, leaving the sixteen-year-old princess and eight-year-old prince to depend on each other for survival. Severa
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Evil CEvil City Girlity Girl 4

Evil Cevil City Girlity Girl

Chapter 0

222 Aug 07,20 Wow Anime

The hostess Yi Xiang and her friend Qiao Mai Mai met the mysterious girl Zhong Yi, caught in the terrifying conspiracy of the ancient cult Chaos Hall to resurrect the Chaos King, so Yi Xiang also knew the other side of the world, and the beautiful girl embarked on the road to save the world!
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Prince of Daxia 3.8

Prince Of Daxia

Chapter 0

363 Aug 07,20 极漫文化

Ning Chen accidentally came into the Daxia Dynasty and was going became a “eunuch” at Empress Changsun’s side, coincidentally he befriended the assassin of the daxia Emperor – Gure Chengxue. He used the advanced knowledge that the ancients did not understand to break through the many dangers, all the way up to hit the face to soar to the top and become a great god of Kyushu
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Steel Fist Attack 4.4

Steel Fist Attack

Chapter 0

899 Aug 07,20 极漫文化

The story is about a young man named wali, wanting to live an ordinary life, but suddenly one day met the second-year boy Barr from the demon world. Since then, life has been completely disrupted and has been involved in a mysterious organization. In the conspiracy to seize their “power”. who is the sacred organization behind this series of events? Was the encounter between Wali and Ba
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The Villain Discovered My Identity 4.7

The Villain Discovered My Identity

Chapter 0

1,842 Aug 07,20 Cha Sohee

Although she had been a promising practitioner of kendo in the past, due to an accident she was forced to lead a plain life. After Seo Yuri gets into a car accident during a trip back home, she reincarnates into the novel, “The Song of the Moon,” and becomes the elder twin sister of a side character who meets a destructive ending- Selena. Selena hopes to prevent the destruction of her
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We Meet Again, Miss Lou 4.5

We Meet Again, Miss Lou

Chapter 0

813 Aug 07,20 Hong Jun

In order to protect her family, the female agent Lou MiYin, finally obtained file No.0 after repeated failures. Just as it seemed like the whole situation was turning out for the better for her family, she ended up been targeted by the eldest young master of the Mu family! The adaptive female agent VS the cruel and arrogant young master, a thrilling battle of love and murder begins. The corner of
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Capture of Relationship 3.9

Capture Of Relationship

Chapter 0

237 Aug 07,20 Meng Li

Xiacheng was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the splitting headache began to spread to his brain. There seemed to be a voice asking him: “Have you forgotten already? Think about it, XiaCheng…This is a very important thing…”; He had to go to the hospital for treatment and wanted to rely on drugs to escape the voice in his mind, but then he bumped into Shen Lin, a high-ran
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Pinsaro Sniper 4.4

Pinsaro Sniper

Chapter 1: A Dangerous Woman

983 Aug 07,20 Koji Tabe

Office worker by day, pink lady at night and her third face... deadly! She is beautiful, dangerous and determined to clean-up her city from the scum that cross paths with her. Follow Yuki in her adventures as the Pink Salon Sniper!
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Zhanding 4.2


Chapter 0

414 Aug 06,20 Two dimensional animation

When the chaos first opened in Hongmeng, heaven and earth gave birth to a strange thing… I don’t know how many times, this strange thing actually shattered eighteen pieces! The unparalleled gods, beasts and other treasures in the fairyland demon girl, turned out to be the fragments of this ancient strange thing! From god to man, then from person to god, the desolate god and man Yun Ch
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Hey, Prince! 4.2

Hey, Prince!

Chapter 0

1,026 Aug 06,20 Lee Cho

Ray is a pretty boy with a bad attitude having a shitty day. After seeing Ray get fired again for his hot-headed temper, his friend introduces him to a valuable rare item(!) used by noble women. While wandering in the forest to collect materials for the rare item, Ray is nicked by an arrow and escapes without receiving treatment. It turns out that the arrow was shot by Lucas, the prince of the Rub
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In the name of Sword 3.4

In The Name Of Sword

Chapter 0

211 Aug 06,20 七两

Feng Nian is someone who is naturally talented at everything. One day, as he was being bullied by his upperclassmen at school, he was saved by prodigy fencer Bai LianHua, who was just passing by. From then on, Fend Nian developed a fiery passion for fencing. When Fen Nian grew up, he attended a special university in order to pursue his dreams further. There, he encounters a true fencing genius, Yu
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The Saviour’s Time 4.6

The Saviour’S Time

Chapter 1

695 Aug 06,20 송극장

The protagonist who works as a translator and the younger brother who was a senior middle school student who lost his parents in an accident a long time ago and lived together. For the two brothers who had a dry relationship that didn’t even greet each other properly, an incident occurred. The younger brother committed suicide. The main character, after going through his brother’s belo
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My Lobster Man 4.1

My Lobster Man

Chapter 6

1,515 Aug 07,20 Sasadongman

The ordinary freshman Lv Han experienced one of the most extraordinary days in her life… her doll got a spirit! It can not only speak, transform, but also shop for Lv Han… Touched and confused, Lv Han asked about his identity, only to find a handsome red-haired boy in front of her, and he claimed himself as a miraculous man?! The only way for him to change back is to achieve Lv Han&r
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Brides for the King 4.7

Brides For The King

Chapter 1


In the Chaehongsa, a Kisaeng House serving directly for the King, works a man who disguises himself as female.
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Don’t Cry 4.6

Don’T Cry

Chapter 2

1,557 Aug 07,20 曲小蛐

Outsiders only know about the eldest daughter Tang LuoQian. Who is beautiful and will soon make a marriage contract with Luo Zhan, the young master of Luo Family. Very few people know that the Tang family also has a younger daughter Tang Ran who was blind. On her 16th birthday, she was gifted a robot to accompany her. Tang Ran who was alone in the side house, wanting to see her robot. There stands
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The Garden of Red Flowers 4.7

The Garden Of Red Flowers

Chapter 1

2,642 Aug 06,20 Maru

A story that reincarnates as a happy <supporting> in a friend’s novel, but takes on the misery of <the main character>.
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Koharu Haru!

Chapter 1: Summer

770 Aug 06,20 Arai Harumaki

A geta-sandals wearing girl from Kumamoto at a high school cheerleading club.
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Neko no Te demo Yoroshikereba 4.8

Neko No Te Demo Yoroshikereba

Chapter 1

2,672 Aug 06,20 Ichika Hana,Utako Yumori

When a girl was taken to another world, for some reason she transformed into a half-cat beastman! Through a chance encounter, Cha found a new purpose in her isekai life - fighting youmas alongside her new comrades.
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