Crash On Paradise 4.4

Crash On Paradise

Chapter 36

85 May 30,24 Wonder Dream, Panmoyed

Read manhwa Crash On Paradise / Falling to Paradise / A Marvelous Morganatic Marriage / Anze, the daughter of a duke, is forced to marry Aiden, the illegitimate son of the Emperor, at the Emperor's behest. After an uneasy first meeting, they arrive at Aiden's home in the countryside, where they grow up together.
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My Introverted Boy 4.7

My Introverted Boy

Chapter 47

925 May 30,24 Na

Read manhwa My Introverted BoyNowadays the MBTI is a very popular personality test in a bunch of countries like South Korea, this categorizes each person in a certain group corresponding to the way they think, feel and express their emotions. This takes us to a secondary school where the most popular and handsome guy "Jaehyuk", who is actually totally an introverted with difficulties to understand
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Old Newbie Kim ChunShik 4.4

Old Newbie Kim Chunshik

Chapter 60

173 May 30,24 Gegegeg

Chunshik Kim is the CEO of Novis Company, the company behind the VR RPG Novis World, but he has never played his own game before. After claiming that he could become a top ranker without paying any money at an update preview event, he starts Novis World with only his secretary and passion by his side. Will this old dog be able to learn new tricks and become the top ranker in Novis World?
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The Cup Of Vengeance Is In Your Hands 4.6

The Cup Of Vengeance Is In Your Hands

Chapter 37

366 May 30,24 Scamper

Read manhwa The Cup Of Vengeance Is In Your Hands / Judith, the princess of Tien, became the crown princess of the Kingdom of Lotair in exchange for money. Sick and timid, she goes through a few difficult years. Her husband, the 1st prince, goes crazy due to his stepmother's constant harassment, and Judith, who has been falsely accused, is imprisoned in a tower. After her tragic death, she retu
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Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight 4.7

Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight

Chapter 59

27K May 30,24 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Nagi (Ii)

When there is no way out, the way is in. Doomed to die next month, our terminally ill protagonist Chan is too frail and defeated to try anything at all. No wonder he chooses to plunge himself into an RPG world he is only too familiar with. Why should this run be any different? Well, other than the fact that he will wake up inside the game and get struck with an
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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation 4.7

Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Chapter 125

38.5K May 30,24 Hyung Geun Cho, Kwang Hwi, 광휘, 조형근

A scout in the infamous Demon Cult, Seolhwi is on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encounters a fearsome master of the Mount Hua Sect, the sworn enemies of the Demon Cult. Without warning, the Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire squad. As Seolhwi lies dying, lamenting years of service to the cult with nothing to show for it, he is suddenly faced with a video game prompt, asking
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Absolute Necromancer 4.7

Absolute Necromancer

Chapter 53

19.1K May 30,24 Blue Jaeng-Yi,Chung Song,Ji Baekho

Read manhwa Absolute NecromancerThe tower. An unknown place with many rapid changes.Ten years later, I reincarnated into the body of a boy who lives on Earth in South Korea."The guy who backstabbed me and the one above him I'm going to rip into them." The person who reached the top as a necromancer and achieved the class above that, Spirit Master Cha Jinhyuk. As the "All-Master," he will take his
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I Obtained a Mythic Item 4.7

I Obtained A Mythic Item

Chapter 106

77.6K May 30,24 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Hess (헤스)

D-Rank non-combat raider becomes a great enemy of god that will save the world with the strongest restoration item.
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Talent-Swallowing Magician 4.7

Talent-Swallowing Magician

Chapter 76

94K May 30,24 Bread-eating Squirrel,Younggeun (story Plus),Dj Gonglyong

Elric Melvinger. The sole heir of the prestigious magic family. Though he possessed innate talent, he had too much talent, and as such, could not learn magic. However, he then received a blessing left by his ancestors! [Eat demons.] [Swallow demons.] [Drink demons.] [Continue to keep accumulating demons within yourself, and achieve new magic!]
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While You’re In Love 4.5

While You’Re In Love

Chapter 32

1.6K May 30,24 Soy Media,Yoo Soo Hee

Read manhwa While You're In Love / Synopsis While You're In Love I actually knew the truth. I didn't marry my wife because I loved her. So it's not his fault. It was all my fault to have false expectations. I just signed a contract with her based on needs. Three years as his wife. I tried hard to be the right woman for him, but I couldn't get a piece of his heart. I didn't
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I’ve Probably Made a Mistake in Getting Married 4.4

I’Ve Probably Made A Mistake In Getting Married

Chapter 21

1.2K May 30,24 Kim Daham,singnanda

Read manhwa I've Probably Made a Mistake in Getting Married / "I was reincarnated in the world of a novel It's a dismal novel where all the characters meet their demise at the hands of the villain. It corrected my shyness, built my courage, and prepared me for what I read in the famous grim novel. So, before the real story begins, I must distance myself from the terrifying social world in the
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The Oddball Lady’s Fiancé 4.9

The Oddball Lady’S Fiancé

Chapter 33

1.5K May 30,24 Eun Seon-hwa ; NARAENARAE ; seogac

Zany alchemist Rebecca O'Klein is far from a typical noble lady. At 24, she is still unmarried and spends her days cooped up at the workshop practicing her craft rather than attending lavish balls. Unfortunately, her eccentric lifestyle is jeopardized by her family pressuring her to quit her profession and finally find herself a husband. But who would want to marry "The Oddball Lady of High Societ
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Don’t Be Carelessly Friendly 4.4

Don’T Be Carelessly Friendly

Chapter 23

236 May 30,24

Read manhwa Don't Be Carelessly Friendly / For centuries, celebrated as a genius knight of the Caleta Empire, Lustica Zenas,' who battled the Barrier' and unending wars, saw all her strength vanish overnight, as if it were a lie.After four years of seclusion, a mysterious man named Hayden' appears before her, with whom she spent a sweet night, yet his true identity remains unknown. Hayden seems
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Juvenile Offender 4.8

Juvenile Offender

Chapter 66

5.6K May 30,24 Jeong Jong-taek,Park Tae Jun Comics Company,Man's Story

South Korea is filled with various shitty laws. The group of ‘juvenile kids’ that made my life into a living hell didn’t receive any punishment: these kids were the result of these shitty laws. I’ll now start my revenge.
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The Chaebeol's Youngest Son 4.8

The Chaebeol's Youngest Son

Chapter 101

25.3K May 30,24 JP,Sangyeong,Kim Byung-Kwan

To get back 13 years of hard work through betrayal! Yoon Hyun-woo, the head of the Sunyang Group, who lived like a servant and abandoned. Just when he thought it was all over, he wake up as Jin Do-jun, the grandson of Sunyang Group Chairman Jin! However, Jin Do-jun, the youngest son of a chaebol family, is far from the right to inherit. Will he be able to become the final winner in a family poli
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Pick Me Up! 4.8

Pick Me Up!

Chapter 97

59.1K May 30,24 Hermod (헤르모드),U-Ne Cho (조우네),Wasakbasak (Redice Studio)

In the mobile gacha game infamous for its atrocious difficulty, the Master ranked 5th in the world, 'Loki', loses consciousness while raiding the Dungeon. 'What? I'm a game character now?' After waking up, 'Loki' realizes he has turned into a Level 1, 1-Star Hero—'Han Yslat'. To return to Earth, he must lead the newbie Master and heroes and clear the 100th floor of the Dungeon! 'You messed with
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Wild Night 4.7

Wild Night

Chapter 32

1.3K May 30,24 Jin Soye

Read manhwa Wild Night / () []A high-level historical drama set in an oriental style, depicting the delicate process of Seo Jihak, a man abandoned after attachment and remorse, and Lee Eunha, a pure and affectionate lady, falling for each other. Based on the original work by Jin Soye.Eunha, in her quest to rescue her sister from the life of a kisaeng, is unexpectedly offered the role of a personal
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I’ve Become A True Villainess 4.7

I’Ve Become A True Villainess

Chapter 86

16.4K May 30,24 Flowing Honey , Bumho

The social outcast, Seria, had changed. Seria Shuteren, the vile woman who had everyone trembling with fear at her feet, was now calm. Truthfully, the woman had not just changed, she was a completely different person. Realizing she had possessed the wicked woman’s body in this romance novel, she decided to live on the low, having a hunch about the future. She would en
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Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner 4.6

Necromancer Academy And The Genius Summoner

Chapter 107

15.8K May 30,24 Azi,Volley,Hazelnutz

Necromancers have built a name for themselves as fearsome practitioners of magic capable of dropping entire empires to their knees. Simon Follentia is a necromancer with incredible latent talent! After being scouted for the necromancer's academy, this genius is ready to be nurtured and taken to the next level. But could Simon's insane talents attract some unforeseen consequences?
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My Mom Entered a Contract Marriage 4.9

My Mom Entered A Contract Marriage

Chapter 63

19.9K May 30,24 Siya,Choo Hae-Yun

Lilyca is a poor girl who used to spend every day with her alcoholic mother. However, one day... "Kyaa, it's hot! No!" Her mother woke up screaming and nonsensically asked, "Lily, you're alive! Have you gotten younger?" "What's the date?" She'd lost her mind! "This can't be... I've come back!" She started spouting more puzzling things, even going so far as to say, "We need to go to the Impe
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Hanlim Gym 4.6

Hanlim Gym

Chapter 162

18.6K May 30,24 Hyeseong

Tired of being picked on, Yeongha, the new transfer student, decides to fight back… and discovers he can pack a punch. He soon becomes the top of the food chain, savoring his new title as the toughest guy at school. But he meets his match when Suho Kang, the Champion of the PVP games, single-handedly takes down him and his crew. To earn back his honor, Yeongha decides to join the PVP games.
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Cats Own The World 4.7

Cats Own The World

Chapter 178

2.9K May 29,24 HON

Though Chichi the cat looks very cute, he has one goal: eradicate humanity and take over the world! He decides to recruit comrades to aid him in his quest, but it looks like world conquest won't be that easy?! Follow the adventures of Chichi the ~tyrant~, Dunno, the dog who loves humans, and Kaiser Kang Taeshik, the hard-boiled wild hamster, as they face many hardships on their path to absolut
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Just Peachy 4.7

Just Peachy

Chapter 35

34 May 29,24 enyoti

Read manhwa Just Peachy / Why Are You Doing This, Freshman?! / Why Are You Doing This, Shinseonnim?! / Why Are You Like This, Shinseon-nim?! / , ?!On the last day of each millennium, junior sages earn another thousand years of life when they consume celestial peaches bestowed upon their kind by the holy being Seowangmo. That's all Cheon-rok ever really wanted to finish her training and earn more
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The World After the Fall 4.7

The World After The Fall

Chapter 129

106.9K May 29,24 Sing N Song (싱숑),S-Cynan

Humans were suddenly summoned to become “Walkers”, and they needed to clear the tower to save the world. Then, the “Regression Stone” was discovered. Walkers could now “return” to the past. And slowly… everyone left. Humanity's last hope, “Carpe Diem”, was formed by people who refused to abandon the world. But once
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