Focus on You 2.7

Focus On You


656 May 31,23 Chajung

Weird boyfriends do weird things, but hiring someone to film a sex tape without consulting their partner? That goes beyond weird. Even if it’s supposedly for the sake of their relationship, Jay’s reluctant to oblige to his boyfriend’s spontaneous request. The filming part doesn’t bother him too much, but he’s not comfortable with having a total stranger watch them go at it. Once the camera starts
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Introduction to Survival 4.7

Introduction To Survival

Chapter 14

876 May 31,23 Haru (하루), Mr Quokka

Remember. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight" I will remember it until the end. until the end On the day, my wife Julia was trampled on by them, all of my life and goals became stained with burning hatred. Yes, I have to kill those people. "Bury me next to her on the day I have fulfilled my revenge." Until then, I must survive. In this survival hunt
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My Master 4.4

My Master

Chapter 62

2.5K May 31,23 기회비용

Coming July 20th
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Love Trap「Official」 3.6

Love Trap「Official」

Chapter 15

117 May 30,23 Rayuan

not found...
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Gaechaban 3.8


Chapter 30

1.5K May 30,23 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

The obsession of a young man, who is neither afraid nor guilty of risking everything to find his stepfather. This is a dangerous love story between two men, desperately struggling to find balance in their "toxic" relationship.
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One Summer Day 4.4

One Summer Day

Chapter 11

46 May 30,23 Ker

not found...
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Kill Me Now 3.6

Kill Me Now

Chapter 75

3.2K May 30,23 Cosmos

Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mission: "Kill me when you can." From that moment on, Mian decides that she will do this by choking Haegu with feigned love and emotionally manipulating her into submission. But as Mian grows int
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Manhattan Romance 4

Manhattan Romance

Chapter 26

807 May 30,23 Chilbam , Fyoryu , 칠밤

At a shabby hotel in New York, Hyun is barely making ends, working as a house keeper and enduring the abuse of his uncle. While working constantly, Hyun gets through his days by drawing, his one hobby, every dawn. Until one day, he happens to get entangled with the mysterious guest in Room 605. At first, the guest, Ruwan, interrogates Hyun saying that he's trying to find something he lost, but onc
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Not-so-Prince Charming 2.9

Not-So-Prince Charming

Chapter 19

399 May 30,23 Kwak Bong-chun

Joo Aesang is nothing if not a hard-working perfectionist who completes any task given to him without a problem. His boss Cha Hanseol on the other hand, is quite the opposite. He’s a lazy and incompetent guy who doesn’t have a care in the world. He has no interest in pretty much anything else except bullying the perfect Aesang. One fateful night, the final straw comes for Aesang when he’s for
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How to Be the Chosen One 3.5

How To Be The Chosen One

Chapter 60

2.2K May 30,23 Face Park

Cho Sunwon finds his life boring and tedious. Sex is the only thing he isn’t sick of, but it’s getting a little too easy to talk any guy into bed. He wants a new life, a new world, and a new challenge…and he totally gets all of those when he’s summoned into another world as the so-called god of Abroria! Awesome, right? Except, nobody seems to fall for his bedroom talk, and there’s a sexy king hell
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Fighters 4


Chapter 14

1.3K May 30,23 요마

The Genius Fighter Jason Kim. However his winning streak ends with an accident during match, and he couldn’t use his left arm anymore. After defeat, he quit the pro scene and returned to hometown, but the life is just hard to live quietly for such fighter. He’s getting involved into endless fights, regardless of his will..
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New World Lovetopia 2.1

New World Lovetopia

0 May 30,23 Mitsuya Bond

not found...
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Angel Heart 4.8

Angel Heart

Chapter 280: How My Mother Felt

5.2K May 30,23 Hojo Tsukasa

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.
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The Heat of the Reincarnated Villainess 4.3

The Heat Of The Reincarnated Villainess

Chapter 39

4.7K May 30,23 IRUKA Notsuno , TANIMURA Nijuu-en , MIZUNO Saikoro , studio73

A detested villainess and a proper prince are instinctually drawn to each other's bodies before they have a chance to develop feelings. What will their destiny be!? I was reincarnated into the world of the otome game "Prince of Prince" as Rose, the hated villainess. Originally, the heroine and the prince were supposed to be attracted to each other, and due to the influence of a special pherom
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The Tale of a High School Ninja 3.8

The Tale Of A High School Ninja

Chapter 118

1.1K May 30,23 Umechazuke

Kohana gets manipulated into "sexual training," by her childhood friend Tora who tells her that the experience is necessary for her to be assigned to a mission where she gets to play lovers with her master who she loves. Will she be able to resist as Tora's demands gradually increase? The answer is no.
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Beware of the Full Moon In March 4.3

Beware Of The Full Moon In March

Chapter 40

1.4K May 30,23 Choi Song

After being released from prison former gangster Park Mok-hwa ran a flower shop with the help of Kim Jung-ae. Kim Nak-won, a corrupt police officer who does everything he wants to satisfy his selfish desires is under probation while investigating the 'Tongyang PK' case. However, Park Mok-hwa refuses to cooperate and submit to the greedy police officer's wishes. It leaves the corrupt Kim Nak-won no
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The Tasty Florida: The Recipe of Love 3.2

The Tasty Florida: The Recipe Of Love

Chapter 35

776 May 29,23 Kim Yong Kyu , Sibiwol , cheese (II) , Kim Hanhee

Haewon Shin, 20 years old, finally escapes from his three nagging sisters when he gets into a college in Seoul. With his dream to hook up with an attractive guy at a club, he rents a small studio apartment and begins to look for the right guy--and he succeeds. Not only that, he even has the most wonderful one-night stand with him! However, when the guy hears that Haewon majors in culinary art, he
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World Defying Dan God 4.4

World Defying Dan God

Chapter 18

1.3K May 29,23 Ji Xiao Zei

Young Shen Xiang had a fateful encounter with goddess & demoness & received their peerless heritage, get godly pulse, learnt ultimate martial arts, mastered transcendent alchemy techniques, which gives him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation. When hungry he refines some spirit medicine to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with goddess, when bored he teases those martial artist who ca
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To My Creepy Boy 3.8

To My Creepy Boy

Chapter 17

1.1K May 29,23 Burano , 부라노

Hyeonu, a newcomer who radiates dark energy among newcomers who are excited about their fresh start in college life. Since none of the seniors are reluctant to become his mentor, Ji-ho decides to take charge of Hyeon-woo. Ji-ho, who was ignoring the gloomy energy and guided as kindly as possible, got goosebumps when he saw his name written in his notebook, but he tried to pretend he didn't know. A
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (FUJISAKI Ryu) 3.9

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu (Fujisaki Ryu)

Chapter 44: Commodore Yang Wenli - Capital Planet Heinesen: Chairman Of The National Defence Committee - Job Trunicht.

1.3K May 29,23 Tanaka Yoshiki (田中芳樹), Fujisaki Ryu

Five hundred years ago, Rudolf von Goldenbaum united the disparate governments of humankind and established a mighty human empire, a tribute to his own greatness that stretched across the galaxy. Demanding loyalty and discipline, Rudolf created an order designed to long outlast his own rule; but all human works fade in time. Today, the decaying empire faces the threat of the Free Planets Alliance,
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Guilty Affection 3.1

Guilty Affection

Chapter 31

876 May 29,23 Chelliace

Years after waves of a mysterious fog blanketed the globe, seeing people with unimaginable powers and scenes of deadly chaos has become an almost everyday occurrence. Though many of these gifted humans, known as espers, choose to do good with their new powers, prolonged use always results in corruption - a darkening of the mind and soul. The very safety of society relies on the help of those who c
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When the Killer Falls in Love 3.8

When The Killer Falls In Love

Chapter 49

918 May 29,23 Eresemo

Breaking News: Professional killer Joo Tae Man fell in love with Korea's favorite actor, Kang Da Hyuk! Professional killer Joo Tae-man has endured extreme physical training, mental education, and cruel torture-- but somehow easily falls apart to Kang Da-hyuk's kindness...? Joo Tae Man who has trained for NN years as a professional killer thought “is this love?”, What should I do at
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While I’m Back in Time, I’ll Get My Revenge 4

While I’M Back In Time, I’Ll Get My Revenge

Chapter 40

2.7K May 29,23 Kwon Yi Eun , Marucomics

Most people would consider getting a second chance at life a blessing, but Arnell Radfell is furious when she wakes up to find herself back in the past. Terrified of having to suffer through the horrors of her past life twice, she attempts to end her life again but is rescued by Sir Herbert Schladin, the very man who gave her the courage to end her life the first time. However, when Arnell finds
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