21 century retrogression 4

21 Century Retrogression

Chapter 23

219 Feb 28,24 Geom Mi Seong

Ha pung gae, old Taoist monk, who has lived since the end of joseon Dynasty, unexpectedly succeeds in the counter-retrogression movement. However, even if successful, he has only about ten years left in his remaining lifespan. In order to avoid death, he must become immortal!
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Cosmos 4.7


Chapter 7

91 Feb 28,24 Tamura Ryuuhei

Kaede Mizumori, a high school student who can see through people's lies, lives a dry life so as not to make waves. Until he meets the mysterious schoolgirl Rin Homura --- a thin sci-fi alien drama.
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Strange Light 2.4

Strange Light

Vol.2 Chapter 31: Chpater 31: Different Powers

27 Feb 27,24 Nakajima Fuji

A story follows Yuji, a high school freshman who, after being mugged by a couple of crooks, discovers he can control energy. Shortly after his confused discovery, a man in white asked him to join a school with energy users like him. After seeing how the unnoticeable world of energy users operate, he decides to go with the flow and tag along with his two best friends, his childhood crush, Schröding
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I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week 4.3

I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week

Chapter 584

30K Feb 27,24 阅文漫画

After being fired from his company, Lin Yi accidentally gets the All-Pro Experience System. Lin Yi relies on the various career arrangements and generous rewards given by the system to achieve his ambition and path to wealth step by step, becoming the ultimate all-powerful big brother who dominates the world.
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Tensei Shitara Hime Datta node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa 4

Tensei Shitara Hime Datta Node Dansou Joshi Kiwamete Saikyou Mahou Tsukai Mezasuwa

Vol.3 Chapter 12

495 Feb 27,24 Akira (輝)

Ikuto, an ordinary high school boy, is reincarnated as Isabella, a sheltered princess in a world of magic?!Although he is happy to be able to use magic, Ikuto's ambitions are crushed when he discovers that, in this world, women are not allowed to use magic.Still, Ikuto is not ready to give up, and at the age of 16, he decides to leave the castle and embark on a journey to learn magic...?!
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Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori 4.3

Touhou Chireikiden ~ Hansoku Tantei Satori

Chapter 33: Subterranean Animosity (Pt. Iii)

636 Feb 27,24 ZUN

The first official Touhou webcomic written by ZUN and drawn by newcomer Ginmokusei, featuring Satori Komeiji as the master armchair detective from the depths of the Earth. The first issue is currently free to read on the official Touhou web blog:
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The Daughter of the Elemental King 4.8

The Daughter Of The Elemental King

Chapter 155

35.6K Feb 27,24 Gureumbit

Her father is the Water Elemental King, a timeless being with absolute power. Her mother, a half-elf, is a talented wizard as well as an elemental mage. Born out of their overwhelming love for each other, her birth breaks the notion that elemental spirits cannot have descendants! From the author of “Tales of Arin”, an unexpectedly sweet story of joy unfolds! (Summary from Kakao, TL fro
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The Descent Of The Patriarch 4.6

The Descent Of The Patriarch

Chapter 92

4.5K Feb 27,24 尹天下 , 春日文化

Wudang Mountain, the sacred place of Taoism, is divided into internal and external. It inherits the highest classics of the Great Daoshu. Xie Luo, a modern Taoist, was trained in the heavenly book when he was young. In one fell swoop, he was the best in the northern quan zhen, the southern sect of longhushan, the eastern sect, and the western sect of shushan. The younger generation has been promot
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Angel Heart 4.9

Angel Heart

Vol.30 Chapter 322: The Legacy Of The Chameleon

6.4K Feb 27,24 Hojo Tsukasa

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.
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Nanbaka 4.8


Chapter 357

20K Feb 27,24 Futamata Shou

Welcome to Nanba, the world's largest, most impenetrable prison. Locked away in cell block 13 are four inmates - Juugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico - who provide more than enough trouble for prison guard Sugoroku Hajime to deal with. Between attempted breakouts, gambling and general misbehaviour, these four believe that just because they're in prison doesn't mean they can't have fun! But i
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No Surrender

0 Feb 27,24 Denno

Year 2155, the world has been revolutionized by the war against A.I. The Gogering, a new martial art that use futuristic technologies to fuse machine and man, has emerged as the most acclaimed sport worldwide. Determined to become the undisputed champion, Jani, who follows the path of revenge, must face not only the strongest warriors but also his inner demons, questioning everything he believes i
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Kinki Chihou no Aru Basho ni Tsuite 5

Kinki Chihou No Aru Basho Ni Tsuite

0 Feb 27,24 Sesuji

My friend Ozawa, who has gone missing. He was an editor of an occult magazine, and before his disappearance, he had covered ghost stories related to an area called "●●●●●". Quotes from past magazine articles, strange stories from readers, and Internet bulletin board posts - as we follow his footsteps and decipher the materials he had collected, certain connections emerge between the ghost stories
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The Doraemon's Special 4.8

The Doraemon's Special

Extra.13 5

331 Feb 27,24 Fujiko F. Fujio

A spin-off of the original Doraemon series. But with a different turn. Here Nobita meets various of Doraemon's robo-cat friends and go on many shounen style action adventures with them through The Mystical World, Nostradamus Prophecy , Secret of Cleopatra and more!
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Sπ 4.5

Vol.1 Chapter 16: Pink Tiger

28 Feb 27,24 Ishinomori Shotaro

The "Pi-Naple" is an organization for the elimination of corrupt spies who disturb world peace. The Japanese branch of the organization, 00Goro and 00Hachiro, are in pursuit of Dr. Otake, who was dredged up from the National X Research Institute, when they are interrupted by something. It is Mad Machine, a robot spy organization that steals secrets from all over the world and sells them at a high
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Things I Don't Know About You 3.4

Things I Don't Know About You

Chapter 73

45 Feb 27,24 Taeyang

After an aspiring drama writer finds out her boyfriend has been cheating, she tells him "you are going to regret this!"Returning to her everyday life she is contacted by a Police detective who tells her that her ex-boyfriend and the woman he was having an affair with were found dead in a hotel in an apparent suicide.In the midst of such complications, unimaginable things begin to unfold... +
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Savior Complex 3.8

Savior Complex

Chapter 61

124 Feb 27,24 Chanyoung Park

"I've been looking for survivors." A young man wanders the streets overrun by zombies looking for survivors. Armed with the knowledge of an unconventional method to evade zombie attacks, he embarks on the journey of a savior. But not everyone wants to be saved... Could you trust a stranger in your moment of desperation?
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Ranger Reject 4.7

Ranger Reject

Chapter 129: Being Of Use Again

16K Feb 27,24 Haruba Negi

Thirteen years ago, suddenly the Villainous Army of evil appeared in their gigantic floating castle 10000 meters in the sky to invade Earth! The villainous army have reviving capabilities that make them immortal, making them a serious threat to humanity. To protect us against these invaders, the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, wield their miraculous powers and their weapons, Divine Tool
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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto 4.8

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto

Chapter 70

47.9K Feb 27,24 Hyuuga Natsu, Nekokurage

In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor's children's lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is sh
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Persona 5 4.7

Persona 5

Chapter 78.2

3K Feb 27,24 Murasaki Hisato,Atlus

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White Cat Legend 4

White Cat Legend

Chapter 144

1K Feb 27,24 R.C

This amusing and charming story happened in 7th century ,when the first and only female monarch of ancient China got the throne. We follow the daily life of Chen Shi, a kind young man who came to the capital city Luoyang to look for his brother. To find him, he went to the Dali Court (a government institute like nowadays High Court of Justice). One thing led to another, he eventually became a secr
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Puppet 5


Vol.2 Chapter 6: Suspicion

92 Feb 27,24 YinFu

After having lost his son many years ago, an elderly carpenter seeks to reunite with him by reviving him as a wooden puppet. While they live happily together in a peaceful village, their newfound lives would all be disrupted when news of a serial killer erupts. What challenges will they face now?
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Bright Future 4.8

Bright Future

Chapter 18: Borgesian Riddle

104 Feb 27,24 Jin Chul-soo, Woo-Yeol Lee

A brutal attack as a child leaves Hyun-Tae emotionless and numb with the inability to feel pain. His condition allows him to become a ruthless gangster that everyone fears. As he begins to hunt for the truth about his past, he also sets his eye on finding a missing jewel worth millions that puts his life at risk.
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Hyperinflation 2.9


Vol.1 Chapter 5

17 Feb 27,24 Sumiyoshi Kyuu

Luke, a young boy, lost his parents in an imperial slave hunt. In the next slave hunt, my beloved older sister will be put up for auction!! In the depths of despair, Luke obtains the "ability to generate money from his body"!! Luke who participates in the auction──Will he make a successful bid for his sister with ease!? However, this power has a "fatal flaw"……!? Money, life, anger, violence, desir
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Devil at the Crossroads 3.4

Devil At The Crossroads

Chapter 39

1.7K Feb 27,24 Nangjun

An accidental deal with the devil goes awry. Veterinary student Yoon Ha discovers he has a fear of blood! To solve his problem, he makes a deal with the demon Samael in exchange for his soul, which goes terribly wrong. Now Yoon must help Samael recover his demonic powers... but evil spirits keep showing up, lusting after Yoon's body?!
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