Two Names of Night 4.8

Two Names Of Night

Chapter 41

518 Jun 22,24 Alice, TanG

Rose falls asleep at home and nearly faints when she wakes up at the palace in the arms of Emperor Lukewarell. Despite her uncanny resemblance to his beloved concubine, Agnes, Rose manages to convince Lukewarell that she is an ordinary tutor with no relation. However, she must help him find the missing Agnes by masquerading as the concubine and feeling out the suspicious people around her. But the
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Keep an eye on you 3.6

Keep An Eye On You

Chapter 30: Choosing And Accepting The Challenge

253 Jun 21,24 红头模, 橘姬社

A mystery murder case shatters Lan Zhiqing's serene and blissful life into pieces. The past she has long forgotten returns in the form of a nightmarish case, encroaching ever the closer... Shocked, Lan Zhiqing discovers that the most dangerous existence may just be the person she shares a bed with.
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The Story About Time 4.5

The Story About Time

Chapter 8

22 Jun 21,24 盛世卡漫

A young girl named Fu, travels into the past to make sure that her parents don't get together...
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Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo 4.5

Lord El-Melloi Ii-Sei No Jikenbo

Vol.6 Chapter 28

5.6K Jun 21,24 TYPE-MOON, Sanda Makoto

When Lord El-Melloi II, the later Waver Velvet, gets asked to claim his inheritance over Adra Castle, he travels there with his apprentice Gray to do so. But they are not the only ones called that way. The will of the previous owner states that the assembled contestants—including Luviagelita Edelfelt—must compete in a game of wits to win the castle. Based on the light novel of the sam
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The Definition of A Top Star 4.5

The Definition Of A Top Star

Chapter 56

1K Jun 21,24 Updating

"An acting prodigy gets another chance! Actor Jihoon Seo lost everything in a fire accident.But in a life full of what seemed like endless trouble, "Hello, fated one."?"Who are you, old man? A ghost?" Now with another chance, will the prodigy be able to become a top star?
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 158

11.7K Jun 21,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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From the Dust 4.1

From The Dust

Chapter 24: Dead End

2.5K Jun 21,24 Sano Takashi , さの隆

Hajime leads an unremarkable life as an undertaker, but he likes his job and has no reason to complain. Nor can he complain of being always called "onii-san" by one of the top star actresses in the country, Kidō Kotone, a childhood friend. Their relationship has always had a touch of awkwardness due to the parents of both having died violent deaths, but nothing could have prepared Hajime - or Japa
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The Reincarnated Cop Who Strikes With Wealth 5

The Reincarnated Cop Who Strikes With Wealth

0 Jun 21,24 Mr. Mir , Baeppu , Mileu Seonsaeng , Blue Bird

I was reincarnated as the son of a conglomerate leader. But I’m going to be a cop.
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Zombie Fight 4.7

Zombie Fight

Chapter 66

3.9K Jun 21,24 Lee jonghyeok

As life gets harder, Ian pushes his emotions away and resists.His father's violence and debts increase ... Thee misfortune continued and his body became increasingly numb. accidentally he walks through an illegal fight and receives an offer."If you get in the game, I will give you all the money on this floor."His survival period begins, where he must survive in an illegal fighting arena
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The Unmatched Powerhouse Just Wants To Farm 4.5

The Unmatched Powerhouse Just Wants To Farm

Chapter 95

12.3K Jun 21,24 绘境社

When Chen Fan transmigrated to the world of martial arts, not only was he abandoned by the system, he was also a cripple without martial spirit. He had no choice but to be the most inferior mortal. But unbeknownst to him, his home was full of divine things; the bath water is a spiritual spring, the person ploughing his land is a dragon prince, the person watering the vegetable fields is the first
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The Beast Within 4.7

The Beast Within

Chapter 52

2K Jun 21,24

Ray and her older brother Hayes are driven out of their home as their household falls apart. Hoping to find shelter, they arrive at an ominous castle covered in blo*** red roses located in the middle of nowhere. This is where Ray meets the castle's mysterious host Clodana dark, beasty man possessing dangerous charm and even more deadly secrets. Within the enclosed walls of a remote castle, the
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The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!? 4.6

The Young Witch Wants To Have Sex!?

Vol.4 Chapter 23

3.2K Jun 21,24 Nakamura Enjitsu

Hiiragi visits Chikage Komori, a transfer student that has never come to school. His chastity is at stake when he comes across a beautiful girl that is wearing nothing but a jacket!? A magical-sex Spring Junior High Student journal begins now!
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Fake Saint Of The Year 4.4

Fake Saint Of The Year

Chapter 27.2

2.6K Jun 20,24 KABEDON Daikou , Ekakibito

[The Eternal Scattering Flowers: Fiore Caduto Eterna] is a game ill-suited of being known as a galge, as the main heroine would – regardless of the chosen route – meet her demise. Fudou Niito, a resident of Japan, went to bed dissatisfied with the ending of the game. When he next awoke, he found himself in the body of the game’s hated fake saint, Elrise. Confused, but with an understanding that E
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Love Vector 4

Love Vector

Chapter 3: Vietnamese Mancala Game

45 Jun 20,24 Lynx

In youth, we met, just twelve years old,Two hearts entwined, a story yet untold,Now two decades have passed us by,Yet the memory of your love won't die.In secret, we cherished what we had,Two souls in love, in a world gone mad,No one knew, our love's sweet song,Who was right, and who was wrong?I remember you in my very bones,The coffin, bathed in sunlight's tone
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I Randomly Have a New Career Every Week 4.3

I Randomly Have A New Career Every Week

Chapter 644

33.1K Jun 20,24 阅文漫画

After being fired from his company, Lin Yi accidentally gets the All-Pro Experience System. Lin Yi relies on the various career arrangements and generous rewards given by the system to achieve his ambition and path to wealth step by step, becoming the ultimate all-powerful big brother who dominates the world.
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Kitsch Marriage 4.3

Kitsch Marriage

Chapter 41

389 Jun 20,24 Saha

"Please marry me."A 2 billion won contract offered to a private military company's mercenary. The condition is one year of marriage."Customer, are you perhaps crazy?""You're the only lunatic that's fine with having a divorce history."Lee Raehwa, the only daughter of Daesan Construction. In order to break free from her father's control and complete her painting, Raehwa hires a legal
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Miyabichi no Onmyouji 4.5

Miyabichi No Onmyouji

Chapter 31: Jinmao's Memory

1.2K Jun 20,24 Sakura Fujimoto

A time when the boundary between human and demon was vague. Ten sacred items – “Jingi” had been stolen from Mikado’s Treasury by some demons. An imperial order to recover the Jingi was given to all the Onmyōji in the capital, including “the heretic” – Fuzuki. He sets out to retrieve the first Jingi, but something unthinkable happened…
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L.A.G 4.8


Chapter 113: End Season 1

32.8K Jun 20,24 Hyun Ahm (암현),Apiro (아피로)

L.A.G, an unknown space where humans use abilities or skills through awakening, monsters appear on each floor and room, and missions are given accordingly. The goal here is to reach the bottom. The protagonist repeats death and life countless times in the unknown space L.A.G. However, in this life, he has the ability to own unlimited passive skills and finally has a chance to escape there. However
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Spare Me, Great Lord! 4.6

Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 646

93K Jun 20,24 The speaking pork trotter

After the revivification and return of the spirit energy, men and women did their best to capture every strands of spirit energy and train, except Lu Shu, with his Negative Emotion System, he becomes stronger by taunting others! He only wanted to protect his younger sister, but the change of an era in unavoidable, then all he could do was… to taunt others in passing, and become the stronges
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Theory of Paradise 3.3

Theory Of Paradise

Chapter 100.5

1K Jun 20,24 Jeong Seonwoo , Mumen

Yu Eunwu, the “trophy” of the conurbation army, is dismissed from service and ends up being sent to the central academy. There, she meets the president of the dispatch department, Seo Jaehee, and a former soldier, Jeong Yunhwan, who used to work for Yu Eunwu’s past guardian. Seo Jaehee offers to protect Eunwu while she’s at the academy in return for access to her memories, while Yunhwan seems to b
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Hero Killer 3.2

Hero Killer

Chapter 166

22.9K Jun 20,24 Kase Daiki

The war ended with the defeat of the villains. Now the world is ruled by corrupt heroes. And one of those heroes killed Yihwa's unni. She doesn't know which one, but that doesn't matter. If she kills them one by one, they will be among them. Yihwa becomes the Hero Killer, a villain who hunts heroes every night. This one villain's vicious action fight. "I'll kill everyone, and take everything away!
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God of Autopsy 4.4

God Of Autopsy

Chapter 19

188 Jun 20,24 Born in 13, Cho Joon Hee

Forensic Scientist Kim Junghoon lies dead in the National Forensic Service’s autopsy room. He died full of regret after witnessing his work partner of 20 years, Kim Sangjin, distorted his very own autopsy report when he was still conscious and accused him of committing suicide. Right after he passed away, Kim Junghoon opened his eyes once more and found himself back in 2002 when he was still a roo
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Heavenly Blood Star 3.8

Heavenly Blood Star

Chapter 32

455 Jun 20,24 bet, M&K Studio

Cheon Yoo-ok is a young orphan who survives by begging, however, as he delves deeper into the mysteries of a sect, dark secrets and unknown threats begin to emerge, in a world where intrigues and conspiracies are everywhere, he will have You have to overcome unimaginable challenges to protect those you love and discover your true destiny.
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