Colored With Time 4.5

Colored With Time

Chapter 18

0 Nov 30,23 Yoo Song Joo

Read manhwa Colored With Time / Time to Be Dyed / Time to Be Stained / Time to Dye / / Oh Eunsoo and Min Jaeha are madly in love, but Jaeha's best friend, Ji Geonwook, is appalled that the two are even together. After putting up with Geonwook's rude behavior, Eunsoo tells Jaeha that she wants nothing to do with his pal. But after an unexpected accident takes Jaeha's life, the one to bring her up
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Fake Wife 4

Fake Wife

Chapter 26

734 Nov 30,23 Jipang , Mandala

In order to save her ill father, Yoo Yeonwoo makes a dangerous deal to deceive the members of the esteemed Taeseong Group. Her task is to pretend to be her estranged twin sister, who disappeared just before her marriage to Taeseong’s youngest son, Cha Kitae. Yeonwoo only needs to keep up the act for six months, but in the fifth month, she is found out at the worst time possible: right after refusi
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You, My devil 4.2

You, My Devil

Chapter 40

3.7K Nov 30,23 Kimpa

Yuri, the Prince of the enemy country who colonized Heina’s homeland, Constance, and brutally murdered her fiance. Called the red-haired devil, he takes Heina, the Princess of Constance, as his trophy. The person she can never love starts asking her for love… A romantic fantasy of a man who tries to defy fate and a woman who is trapped in his world.
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Carnal Karma 3.5

Carnal Karma

Chapter 138

5.2K Nov 30,23 Studio Stella

.27-year-old virgin Eun Chae-yi becomes an overnight sensation when a Hollywood star kisses her at an airport in front of hundreds of fans and cameras. And if that isn't enough, the next night, a handsome prince of a mysterious country woos her into an unforgettable one-night-stand. But when both these strangers insist that she is their lover from a past life, Chae-yi must figure out what are memo
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I Plan to Become the Master of a Stolen Family 4.8

I Plan To Become The Master Of A Stolen Family

Chapter 37

5.8K Nov 30,23 Hayul

The Duchy of Francesca rules the northern provinces on behalf of the fallen Imperial family. After the sudden death of the lord of their household, Duke Den, the twins Damian and Chloe become puppets at the hands of their relatives. Controlled by dark magic, Damian becomes the empty-shelled lord of the household while Chloe, who has a natural talent for swordsmanship, becomes an assassin repeatedl
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Secret Happiness 3.4

Secret Happiness

Chapter 17

107 Nov 30,23 17K漫画

White Portugal, betrayed by his fiance, found his fiance's uncle Lu Zhao and, two men stole their fiances. It was just a revenge game, but the two men in the fish and water joy, slowly delivered their true heart Secret Happiness, Forbidden Love, Tou Huan, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommen
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The Sacred One Speaks 4.6

The Sacred One Speaks

Chapter 57

9.4K Nov 30,23 Minato 미나토 , Yuda , Roju

The evil enemies of the Holy Empire of Cairon must be purged. With the superhuman Nox of Yipon already dealt with, the only ones left to destroy are the Witches of Tempey. After a long search, Cairon’s greatest protector, Sir Macklart, finally tracks down their leader, the infamous Grand Witch called Vienie. They say just one look into her bloodred eyes will immediately entrap you into her wicked
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Boy ☆ Skirt 3

Boy ☆ Skirt

0 Nov 30,23 Torino Shino

'I am a high school boy who wears skirts.' The day I wore a skirt to school, I was rejected by my girlfriend. It was a summer day when Momoi Taichi (17), a member of Class D of the 2nd grade, came to school wearing a skirt. His classmates and teachers are in an uproar over his sudden "wild behavior. The only one who finds it amusing is an eccentric girl (classmate) named Shirai. "You mean you
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A Second Chance at Saving You 4.4

A Second Chance At Saving You

Chapter 34

909 Nov 30,23 Gwonsuri , Yueunbi , Geuneuli

Empress Niobe Roden, the precious Blue Rose of the Rustan Empire, is in love with another man--the one to save her from her tyrant husband. She patiently waits for her lover Eloi, but all that returns is the news that the Emperor has beheaded him. Hopeless in her own imprisonment, Niobe ends her life only to be returned to the past–exactly two years before her marriage with Valon. With the second
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Secretary Deviance 4.7

Secretary Deviance

Chapter 46

3.1K Nov 30,23 Ban Ji Young , Pinecone , Kkulbonge

"Will this relationship change if we kiss?" Lee Seung-jo, the eldest son of the Jaekyung group, who is said to be the cornerstone of the royal family, and Cho Yi-yeon, who works as Seungjo's secretary while hiding his unrequited love for her. And at the same time, Lee Moon-jo, the illegitimate son of Jaekyung's group, always wants him to win everything. At a certain moment, Lee Yeon's troubles sta
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Tensei Shitara Warui Kuni no Musume Deshita 4.3

Tensei Shitara Warui Kuni No Musume Deshita

Chapter 12

3.5K Nov 30,23 Yuu Geni

Main character's childhood friend vanishes comes back to say goodbye to main character. Childhood friend gets attacked by something, main character dies in crossfire. Main character is reincarnated as the living weapon of the demon lord, while his childhood friend is apparently now the hero.
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The Almighty Daughter Runs The World 4.8

The Almighty Daughter Runs The World

Chapter 34

679 Nov 30,23 客心文化, 阅文漫画

Read manga The Almighty Daughter Runs The World/ / Putri Yang Mahakuasa Menguasai Dunia / Qunnng Qinjn Rn Fntin / The Almighty Daughter Burns the HeavensReborn as a fake daughter of a wealthy family, Ye Zhuo has become the daughter of an illegitimate child that everyone is shouting at. What's wrong with being fool? Let's see me play it like a king! Ye Zhuo quickly gave up her position as a real d
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Seiryaku Kekkon wa Otakoi no Hajimari 4.5

Seiryaku Kekkon Wa Otakoi No Hajimari

Chapter 4

192 Nov 30,23 Murasaki Yukari

A sugary-sweet romantic comedy between a cool-as-ice scion of a distinguished household* (**otaku*) and a lady of the most refined upbringing* (**otaku*)!*This is a loveless marriage.* After Tsuyuri is made aware of this by her husband Kouichi, she proceeds to happily indulge herself in a carefree otaku life. But on the day she decides to attend the live show of her oshi, at the venue, sh
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For My Derelict Beloved 4.9

For My Derelict Beloved

Chapter 62

26.7K Nov 29,23 Kim Seon-Yu, Ryuho

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite
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What A Girl Wants 3.3

What A Girl Wants

Chapter 10

434 Nov 29,23 Team Chijeupote

After six years of life as an author, Yoon Seri hits a new hurdle: writer's block. Determined to overcome it, she sets her sights on a new genre, R-rated literature, only to find that her lack of experience is holding her back. Her search for a sexual sensei leads her to Lee Siyoon, a man willing to show her the ropes in more ways than one. But after her first taste of sexual liberty, she finds sh
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My Former Bias Can’t Find Out 4.5

My Former Bias Can’T Find Out

Chapter 37

369 Nov 29,23 Seonma

Read manhwa My Former Bias Can't Find Out / Defend the Secret From My Former Bias! / Sign, fan incognito / !Like many before her, successful BL author Kwon Mina cut her teeth on fanfiction in her youth, writing sordid tales about her favorite stars in sensual scenarios with their bandmates. Now a professional novelist, Mina's determined to write the best romance since the invention of paper and
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The Cellist 4.6

The Cellist

Chapter 83

2.2K Nov 29,23 Binabi

Kim Hayeon was just covering for a friend at their day job when she unexpectedly ends up inside cellist Ji Sehun's private waiting room. Despite his immense musical talent, Sehun is aloof and cold-hearted, and doesn't take kindly to Hayeon's intrusion. Though he accuses her of attempted theft, he cannot get her out of his mind, and attempts to court her. But while Hayeon may be timid,
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Disobey the Duke if You Dare 4.2

Disobey The Duke If You Dare

Chapter 81

15.3K Nov 29,23 Romance Machine , Lee Chanmi

You must never see the duke’s face. After her second husband's death, Lily is forced into a third marriage by her father. Her new husband is rumored to be a monstrous warmonger, but to Lily's surprise, the Duke turns out to be a kind man and husband. There's just one catch... she must never see his face
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The Top Couple Is a Bit Sweet 4.5

The Top Couple Is A Bit Sweet

Chapter 42

2.5K Nov 29,23 三原社

Song Yan and Wen Li are a well-known contract couple in the entertainment industry. Ever since they are married, they are not in business and have not been tied together. Countless fans lament, yet many ship them together. That is until the two of them officially announced their participation in a national-level variety show for couples and they reluctantly began to come back to their career. Duri
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Betrayal of Dignity 4.6

Betrayal Of Dignity

Chapter 41

9.8K Nov 29,23 Kimpa , Bokyung Kong

Would you sacrifice your honor to marry a Duke? In order to save her family from ruin, Chloe Verdier must find a groom for her sister, Alice. She soon runs into the handsome but arrogant Duke Tisse who makes a proposal that could save them. When Alice flees with a mysterious man, Chloe must seek out the Duke in the biggest gamble of her life.
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Thank You for Your Betrayal 4.6

Thank You For Your Betrayal

Chapter 35

3K Nov 29,23 YUNHEESA, Oh

“In the house of Count Lakers, it seems that you possess the most exceptional superpower. Perhaps that is the reason why you must die…” The confession she had heard from her husband at the moment of her death was shocking. Irina, who miraculously returned from death, decides to find a way to escape from her family’s clutches and steal a night with Duke Ian Lancaster…
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Kokuhaku wa Yume no Naka de... 5

Kokuhaku Wa Yume No Naka De...

0 Nov 29,23 Umeko

Support the author by buying chapters yourself if you enjoy it :)
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I'll Save the Heroine! 4.4

I'll Save The Heroine!

Chapter 56

6.4K Nov 29,23 Dok Yeon , Kim Wootz

Imagine Lee Sangyeo's surprise when she wakes up one day inside her favorite novel... and her horror when she realizes she's in the body of the adorable heroine's evil sister-in-law, Aylee Brydon! Knowing that the story will end terribly if nothing changes, Aylee is determined to save the heroine at all costs. However, her complete character reversal leads to problems in high society and causes fr
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