Your Instinctive Love 4.5

Your Instinctive Love

Chapter 47

2.2K May 30,24 Idala , Jeong Haejin , Ganga

Detective Ganghui encounters Hajun, a world-famous designer who looks exactly like her late boyfriend, Yujin. He even wears the matching ring Ganghui and Yujin had shared. Hajun seems to know what’s bothering her but won’t tell her the secret behind the uncanny resemblance. Instead, he keeps persuading her to date and later marry him. Now Ganghui has two options: follow her heart and fall in love
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Revelation Of Youth 4.5

Revelation Of Youth

Chapter 67

8.8K May 30,24 Hanseo

A close and dangerous cohabitation with the cult leader's son has begun! Chungah was swindled by her uncle who she trusted and her parents disappeared, saying they are chasing their missing uncle, and Chungah suddenly lives alone in an empty house. But it wasn't just Chungah's family that was scammed! The biggest cult in the autonomous district, "Millennium Adventist Church," was also deceived by
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Corseltel no Ryuujitsushi - Koryuu Monogatari 4.6

Corseltel No Ryuujitsushi - Koryuu Monogatari

Chapter 43: Future Adventure (Second Half)

478 May 30,24 Isurugi Ayuma

The adventures of Marciel and his dragons continues. In Koryuu Monogatari, the baby dragons have grown up a little.
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My Mom Entered a Contract Marriage 4.9

My Mom Entered A Contract Marriage

Chapter 63

19.9K May 30,24 Siya,Choo Hae-Yun

Lilyca is a poor girl who used to spend every day with her alcoholic mother. However, one day... "Kyaa, it's hot! No!" Her mother woke up screaming and nonsensically asked, "Lily, you're alive! Have you gotten younger?" "What's the date?" She'd lost her mind! "This can't be... I've come back!" She started spouting more puzzling things, even going so far as to say, "We need to go to the Impe
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For My Derelict Beloved 4.9

For My Derelict Beloved

Chapter 87

30.7K May 29,24 Kim Seon-Yu, Ryuho

I entered my favorite romantic fantasy novel! I may be a commoner, but I'm rich beyond belief. I quietly watched the romance of the main characters in the original novel, assuming I would go back to reality after reaching the novel's ending... However, even after the ending, I am still stuck in this world! As a result, I learned the behind-the-scenes stories that I didn't want to know. My favorite
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Turning the Mad Dog Into a Genteel Lord 4.7

Turning The Mad Dog Into A Genteel Lord

Chapter 24

58 May 29,24 Zusiha,V_An,Yepbee

Diarin, a priestess without any noteworthy family background or connections, always gets the toughest assignments. So when her boss tells her to help Ceres, a war hero, reintegrate into society, she decides to stop being a pushover and get as much as she can out of it, including a juicy promotion. But upon reaching Ceres' manor, she’s greeted by a growling hound instead of a human. Tasked with the
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Werewolves Going Crazy over Me 4.2

Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me

Chapter 48

1.3K May 29,24

Single mother Olivia finds Damian dying on the streets and takes him home. Before long, the two are sharing a passionate kiss. Damian soon realizes the side effects of the drug suppressing his werewolf instincts vanish when he is with her. Now he must find a way to keep her around, no matter the cost.
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First Impressions 4.3

First Impressions

Chapter 33

108 May 29,24 Fiorenti , Kwang Ya

Hyeseo and Seoha were only supposed to be tutor and tutee. But why are they becoming something more?First Impressions, Hubae Evolves, The Junior's Evolution, The Younger Generation Evolves, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, fa
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I Went On Strike Because It Was A Time Limit 4.2

I Went On Strike Because It Was A Time Limit

Chapter 72

10.8K May 29,24 Cyam , Menanik , LISEE

I Went On Strike Because It Was A Time Limit manhwa, went on strike because it was the deadline, She has only one month to live so she went on a strike and doesn't want her father to expect her to live as his daughter with such annoying and complicated things. Then, she bought a house on her own, made friends, and confessed to him but it wasn't actually a deadline?!* * *"Young-ae can only live fo
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Misaki-kun no Bukiyou na Dekinai 4.3

Misaki-Kun No Bukiyou Na Dekinai

Vol.2 Chapter 8

221 May 29,24 Satomura , 里村

A love story that depicts the cohabitation life of Kyouka (27), a beautiful and tight-fitting office lady, and her boyfriend, Misaki (20), who is a handsome college student. At the company, Kyouka does her job with a machine-like expression, but in front of the cape, she always has a spoiled personality. Misaki always has an unfriendly attitude toward her. Kyouka becomes suspicious of his affair b
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White of a Wedding Ceremony 4.7

White Of A Wedding Ceremony

Vol.4 Chapter 23

2.4K May 29,24 Takayama Shinobu

A story of a vow between a pure bride and a demon, in a story "divided by life and death." "Flower candles" refers to the gorgeous lights that are lit during a wedding ceremony, and refers to a woman who has been engaged and turned around. Kiso, a newspaper reporter who pursues a mysterious strange disease that is spreading in the streets, is rescued by a girl who happens to encounter a
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Makura Uo 4.6

Makura Uo

Chapter 5: A Town Only In Memory

17 May 29,24 panpanya

I thought I could keep moving forward, but in an unexpected instant, I’ve lost myself in the gaps of this vast universe. Where have I seen this, this landscape that doesn’t exist? Right over there, in a time that will never come to pass. Welcome to the world of panpanya. The 22 chapters of Makura Uo, which include stories like Ame no Hi (Rainy Day) and Gomi no Sakebigoe (The Cries of Trash), we
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I'm a Limited Communicator 4.4

I'm A Limited Communicator

Vol.2 Chapter 13: Weaknesses And One's True Self

183 May 29,24 Kiritani Noba

Winner of LINE Manga Award: I don't have the normal kind of communication problem! If it's kids, I can get along with them just fine - my communication problems are limited! Nashikawa, a high school student with this kind of troublesome disposition, enters a "Volunteering Club", in which he watches kids!? Will Nashikawa be able to overcome his communication problems while being surrounded by quirk
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The Mistress Runs Away 4

The Mistress Runs Away

Chapter 83

10.4K May 29,24 Baek Seol-eun, Park Seong-sil

Ever since that fateful rainy day when she was rescued by the handsome Duke Killian Devonshire, Rowena has lived as his mistress. Though she believes that Killian has grown to love her over the past three years, she wants to repay her debt to him and become his equal so that she can stand proudly by his side. But when Killian begins to behave strangely, her trust in him wavers, only for it to be f
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Kitai Fuku Ga Aru 4.6

Kitai Fuku Ga Aru

Vol.3 Chapter 23: Coffee Shochu

149 May 29,24 TSUNEKI Netarou

Mami was always seen as the "cool" type of girl. The type of girl that cute things doesn't suit and would be better off wearing "cool style" clothing. But Mami has a secret. She wants to wear lolita fashion!
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I Can See Your Death 4.7

I Can See Your Death

Chapter 62

17.7K May 29,24 Dan Hae-Neul,Zanza

After an accident, Eshana Ash has started seeing people's lifespan. The date and sign of the person's death would appear above their head. If the letters were black, she could help, and sometimes save the villagers from danger. “It's better not to go to the lake today. It's too cold for going boating,” she said. That man was to die today by dro
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Tamed A Blackened Slave Man 4.4

Tamed A Blackened Slave Man

Chapter 63

5K May 29,24 Purple Village

In the future, I succeeded in taking the man who would become the best in swordsmanship, one step ahead of the Prince and enlisting him as my younger brother.I treat my younger brother, which is not blood related to me, more kind than anyone else, and I fed him well and raised him well.He will be my younger brother who will protect me from the damn fiance who killed me in my previous life,
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Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard 4.6

Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Chapter 347

25.4K May 29,24 Passion Honey,百香蜜

On the wedding day, her fiancé and his lover had a love affair and eloped. Her eyes were dim, she seized the man in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”To sum it up, your bride is not here, my groom ran off, wouldn’t it be better if we… fight together?”. Before marriage, she said, “Even on the bed, between me and you, there will not be anything!” After the marri
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My Boss’s Perfect Wedding 4.1

My Boss’S Perfect Wedding

Chapter 39

972 May 29,24 Chicc (시크크) , Miji

"A wedding without a bride?"As a father's desperate measures for his son who is a workaholic and has no interest in the opposite sexThe CEO of Taesung Group, Tae Moo-jin, whose wedding date was suddenly set without a bride."If CEO Tae Moo-jin can't find a bride by the time of the wedding, will the wedding be canceled?"It was his secretary, Cheon Soo-yeon, who caught fire at the wedding without a b
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To Those Who Long for My Destruction 4.6

To Those Who Long For My Destruction

Chapter 49

1.9K May 29,24 Choil , Wonders , Hyangcho

From parents forcibly married, whose only shared passion is mutual disdain, a neglected child is born—Leoni. Yearning for affection as a child, Leoni loses her mother to illness, only for her father to auction her hand in marriage. Enduring three arranged marriages, Leoni faces further hardship when she is falsely accused of a capital offense, seemingly destined for a bitter end. "T
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Want You Like Crazy 2.8

Want You Like Crazy

Chapter 50

79 May 29,24 Bom-ann Yeongbom , Leah

Read manhwa "Want You Like Crazy" for free at Summary:"Do you want to disappear without knowing a mouse or a bird?"Yoon Hae-soo, CEO of an investment company, and Chae Ji-seok, who have been a resident of general surgery for three years.The first meeting between the two, which was only complicated by one injection, was simply blo***."I don't think I'm scared."a distance narrowed without hesitation
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For the Queendom 4.2

For The Queendom

Chapter 43

601 May 29,24 Roseong

Abel, the devil, lost his beloved brother, Cain, because of Yeonri, a human woman. Filled with anger, Abel approached Yeonri and felt a boiling love for her when he was struck by a bullet of love. Will Abel choose revenge for his brother, Cain? Or will Abel choose a cold love with his enemy?For the Queendom, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Wher
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Kuuki ga 4.8

Kuuki Ga "yomeru" Shinnyushain To Buaiso Na Senpai No Hanashi

Vol.3 Chapter 42

4.8K May 29,24 Shu Torihara

A slice-of-life story about a new employee who can literally read emotions and an inexpressive but actually very kind sempai at work.
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Ao no Hana Utsuwa no Mori 4.9

Ao No Hana Utsuwa No Mori

Vol.7 Chapter 32: Chapter 32

1.2K May 28,24 Kodama Yuki

Aoko is a ceramic painter at Hasami Wares Pottery, when suddenly an unfriendly and unapproachable man named Tatsuki arrives from overseas. Rejecting her way of life by telling her he isn't interested in painted ceramics, Aoko feels dejected, but can't help but be drawn to Tatsuki's ceramics… This is a mature love story of a man and woman, both fascinated by ceramics.
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