The Cold-blooded Duke’s Attack Strategies 4.6

The Cold-Blooded Duke’S Attack Strategies

Chapter 2

12,322 Jun 17,21 大行道动漫

I only made a wish on my 25th birthday. Why did it woke up to be the princess and wife of the blood tribe? This awesome man is saying he is my fiance? Lengxue Gongjue Gonglve Jihua / Lěngxuè Gōngjué Gōnglüè Jìhuà / The Cold-blooded Duke's Strategy Plan / 冷血公爵攻略计划
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The Duke’s Hidden Baby: BOGO! 4.4

The Duke’S Hidden Baby: Bogo!

Chapter 71

2,057,744 Jun 17,21 Updating

He is an absolute bigwig who is decisive, cold, and callous. However, he just can’t stop tangling up with her, always eager to give her all his love. On their first encounter, he questioned:”Was that you 6 years ago?” The second time they met, he was holding a paternity test report. “You’re still gonna deny he is my son?” After multiple encounters, she asked: &l
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The 13th Night 4.2

The 13Th Night

Chapter 16

13,789 Jun 17,21 Sirial

With its splendid history of five hundred years, Lan Empire has its own share of lights and shadows. Abandoned at birth, Lynx grows up in one of its slums although she is a daughter of the powerful House of Joo, one of four founding families of the empire from its birth. Just as Lynx is about to be sold off as a concubine to a senile old man, a noble lady appears in front of her. Heeyun Joo, the n
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Otome Game no Mobu desura naindaga 4.9

Otome Game No Mobu Desura Naindaga

Chapter 7: Invitation

1,995,002 Jun 17,21 Gyokuro,Himeno Meno

Guy reincarnates into the gardening apprentice who works for the rival character of the heroine of an otome game. He doesn't care and just wants to be a gardener.
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See You in My 19th Life 4.6

See You In My 19Th Life

Chapter 35: Episode 35

402,893 Jun 17,21 LEE Hye

Jieum Ban has an extraordinary ability: she can remember the memories of all her past lives. After her previous life is cut short by a tragic accident, she sets out to reconnect with the people of her past life in her current one. Will memories of her 18th life sabotage romance in her 19th? Or will love endure across different lives? Original Webtoon: Naver, Naver Series Official Translation: Engl
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Extras Don’t Want to be Overly Obsessed 4.7

Extras Don’T Want To Be Overly Obsessed

Chapter 17

839,923 Jun 17,21 Glize,Pareto

I thought I am just a one liner unnamed commoner extra. Until the villainous duke, who is known to kill every town he get into, came in to light and is in pursuit of a single young lady. “Duke Cedric is already halfway through the Empire. I heard he's coming to this area this month.” Why is the bloody duke is looking for his youngest sister who disappeared five years ago? “Rose hair and golden eye
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The Wicked Queen 4.6

The Wicked Queen

Chapter 51

979,128 Jun 17,21 Ji-Sang Shin,Yoon Tae Roo,Ga Yan

She is beautiful, persevering but what amazes everyone is her sharp mind. Sharp minded enough to become the next empress. However, the prince despises her... How will she manage to make him fall in love with her?
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She Would Never Know 4.3

She Would Never Know

Chapter 19

168,169 Jun 17,21 Cafelatte,JINHA (II)

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Shadow Bride 4.7

Shadow Bride

Chapter 12

70,020 Jun 17,21 Gamja,LEE Sae In,LIM Soo Bean

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Survive as the Hero's Wife 4.4

Survive As The Hero's Wife

Chapter 95 : The Promise [End Of Season 3]

21,395,605 Jun 17,21 Nokki (녹끼)

Canaria is reincarnated as the villian of a popular cliche novel. Based on the novel, she is destined to be executed but can she prevent this from happening before it's too late?
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The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess 4.3

The Monster Duchess And Contract Princess

Chapter 91

30,789,489 Jun 17,21 Rialan

Leslie’s life was always used for the betterment of her sister, Eli. After a failed attempt to extract the black magic within Leslie to transfer to Eli, Leslie knocks on the door of the monster Duchess and pleads for the Duchess to adopt her?!
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Kakao 79% 4.6

Kakao 79%

Chapter 198 : Priority (2)

17,170,857 Jun 17,21 Aoi Umi

Ayano, Tsubasa and Ichinose, Yuu are childhood friends. Since they were kids, they were inseparable. But one day they have to part each other's way because both of them are transferring homes. Clueless of where they will transfer, they were shocked when they see each other going to the same school from the place they transferred in.
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I’m the Stepmother, but my Daughter is too Cute 4.5

I’M The Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Too Cute

Chapter 30

2,798,363 Jun 17,21 IR,Mogureng

I ended up possessing the body of a stepmother in a fairytale, who was so jealous of her stepdaughter that she poisoned her and was executed by her husband. As I was getting along and showering my cute and lovely stepdaughter, Blanche, with love… “That's strange. Since when did your wife treat your daughter so preciously?” …my idiotic husband kept getting in my way!
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She Is Still Cute Today 4.5

She Is Still Cute Today

Chapter 91

2,549,332 Jun 17,21 Guo Si Te

An antisocial girl who's obsessed with her studies seems to be interested in a lowlife delinquent?! She's still so cute today. A cold, high school girl who loves studying and a stupid yet sweet delinquent.
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The Night When the Crow Caws 4.6

The Night When The Crow Caws

Chapter 39

1,959,914 Jun 17,21 Jihye woo / Aquavit

As the hottest actor in the action genre, the handsome and talented Woogang is always being chased by the women around him. But when a mysterious agent on a secret mission breaks into his home, he’s the one who falls in love at first sight. Sadly, he has no clue who the beautiful stranger is… until she shows up at his workplace as Detective Park Taeyi to investigate a bomb threat. It
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Happy Ending for the Time-Limited Villainess 4.8

Happy Ending For The Time-Limited Villainess

Chapter 34

3,707,038 Jun 16,21 Harasyo,류호

Please have a happy marriage with me for just six months.” “What good does that have for me? “Of course we’ll give you the Reno family’s estates and fortune.” “…Let’s say you give it all to me. You said you’ll divorce me in half a year. If that’s so, what will you do afterwards?” “…There&r
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It’s Time to Change the Genre 4.9

It’S Time To Change The Genre

Chapter 28

2,364,259 Jun 16,21 Garin

I reincarnated into my favorite genre for novels. I became the villainous aunt who mistreats the young protagonist. I felt sorry for my nephew who would grow up as the protagonist in a revengeful plot, so I'll try my best to take care of my nephew until his uncle shows up and takes him as per the original plot. But then… “Oh, mom!” I've become his
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My Lord, Pay Attention to Your Reputation! 4.8

My Lord, Pay Attention To Your Reputation!

Chapter 43.5

963,700 Jun 16,21 Jing Yu He He

A foolish and stubborn little servant girl has to serve this Lord day and night. This lord is not only crafty, unruly, and handsome, but the most important thing is that he’s super lazy! He plays with his little servant girl all day long, but he cannot resist. What will they do?
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Bibi 4.3


Chapter 44

289,982 Jun 16,21 Choi Kyung-ah

Nabi has a talent for copying any piece of clothing she sees. Due to lack of money, she has given up her dream of becoming a great designer to help her mother with her imitations shop. During the Seoul Fashion Festival, Nabi meets Jehu, an over-excited guy who attends Baekje Art School. She regains her confidence and tries to enter this famous school...
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I Want to Escape From Princess Education 4.2

I Want To Escape From Princess Education

Chapter 12

907,729 Jun 16,21 Sugata Uri,Izumi Sawano

The Prince, my fiancé, was flirting with a lady who was not me. Does that mean he's breaking it off?! "Finally!" I can finally escape from the strict princess training. As I head back to the countryside the prince chases after me?! He won't break off the engagement?! Why?! A highly exciting romantic comedy of a prince who chases after his f
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Honeybee and the Acacia 4.6

Honeybee And The Acacia

Chapter 11

68,605 Jun 16,21 Jans

I was an Acacia flower in my past life? In order to get rid of this sudden sweet fragrance (coming from me?) I have to find my destined Honeybee!
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As the Moon Wanes 4.3

As The Moon Wanes

Chapter 7

5,771 Jun 16,21 Bokyung kong,Danbee uh,Yongsa

Trapped in a mysterious forest… “There's a forest that steals shadows?” Hyojoo is on the verge of losing her shadow to a menacing forest and disappearing forever when she meets Muyoung, a mysterious yet beautiful man. In this fairy tale romance, the two race against time as the moon slowly wanes…
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Luna 4.7


Chapter 25

20,914 Jun 16,21 Bicira hong

Wolf girl to the rescue! Luna the wolf has been superstar Ryu's best friend for ten years. Then one night, she turns into a human during a full moon. But her wolf instincts can't be suppressed – especially when Ryu's life is in danger. Can she protect him from the wiles of his evil uncle, the CEO of his agency?
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Of course, I will charge you the consolation fees! 4.8

Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 1.2

35,522 Jun 16,21 Mutou tamura,Soy

“I'll annul our engagement!” My fiancé suddenly declared?! Apparently he's in love with the recently transferred count's daughter and is planning on making me the villain in order to annul the engagement. Although I have no lingering attachments about the engagement, I do have to claim a hefty consolation fee don't I? Mochiron, Isharyouseikyuu Itashimasu! / Of course, I will charge you the c
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