The Emperor’s Mask 4.4

The Emperor’S Mask

Chapter 45

3,465,341 Jan 23,22 금 연재,스크류뿅뿅,열두

I didn't know blackouts were so scary. I lost my film after drinking. And when she opened her eyes, she was in a different world, and she was in a different person's body. That alone is absurd, but I found out that the cause of death of the body was murder, not suicide. I'm so busy adjusting to reality that I'm going crazy, and I'm also thinking about what's wrong with the
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Natsume-senpai ni Semarareru Hibi 4.8

Natsume-Senpai Ni Semarareru Hibi

Chapter 6

199,747 Jan 23,22 Kamino Ruri

From KCG scans: Hibi Kaho is a first year high school student with a love for the muscular. Spending her days admiring the muscles of club members has become her routine—until she meets the muscular prince, Natsume-senpai of the basketball club. Those biceps! Those abs! Kaho has fallen head over heels again. And when Natsume asks her to be the basketball club manager, her muscul
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Embrace My Shadow 4.4

Embrace My Shadow

Chapter 293

3,092,848 Jan 23,22 Updating

Embrace My Shadow The encounter between an innocent girl and a cold president, a dangerous but addictive love game. The conspiracy and love about noble and powerful families, fast pace and rich plot, a highly recommended bossy president comic. A transaction binds her and the noblest yet most awful man together, in the daytime, she’s one of the ordinary girls; But at night, she can’t es
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National School Prince Is A Girl 4.7

National School Prince Is A Girl

Chapter 239

11,289,140 Jan 23,22 Warring Young Seven,战七少 战七少

Fu Jiu appears to be a normal lad in high school on the surface. But in fact, she (Yes! She!) is the hacker, Z, a villain-terminator in the online world of an alternate world. Having reincarnated into the body of a woman and being forced to disguise herself as a young man, she reigns over the game world, fights for justice, and puts a spell on all the girls around with her innate charm. However, h
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Soushi Souai (Liberum) 4.6

Soushi Souai (Liberum)

Chapter 62: Police

2,861,430 Jan 23,22 Liberum

A cute, inevitable, warm love story between a blond delinquent boy and a black-haired serious girl.
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A Bittersweet Couple 4.8

A Bittersweet Couple

Chapter 71

6,315,669 Jan 23,22 Flavie / Jang green

A man who had been hard at work throughout his school days, appeared after 10 years and proposed to Soo-bin, who was busy refusing many blind dates, with difficult conditions to refuse. A sweet and bitter couple / A Sweet and Bitter Love A Sweet and Bloody Couple Sweet and Bloody Couple 달콤살벌한 부부
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Shen Yi Di Nu 4.3

Shen Yi Di Nu

Chapter 465.5

35,624,410 Jan 23,22 Ping Ping Jun,Yang Shi Liu

Passing to another world at the sound of duang, divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng YuHeng became the abused first wife's daughter of Da Shun Dynasty at the fraction of a minute. Wanting to kill me, one scalpel will cause you hemiplegia? Fighting with me? Carrying the pharmacy, holding fame and profit, even the Emperor worms his way into being friends with me! But what is t
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Lady Baby 4.4

Lady Baby

Chapter 142

46,366,927 Jan 23,22 Pingmin, Ju hyeon

Calliope has suffered through nature's law and many accidents. Her family was murdered and an ongoing war ended her life, but she traveled back in time to when she was born?! While Calliope slowly grows, will she be able to figure out who killed her family and stop them in time?
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Why are you doing this, my Duke!? Webtoon 1.8

Why Are You Doing This, My Duke!? Webtoon

Chapter 49

5,010 Jan 23,22 반달반지

.My duke, my love. The one I gave my love and my soul to  Why do you look so sad?. Every time my Duke depressed, my world is in a limbo. Everything became dark and gloomy as if heavy rain obscured over it." The cold blooded, Duke of Mercia, Loin Leuca, also known as the God of Death. A month ago my life was supposed to end by your hands. Before I know it you became my husband!? It's
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The Escargot Boy Lives in the Attic 4.1

The Escargot Boy Lives In The Attic

Chapter 14

43,077 Jan 23,22 Guang yan

After a driving accident, Liu Yi Jun was blackmailed by an injured university student, Xia Yang, and was forced to live together with him. But who knew that this honey-lipped and good-looking young man is a great cook for Chuan Cuisine. And so, as an agent of MC Entertainment, Liu Yi Jun decided to make Xia Yang a Chuan Cuisine streamer, yet at the same time, she fell for Xia Yang unknowingly...
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Nengara Nenbyaku Ansatsu Renka 4.6

Nengara Nenbyaku Ansatsu Renka

Chapter 13

1,898,856 Jan 23,22 Kusakawa Nari

The Haiboshi family's line of work is assassination. Takatori, their princess, picks up a boy named Raika who swore to dedicate everything.
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Kaguya Hime 4.1

Kaguya Hime

Chapter 51

391,199 Jan 23,22 Shimizu Reiko

From ShoujoMagic: On Kabuchi-jima, an island ruled by Princess Kaguya, ten children were raised as sacrificial victims. Several of the children thought they had escaped their fate when they escaped the island. But nearly a decade later, the kids are still dying in the order and at the time they would have as sacrifices... Their only hope now is to reunite and return to the island to seek out an
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Hongshi Loves Me! 3.4

Hongshi Loves Me!

Chapter 173: She's Gonna Stare A Hole Right Through His Face.

623,332 Jan 23,22 Ganghada

“Hongshi Loves Me!” tells the exciting school life of a 20-year-old 12th grader! Look forward to a school campus sitcom full of affection!
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Hanasakeru Seishounen 4.1

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Chapter 78

172,167 Jan 23,22 Itsuki Natsumi

From Thomas Wang’s homepage: A very powerful industrialist directs his daughter to pick a husband from three candidates he has chosen for her. They are to come into her life, and their uniqueness would cause her to recognize them immediately. All three of the candidates are outstanding. Well, it’s actually four... The story evolves along the lines of a power political mystery involving a small m
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Momonchi 4.6


Vol.1 Chapter 5: Spring Goodbyes

66,320 Jan 23,22 Toume Kei

Okumoto Momo is a first year student at an art school living on her own although she's close to her family. She's studying art to follow in the footsteps of her father, who left his wife and three children (Momo is the youngest) some years back. One day her mother summons her and her siblings home to say that their father has resurfaced, sending divorce papers to their mother. It's a bit of a surp
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Why Are You Doing This, Duke? 4.6

Why Are You Doing This, Duke?

Chapter 122

21,648,861 Jan 23,22 Eddy, Half-moon Ring

“My sweet songbird– my eternal love– Don’t make such a sad face. When my little songbird gets sad, it feels like my entire world is raining.” The Duke, known to many as the grim reaper, “Rowan Peruka”. He, the very person who was about to chop off my head last month, managed to become my husband?! He took me in not as a
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Somehow, I Raised a Prince 4.4

Somehow, I Raised A Prince

Chapter 18

193,379 Jan 22,22 Burdock Tea (우엉차)

When the egg was rolled in her arms, the dragon was born.A full-fledged baby-sitter.One well-bred dragon prince of one of the ten emperors.Adele is a girl who grew up in an orphanage and came to her uncle's house.While being in charge of her aunt's farm for nine years and taking care of all the insane things on a cow ranch, she accidentally finds a large egg in a tree hole. A child
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Charlotte Has Five Disciples 4.8

Charlotte Has Five Disciples

Chapter 118

21,547,163 Jan 22,22 Yong Yong

Charlotte Eleanor is an Archmage that once saved the world. Using her magic to die, she instead, reverses the age of her body to a young child and starts a second life as Aria Lissen. She had a fulfilling life in her first lifetime, except for one tiny regret. In this new life, Aria is determined to find and live for that one thing she never had...LOVE.
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She Is Still Cute Today 4.5

She Is Still Cute Today

Chapter 116

3,848,300 Jan 22,22 Guo Si Te

An antisocial girl who's obsessed with her studies seems to be interested in a lowlife delinquent?! She's still so cute today. A cold, high school girl who loves studying and a stupid yet sweet delinquent.
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My Majesty Your Grace 4.3

My Majesty Your Grace

Chapter 43

325,762 Jan 22,22 偷偷写文

The entanglement between the young handsome general and the black-bellied emperor! Just because the general looked exactly like the emperor’s most hated love rival, he was forced to endure the threats and torture that he shouldn’t have. Between them, love and hate are entwined and carved into the blood, indistinguishable from each other…
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Raga of Withered Branches 3.8

Raga Of Withered Branches

Chapter 29

20,020 Jan 22,22 Updating

Raga of Withered Branches,  ,   Melody of The Deadwood Life is not fun.' So Alkeris decided to end his life. But the moment before the last moment, "You can't die. If you die, we die too." Five Bina appeared in front of her Armed with diverse personalities, they force Alkeris to live, claiming that Alkeris is the oath of their lives. I can make you happy. So, don't die. "The belt if you become an
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The Story of Hua Yan 4.6

The Story Of Hua Yan

Chapter 48: Two Beautiful Men Meeting In The Brothel?

861,478 Jan 22,22 Xi Ziqing,Jiu Yu

The almighty crowned prince insists on marrying this young “Overgrown Apricot” lady from the tainted Hua family. When the news broke out in the capital, many hearts were broken but what?! This wicked woman doesn’t even want to be the crowned princess because she wants to drink and run away with another man?!<br><br>Lady Hua: I am a tough woman. I’m definitely no
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Furare Girl 4.8

Furare Girl

Chapter 32

1,784,737 Jan 22,22 Tsutsumi Kakeru

The drop-dead-gorgeous and high-sex-appeal Akasaka Hibiki is going through breakup blues. Soon after being dumped, she's asked to become her schoolmate Aoyama-kun's mistress?! Aoyama-kun will try to gain Hibiki's affections through different means, so let's just hope he doesn't nosebleed to death in the process.
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