Ningen ni Koi Shita Oni wa Warau 4.6

Ningen Ni Koi Shita Oni Wa Warau

Chapter 35

1.1K Jul 21,24 Yukimori Nene

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Black Killer Whale Baby (Promo) 5

Black Killer Whale Baby (Promo)

Chapter 0: Promo

0 Jul 21,24 Lua Si-hyeon , Moon Sihyeon , Q00 , Team_Jena

One day, a little kiddo appeared before me. “Do you happen to know where the academy is? I have to go there! “ ”You’ve been heading in the wrong direction this whole time.“ ”!!!“ ”What are you looking at, old man? She was just like a daughter.“ ”Do you want one? But I don’t think she knows that I’m her father..." You’re probably thinking that, right? If you think so, you’r
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I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Murim Family 4.9

I Became The Despised Granddaughter Of The Murim Family

Chapter 65

24.5K Jul 20,24 Berry (열매),Marubyeol,Siyo

Here, inside this martial arts novel, there is a true teacher who teaches the arrogant male lead and awakens him through death. Handsome, good-natured, righteous, strong, and… Anyway, there was one big flaw in the male lead's damn fine teacher. It was his foolish only daughter who was filled with greed. A tenacious villainous extra, who always comes back to haunt the male lead in every way, but ca
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I Was the Real Owner of Elheim 4.9

I Was The Real Owner Of Elheim

Chapter 25

68 Jul 20,24 Blue Cotton Candy

"This time, I will abandon the Elheim ducal house." A scion of the water noble lineage, the disgraced aristocrat Riarte Elheim. Forced into execution by his twin brother Rian, she awakens to find herself three years before the day of his execution. Returning to life, Riarte seeks to leave the family that killed her. Her path to escape leads her to Michael Burch, the son of a rival family.
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When Fiction Becomes Reality 3.9

When Fiction Becomes Reality

Chapter 126

3.5K Jul 20,24 Xianyu Culture

/ / !Unpopular actress Qin Yao has a super power, she can see people's luck index. But she herself is a very unfortunate person, so anything she does, doesn't go well. However, if she has intimate contact with other people, she can absorb their luck points and change her luck. She met Mo Jiawen, a newcomer in the entertainment industry, in an audition. This person has infinite luck value.
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Gomen ne Hatsukoi 4.4

Gomen Ne Hatsukoi

Chapter 12

102 Jul 20,24 Hanna Mitsuki

Junior high school junior year, winter. Chiho and the friendly Sosuke kindly accept Mahiro, an out-of-season transfer student. Chiho and Sosuke are childhood friends who live next door to each other. They are not family, but they are special to each other - and Mahiro yearns for their relationship. These feelings eventually turn into her first love for Sosuke...
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Museru Kurai no Ai wo Ageru 4.7

Museru Kurai No Ai Wo Ageru

Chapter 15

882 Jul 20,24 Iwashita Keiko

The rude guy Hibari met at the ramen place turns out to be Gaku, a band member attending her art school. As she gets pushed around by him, her “normal” world begins to change drastically. A clashing love story between an exceptional musician and an aspiring designer is set to start!
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Hana to Kuchizuke 4.7

Hana To Kuchizuke

Chapter 33

3.4K Jul 20,24 Natsu Samako

Left homeless, Kasumi decides to fix the situation on her own to not be an inconvenience to her busy family. But through a misunderstanding, she meets this handsome flower artist, who... despite being older, seems to be very interested in her. Has the time for her to fall in love finally come?
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Revelation Of Youth 4.5

Revelation Of Youth

Chapter 74

9K Jul 20,24 Hanseo

A close and dangerous cohabitation with the cult leader's son has begun! Chungah was swindled by her uncle who she trusted and her parents disappeared, saying they are chasing their missing uncle, and Chungah suddenly lives alone in an empty house. But it wasn't just Chungah's family that was scammed! The biggest cult in the autonomous district, "Millennium Adventist Church," was also deceived by
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A Transmigrator's Privilege 4.8

A Transmigrator's Privilege

Chapter 78

32K Jul 20,24 Irinbi

/ A Transmigrator's Privilege / Preferential Treatment for the Possessed PersonIt's the era of Transmigration.I wanted to possess a body of a rich young lady in a Rofan childcare novel, and live while receiving lots of love.No. 1 to be avoided!No. 1 in frustrating the reader!I possessed someone inside an infinite return novel called: Return Until the World is Saved.Forget being a young lady from a
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Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife 4.3

Exclusive Possession: The “Benevolent” Wife

Chapter 130

2K Jul 20,24 阿柯文化 ,玄爷

In the eyes of outsiders, the noble male g** who cannot be blasphemed, was pressed by the reincarnated her to be provocative and provocative. He clearly had a face that couldn't be purer, but why did his restless hands always slide down? He was the one who provoked her first, but in the end she was bullied, tied to the bed, wiped clean, and given a lifetime title. Adapted from the novel "Exclusive
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Bad Kid Good Partner 2.7

Bad Kid Good Partner

Chapter 70

817 Jul 20,24 Seonok, Millmill

By chance, an unknown actor, Hyeseong, has been rumored to be dating top actor Shin Yoo-il, who has a lot of bad news.It was not true, so we expected it to go well, but the management company wants us to become a show-window couple.Well, up to this point, it's a big deal, but there's another real problem. That is, Shin Yoo-il's face is my favorite. This business couple's life... is it real
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Ao Bara Antique no Shoukoujo 4.6

Ao Bara Antique No Shoukoujo

Chapter 7

360 Jul 20,24 Mitikusa Yamori

Rosia, who had recently lost her relatives, was in despair. She was driven out of her home and lost her mother’s keepsakes. Reaching out to her was a beautiful nobleman, Elvan.Taking place in the time of industry evolution, the love story of a lonely girl and the man, prince of Silver. A fairytale that oversteps time, a fairytale which was long forgotten.
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Gakuen Babysitters 4.9

Gakuen Babysitters

Chapter 141.5: Everyone, Flap!

31K Jul 20,24 Tokeino Hari

After their parents are killed in a plane crash, Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotarou are taken in by the chairman, who they never met before, of an elite academy. Ryuuichi becomes the school daycare's new babysitter.
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Love Hug 3.8

Love Hug

Chapter 246

2K Jul 20,24 SORAKI Hanato

Tsubasa has come to dislike boys because of their relentless teasing in the past. She enters high school, but refuses to attend soon after. However, with the support of her online friend Momo, she decides to go back...
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I Was Born as the Second Daughter 4.7

I Was Born As The Second Daughter

Chapter 62

16K Jul 20,24 Nyugung Ding Pangpang , Yong Wongchan

I Was Born as the Second Daughter manhwa, My mother died of a serious illness. Then I met a man who had the same hair as my pink hair that I shouldn't show to anyone?! He even looked like me and said that he's the emperor! I also had 3 older brothers! "Mom Will I be able to get along with my new family?"
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I Failed to Divorce My Husband 4.7

I Failed To Divorce My Husband

Chapter 92

22.1K Jul 20,24 Yulji , 율지 , Soonjin Moogu

I've been reincarnated as the extra character who stalked her husband, the male lead, for 10 years and died. Of course, I tried to divorce him before the female lead appeared.But, I found out that my young husband was secretly abused in the household. At that moment, I immediately became overwhelmed with the responsibility and sense of duty a modern adult would have. **Aiden had his ba
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The Lost Cinderella 4.4

The Lost Cinderella

Chapter 36

218 Jul 20,24 Dohoesi,Dosa

Read manhwa The Lost Cinderella / Missing Cinderella / The Missing Cinderella / Ciel avoided her brother's obsession and entered into a contract marriage. She was betrayed by her fiance who fell in love with someone else, so she decides to start a new life somewhere else. By chance, Ciel meets her neighbor Otestad, who saves her life, and ends up discovering that he is actually the prince who was
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Attack Gamdori 4.5

Attack Gamdori

Chapter 13

373 Jul 20,24 Caty

Do Jeong-mi, the main character, spends the night playing games. On Valentine’s Day in 2nd year of high school, Jung-mi’s best friend Chae-hee confesses to the most popular senior in school and gets rejected. In order to make her friend Chae-hee’s unrequited love come true, Gem Sooni and Jung-mi ran a secret Cupid operation, going back and forth between online and offline…
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Watashi no Ue ni Ukabu 5

Watashi No Ue Ni Ukabu "akuyaki Reijou (Hametsu Suru)" Tte Nandeshou Ka?

0 Jul 20,24 Hitomaru

While attempting to do good deeds, she seemed to have entered the prince's doting route! Louise, the count's daughter, for some unknown reason, can see letters above people's heads. Written above her own head are the words, "Villainess (doomed)." To change that, Louise aims to be a good-natured noblewoman. However, when she is pressed by Sylvile and tells him truthfully that his descriptor rea
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One Step Forward to the Flower Path 4.6

One Step Forward To The Flower Path

Chapter 90

29.7K Jul 20,24 Updating

Read manhwa One Step Forward to the Flower Path / 꽃길까지 앞으로 한 걸음 I lived my whole life being used by other people and died at the age of 16. I thought it would be over like that, but when I opened my eyes again, I was back in the past. I thought I'd die while living the rest of my life in pain one more time. But suddenly, a father who I had never seen before appea
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Nise Seijo!? Mira no Boukentan - Tsuihousaremashita ga, Jitsu wa Saikyou na no de Second Life wo Tanoshimimasu! 4.7

Nise Seijo!? Mira No Boukentan - Tsuihousaremashita Ga, Jitsu Wa Saikyou Na No De Second Life Wo Tanoshimimasu!

Chapter 4

551 Jul 20,24 Sakurai Mikoto

Because her fiancé, the crown prince, has found a new saint, Mira is called a "fake saint" and is banished and her engagement is called off at the same time.Surprised by this sudden turn of events, Mira asks Raul, a swordsman she met at the adventurers' guild, to escort her on her journey back to her homeland.During her journey, Mira realizes that her magic is stronger than she had ever re
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Love Doesn’t Matter 4.2

Love Doesn’T Matter

Chapter 79

6.9K Jul 20,24 Liberanima , Tappytoon Studio

One might think being engaged to Hadius Myer, the son of one of the most prestigious families in the kingdom, sounds like a fairy tale, but for Emilia Bern, a commoner, her reality is nothing but a nightmare. Tired of the constant criticism she receives from other nobles and her fiancé’s cold attitude, all Emilia wants now is to end this charade. But when Hadius turns 19, his attitude suddenly cha
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Kawaii nante kiitenai 4.8

Kawaii Nante Kiitenai

Chapter 34

5.1K Jul 20,24 HARUHUJI Nakaba

Madoka is obsessed with shoujo manga—specifically manga that features younger, innocent guys who fall for their Senpai. So she should be thrilled when a gorgeous kohai comes to work at her father’s restaurant…except he’s rude and standoffish, and wants nothing to do with her. But when she protects him from some extra-pushy fans, he finds that maybe he’s found someone
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