Hana to Kuchizuke 4.7

Hana To Kuchizuke

Chapter 3

30,072 Jan 20,21 Natsu Samako

Left homeless, Kasumi decides to fix the situation on her own to not be an inconvenience to her busy family. But through a misunderstanding, she meets this handsome flower artist, who... despite being older, seems to be very interested in her. Has the time for her to fall in love finally come?
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Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato 4.9

Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato

Chapter 7

66,671 Jan 20,21 YUZU Mirai

The beautiful Mio Saeki seems like a quiet young lady but when she's in the Japanese prep room she acts like an old man, eating squid sticks and talking about horse-racing. Only her teacher Shirokawa knows her true nature and despite his slightly sadistic teasing, they get along so well that she finds herself falling for him.
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Once More 4.7

Once More

Chapter 63

1,152,951 Jan 20,21 Han Xu

In senior high, they missed each other because of a misunderstanding. After graduating, they return to their alma mater as teachers, but — seven years have passed, and Yang Mu Li (two-faced match teacher) doesn't seem to recognize Xuan An (cold PE teacher)?!<br><br>Though many things have remained the same, the people themselves have changed. Can the feelings that once died c
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With Cats Only 4.4

With Cats Only

Chapter 82

83,949 Jan 20,21 Weibo comics

Being betrayed by her boyfriend, and driven out by the landlord. How should Chu Tingting and her cat start from anew in this unfamiliar city? A strange rental advertisement actually turned her world upside down. Cute guy, now that we both have cats. Shall we be in love first?
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Coffee & Vanilla 4.7

Coffee & Vanilla

Vol.10 Chapter 40

6,941,497 Jan 19,21 Akegami Takara

From Chibi Manga: A rush hot love with a salary man!.. Would you like an older man dressed in suits? She was never this popular before university but before she knew it, Risa was way out of everyone’s league. The one who saves her from this cruel fate is a handsome man who can rock his suits, Fukami-san. What will he offer Risa, who is a beginner at love…!?
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The Savior's Book Café in Another World 4.9

The Savior's Book Café In Another World

Chapter 13

322,546 Jan 19,21 IZUMI Kyouka (和泉杏花),Oumiya (近江谷),SAKURADA Reiko

"I can't save the world!" 33 year-old Tsukina was summoned to another world by a sphere that calls itself "God." In return for granting any wish, God tells her to travel to another world as their "Savior" and bestow peace upon the land. However...
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Girl's World 4.3

Girl's World

Chapter 241: 241 - Part 2.27

1,596,666 Jan 19,21 Morangji

It seems perfect, but in fact the lonely swans and the good-looking ducks meet and struggle with each other and become real friends ...
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She Hates Me 4.7

She Hates Me

Chapter 69: The Two Weirdos

1,112,997 Jan 19,21 Amadoji

A subtle, yet sweet four-channel comic of a blunt, passive man and a cynical, persistent woman.
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Namaikizakari 4.8


Chapter 123

16,442,771 Jan 19,21 Miyuki Mitsubachi

From Mystic Iris: Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
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Beatrice 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 52

6,760,398 Jan 19,21 Ma Cherie

As the Kingdom of Elpasa fell before the blade of the Empire's greatest hero, in order to survive, Princess Beatrice assumed the guise of 'Chloe', a slave. But then, she caught the eye of that very same hero...
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Ore Yome. - Ore no Yome ni Nare yo 4.5

Ore Yome. - Ore No Yome Ni Nare Yo

Vol.9 Chapter 46

2,637,493 Jan 19,21 Sano Airi

Hinata has to meet her fiance to respect the decision of his grandfather. But she will never marry a man younger than her !? Will she never be able to ... !?
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Otome Equation 4.2

Otome Equation

Chapter 25

215,535 Jan 19,21 Narae / Merbiseu

I’m an old single soul and currently working part time at a net Café. I love gaming because it gives result to my efforts, unlike reality. One day, I came across a very interesting game called ” Daughter Cultivation” during my part time. The graphics, picture quality, voice over… everything is just so
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Sweet Bitter 4.6

Sweet Bitter

Chapter 11

251,717 Jan 18,21 Ayapan

Mizuha is in a one sided love with a college student named Ren. Mizuha's whole world revolves around him until she meets a guy named Chiaki who sits next to her and is a pudding loving weirdo, who freaks out if you insult pudding.
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One Of A Kind Romance 4.7

One Of A Kind Romance

Chapter 116

1,792,562 Jan 18,21 Doo Boo

Gong Yoo-Il is an aspiring writer on the hunt for a job and a die-hard fan of the idol, Ryu-Min. Tak Moo-Yi is a top actor with legions of fans. Add a mysterious stalker, and chaos ensues. This is the story of a one-of-a-kind romance!
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From Nightmare To Love 4.8

From Nightmare To Love

Chapter 50: Hate

2,457,953 Jan 18,21 MomoJi

There is a girl who is about to be destroyed. Everyday feels like a nightmare. All the gossips she hears tears up her smile. So who will be the one who'll change her world?
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Kami eshi JK to OL fujoshi 4.2

Kami Eshi Jk To Ol Fujoshi

Chapter 12.5: Wh... What A Naughty Goddess...

193,226 Jan 18,21 Sato

She's beautiful but she doesn't have a lover. Aizawa is a total loser fujoshi OL (Office Lady) One day the artist she worshipped as a god, Misumi— announced she was going to a doujinshi event, so she headed to the venue. But sitting in the artist's booth was a cute high-school girl!
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Xiao Bai’s father is a wonderful person 3.9

Xiao Bai’S Father Is A Wonderful Person

Chapter 96

1,132,739 Jan 18,21 Ake Culture

Because of a conspiracy they had a cute baby together. A few years later, they meet again and she finally felt some “love” for him. After meeting him more often her perspective of him changed. The ruthless man in the rumors doesn’t seem to be as she imagined…
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Lady Beast 4.6

Lady Beast

Chapter 81

2,870,854 Jan 18,21 Yusu Hwan

The only goal in life for Elise, the princess of the Kingdom of Grandia, is to survive. She was married to the Duke Jin Jo, the madman of Landel. I expected to get love, but he did not even pay attention to her. Then one day, the curse began. "It's going to be really crazy because of the moon," Jin Jo said. "I am also in trouble because of 'it' that happens
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The Princess's Time Travel 4.4

The Princess's Time Travel

Chapter 167

3,104,861 Jan 18,21 Right To Left Comic Studio

Chu Xing yue woke up with pain in her chest. She found herself being carried by an unknown man in ancient Chinese clothing. " Keep silent, Chu Bing yue!" the man was angry but still protected her well from the assassins. "Chu Bing yue?" at that moment Chu Xing yue realized she had time travelled and entered the body of an ancient woman. What will happen next in Chu Xing yue'
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His 10,000 Romantic Traps 3.9

His 10,000 Romantic Traps

Chapter 127

1,175,025 Jan 18,21 Cloud Studio

Cheated on by her fiancé and her bestie, Luo Xiaoka loses all her faith in romantic love and decides to fully devote herself to work. However, fate sends her right into her boss’s trap of love. How is she supposed to deal with this man’s 10,000 creative ways to court her? Finally, a considerate and gentle male lead who respects the woman he loves and knows how to properly solve his jea
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17 [Juunana] 4.4

17 [Juunana]

Vol.5 Chapter 17

211,551 Jan 18,21 SAKURAI Machiko

It's the start of their senior year, and Shiika happens to be in the same class as a guy named Megumi. It's a mystery to her why his voice echoes through her mind.
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Hanasakeru Seishounen 3.9

Hanasakeru Seishounen

Chapter 16

119,079 Jan 18,21 Itsuki Natsumi

From Thomas Wang’s homepage: A very powerful industrialist directs his daughter to pick a husband from three candidates he has chosen for her. They are to come into her life, and their uniqueness would cause her to recognize them immediately. All three of the candidates are outstanding. Well, it’s actually four... The story evolves along the lines of a power political mystery involving a small m
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Gorae Byul - The Gyeongseong Mermaid 4.7

Gorae Byul - The Gyeongseong Mermaid

Chapter 36: The People Above Land (10/23)

415,133 Jan 18,21 Na Yoonhee

"If the life that you had regained, was one that I had breathed back into you… Is it too much to hope for you to love me back with that life?" The year is 1926, in Japan-occupied Joseon. 17-year-old Soo-a is an illiterate handmaiden working for the household of a prominent Japanese collaborator. One day, she discovered an injured young man lying unc
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Kataomoi Shoten 4.6

Kataomoi Shoten

Chapter 5: One Night Dream

115,343 Jan 18,21 Hata Akimi

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