Rororro! 4.2


Vol.3 Chapter 38

414,215 May 25,20 Sakurai Norio

Chitose Morishige is a 12-year-old seventh-grader without a friend in the world. Her father, Professor Morishige, built a robot companion for his daughter to ease her loneliness. The only problem is that Ichika Robata, the android, is so lifelike that Chitose believes she's a normal human girl who either ran away or was kidnapped by her father. Ichika attempts repeatedly to prove
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Jiken Jaken! 4.3

Jiken Jaken!

Vol.4 Chapter 52: Birlstone Gambit!

1,474,161 May 25,20 YASUDA Kousuke

A beautiful, talented and mystery-loving high school girl and a younger school boy solve mysteries in their day-to-day lives at school.
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Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World 4.6

Immortal Swordsman In The Reverse World

Chapter 92

21,528,108 May 25,20 冬漫社

Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but th
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Beware of Demons 4.5

Beware Of Demons

Chapter 66: Wayward Child

2,392,211 May 25,20 Penicillium

A small and weak bookworm gets into trouble with a domineering and handsome werewolf! "Anyone who messes with me will be punished!" sneered the werewolf. During what was supposed to be an unexciting game of punishment, unexpectedly, the completely ordinary little bookworm transforms into a handsome and alluring incubus! "You're my type, doggy." the incubus
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Henjo - Hen na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Senko 4.4

Henjo - Hen Na Joshi Kousei Amaguri Senko

Chapter 83

2,901,856 May 25,20 KONOGI Yoshiru

Amaguri Senko is a high school girl with a cool personality; she is also a massive pervert. She openly reads porn and masturbates, and isn’t perturbed in the slightest at the sight of penises and such. The story is about two adult men that come to live and work for her father, who runs a company that does various oddjobs, which she helps out with. And the various forms of sexual harassment to whi
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Henjo - Hen na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko 4.1

Henjo - Hen Na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko

Vol.13 Chapter 83

461,834 May 25,20 Konogi Yoshiru

Amaguri Senko is a high school girl with a cool personality (as in, kuudere) and a big pervert. She openly reads porn and masturbates, and isn't perturbed in the slightest at the sight of penises and such. The story is about two adult men that come to live and work for her father, who runs a company that does various oddjobs, which she helps out with. And the va
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Show me your Boobs 2.8

Show Me Your Boobs

Chapter 6

68,849 May 25,20 Love

A story about a boy who doesn't want to see the girl who wants to see his boobs.
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Why are you here Sensei!? 3.6

Why Are You Here Sensei!?

Vol.9 Chapter 83: Social Assiety

24,860,631 May 25,20 Soborou

17-year-old Ichirou Satou is an average guy who always happens to find himself in a perverted situation with his teacher, Kana Kojima. Follow this erotic love comedy about their mishaps and how Ichirou and Kana choose to handle them. Why are you here Sensei starts with chapter 5, after Soborou decided to continue her one-shot series Golden Times. I've also uploaded 4 chapters (chapter 1
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Undead + Unluck 4.8

Undead + Unluck

Chapter 17

706,192 May 25,20 Yoshifumi Tozuka

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Agravity Boys 4.6

Agravity Boys

Chapter 21

293,606 May 25,20 Atsushi Nakamura

The year 2118... Four young astronauts head out to the stars to find humanity's new frontier...or so they thought! Two days after they depart, earth is devoured by a black hole! Plunged into a destiny they cannot escape, these unique young men reach their destination of Alpha Jumbro and plan to live out the rest of their lives there. How will humanity survive in this wacky space-survival comed
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Choroidesuyo Onigoroshi-san! 4.8

Choroidesuyo Onigoroshi-San!

Chapter 7.1: Volume 1 Omake

423,372 May 25,20 Iwasaki Masakazu

Sakaine Douji is a loner and happy that way. But one day, a mysterious transfer student on her first day suddenly calls him out and, literally at sword's point, declares him her boyfriend . It's obvious she's not... quite... right... A hilarious, slightly ecchi love-comedy ensues.
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My Childhood Friend Who Keeps Transforming into Monsters 4.8

My Childhood Friend Who Keeps Transforming Into Monsters

Chapter 11

455,317 May 25,20 Kurikimaru

Shunpei's childhood friend, Ayari, keeps turning into different forms of monsters.
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Mad Summer School 4

Mad Summer School

Vol.3 Chapter 14: Joint Struggle For Survival

663,471 May 24,20 Yoshimi Seki,Keito Aida

It is a scorching summer in Japan and Hiromi is studying hard for her exams as she wants to enter her university of choice. She was raised by her mother, because her father, a well-known researcher, had gone missing when she was much younger. One day, on her way to school, she was attacked by a man with a knife… is this the end or a new beginning?
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Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to 4.8

Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan To

Chapter 25

2,029,327 May 24,20 Yuu Tsurusaki,Shin Ikezawa

A dull old man and his handsome best friend were summoned to another world by a naked goddess! However, because of the goddess's mischief, he has turned into a peerless beautiful girl?! To get back his body, he has to go on a journey with his best friend to defeat the demon king!! "An old man that became a beautiful girl" and "A handsome old man"! Let the madness filled ano
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Chikotan, Kowareru 4.6

Chikotan, Kowareru

Vol.5 Chapter 47: Chiko, In A Pinch?! The Disciplinary Commitee Chairman, Komagome Julia's Visit!

1,141,468 May 24,20 Imai Yuu

Miyahara Chiko is a mysterious girl who never seems to talk to anyone and always wears a pair of headphones and a scarf. But what is she hiding behind that silent facade?
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Lucoa is my xx 4.5

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Lucoa Is My Xx

Chapter 13: Shouta And New Year

984,899 May 24,20 Cool Kyoushinsha

A spin-off of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon focusing on Shouta living with Lucoa as his familiar.
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Iron Ladies 4.6

Iron Ladies

Chapter 315: Interstellar Cyber Warfare

59,649,879 May 24,20 Iron Scales Group, Bai Chen Guang

University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe…
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My Wife is Niizuma-Chan 4.6

My Wife Is Niizuma-Chan

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Administrator’S Sister

832,980 May 24,20 ruch_f

Married life begins for Niizuma-chan and Daa-kun!
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Amai Seikatsu 4.7

Amai Seikatsu

Vol.9 Chapter 82: Aim For The Heart

1,814,929 May 24,20 Yuzuki Hikaru

The complicated story of a young man who goes to work for a lingerie company.
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Kono S o, Mi yo! 3.9

Kono S O, Mi Yo!

Vol.12 Chapter 120: Actually

3,540,234 May 24,20 Kitazaki Taku

22-year-old Rin has two major problems: a complex about the tattoo-like birthmark on his butt and a crush on an older woman who thinks of him as her little brother. Rin hasn't allowed any woman to see his naked bottom since an incident when he was 7, which firmly entrenched his shame about his birthmark. When he finds his birthmark may grant him mystical powers over the opposite sex, will he f
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Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san 4.4

Sunoharasou No Kanrinin-San

Vol.2 Chapter 17

830,991 May 24,20 Nekoume

Shiina Aki is constantly being treated like a girl due to his feminine looks so he decides to move to Tokyo to attend middle school in an attempt to change himself. However what awaits him in his new home, Sunohara-sou, is the kind-hearted caretaker, Sunohara Ayaka. Along with the three female members of Aki's new middle school's student council, Yukimoto Yuzu, Yamanashi Sumir
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The Evil Lady's Hero 4.8

The Evil Lady's Hero

Chapter 13

1,475,524 May 24,20 Lee haron

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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Pursuit: Blind Man Blues 3.7

Pursuit: Blind Man Blues

Vol.2 Chapter 11: First Blood

54,216 May 24,20 Gyimah Opare

PURSUIT the graphic novel series by Gyimah Opare a.k.a Abeeku Vassall is about 23-year old blind musician Gutaale (Ethiopian for "Leader of Armies")traveling the apocalyptic world of the the unknown future. In many societies there are processes by which people find their place. This is known as "Rites of Passage". After finishing his, Gutaale tra
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Shishidou-san ni Shikararetai 4.7

Shishidou-San Ni Shikararetai

Chapter 8: Take Care Of Yourself, Inui-Kun!

1,014,017 May 24,20 Yasunobu Mogeki

Inui Narumi, who joined the company, where there is a beautiful and sexy “Demon Boss” !? A thrilling social life in many ways… Start
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