Burakku Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei 4.7

Burakku Gakkou Ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei

Chapter 17.4: Youth Is Kp Without Sex

4,325,513 Aug 14,20 Souryuu

The largest rise of Dark Skin Gyaru's of this century! The start of high school life with best and strongest girls out there!! High School Teacher Imada Sasamichi has been assigned to work there at this school, only to find out that everyone in the class is a dark skinned gyaru!!!! Kuroi, Kuroiwa, Kuroiso...all the names are Kuro (Black)!!! Meanwhile, Kuroi Mariko already fell in love with
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Blood Rain 4.2

Blood Rain

Vol.5 Chapter 47: Couple

718,797 Aug 14,20 Murao Mio

Aihara Kumi is a young staff worker for an office. One night, a boy who was part of her baseball team from her high school days was stabbed to death. It's the beginning of a long series of murders.
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Do You like Fluffy Boobs? Busty Girl Anthology Comic 4.3

Do You Like Fluffy Boobs? Busty Girl Anthology Comic

Chapter 14: A Stepsister Who Needs To Be Taken Care Of

943,623 Aug 14,20 Kurou,Fumihiro Kiso,Nigou Shouji,Rouka,Aki Hamaji,Ekakibito,Melty Nanase,Byte,Eria Haseyoshi,Mashimaru,Hazuki Minamino,Morisu Nakamura,Suiheisen,Junya Takeuchi,Bow Vanilla

In a swimsuit, a bunny girl, and clothes that kill virgins.<br>A little naughty anthology comic of girls in various situations and costumes by 9 writers!
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Matome★Groggy Heaven 4

Matome★Groggy Heaven

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Hell At School

54,872 Aug 14,20 Den Mitao

In a romantic comedy, two roles are ever-present: the lucky pervert boy and the violent tsundere girl.<br>What if those roles were switched around?
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Immortal Swordsman in The Reverse World 4.5

Immortal Swordsman In The Reverse World

Chapter 118

23,820,274 Aug 14,20 冬漫社

Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who 300 years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. During those 300 he began his cultivation journey. At the time of reaching the realm of eternity, it was not expected that he would instead open the hall of time and space and return to earth at the age of 17 years. But when he saw the situation, it turns out it was not the earth he once lived in, but th
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The Rise of the Tentacle Magician 4.1

The Rise Of The Tentacle Magician

Chapter 3.2

48,107 Aug 14,20 Eisei Iida,Yozakura ereru

A prestigious school where only girls can attend-Winebirds Royal Magic Academy. A boy visited there. His name is Noah. It was called as the first male student to co-educate the school. Then, he started living together with a problematic beautiful girl, Anya. However, his pure smile and non-pure tentacles created various ripples in the school...!
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Kujibiki Tokushou Musou Harem-ken 4.3

Kujibiki Tokushou Musou Harem-Ken

Vol.4 Chapter 15.2: Brave Women! Put An End To The Barbarian Army's Ambition! Part Ii

6,891,315 Aug 14,20 Miki Nazuna

I drew a lottery at the Shopping District and won the privilege to go to another world. After drawing a lot of balls, unexpectedly I got a cheat-like skill. Silencing those who are noisy and getting hold of all the things that I want. I will satisfy all my desires.
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A Wife Who Heals with Tights 4.6

A Wife Who Heals With Tights

Chapter 26

1,805,626 Aug 14,20 Grande

A tale of a husband who works non-stop at an exploitative company, and his adorable, white-haired wife who heals his daily fatigue when he comes home from work.
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A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life 4.8

A-Rank Boukensha No Slow Life

Vol.2 Chapter 8

2,396,227 Aug 14,20 Renkinou, Kuko Konno

Aldred, the leader of a kingdom’s A-ranked party,『Black Silver』, has accomplished the task of slaying a dragon. However, he who has pursued strength his whole life has lost sight of his goal from taking down a monster of the strongest species. As he worried about what to do next in his life, it was the scenery of Nordende that popped up in his mind; A rural village by the countryside, full o
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Demon Spirit Seed Manual 4.4

Demon Spirit Seed Manual

Chapter 254: Sanctions Against Blood Drinking

20,593,923 Aug 14,20 Dazui

"So many demon spirits, I want to collect them." Long Ao Tian. Yuan Ding, goes on a journey of collecting demon spirits.
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YJK's unusual affection 3.9

Yjk's Unusual Affection

Vol.2 Chapter 13.95: Yjk's Anniversary

896,543 Aug 14,20 Kou Takahashi

Regulations and ethics are scary, but love with school girls is the best! What? A virgin cartoon editor, Kato Kazuyoshi, having a kettle and being in love with Yankee JK ‘s Nikaido Ryla (16 years old) …. Love comedy that I know but I can not stop!
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Sense 4


Vol.5 Chapter 37: Self Admonition ③

3,477,388 Aug 14,20 Haruki

A new teacher enters an all-girls high school and as he tours around he sees a female student sleeping in a classroom. When she wakes up, however, she suddenly kisses him...
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I Want To Play Happily Because I Got The Heavenly Castle 4.6

I Want To Play Happily Because I Got The Heavenly Castle

Chapter 12

2,344,612 Aug 14,20 Mitsuru Inoue,Matsukitou

An angel made a mistake, resulting in Shiihara Daiki’s death. In order to hide the mistake, he was then sent to a different world. The angel will grant him one wish as a payment for keeping it a secret. Daiki asked for a Heavenly Castle floating in the sky without hesitation.<br><br>Suddenly a floating castle appeared in the new world, which causes confusion amongst the people. T
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Chapter 9: Assault

420,261 Aug 14,20 Kaisha Ryu,Fujishiro Kei,Umemaru

Yuko Natsuki, a rookie reporter for an occult magazine, sees a girl's spirit in a "cursed apartment" she visited for coverage. Rei Aiko, the spirit of a girl who massacres humans who step into the apartment. In a curse stretched like a spider web, Aiko continues to grow on the death of humans. Is there any way for Yuko to survive the curse!? The manga adaptation of the p
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BlazBlue - Variable Heart 4.4

Blazblue - Variable Heart

Vol.3 Chapter 16

568,208 Aug 14,20 Arc System Works,Toshimichi Mori

A sequel to Remix Heart that ties in what happens to Mai after the events in the manga and bridges the story for her appearance in Blazblue Central Fiction
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Hidden Room 3.5

Hidden Room

Chapter 9: Activation

67,593 Aug 14,20 SAKAKI Naomoto

Taichi, a 2nd year university student had to move for financial reasons to the dorms, sharing a room with his friend Kenji. Initially he was looking forward to the mixed sex dorm but his hopes were trashed by the strict setup and monitoring that was put in place. The rules were clear, no contact with the opposite sex apart from sharing of the communal spaces! One night his roommate vanished and Ta
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Out (Makoto Mizuta) 4.7

Out (Makoto Mizuta)

Vol.19 Chapter 174

14,418,164 Aug 14,20 Tatsuya Iguchi, Makoto Mizuta

17-year-old Iguchi Tatsuya has just been released from juvenile detention and is on probation. He's been relocated to a new area, away from the bad influence of his old friends, and is under the care of his aunt. He is determined not to be sent back to lockup, and he works hard in his aunt's restaurant. However, he still has the same personality, the same tendency to violence, and still
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First Rate Master 4.4

First Rate Master

Chapter 85: Weeping Blood Rose

11,068,645 Aug 14,20 Tao Le Si

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Dokyuu Hentai HxEros 4.5

Dokyuu Hentai Hxeros

Vol.6 Chapter 26: Bye Bye, Hxeros

2,028,476 Aug 14,20 Kitada Ryouma

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The Evil Lady's Hero 4.8

The Evil Lady's Hero

Chapter 18

1,750,881 Aug 14,20 Lee haron

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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An urban cultivation frenzy 4.3

An Urban Cultivation Frenzy

Chapter 36

118,648 Aug 14,20 LU MAN SHE&,MARS FICTION

Missy, you are going too far! Are you thinking of sleeping with me when I see you as my sibling? A young boy with huge student loans was backed up against a wall. Fortunately, a man gave him medicine which helped him reconstruct his genes, so that his destiny was changed.
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The Superb Captain in the City 4.6

The Superb Captain In The City

Chapter 189

17,265,559 Aug 14,20 ChaoJiNeiRong

An extraordinarily charming and capable retired special forces who is pursued by enemies all over the world and targeted by evil powers. On top of these, he is also burdened with the mission of protecting his loved one. What kind of experience will this be?
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Senpai! Don't Be Comforted By My Voice! 4.7

Senpai! Don't Be Comforted By My Voice!

Chapter 1: Track.0

4,083 Aug 13,20 Chilt

Amane, a high school boy with a high pitch voice, is part of a radio club. In this, he is forced by his dear senpai, Watanabe, to read erotic scripts in order to please her fantasies.
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Reader 3


Vol.1 Chapter 21: 21

125,769 Aug 13,20 RUEN Rouga

Kurita Yomi suffers from an unfortunate affliction -- when she sleeps her body can be possessed by others. She benefits in her own way from these experiences though...
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