The Fake Alchemist 4.6

The Fake Alchemist

Chapter 4.4

2.1K Jul 21,24 Sugiura Jirou

In another world, there was a person who made a living in alchemy . Alchemy x Sorcery x Slave x Elf x Reincarnation x God x Cheat x Battle... A work full of fantasy has started serialization with overwhelming brushwork!
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My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today 4.4

My Girlfriend’S Not Here Today

Vol.5 Chapter 25.5: Afterword And Extra Pages Volume 5

5K Jul 20,24 Iwami Kiyoko

It's a secret that I'm dating the love of my life at school. There's no way I can tell anyone, especially when we're both girls. But I can't help my feelings from slipping out in the background. It's not the ideal way to be a couple, but I can put up with it because I really love her... But such loneliness has also nurtured dark thoughts in my head.
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Risky Vice 3.6

Risky Vice

Chapter 23

211 Jul 20,24 Jerriman

and are the two mafia groups that reside in ‘Black City.’ Jaewoo, a scrap metal delivery man, is raising his little brother on his own. On one of his deliveries, he gets entangled with the mafia boss of - The strong and dangerous ‘Risky’. The unexpected warmth that Risky showed was more than enough to cause Jaewoo to fall in love. However, behind his gentle demeanor was an unknown motive… Jaewoo
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Love Sick Dog 2.5

Love Sick Dog

Chapter 54

1.8K Jul 20,24 Songhyel

Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Looking at the descendants of Wolves who had no choice but to love humans, I felt ashamed and pathetic.Ye-Gyeom, who is thirsty for love, but always lived a life of being abandoned and betrayed, meets Joo-Yeong. The love he receives from him is twisted instead of affectionate.However,
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A Beautiful Affection 3

A Beautiful Affection

Chapter 16

465 Jul 20,24 Okje

Ji-woon falls in love with Se-jin from the same university and confesses once a day. Se-jin has refused to confess, saying Ji-woon will not like his tendency.However, the two love become lovers at Ji-woon's words, which promise not to leave the side no matter what happens. Ji-woon is happy to be close to Se-jin, but at the same time, Se-jin begins to reveal her secret and sadistic tendencies a
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Mokdan's Fragrance 3.9

Mokdan's Fragrance

Chapter 22

167 Jul 20,24 Shin Yuri, Winterbaum

At the age of fifteen, Mokdan struggled to survive under the care of his impoverished mother. However, his life took a turn when he unexpectedly reunited with his estranged father, the Prime Minister of the Emperor. His father offered him wealth and fame on the condition that Mokdan dressed as a woman and lived in the palace. The father's hidden motive was to establish a male Empress in the palace
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Shout Loud My Heart 3.7

Shout Loud My Heart

Vol.1 Chapter 3

2 Jul 20,24 Youga Reiri

Feelings that cannot be put into words are put into music-- Gen, a university student who plays guitar in the rock band "Eve," meets a man named Mike at a live music venue one day. He smokes cigarettes and talks about whatever he likes, making him seem like a shady guy. But what Gen hears is a clear, straightforward, one-of-a-kind singing voice. The next day, the two discover they
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Kitsch Marriage 4.3

Kitsch Marriage

Chapter 45

432 Jul 20,24 Saha

"Please marry me."A 2 billion won contract offered to a private military company's mercenary. The condition is one year of marriage."Customer, are you perhaps crazy?""You're the only lunatic that's fine with having a divorce history."Lee Raehwa, the only daughter of Daesan Construction. In order to break free from her father's control and complete her painting, Raehwa hires a legal
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Spicy Milk Candy 4.2

Spicy Milk Candy

Chapter 3

29 Jul 20,24 Tsurui Toto

The diligent and respectable student council president Mashiro Izumi has a secret boyfriend with a gentle, princely smile whom he's proud of. The boyfriend, Ichii, showers him with love every day, and they enjoy their time as boyfriends. After some time, due to a certain incident, Ichii pulls him into a "punishment scenario", which has never happened before...!
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Perle 2.6


Chapter 33

300 Jul 20,24 Cherry Manju

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Suezen Kurau wa Otoko no Tachi 2.3

Suezen Kurau Wa Otoko No Tachi

0 Jul 20,24 Tobi Washio

Sera, a sexually curious salaryman, has newly set his sights on Ryo, a new employee at his favourite bar. He tries to talk to him about sex, a new kind of pleasure, but Ryo is popular with men and women of all ages and has a lot of experience. But he can't catch on, and when he pesters him, Ryo gets mad and teaches him about the pleasures of the backside...
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Justice Judo Center 3

Justice Judo Center

0 Jul 20,24 TEKTEK

Doosan and Taesan, who have been best friends since their student days, reunite at the Justice Arcade as adults. Despite their deep and unchanged friendship, a strange tension has recently developed between them, leaving Doosan feeling uneasy. “If we date and break up, we can't even stay friends." As they continue to drift through time without addressing their feelings, a new person suddenly appea
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Last Dot 1.2

Last Dot

0 Jul 20,24 Bbooner

At a tea manufacturing company, Juwon, a new employee in the product development department, falls in love with his superior, Assistant Manager Yeol, at first sight.One day, as Juwon secretly continues his unrequited love, Yeol reprimands Juwon for spraying perfume in the product development department. Juwon denies it, but Yeol continues to sniff Juwon whenever they meet, saying that he smells so
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White Night Bitter Porn 2.8

White Night Bitter Porn

Chapter 2

8 Jul 20,24 Nobana Saori

"Please let me take responsibility!!" Rui, a pharmacist, is a sexual pleasure seeker. One day, he brings a completely drunk virgin, Takanashi, back to his place. Although they were extremely compatible sexually, Rui leaves the hotel, thinking it was his usual one-night stand. However, to his surprise, Takanashi says, "It looks like I fell in love with you, Rui-san.", and begins his aggress
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THE LAST MAN (Italian) 2.9

The Last Man (Italian)

Vol.4 Chapter 33: Last68: Biojack

46 Jul 20,24 Egawa Tatsuya

A mysterious boy lies naked and unconscious on the street. The story begins when ninth grader, Ai Oomori, and his third grader brother, Seigi, find him. This boy has no memory of the past and doesn't even know his real name. He is like a little baby. Ai names this boy Makoto and takes him back home. Makoto has superhuman physical powers and can even recover quickly from injuries. Who is Makoto? Ma
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 4

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.5 Chapter 40.1

12K Jul 19,24 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Waruhame - Maruhi Sennyuu Sousakan Agatha 4.2

Waruhame - Maruhi Sennyuu Sousakan Agatha

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Call Girl

17 Jul 19,24 Tabe Koji

Agatha Aoyama, an elite police officer who was demoted because she was too serious, ended up in an illegal division that secretly conducts undercover investigations...!! In order to get back on the career track, Agatha puts her body on the line to go undercover...!! The erotic undercover partnership begins!!
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Sparkling Baby 3.4

Sparkling Baby

Chapter 16

109 Jul 19,24 Zec (제크)

"Excuse me, are you Korean?"Due to a recent heartbreak, Hanjoon arrives at New York.Not only is he delighted to meet a Korean in an unfamiliar city,he has a one-night stand with him."I should've asked for his name."However, these two end up meeting again in an unusual place.Where will their one-night stand in the artist's city of New York lead them to?
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Shinsujeon 3.7


Chapter 45

656 Jul 19,24 Satan (마왕)

For the sake of his parents, who became ill after hunting a tiger, Choi Hyeon went to the mountains in search of the sacred guardian tree. Upon finding the sacred tree, a mysterious man named Tak Myeong appeared before him.In return for helping his parents recover, Tak Myeong asks Choi Hyeon to visit him in the mountains for a hundred days. But, will Choi Hyeon be able to repay Tak Myeong’s ki
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Savage Forest 4.4

Savage Forest

Chapter 37

363 Jul 19,24 Yoon Ji Seon, Park Jyo Jyo

The Aguilea tribe considers a healthy body to be their greatest asset.Enya lives there and is not treated as a person because she has a crippled leg. But she has Tarhan by her side, the incarnation of the predecessor Leias and the most revered man in Aguilea.“Don’t have any other man but me. And I will do the same.”Tarhan constantly longs for Enya and is obsessed with her, but Enya is
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Furoufushi Shoujo no Naedoko Ryokouki 4.1

Furoufushi Shoujo No Naedoko Ryokouki

Chapter 9: Serpent And Phobos Forest/spring

3.5K Jul 19,24 Luna Usagi

The journey of a genius girl who became immortal to grant her dreams of being breeding to different species of creatures in order to fulfill her curiosity.
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Dedicated to the arrogant you 3.4

Dedicated To The Arrogant You

Chapter 21

564 Jul 18,24 Seok Seo

A handsome face, a strong body, and even financial power. A demonic gay white robe that has everything to have. The only thing he doesn't have is... a conscience! Eui-geon meets a man he liked at the club again at the lecture. I approach the man, Song Da-joon, to sleep somehow, but Da-joon only escapes like a mudfish. Eui-geon, who tried to forget Da-joon while spending time with other sexes by ta
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Melancholy Conman 3.7

Melancholy Conman

Chapter 15

73 Jul 18,24 huhgun, nanna, Chaepali

Han Yi-shin, head of Busan's multi solutions business, succeeds in making President Kim's woman run away. Director Yoon, a close confidant of President Kim, finds out that Han Yi-shin facilitated her. He kidnaps him, tortures him, and threatens him to bring the woman back. Han Yi-shin pretends to give in to Director Yoon's threats but then flees to Seoul that night. When Director Y
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Osananajimi wa Yami Ochi Seijo! 4

Osananajimi Wa Yami Ochi Seijo!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

167 Jul 18,24 Keyko

20 years ago, the "saint" Almaeira was killed on false allegations and was brought back to life as the "witch king" by the demon king. And there was another magician who crawled up from the depths of the underworld. His name is Yoal Yaotl. In order to retrieve his childhood friend who has fallen into darkness from the demon king, Yoal uses everything, regardless of good or evil.
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