Ouji-sama no Hanryo wa Batsuichi Arafou 2.8

Ouji-Sama No Hanryo Wa Batsuichi Arafou

Chapter 5.5

134 Apr 23,24 Shiramatsu

Tatsumi Yagasaki, a corporate writer who is tired of life, is forced to help Prince Nico of Rasheed Kingdom, who came to Japan to produce a guide book about it. Being dragged by the Prince everyday made Tatsumi very exhausted but he was touched by seeing Nico's honest and innocent smile.When he woke up the next day he realized that he and the Prince did it (they had sex). Tatsumi was afraid of
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High School Boy 3.6

High School Boy

Chapter 2

3 Apr 23,24 Park Gee/Ji (박지)

Hong Il-tak, the only red spot at Daemun Namgo. Despite his name and nickname, he's a boy, and his dwarfism and peculiar appearance have led to him being looked down upon by everyone from the nerds to the elders, and he's at the bottom of the school hierarchy. In the past, until his sophomore year, Iltak had been a famous member of the Iljin, but a problem of his own brought him to the bottom of t
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Maraya 2.9


Vol.1 Chapter 4

21 Apr 23,24 Yasuhiko Yoshikazu

In the far off the future, man has lived for his own selfish, personal gain. Ignoring the demands of God, mankind is brutally punished by from the skies during an event known as "The Calamity". With half of humanity eradicated, clans of males and females soon rise and become separatist. The male led kingdom of Zod fight tirelessly against the kingdom of Halwatat - a misandrist matriarchy where men
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Satori-kun to Tsundere-kun 3.2

Satori-Kun To Tsundere-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 5.5: Extra

1 Apr 23,24 Yodogawa Yuo

Satori Shin is a male student who can read the mind of those he touches. Having inadvertently peeked into the minds of his classmates, he tries not to ill use this power as he goes about his student life. One day he bumps into fellow classmate Asaba Yoshiki and discovers that he likes him! Aseba who was always so prickly in his words was in fact thinking things like "Satori is so cute" and "I love
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Hime to Onna Yuusha ga Musubareru Tame no 12 no Hijiri Koui 3.9

Hime To Onna Yuusha Ga Musubareru Tame No 12 No Hijiri Koui

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Elf Country's Pairu

4.3K Apr 23,24 Moridamu

Save the kingdom with yuri ecchi! A battle fantasy full of surprises! Princess Sephilia and the female hero, Renaria, have been promising each other a future since they were children. As time goes by, the hero finally destroys the Demon King and returns to the princess's castle. However, in order to break the curse the heroes received from the Demon King, they need the princess's freshly
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Afterglow 2.4


Vol.1 Chapter 2

1 Apr 23,24 Wagase Wagimoko

"On one awful night, I met the strangest man."Kiyotaka Higuchi was on his way to becoming an elite cardiovascular surgeon after graduating from medical school. Yet, just before getting his specialty qualification, he was sent off to a remote rural town in Kyushu. Now practicing as an internal medicine physician, he struggles every day to listen to the strong accents of the elderly people he tr
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Savage Forest 4.4

Savage Forest

Chapter 26

146 Apr 23,24 Yoon Ji Seon, Park Jyo Jyo

The Aguilea tribe considers a healthy body to be their greatest asset.Enya lives there and is not treated as a person because she has a crippled leg. But she has Tarhan by her side, the incarnation of the predecessor Leias and the most revered man in Aguilea.“Don’t have any other man but me. And I will do the same.”Tarhan constantly longs for Enya and is obsessed with her, but Enya is
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Suki Dakara H Shitemasu 3

Suki Dakara H Shitemasu

Vol.1 Chapter 9: I Love You So Let's Have Sex

23 Apr 23,24 Kodama Naoko

A collection of one-shots by Naoko Kodama dealing with the theme of romance between women.1. Free & Splash! (フリー&スプラッシュ!)2. PafuPafu3. Hajimete no Dousei Seikatsu (はじめてのどうせいせいかつ)4. Tsuki Kageru (月陰る)5. Love Aroma (ラブアロマ)6. Gemini7. Hatsukoi Daraku (初恋堕落)8. Ririhara! (リリハラ!)9. Suki Dakara H Shitemasu (好きだからHしてます。)
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Dekiai Sex Method Elite Kare wa Amasugi Seijuu, Tokidoki Uzai 3.4

Dekiai Sex Method Elite Kare Wa Amasugi Seijuu, Tokidoki Uzai

Chapter 6

39 Apr 22,24 Tsubuan Daifuku

Chiyoko Fujikawa, the eldest daughter, is a woman of principle. Whenever asked to take care of a family member or a client at work, she always puts the other person’s feelings before her own and ends up losing money.One day, she was asked by her family to go on a blind date to find a partner to marry. The one who showed up was Ichijou, the “righteous man” she met on the way…?! She often fights
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Dekiai Zentei, Keiyaku Kon. ~Iwashiro Bengoshi wa Ai ga Deka Sugiru!?~ 5

Dekiai Zentei, Keiyaku Kon. ~Iwashiro Bengoshi Wa Ai Ga Deka Sugiru!?~

Vol.3 Chapter 16

19 Apr 22,24 Chikuwa Tsubomi

After retiring from 3 years of idol activity, Kunihiro Touko decided to focus on live-streaming as her next career. Honestly, she never imagined this kind of future! Touko, who became involved in some trouble, received help from a young lawyer named Iwashiro Yuuji. After briefly meeting, the both of them jumped into a loving relationship. Yuuji, a kind and enchanting gentleman, is a cool beauty an
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Kishin Kakka no Migawari Hanayome 4.5

Kishin Kakka No Migawari Hanayome

Chapter 4

23 Apr 22,24 Hachikumo Rin

Tsukiko is a young woman who has been a sickly and frail child, and is treated as ‘a good for nothing.’ She becomes the replacement for her twin sister who was going to marry His Excellency, Kishi, a man who rose to become a Lieutenant General of the army at a young age. Due to his ruthlessness, he gained the nickname of ‘Demon God.’ She met him once before, and his kindness became the one thing t
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Red Fox -Heul ReDam- 3.5

Red Fox -Heul Redam-

Chapter 24

18 Apr 22,24 Hama (하마)

The continuation of the story .Sana, who was bestowed upon the destiny of eternal life, and the only being who can accept her, Iza. “The moments when you deeply yearn for someone always tend to come unexpectedly.” Begins now.
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Sumi-iri Osananajimi no Sokubaku ga Tsurai 3.1

Sumi-Iri Osananajimi No Sokubaku Ga Tsurai

Chapter 6.5

20 Apr 22,24 Aizen Mana

Nanase, in her first year of working, is troubled by her childhood friend Rui; a tattoo artist who is very restraining. He’s worrisome, overprotective… and just plain restrictive! The two have been living together for five years, but they are not lovers. Nanase loves Rui, but for some reason, she can’t tell him how she really feels.One day, Nanase learns that the manager of the shop where Rui
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Underneath His Wings 2.6

Underneath His Wings

Chapter 22

776 Apr 22,24 Bbaek Oh

Junghyuk, an incubus who has become insensitive, could not feed on human essence, leading to starvation. Without any expectation, he went to a club and had a one-night stand with a man who had a different kind of taste to him... "I different an incubus is compared to a human." But it turns out that guy is Seohee, the biggest playboy and a junior from the same University! Although he d
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April Fool's Collection 2024 3.7

April Fool's Collection 2024

Chapter 49: Isekai De Tochi O Katte Noujou O Tsukurou - Mangadex Quiz

17 Apr 22,24 MangaDex

Collection of April Fool's releases from various groups.
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The Secretary's Debut Project 3.4

The Secretary's Debut Project

Chapter 28

614 Apr 22,24 Ah Chim

A passionate fan of Kang Tae-hyuk, who is a second-generation idol, Lee Do-yoon, after hearing the information that her ultimate bias is starting her own company, went through intense training and became Tae-hyuk's secretary at GHT Entertainment.Do-yoon, who was living a happy fanboy life... I mean, secretary life, perfectly cosplaying as a secretary, one day receives a surprising proposal fro
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Isekai de Aisare Sugite Komattemasu! Isekai BL Anthology 2.7

Isekai De Aisare Sugite Komattemasu! Isekai Bl Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 2: I’Ve Been Reincarnated As The Best Friend Of The Prince Of Darkness

17 Apr 22,24 Ei Enroku, ◇◆◇◆, Tachibasami, Yoshihisa Shiba, Tentsubu

Despite being a misanthropic mage!?? Despite being the best friend of the fallen prince!?? Despite being the villainous son!?? To be adored by the cheat protagonist in another world! The popular BL novel from 'Moonlight Novels' is now in comic form! An otherworldly BL anthology!!01 **A Deliberate Mage is Doted Upon by a Holy Knight in a Peaceful World**Manga: *Yamamori Potato*Original:
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Nerd Project 4

Nerd Project

Chapter 33

1.2K Apr 22,24 Geu Jyeo (그져)

"You said you wanted a nerd style boyfriend," said Luke who had a bomb dropped on him when he got dumped by his ex-girlfriend.Then a thick-spectacled, checkered shirt wearing, epitome of a nerd appeared in front of him.Luke follows Andrew around and studies his every move, but the only information realized is that he’s strictly interested in studying and that it’s undeniable that he’s dece
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Corrosive 3.2


0 Apr 22,24 Im Ae-Ju

In a world that has become brutalized after a massive virus outbreak, some survivors have managed to survive by traveling in small groups. One of these survivors, Seonho, has been quietly living as a two-man group to protect Hae-soo, which is often dismissed as a useless individual. But one day, Seonho’s group is captured by a group of people who enjoy murder, violence, and Sexual Assault as a way
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Harapeko Succubus Wa Ikasetai No Ni! 4.2

Harapeko Succubus Wa Ikasetai No Ni!

Vol.1 Chapter 3

3.2K Apr 22,24 Tabireko (たびれこ)

Kururi-chan The Succubus is an unprecedented super elite!! She's been in a rut lately because her luscious body is too powerful and she can easily be promiscuous. Kururi then discovers Jien, a young virgin monk in training. Lucky☆Happy☆Strongest Kururi-chan is going to charge in with great pleasure!! The greedy and confident Succubus and the serious monk clash in this happy love comedy!♡
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I'll Be Here for You 4.2

I'll Be Here For You

Chapter 39

1.4K Apr 22,24 Lee Hyeon-Sook

A beautiful and precarious love story unfolded by Hyeon-sook Lee of ! Baek Seon-woo, who lost his job due to a riff raff at work, while waiting for an interview at a fine dining restaurant, he ends up meeting Ki Yoojung, who he had a crush on during their high school days. Just like that, a chance ecounter with a fragment of an old love excites Sunwoo, However.... somehow, Yoojung, doesn't seem to
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 4

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Chapter 35

11.3K Apr 22,24 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Risky Vice 3.5

Risky Vice

Chapter 13

145 Apr 22,24 Jerriman

and are the two mafia groups that reside in ‘Black City.’ Jaewoo, a scrap metal delivery man, is raising his little brother on his own. On one of his deliveries, he gets entangled with the mafia boss of - The strong and dangerous ‘Risky’. The unexpected warmth that Risky showed was more than enough to cause Jaewoo to fall in love. However, behind his gentle demeanor was an unknown motive… Jaewoo
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