Lendarios Story 2.2

Lendarios Story

Vol.3 Chapter 27: Invading The Church Of The Saint

94 Jan 27,23 Manga N.U

In 2023 in a universe where there are 4 realms BRILHO,ESCURA,CRISTAL and TERRA a rare feat happened a 13-year-old Brilloniann boy still didn't know how to use powers. You will get the adventures of Nikko Sasaki and many other heroes
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Get Out of My House! 3.5

Get Out Of My House!

Chapter 54

2.8K Jan 26,23 Team Aemae

“She's now your “responsibility”!” Cha Hong, a freelancer; heard as soon as she stepped foot onto the set the biggest drama. This job was everything that she wanted but she was only left to become an assistant. She ends up having to take care of Noh Seung-Ah; the nation’s actress with a really stubborn attitude. Hong will have to look out for the actress 24 hrs daily up until the drama is aired. H
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Libido Effect 3.7

Libido Effect

Chapter 9

370 Jan 26,23 Eom Joo-Seok

Graduate students Garib and Jinjoo, who study insects, are a couple who have been dating for a long time since they were freshmen. Boredom comes to them, who have lived together for over 3 years. One day, trembling in fear that Garib would leave him, Jinjoo stung a finger at an unknown insect, Libidine, who had just entered the laboratory. Jinjoo suddenly starts to get an erection in front of Gari
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Scary Campus College University 4.1

Scary Campus College University

Chapter 24: Children Who Could Not Choose

1.2K Jan 26,23 Nagashii Kouhei

Makina Chiraishi is a college student plagued by strange phenomena. She visited some ruins with her senior Fujinomiya, and from that moment on she became plagued with nightmares of being raped every night. Trying to save herself, she visits a mysterious man on the university...
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I'll Be Here for You 4.4

I'll Be Here For You

Chapter 22

520 Jan 25,23 Lee Hyeon-Sook

A beautiful and precarious love story unfolded by Hyeon-sook Lee of ! Baek Seon-woo, who lost his job due to a riff raff at work, while waiting for an interview at a fine dining restaurant, he ends up meeting Ki Yoojung, who he had a crush on during their high school days. Just like that, a chance ecounter with a fragment of an old love excites Sunwoo, However.... somehow, Yoojung, doesn't seem to
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I've Never, Ever Learned This 2.6

I've Never, Ever Learned This

Vol.10 Chapter 38

2.2K Jan 25,23 Nashizuki Uta

Serika's younger cousin, Taichi, 6 years her junior had passed his university entrance exams and until he's found a place to rent, Serika will be looking after him.Although he appears to be as pretty as girl and a sweet angel, he's grown into a sadist devil in the time they haven't seen each other!He suddenly hugs her and kisses her ーーーSerika's self control is on the brink of collapsing be
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Silent Miyashita-san's Sexy Channel 4.2

Silent Miyashita-San's Sexy Channel

Chapter 4: Shooting Day 4

380 Jan 25,23 Mitsudoue

Kei Sakai, a high school boy, had a problem. One thing led to another, and he was deeply uninterested in everything and had no sexual desire. Then one day, he learns of a mysterious, beautiful girl named Yami, who is the talk of the town on SNS, from a fellow part-timer. Yami is an unidentified internet idol who uploads naughty videos and pictures of herself in outrageous outfits, and has a huge
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Himekishi ga Classmate! 4.3

Himekishi Ga Classmate!

Chapter 53

63.7K Jan 24,23 Ekz, NO. Gomesu

After he and his entire class die on a field trip, Odamori accepts an offer from a mysterious man to be reincarnated. However his new job turns out to be that of a 'Slavemancer' with the power to dominate the minds of others and turn them into his toys, which he happily takes on. Soon however his evil actions lead to a Princess Knight (who turns out to be one of his previous, more popular
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Campus Trap 4.2

Campus Trap

Chapter 10

937 Jan 23,23 Dips

A rising star of the Department of Vocal Music, Seol Chaewoo. However, that's a thing of the past as he now moves around various part-time jobs to restore his broken home. "Chaewoo, have you, by any chance, thought of getting set up with an Alpha?" Chaewoo receives a proposal to be a "reset partner" and give birth to an Alpha's child. "Sunbae, you're an Omega, right?" And his partner in this, of a
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Hell’s Tormentor Kraken 4.1

Hell’S Tormentor Kraken

Chapter 4

2.8K Jan 23,23 Toru Kei,Takahiro

Controlling the Queendom of Sevek’s female prison with the Power of the Kraken! From the author of Akame ga Kill and Mato Seihei no Slave!
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Osananajimi to Sefure Keiyaku 2.6

Osananajimi To Sefure Keiyaku

Vol.5 Chapter 19

108 Jan 22,23 Miyagi Anna

Our secret relationship starts now. I'll be your fuckbuddy because I love you. This is my choice. “You're fine with anyone right? Then I'll do too innit?”. Ayane loves Hikaru, her one year younger childhood friend so much, by the way, she is aware of Hkaru's fuckbuddy girlfriend. Don't get a bloody “girlfriend” so easily! II don't want to give him to anyone else man! In order to be with him I'll
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My Girlfriend's Friend 3.3

My Girlfriend's Friend

Chapter 48

3.2K Jan 21,23 Jyura

He got a cute girlfriend who was the first in his life, but her friend tempted him with a body that was lewder than her ... What would you do if your girlfriend's friend pressed you like this? A fascinating erotic story drawn by Jura from the popular doujin circle "JACK-POT".
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Smyrna & Capri 4.4

Smyrna & Capri

Chapter 17

1.5K Jan 21,23 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

“Theo Peserus”, the head of the household, had received an oracle to give birth to a child who would pass on to the family. As he always does to invite the other Alpha, he waits for his opponent that evening while lying on the bed with his eyes closed. In the quiet corridor of Peserus’ Castle, there was "Seram Marita," the Alpha of the Revolutionary Army who had been captured. He was wandering thr
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Rosen Garten Saga 4.4

Rosen Garten Saga

Vol.7 Chapter 35: Identity ~Wunsch~

8.3K Jan 21,23 Sakimori Fuji,Tonooka Yousetsu

Rin's village getting attacked by bandits doesn't keep her down in the dumps for long! Picking up a sword housing an extraordinary pervert… I mean hero, Siegfried, she sets off on a journey of many bouts with various degenerat… ahem, heroes!
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 3.6

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 11

1.8K Jan 20,23 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Lips 4


Chapter 21

896 Jan 20,23 No Yu

It’s the first time for me to know that I was so handsome…”“He doesn’t remember me anymore, does he?”When high school unrequited love becomes your boss for your part time job in a gallery… A story between an ordinary man who’s always laidback & zen and a pretentious & narcissistic “playboy”. *The tag of princess seme was used for the first time.That's what we have so far, right?
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Ingoku Danchi 3.1

Ingoku Danchi

Chapter 21: Maternity Monster (1)

3.4K Jan 20,23 Porosuke

This apartment complex has a problem with perverted women!Yoshida is a tiny, frail highschool graduate who became an unwilling manager of an apartment complex when his father, the former manager, injured himself. Unbeknownst to him, this apartment complex houses quite a few women with very... unusual sexual preferences. This becomes a problem when a mysterious entity begins giving "Libido Clot
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It's My Baby! 3.5

It's My Baby!

Chapter 43

2.9K Jan 19,23 Sagong

I had a one night stand with the first person I met, but I conceived a baby. Every time this omega had a boyfriend, the relationship always ended up with being cheated and in the end, he even got kicked by hearing the words, “You are an omega, but I’m not attracted to you." Hae-soo, who was chugging alcohol while bursting out his anger at a friend who comforted him before leaving for his own lover
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Boy's Abyss 4.5

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 122: Together Again

56K Jan 19,23 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Indigo 3.2


Chapter 2

88 Jan 18,23 Kongkk

Yoo Jun and Kang Ha are two boys that meet at a studio by chance. A wound in Yoo Jun's hand entices a strange attraction from Kang Ha, and a strange love story begins. Two boys explore their feelings for each other as their hands intertwine in more ways than one
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Private Scandal 3.9

Private Scandal

Chapter 90: Side Story 7

930 Jan 18,23 Totiko

Model Iliyan meets a man named Kyle at the Taylors’ 5th year anniversary party. They both despise Helen Taylor and end up having a one night stand, but their relationship continues…
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Rainbow City 4

Rainbow City

Chapter 9

28 Jan 17,23 Chaepali

In the coming future, the Adam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., conspiracy, orchestrated the release of the Adam Virus, turning people into zombies as it spread. Only three unified countries in the world remain. Following the unexpected death of one of the virus vaccine developers Dr. Oh, a major in the Rainbow City of the United Nations, Kwak Soohwan, is tasked with retrieving Seok Hwa, a Chief rese
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Don't Get Caught! xxx 3.9

Don't Get Caught! Xxx

Chapter 28: Side Story 2

1.6K Jan 16,23 Lee (III)

"Why are you coming out there!!!" I couldn't forget my school crush, Seo Jungwoo.Eun Se-eun is serializing a BL webtoon based on Jungwoo and himself.When my friend told me that Jungwoo already left my hometown, I return to find a peace of mind.However, contrary to his friend's words, he encounters Jungwoo, who is now working at the post office in his hometown. - Madeleine Scans -
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Reincarnation Colosseum - Using the Weakest Skills in Order to Defeat the Strongest Women and Create a Slave Harem 4.5

Reincarnation Colosseum - Using The Weakest Skills In Order To Defeat The Strongest Women And Create A Slave Harem

Chapter 3: Breeding For The First Time

384 Jan 15,23 Harawata Saizou,Zunta

Average high school student Mikagami​ Kouji is a hardcore gamer. One day he gets isekai'd and he only gets the skill "copy" which is apparently useless but we all know it's secretly OP or something. He's enslaved to be a gladiator by his summoner, the big booba, head priestess Zayd. He has to fight in the Colosseum and if he loses he gets raped.
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