Over Rev! 4.8

Over Rev!

Vol.24 Chapter 271: True Talent

6.6K Jul 21,24 Yamaguchi Katsumi

[From MangaCity]: Over Rev is a manga about a senior graduate named Ryoko. A while back, she injured her ankle in a track meet. Since then, she didn't know what to do with her life, until she finds out about street racing...
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Rikai no Aru Karen-chan 3.3

Rikai No Aru Karen-Chan

Chapter 66

3.7K Jul 21,24 ringoanu

- Contains art without text as chapters
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The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King's Murim 4.2

The Heavenly Demon Destroys The Lich King's Murim

Chapter 97

22.2K Jul 21,24 Hyung Geun Cho (조형근), 붕뎅

An unknown voice disturbed me while I was levitating during my cultivation to reach the transcendent demonic state.My concentration had been broken, and I fell into an unconscious, overloaded state. When I awoke a month later, the Lich King had already taken control of the Murim.After the battle that ended with the destruction of the Heavenly Demon Cult, I awoke a hundred and forty years l
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The Fake Alchemist 4.6

The Fake Alchemist

Chapter 4.4

2.1K Jul 21,24 Sugiura Jirou

In another world, there was a person who made a living in alchemy . Alchemy x Sorcery x Slave x Elf x Reincarnation x God x Cheat x Battle... A work full of fantasy has started serialization with overwhelming brushwork!
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The Hero Returns 4.7

The Hero Returns

Chapter 86

89.3K Jul 21,24 Black Ajin

The strongest hero of humanity, Kim Sung Bin.He threw everything on the line and fought but he still couldn't prevent the destruction of the world.However, his legend has just begun as he returns 20 years into the past."I'll definitely kill it this time." Now fully equipped with overwhelming power and experience, the hero's raid isn't over yet!
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The Academy's Genius Swordsman 4.8

The Academy's Genius Swordsman

Chapter 58

28.9K Jul 21,24 Seok Wando, Sichi

Following a momentous battle against giants for the fate of the world, Ronan emerges victorious as the last man standing of the Imperial Army. As he laments this hollow victory with his dying commander, Grand Marshal Adeshan, they quickly learn that the war is far from over and an overwhelming force of giants descends from the heavens. Fearing the worst, yet seeing hope in the courageous Ronan
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I Became the Mother of the Bloody Male Lead 4.8

I Became The Mother Of The Bloody Male Lead

Chapter 45

2.6K Jul 21,24 Jong Ibam, Peril

When I opened my eyes, I became Sheriel, the mother of the male protagonist in the novel, A Wasteland Without Blood or Tears. In the original novel, the male lead, Cardicel, was famous for being cruel, so I looked at him with trepidation, thinking he would be different from the beginning, but what was this? My son, who will soon become the lead male protagonist, is so cute.“We can’t let such a
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Game Master CEO Trapped in a VR World 4.2

Game Master Ceo Trapped In A Vr World

Chapter 6

24 Jul 21,24 Nippon Television Network Corporation

Everything will be possible in the world of video games in the not-too-distant future, thanks to scientific and technological advancements. One day, a game developer (Game Master) is trapped within the game he created in this world! Despite his high in-game level, knowledge of the main story, and weaknesses of each boss, nothing goes as planned. Random monsters spawn, and random bugs appear in the
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Maplestory: The Last Adventurer 4.8

Maplestory: The Last Adventurer

Chapter 28

1.5K Jul 21,24 Didat,Redice Studios,3B2S (쓰리비투에스)

The Age of Adventures that started when the Gates opened. The Age of when everything fell apart, filled with desperation, anguish, and misery. And… The Age of when everyone gave up trying to fight back. In that Age, there was only one Explorer who fought to the very end. “You’re the only one left. The Last Explorer, Elpam.” In that moment, the Explorer’s history came to an end, as he returned to t
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Mankitsu Shitai Jouren-san 4.6

Mankitsu Shitai Jouren-San

Chapter 30.2

3.5K Jul 21,24 Shinmi Rin

Izumi, a university student part-timing at a manga cafe, got curious about a regular customer. Her name is Honami, a high school girl who's been coming to the manga cafe recently. This defenseless and seemingly cute girl who he can't take his eyes off of has a secret...!?This is a slightly naughty, heartful love comedy where this gentle pair will get to "enjoy" their youth to the fullest!!
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Feng Qi Cang Lan 4.5

Feng Qi Cang Lan

Chapter 363

40.9K Jul 21,24 Gu Xuan, Song Shu 200

When playing a virtual reality game called Cang Lan, Xiao Wan gets pushed off a cliff. She ends up in another game world. What will happen to Xiao Wan?
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 161

11.8K Jul 21,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today 4.4

My Girlfriend’S Not Here Today

Vol.5 Chapter 25.5: Afterword And Extra Pages Volume 5

5K Jul 20,24 Iwami Kiyoko

It's a secret that I'm dating the love of my life at school. There's no way I can tell anyone, especially when we're both girls. But I can't help my feelings from slipping out in the background. It's not the ideal way to be a couple, but I can put up with it because I really love her... But such loneliness has also nurtured dark thoughts in my head.
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The Person I Met In-Game Was Actually My Big Sister. 4.2

The Person I Met In-Game Was Actually My Big Sister.

Chapter 60

1.1K Jul 20,24 Imo Ichirou

"Big Sis!?" "Kouta!?" The two of them were enjoying an in-game romance (without knowing each other's identities). Upon seeing each other's faces at their long-awaited offline meetup... they were both shocked to see that their partner was in fact their own sibling!? These are complicated feelings for sure... and rather hard to accept! (Source: (
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Vivarium de Choushoku wo 4.1

Vivarium De Choushoku Wo

Chapter 43: The "don't You Know Who I Am?" Pass

502 Jul 20,24 Dowman Sayman

The manga centers on three sixth graders, Yoshiki Obana, Mikoto Tajo, and Kikuri Kushida, who meet up at morning to get to the bottom of their town's "seven mysteries" as a free summer vacation project. After finishing one meeting at their "secret base", Yoshiki meets a mysterious ghost on his way home.
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The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat 4.5

The Old Man Who Was Reincarnated As A Cat

Chapter 500.5: Anime Announcement Extra

4.2K Jul 20,24 Yajima Kenji

An old man was hit by a truck and found himself reincarnated as a cat.
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Designs 4


Vol.3 Chapter 14: I'll Think About It Later

69 Jul 20,24 Igarashi Daisuke

Beyond the natural world lies a breed of abnormal beings... HA, or Humanized Animals. They are a hybrid of human and animal, "designed" at the genetic level. Possessing astonishing physical capabilities, these HA are deployed into scenes of intrigue by certain ambitious individuals, seeking to showcase their true value. For what purpose did humans design these beings? Behind it all lie
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I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Murim Family 4.9

I Became The Despised Granddaughter Of The Murim Family

Chapter 65

24.5K Jul 20,24 Berry (열매),Marubyeol,Siyo

Here, inside this martial arts novel, there is a true teacher who teaches the arrogant male lead and awakens him through death. Handsome, good-natured, righteous, strong, and… Anyway, there was one big flaw in the male lead's damn fine teacher. It was his foolish only daughter who was filled with greed. A tenacious villainous extra, who always comes back to haunt the male lead in every way, but ca
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Ojisan to Ore no Koiwazurai 4.2

Ojisan To Ore No Koiwazurai

Chapter 5.5

806 Jul 20,24 Hino Youhe

Since Kaname was a young boy, he's shared a secret with his uncle Takashi: That both of them are gay. He takes it upon himself to cheer his uncle up whenever his heart gets broken. Though after not seeing him for ten years, Kaname seems to have fallen right back into this role. Except, only one thing has changed...his feelings. He comoforts his uncle so many times, but after his feelings build
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Miyabichi no Onmyouji 4.5

Miyabichi No Onmyouji

Chapter 32

1.2K Jul 20,24 Sakura Fujimoto

A time when the boundary between human and demon was vague. Ten sacred items – “Jingi” had been stolen from Mikado’s Treasury by some demons. An imperial order to recover the Jingi was given to all the Onmyōji in the capital, including “the heretic” – Fuzuki. He sets out to retrieve the first Jingi, but something unthinkable happened…
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Yuan Zun 4.1

Yuan Zun

Chapter 619

158.7K Jul 20,24 Future Days Media

"A teenager holds a pen, while a dragon dances; Chaos surrounds the world, lighting the sky. In this world, will the python swallow the dragon, or will the saint dragon rise?!"
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Dakkou Suru Made Ochimasen 4.4

Dakkou Suru Made Ochimasen

Chapter 27

3.6K Jul 20,24 Yoshiragi

An ecchi Ero-Mangaka, Yoe and an NTR Ero-Mangaka, Mayama, are close neighbors. However, their tastes and age gap are vastly different. A romcom story of "understanding each other " begins.
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Spare Me, Great Lord! 4.6

Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 655

93.3K Jul 20,24 The speaking pork trotter

After the revivification and return of the spirit energy, men and women did their best to capture every strands of spirit energy and train, except Lu Shu, with his Negative Emotion System, he becomes stronger by taunting others! He only wanted to protect his younger sister, but the change of an era in unavoidable, then all he could do was… to taunt others in passing, and become the stronges
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