Under the Skin 2.8

Under The Skin

Chapter 4: Who Am I?

108 Jun 21,24 Miyamoto Kano

This contains two short stories, one about Bun and a new kid he's found to replace Satoru from Heat; the second is a look at Bun and Daisuke (which can be considered the end of the saga). Part of Miyamoto Kano's "Walker" universe. Miyamoto Kano's "Walker" universe timeline: 1) Are You Enemy? 2) Not Love *licensed -- Not/Love dj - The reason why we live together -- Not/Love dj - Dog Days
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I Failed to Divorce My Husband 4.7

I Failed To Divorce My Husband

Chapter 88

21.8K Jun 21,24 Yulji , 율지 , Soonjin Moogu

I've been reincarnated as the extra character who stalked her husband, the male lead, for 10 years and died. Of course, I tried to divorce him before the female lead appeared.But, I found out that my young husband was secretly abused in the household. At that moment, I immediately became overwhelmed with the responsibility and sense of duty a modern adult would have. **Aiden had his ba
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The Closet Fan Princess 4.9

The Closet Fan Princess

Chapter 22

103 Jun 21,24

Read manhwa The Closet Fan Princess / Princess Who Hides Her Fandom / Reincarnated into a novel where my favorite character breathes and lives. The beauty claimed to be the most beautiful in the continent. The jewel most cherished by the Emperor. The queen of the social circles. The time bomb of the Imperial Palace. I became Princess Agnes Saint, the one with all these titles and descriptions! It
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It Was Just a Contract Marriage 4.6

It Was Just A Contract Marriage

Chapter 41

1.1K Jun 20,24 Dalseul

Read manhwa It Was Just a Contract Marriage / /ItWasJustAContractMarriage/Promo Novel/FtrSumomsThe empress of a fallen nation was dragged to the enemy empire. Despite everything, the Treasure of Grandel was still gorgeous. However, in the end she was just a captive who was going to be hanged by the savages. Eliza wanted to avoid that outcome no matter what, even if she had to tell outrageous lie
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The Return of The Disaster-Class Hero 4.7

The Return Of The Disaster-Class Hero

Chapter 79

131.4K Jun 19,24 Lee ho-yeon , SAN.G , 산지직송, HEATS

There once was a hero who was deemed the strongest on Earth.“But he died. How would someone that we killed return?”“Yeah. I’d love to see him try and come back.”However, 20 years later, he actually returned!“Why are you guys so shocked? Did you do something that you feel guilty about?”‘These motherfuckers. I’m not going to let them be.’---- (
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The Lady Wants to Rest (Promo) 4.8

The Lady Wants To Rest (Promo)

Chapter 129

49K Jun 19,24 Yuin

In the distant past, I was cursed by my dealings with the world. Over the next 1,000 years, I lived an endless life. There isn’t a single life I haven’t experienced. I have been the most noble and humble person in the world, I have become a beggar, I have been revered as a saint, and I have been burned as a witch. And after my most miserable and painful life, I thought of it all again.
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Leveling With The Gods 4.9

Leveling With The Gods

Chapter 117

164.5K Jun 18,24 Black Ajin

He became stronger, faster than anyone else… but he lost. In the end, there was only despair for Kim YuWon. In his last moments, he was given another chance… Through the sacrifice of his comrade, his fate had not been sealed yet. Returning back to the past, he attempts to climb the Tower again with his unmatched talent. To fight the ancient evil
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There Are Too Many Second Male Leads! 4.7

There Are Too Many Second Male Leads!

Chapter 29

765 Jun 16,24 Hong Yi-Young

Read manhwa There Are Too Many Second Male Leads! / ! / There are too many sub-male leads!The life of Jeong Eunjae, a terminally-ill patient, has ended. She didn't have any regrets about her life, however [Allotted time: One year! Fine the real male lead' within the allotted time!] "" Ho-Hold on! Hold on a minute! What is this?! What on earth is this?! I thought I died, but when I opened my eye
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Lady Baby 4.2

Lady Baby

Chapter 213

125.3K Jun 15,24 Pingmin, Ju hyeon

Calliope Rustichel’s family dies one by one in a series of tragedies. Just when she had given up all hope, a mysterious woman grants Calliope a second chance at life. Little did she know that chance would literally start from birth! Now stuck as an adult in a baby’s body, Calliope must uncover the conspiracy behind the death of her family and use her memories of the past to change the future… all
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The Gangster Baby of the Duke’s Family 4.5

The Gangster Baby Of The Duke’S Family

Chapter 39

2.5K Jun 15,24 Eclair , Hari Manga , 에클레어 , 에클레어

My name is Leonora Hachania. Although I’m the daughter of a villain extra whose name in itself means ‘insignificant’, my desire for power is unimaginable. I can’t just let the Hachania family be as insignificant as it is in the original novel! “Woll to the left, wight now!” “Yes, ma’am!” “Woll to the wight, wight now!” “Yes, ma’am!” With the sunglasses I made by painting on them with ink, I raised
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Splatoon 4.4


Vol.21 Chapter 84: Side Order Part 2

2.9K Jun 14,24 HINODEYA Sankichi

Celebrating the upcoming release of the Splatoon game the june release of Coro Coro Comic features a special section of Splatoon manga
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Atashi Kisushita 4.6

Atashi Kisushita

Chapter 8: Kiss 4 - Never-Ending Summer Vacation [End]

1K May 26,24 Mitsui Haruka

"What can I do to change our relationship status quo?" Enjoy a brand new oneshot by Dessert new super rookie, Mitsui Haruka!
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I Want You to be Happy 5

I Want You To Be Happy

Chapter 0

4 May 17,24

Read manhwa I Want You to be Happy / It was a miserable day. She lived a life where she could not die. Rat, who lived in the slums, was in danger of being sold to a perverted nobleman. "P-Please save me!" Her first attempt at rebellion was easily thwarted, and she wondered if she would die like this. "You're safe now." She is saved by a man she meets for the first time. And a fantasy-like life i
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The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke 4.8

The Precious Sister Of The Villainous Grand Duke

Chapter 127

64.5K May 09,24 Eclair,Ikkamnu,Lunaheng

I became the sister of the villain, who shed no blood or tears in a war-ridden novel! I thought I was born again as the youngest daughter of a noble family, but I'm the little sister of a villain who's only being used! A baby's body too fragile to survive in the Lagrange household, a brutal family that makes children fight for successors… I've decided to stick to the villain in order to liv
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Noraneko to Ookami 4.7

Noraneko To Ookami

Chapter 20

3.4K May 08,24 Miyuki Mitsubachi

Mishina Tamaki is an orphan girl who left her village to study in the city. On a hot afternoon, while she was looking for a place to stay, she fainted. Upon waking up, she realized she was picked up by a playful rock musician. The story of their cohabitation that could (probably) turn into love, starts!
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Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me 4.7

Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me

Chapter 21

49 Apr 26,24 Hye-Dol

Read manhwa Dear Fairy, Please Contract With Me / , Hello. Am I perhaps your first fairy? ** Deep down in a basement, I met a lonely child. I wanted to see the smiling face of that child. So I decided to come into being as a flower fairy. "I promise you. I'll leave this place with you!" You're a seed stuck in the ground. In the name of the flower fairies, I'll be sure to make you bloom. "Yes. Let
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Please Take My Brother Away! 4.3

Please Take My Brother Away!

Chapter 126

9.4K Apr 17,24 You Ling

The conflicts and fights over daily trifles have never ceased between this pair of interesting siblings, the cool little sister "Secondra" and her funny elder brother "Minuto", but as long as one of them is in need of help, the other will never stand aside and do nothing. What a weird match! Now let's have a look at their friends. Joy Zhen, the old chum of Minuto, is a h
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The Boy Next Door 3.6

The Boy Next Door

Chapter 13

338 Apr 14,24 Yumeno Makoto

A girl catches the younger boy next door peeping at her in the shower, it's five years later and how will she deal with him?
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The Specific Heat Capacity of Love 4.1

The Specific Heat Capacity Of Love

Chapter 1: Updated Long Strip Version [End]

235 Apr 09,24 Moss,Old Xian

A girl goes to the seaside on her class field trip and accidentally meets a mysterious handsome boy, after talking, she hears a dramatic story about a bird and fish, finally the kind girl decides to help the bird fulfill its last wish.
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How to use Gender-Changing Apps Properly 3.2

How To Use Gender-Changing Apps Properly

Chapter 0

13 Mar 22,24 Tanakamori Yokota

How to use Gender-Changing Apps Properly, , Seitenkan Appli no Tadashii Tsukaikatamangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can Follow m
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Summer Fever 4.6

Summer Fever

Chapter 2

22 Feb 26,24 YOUNGMO

Seungbin has a close female friend named Hajeong, it was all platonic until something happened in the season of summer.
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The Kids Have Changed 4.7

The Kids Have Changed

Chapter 41

213 Feb 20,24 Rina

Read manhwa The Kids Have Changed / TKHC / Nara Lee, an ambitious and diligent 35 years old, has finally achieved her dream: buying a rooftop apartment! Little did she know she wouldn't have time to enjoy it, as she ends up reincarnated as the 8 years old Sharon Atrina, a side character in her favourite webnovel, "The Queen's Extravagant Outing." As Sharon, a wealthy and beautiful noblewoman, she
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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money 4.8

Forget My Husband, I’Ll Go Make Money

Chapter 69

27K Jan 31,24 Banmu , Joo haeon , Joo haeon / Banmu , Ju Hyeon

Forget About My Husband, I'd Rather Go Make Money at I became the wife of a man who already had a lover.So, I should do my best to help him remain faithful to her, right?But how did I end up destroying the bed with him on our first night together?***Aristine is a royal princess who's been confined all her life, as she is highly disfavored by the emperor.But the truth is, as the possessor o
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Veil of Rain 4.3

Veil Of Rain

Chapter 67

210 Jan 24,24 Otosato Ryoutarou

Taguchi fantasizes about the ever-cheerful Kanzaki. Does he have other expressions besides the happy face he shows the world? One day, they get caught at school because of a rain storm and Taguchi finally gets his chance to find out.
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