Ideal Type but Kkondae 3.5

Ideal Type But Kkondae

Chapter 12

1.6K Nov 30,23 Barry Potter

“Is this what it feels like to fall in love at first sight?” Han-sol fell in love at first sight when he happened to see Min-joon at Eunseong College of Engineering who came to play with his friend. Min-Jun is a professor of architecture and famous for being a huge brat... "I, Lee Han-sol, don't back down over things like that. Baek Min-joon, I will make you mine!"
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Between coincidence and inevitability 3.9

Between Coincidence And Inevitability

Chapter 40

2.7K Nov 30,23 Monologue

If the coincidence continues, it is inevitable. For Do-jun, who lives in harsh reality, it's just a romantic word. However, there is a man who accidentally appears in front of Do-jun, who has just reached the end of his unrequited love. Once or twice, can the end of the coincidences between the two men who accumulate little by little become inevitable?
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Toaru Utsukushiki Kombini Teninno Henai 3.7

Toaru Utsukushiki Kombini Teninno Henai

Chapter 5

763 Nov 30,23 Aosada Takashi

Itsuki, a salaryman who's left exhausted every day by work, has some things he secretly looks forward to. One of it is the time when he feeds the stray cat by the convenience store he usually stops by on his way home. And the other, is to have the beautiful staff at that convenience store ring up his items. With those simple comfort as his nourishments, he continues to live his days ordinarily.
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Joseon Sex Shop 3.3

Joseon Sex Shop

Chapter 32

2.1K Nov 30,23 Songmi

Hyowon, a yangban (nobleman) who enjoys colors so much that he plays every night.He is secretly introduced to the famous Eumgu (Music) Workshop (*adult store) that is secretly famous among aristocrats by his close friend Nam Soo-in.The owner of the workshop, Shin-woo, who came to visit him, is very blunt, unlike the splendid/colorful musical phrases and notes he makes.Hyowon wants to experience it
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Jackpot! 3



717 Nov 30,23 Shin Bi

Love doesn't always work the way you want it to, at least that’s the case for Sojoong. Unfortunately for him, the love of his life, Ji-hoon, doesn't love him as much as Sojoong thought he did. So heartbroken, he decides to break things off. But that doesn't mean that Sojoong can just forget the love he felt or the memories they shared together. As he spends his days wallowing in misery, hoping for
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Koisuru Neko wa Naderaretai 4

Koisuru Neko Wa Naderaretai

Vol.1 Chapter 6

179 Nov 30,23 NIRA Kaneyuki

A popular cat-lover and a brave half-human-half-cat! The beginning of a love of many firsts! A 100% pure and heart-wringing one-sided love! Kotetsu, a black cat, has a crush on Okazaki, a clerk at a pet shop, and he makes a wish to meet Okazaki. Just as he makes his wish, he was transformed into a human before he knew it! With his ears and tails tucked away, Kotetsu spent his days frequenting
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Into the Blue 3.8

Into The Blue

Chapter 31

158 Nov 30,23 Chan

Seok is a jovial manservant for a noble family. One day, while out on an errand, he gets a glimpse of a mysterious and alluring performer that has arrived at the market. But a fleeting look won't suffice.. He can't get his mind off of this enigmatic figure. Will he ever see them again? As fate would have it, their paths will certainly cross again. But the complications of their lives and the entan
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I can hear it without a microphone 2.6

I Can Hear It Without A Microphone

Chapter 113

22.8K Nov 30,23 [알버트 ]albert [ 양은지 ] Yang Eun Ji

.The man next door has innocent + sexy + potato + bagel body.It's the perfect ideal type, but the first button was put in the wrong place due to the wrong delivery.One day, Apostle Won learned that Seolbeom was a sexy BJ!Can the passionate fan Sado-won and Sekbang BJ Seol-beom become an exhilarating relationship beyond the wall? +
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King's Maker 4.2

King's Maker

Season 3 Chapter 124

14.3K Nov 30,23 Haga

Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th Prince of the kingdom, returns to the palace after years of living in hiding. He rejects everything about his new royal life, but is intrigued by the mysterious and dutiful Shin Soohyuk, a catamite of the King. As Wolfgang slowly opens up and learns the ways of the palace, Soohyuk begins to see something special about the wild, unkempt, and stubborn young prince. He
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The Housekeeper's Load 3.5

The Housekeeper's Load

Chapter 75

3.9K Nov 30,23 Kang puccon

From cooking, to cleaning, to everything in between, Ha-yeon is the perfect housekeeper! There’s just one issue… Woojin, who translates erotic novels for a living, keeps seeing his hottie of a housekeeper in his fantasies! Maybe it’s just Woojin’s lack of bedroom experience making him sexually frustrated but he’s gotta take care of this situation before things get out of hand. Woojin’s old friend,
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Instant Family 4.1

Instant Family

Chapter 24

2.8K Nov 30,23 Ananas , Kingo

Sejun lost his mother in an accident and lives to support his father who is not in good health both physically and mentally. He suffers from a rejection of Alpha's pheromone for unknown reasons, but due to the grace of his eldest father who took care of him after his accident, he is unable to refuse the unreasonable request of his eldest father's son, Jungwon, and spends a tiring day there is. As
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Guilty Affection 3.1

Guilty Affection

Chapter 57

2.5K Nov 30,23 Chelliace

Years after waves of a mysterious fog blanketed the globe, seeing people with unimaginable powers and scenes of deadly chaos has become an almost everyday occurrence. Though many of these gifted humans, known as espers, choose to do good with their new powers, prolonged use always results in corruption - a darkening of the mind and soul. The very safety of society relies on the help of those who c
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Single Not Ready to Mingle 4.1

Single Not Ready To Mingle

Chapter 32

547 Nov 30,23 Chadol

Once upon a time, in a land far away…lived the ordinary and painfully single high school literature teacher, Bu Taekwon. Ordinary, that is, until he found himself transported into one of his students' comic books. But this wasn't your typical comic book adventure, and Taekwon never anticipated the unconventional genre awaiting him. To his despair, he was now trapped in a hardcore BL fantasy world,
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New Year's Passion 3.8

New Year's Passion

Chapter 40

596 Nov 30,23 Bori

It was an exhausting love. I've only experienced it once. It was an unrequited love that shook my entire life. However, I met him again. That drunkard guy who got dumped by a man. Although I had promised that I won't waver again like I did last time, I still can't control my heart. Why are you still struggling for me?
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Wind Beneath My Wings 3.6

Wind Beneath My Wings

Chapter 17

166 Nov 30,23 Hongda

Read Wind Beneath My Wings [Official] on mangabuddy
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The Blade and Flower 4.3

The Blade And Flower

Chapter 50

3.4K Nov 30,23 Snob

Read The Blade and Flower manhwa The Blade and Flower manga The Blade and Flower Yaoi update free at Vinmanga.ComOn a night when the moonlight was particularly cold, Yeonjo's family collapsed at the tip of Hee-ryang's ruthless sword. Yeonjo, who lost everything overnight, vows revenge and approaches Kwon Hee-ryang, hiding a cool blade behind a fragrant flower
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Abnormal Rommate 3.8

Abnormal Rommate

Chapter 27

591 Nov 30,23 Lee Sohan , Yeon Yura

Lee Robin and Nam Hangyul were childhood friends. They haven't seen each other since elementary school; but when they both get accepted to the same university, their mothers suggest they become roommates, offering a seemingly perfect solution. However, Hangyul, who discovered his true sexual orientation due to Robin's influence in their childhood, worries about potential awkwardness. To his surpri
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Cherry Complex 2.8

Cherry Complex

Chapter 26

2.9K Nov 30,23 Jin 5

not found...
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Bloody Hellthy 2.4

Bloody Hellthy

Chapter 2

94 Nov 30,23 Awook

A vampire named 'Collin', who doesn't drink blood, accidentally tastes 'Ian's' blood. Enthralled by the sweet taste of it, Collin losses his rationality and attempts to attack Ian but fails. Feeling guilty towards Collin's mistakes and experiencing hunger, Ian decided to make a small condition and promises to offer his blood. However, through the contract of blood-sharing, their rel
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Lady's Parfait Time 4.1

Lady's Parfait Time

Chapter 16

323 Nov 30,23 팬티살인마

not found...
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Turning 4.4


Chapter 12

795 Nov 30,23 Nono (노노) , Original : Guyu

The future. When I realized that something I thought would be lost forever had returned, my hands shook with joy and astonishment. Yuther Aile is a commoner and the first omega to become a commander of the Imperial Cavalry. He is killed for a crime he did not commit, when he wakes up, he finds himself 11 years earlier, before it all began. He cannot repeat his previous mistakes. To survive and sav
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Just not the tail! 4.3

Just Not The Tail!

Chapter 14

64 Nov 30,23 Nnni

Ruoli received a mysterious gift from his brother Ruoji - a seriously injured little fox from across the ocean. Ruoli loves it very much and takes good care of it every day, but he did not expect that when the little fox healed his wounds turned into a man. It turns out that the little fox's name is "Bai Ye" and it is a demon who practiced in the immortal class. Before the ceremony of becoming imm
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I'm the Most Beautiful Count 3.6

I'm The Most Beautiful Count

Chapter 42

953 Nov 29,23 ยืนกินปากกาที่ท่าพระ

not found...
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