Ten-kun wa Mada Kotae wo Shiranai 3.6

Ten-Kun Wa Mada Kotae Wo Shiranai

Chapter 6

18 Mar 23,23 Amai Kajitsu

Ten, a postdoctoral researcher, and Tomoharu, a fourth-year university student and a team member of the same lab clash so much to the point that it puts the people around them on edge…… It’s just a pretense, though. In reality, despite their age difference, they were childhood friends. Tomohau has loved Ten since childhood and calls him “Ten-kun” and even goes as far as to follow him to the same u
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You Are My Sunshine 3.1

You Are My Sunshine

Chapter 51

292 Mar 23,23 HIJIRI Chiaki

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Do You Wanna Touch My Tail? 4

Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?

Chapter 27

0 Mar 23,23 岛上Project

Alternative Name: , Do You Wanna Touch My Tail?The mermaid, Ye Ming, encountered love at first sight with the handsome man, Lu Chuan, while performing in the aquarium. After receiving help from Lu Chuan, his good impression of him instantly grew stronger, and eventually brought him home in a blink of an eye. However, the next day, he revealed that he was a mermaid?!What?!Use your little mermaid br
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Jackpot! 2.8


Chapter 9

8 Mar 23,23 Shin Bi

Love doesn't always work the way you want it to, at least that’s the case for Sojoong. Unfortunately for him, the love of his life, Ji-hoon, doesn't love him as much as Sojoong thought he did. So heartbroken, he decides to break things off. But that doesn't mean that Sojoong can just forget the love he felt or the memories they shared together. As he spends his days wallowing in misery, hoping for
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Cherry Complex 2.4

Cherry Complex

Chapter 11

426 Mar 23,23 Jin 5

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Duke's Private Tutor 4.2

Duke's Private Tutor

Chapter 69

1.8K Mar 23,23 Mikuni, HajimePierre, YamamotoMorishima, AkikoNanzaki, IkuRokuroichiAmano, ShunintaKodama, NaokoSaida, Nika

Jace, an Academic Honours student, once had a very bright future! However, his life has gone downhill ever since he punched a noble classmate… When he finally manages to get a chance to work as a private tutor… The duke is so handsome that he cannot concentrate!
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Sharpe and Rabbit 3.6

Sharpe And Rabbit

Season.2 Chapter 56

162 Mar 23,23 VVBG

AJ, aka Rabbit, works at a seedy nightclub in order to survive. He dreams of saving up enough money to finally leave town… until the night his former high school math teacher, Mr. Sharpe, walks in. Little did AJ know Mr. Sharpe, is actually a deadly ex-hitman?! When Mr. Sharpe's former employer asks him to take on a dangerous mission, unfortunately for AJ, he's the perfect partner for the task. If
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The Eve Festival 3.8

The Eve Festival

Chapter 23

80 Mar 23,23 Bad Pharmacy

The story of 2 high school students and their growth as they have a hard time around immature adults.Yoon Jungwon, the model student and class president, seems to be hiding a secret, and Kwak Gilsung, a rising Taekwondo player stuck in his rebellious phase.Why are these two drawn toward each other? The tearful growth of two people exploring their youth!It was still the eve festival
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My Diamond Star 3.9

My Diamond Star

Chapter 5

74 Mar 23,23 Setsuo

Takuma is a super ordinary first-year high school student in the countryside who happens to be a (male) idol otaku. He spends all his free time working part-time in hopes of one day seeing his idols live in concert. However, one day, Kei, his bais, suddenly suspends his idol activities due to health problems. Takuma spends his days in despair until Kei moves into the house next door… “I want to h
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Juliet wo Ute 2.7

Juliet Wo Ute

Chapter 5

35 Mar 23,23 Katsura Komachi

Juri is the unwavering Number One host at the host club, "Velvet Kiss." He's manly and handsome, but always has a poker face. Number Two host, Akatsuki, is aiming for the top spot and asks Juri how to earn it. Despite expecting to be rejected, Juri invites him over to his place. But when it's just the two of them overlooking the beautiful night sky, Akatsuki finds himself being pulled in by Juri's
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Surge Looking For You 4.1

Surge Looking For You


4.1K Mar 22,23 Chung Yun

Cheong-ho is a national swim team member who has been struggling with poor records. As an alpha, his physical condition could be improved greatly through sex with an omega, but he has a fear of omega pheromones. His hopes of being a top swimmer seem to be sinking, but that all changes when he meets Yi-rim, an omega whose pheromones don’t give off any scent. Yi-rim is only too happy to help Cheong-
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Kick Off 4.1

Kick Off

Chapter 35

1.3K Mar 22,23 Hocco

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Haunted by Desire 4

Haunted By Desire


1.1K Mar 22,23 Penguin, Unknown

.Jo Sungjae spends passionate nights with the ghost that visits him every night- a ghost that resembles Dohwi, the person he loves, and as the nights progress, his condition worsens. Dowhi is worried about Sungae and invites him over to his house What could Hong Dowhi's birth secret be? Will the enchanted Jo Sungjae be able to survive till the end?
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How Can You Be Pure! 3.5

How Can You Be Pure!

Chapter 2

51 Mar 22,23 Magoo

One day, Seojin, a judo instructor meets Jaeha, a former member of the national team, who came in as a temporary instructor. Unlike Seojin, who is quiet, he feels awkward about Jaeha's blunt personality. On the way home, Jaeha ran into Seojin and both had a drink. When a drunk Seojin opened his eyes, he saw Jaeha masturbating while calling his name.+
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Night Smoke 4

Night Smoke

Chapter 17

33 Mar 22,23 Black Bean , Kkaman Kong

In the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, there was a cruel king that could not be described with words. People called him 'King Yacha' because he was a man-eating devil. Lee Shin, who ascended the throne and reigned as the king of Joseon had a reputation as a cruel king. When the eunuchs who wanted to serve him reached the point of shortage, the court......
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Delusional Love Disorder 4.5

Delusional Love Disorder

Chapter 7

0 Mar 22,23 KLBB , 长佩文学 , 阿潜 , 青袍龙葵子

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Manhattan Romance 3.5

Manhattan Romance

Chapter 16

231 Mar 22,23 Chilbam , Fyoryu , 칠밤

At a shabby hotel in New York, Hyun is barely making ends, working as a house keeper and enduring the abuse of his uncle. While working constantly, Hyun gets through his days by drawing, his one hobby, every dawn. Until one day, he happens to get entangled with the mysterious guest in Room 605. At first, the guest, Ruwan, interrogates Hyun saying that he's trying to find something he lost, but onc
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My One-night Stand, I Can't Forget You 3.3

My One-Night Stand, I Can't Forget You

Chapter 88

4K Mar 22,23 3981 ; Yuandian Gezi Manhua ; Zhang Pei Wenxue ; 池总渣 ; 陆放

The alpha idol Qi Bo Yan and the alpha actor Ji Wang were previously an affectionate couple, but got separated due to some misunderstandings. After six years, Qi Bo Yan appears in front of Ji Wang once again, aggressively drags Ji Wang back into his life. After some time the two spent together, the truth behind the misunderstanding during that time was revealed. Qi Bo Yan and Ji Wang finally becam
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Be My Dog 2

Be My Dog

Chapter 44

160 Mar 22,23 MO Chong

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Otra vez 3.7

Otra Vez

Chapter 50

526 Mar 22,23 Gongtae , Lime Tree , Seojin

Read Again Yaoi Again manhwa Again manga update free at Pianmanga.ComKorea's top actor, Han Nokyoung, lived arrogantly, relying solely on his attractive appearance and popularityThat is until a hidden camera catches him going at it with a third-generation chaebol, and the uncensored tape is broadcasted to the public, causing his descent into hell.To make matters worse, an acid attack causes seve
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The First Love of the Sushi Restaurant Owner is a Mermaid 3.8

The First Love Of The Sushi Restaurant Owner Is A Mermaid

Chapter 10

442 Mar 22,23 Whirl , Hwileul , Namdong

The sushi restaurant owner fell in love at first sight... with a mermaid! Because of his stern look, Hae-beom is often misunderstood as a gangster. Sang-ah, a customer who helped Hae-beom once, was a mermaid, who needs human saliva to get his legs. Hae-beom selflessly proposes a kiss to Sang-ah, once a day, every day. "Sang-ah only needs his legs... but won't he like me someday?"
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Flowers Whispering 4.2

Flowers Whispering

Chapter 61

474 Mar 22,23 Ake

Have you ever heard the story about a crane becoming a beauty to return a favor? Wait! Why did the crane become a man?! However, a man also is not bad...
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