Holiday Love - Fuufukan Renai 4.1

Holiday Love - Fuufukan Renai

Chapter 112: Born Again

2,461,204 Aug 12,20 Koyama Yukari, Kusakabe Eliza

Can a relationship survive after an affair? Azu is 30-year-old stay at home mom and she runs a nail salon in her apartment. While carrying the frustration of thinking that her husband Junpei (32) doesn’t love her as a woman anymore, she raises the child they were blessed with and continues through the motions of everyday life. One day, while Azu is running her salon, a customer asks to borro
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Don’t Mess with that Spicy Mother 4.1

Don’T Mess With That Spicy Mother

Chapter 1

1,079 Aug 12,20 Updating

That day, she was dragged into a drugged officer’s room. An accident brought her and that soldier together…for just one night. She left before dawn, determined to pretend nothing ever happened. Four years later, she posed as a man and took over companies over companies. Now a successful business”man”, she met that officer again. This time, he wouldn’t let her go.
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A Werewolf Boy 4.5

A Werewolf Boy

Chapter 0

493 Aug 12,20 Updating

After her family moves to an old home in the country side to care for her illness, Sun-yi Kim discovers a boy in the barn. The boy is dirty, wild, and can’t even speak, but Sun-yi’s mother takes him in until the police can find a place that will keep him. Though wary at first, Sun-yi begins to warm up to the strange, dog-like boy…Source of collecting
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Sore wa rei no Shiwaza desu 4.9

Sore Wa Rei No Shiwaza Desu

Chapter 3: After School Events

18,452 Aug 12,20 Noise

My name is Torii Nozomu, a plain, inconspicuous, introvert. Then a new transfer student, Kirishima Kyoko, came to sit next to me. She's cute, kind, and for some reason, she proactively talks to me, even though I'm a a nerd! A true saint.  ...But I want to get involved with her as little as possible. It's because she's haunted by a "ghost" that onl
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Princess and Her Ancient Vine 4.7

Princess And Her Ancient Vine

Chapter 1

319 Aug 12,20 Bciyuan

As the most successful business woman in the country, our female lead, a CEO, thought her battlefield would be business. However, things changed after she obtained a mysterious vine, which brought her to a world to a land of cultivation! There she met her destined man…
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Queen with a Scalpel 4.7

Queen With A Scalpel

Chapter 118

4,983,625 Aug 12,20 Kidarient, Mini

In the first life she was a terrible queen, who brought trouble to her country, and eventually, her own king burned her at the stake. In the second life, she became a talented surgeon, redeeming herself for her past, saving people. But because of a plane crash, the talented surgeon Song Zhi Hyun returns to her former life! This time, she decides to change everything, becoming a doctor.
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The Descendant of the Dynasty 4.6

The Descendant Of The Dynasty

Vol.9 Chapter 43: Dynasty

451,423 Aug 12,20 Hwang Mi-ri

Long ago, the Egyptians attacked the land of Amehs and killed the king. Fortunately, before this tragedy occurred, the king sent his two only daughters to safety. However, on their way out, Pastana was seperated from her younger sister Kanishia. Pastana was forced to flee without saving her or be doomed to die. 13 years later, Pastana has become the proud queen of a reviving and thriving nation o
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Treasure- Demon's Museum 4

Treasure- Demon's Museum

Chapter 13

12,016 Aug 12,20 星宸曜海

Luo Luo lost her memory in a car accident. She was rescued by something not human. Her journey into a fantasy world has just begun.
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My Girlfriend is a Zombie 4.6

My Girlfriend Is A Zombie

Chapter 138

12,574,768 Aug 12,20 Manyu,CHINA READING,Dark Litchi

Faced with doomsday, the special power inside Ling Mo was woken up. He found out that he could control zombies. Therefore, he could walk through the zombie crowd safe and sound using his power, and eventually he met his beloved girlfriend — Ye Lian, but only to find out that she has already been transformed into a zombie. To help Ye retrieve her memories, Ling Mo started his survival in doom
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I have Nine Female Disciples 4.4

I Have Nine Female Disciples

Chapter 25

180,193 Aug 12,20 I'm a dumbass after all

You’re flexing in front of me? Watch me humiliate you! Women? I have nine of them! I am matchless! Yeah, that’s how arrogant I am!
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Doomsday Girlfriend: My Backyard Leads to Doomsday 4.4

Doomsday Girlfriend: My Backyard Leads To Doomsday

Chapter 34

171,116 Aug 12,20 传奇漫业

A ring that can freely travel between the world and the end of the world was picked up by Song Chao. The food of the world is more valuable than gold in the end of the world, and more coincidentally, there is nothing in the end of the world, just more gold! This time Song Chao made a big hit! He took a tomato from his refrigerator and sold it for ten kilograms of gold! You can even exchange food f
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Sakasama Cranberry 4.7

Sakasama Cranberry

Vol.2 Chapter 7

93,971 Aug 12,20 Karuki Haru

Kayano Meguru has a bit of a brother complex. Her love for her brother is so strong that she has removed the idea of any romance with any other male other than her brother from her mind. One day she passes out and awakens 2 years in the future! To make things even more confusing for her, she is dating someone other than her beloved brother!
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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp 4.8

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady With The Lamp

Chapter 118

12,378,933 Aug 12,20 Mini, Kidarient, Yuin

In the first life she was a terrible queen, who brought trouble to her country, and eventually, her own king burned her at the stake. In the second life, she became a talented surgeon, redeeming herself for her past, saving people. But because of a plane crash, the talented surgeon Song Zhi Hyun returns to her former life! This time, she decides to change everything, becoming a doctor.
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Shen Yi Di Nu 4.7

Shen Yi Di Nu

Chapter 316.5

23,090,861 Aug 12,20 Ping Ping Jun,Yang Shi Liu

Passing to another world at the sound of duang, divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng YuHeng became the abused first wife's daughter of Da Shun Dynasty at the fraction of a minute. Wanting to kill me, one scalpel will cause you hemiplegia? Fighting with me? Carrying the pharmacy, holding fame and profit, even the Emperor worms his way into being friends with me! But what is the c
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Fox Concubine, Don't Play With Fire 4.8

Fox Concubine, Don't Play With Fire

Chapter 53.5

649,972 Aug 12,20 有鱼互鱼

Can a fox successfully cultivate to get her human form back? And can she bring this handsome prince back to the 21st century with her? Let’s see!
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Demon Sacred 4.2

Demon Sacred

Chapter 42: Decision

469,223 Aug 12,20 Itsuki Natsumi

A symptom which causes one to physically regress till the point of disappearance. A pharmaceutical company which claims to be researching a cure and the cause for this syndrome. What are their motives? And what does a dragon slayer and even a handful of demons have in relation to all this?
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The Prince’s Private Masseuse 4.7

The Prince’S Private Masseuse

Chapter 33

123,370 Aug 12,20 Chika

“I’ll make you remember me by force.” A man I don’t know suddenly kissed me… And when I opened my eyes… I found myself at war times in another world.
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The Crown Princess Audition 4.2

The Crown Princess Audition

Chapter 4

15,440 Aug 12,20 리모란

One day, Rose comes to the Arden family, who are poor countryside nobles. Apple decides to become Rose’s maid to assist her, and takes part in the audition full of conspiracies...
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Evolution of a Perfect Hubby 3.6

Evolution Of A Perfect Hubby

Chapter 126

1,621,278 Aug 12,20 Yoolook Culture

When she was 3, he was 10; she called him brother. When she was 8, she was 17; she slept with him on the same bed. When she was 17, he was 24, and she threw a shoe on his face, calling him "dad of my baby"! "What!!!" Lixing Ji, 24, male, President of Ji's Group, afraid of nobody and nothing but the little devil girl who has tortured him for 14 years. Even worse, he started
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Takasugi’s Tiny Delinquent Hero 4.8

Takasugi’S Tiny Delinquent Hero

Vol.2 Chapter 163: What Are These Hands For

1,174,422 Aug 12,20 Tomisa

Takasugi Koyuki who is 180cm, gloomy and shy is secretly fond of Komaeda Masakatsu, who is short in stature but has a big heart. Will the distance between the two obvious mismatch be shortened---?!
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To Aru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku 4.5

To Aru Majutsu No Kinsho Mokuroku

Vol.25 Chapter 151: The Amakusa Live-In Bodyguard

1,767,287 Aug 12,20 Kamachi Kazuma

The story is set in a world where supernatural powers exist through science, and magic exists through religion. In the story, Touma Kamijou is an ordinary high school boy with terrible academic scores and a power called Imagine Breaker. Imagine Breaker can defeat any other power, but it also undermines Kamijou's own good luck. His Imagine Breaker's immense strength is literally immeasurabl
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Love Is Full of Thorns 3.9

Love Is Full Of Thorns

Chapter 12

13,694 Aug 12,20 Zhang yue keji

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Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen 3.1

Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen

Chapter 22

115,654 Aug 12,20 Xian yu wenhua

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