Dong Gun 4.4

Dong Gun

Chapter 115: Episode 115

1.5K May 30,24 Dan-Ee Lee, Ji-Woo Shin

It was an era of terror, a time in history where 10 suns shone as the world below burned under its mantle. As a result, Yae, a legendary warrior, was summoned and commanded by Chunjae, the father of these 10 suns, to shoots down all but one sun. But of course, the suns’ mother, Hwaehwa, did not take this news well and, in vengeance, swore to revive her dead sons. After a long time, Hwaehwa r
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unOrdinary 2.9


Chapter 353: Episode 345

134.9K May 30,24 Urusai-baka

The world is not perfect. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. But there comes a point where these imperfections spawn a crushing realization... that something needs to change...
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Pregnant Wife, One Plus One 4

Pregnant Wife, One Plus One

Chapter 278

11.9K May 30,24 Yuèwén Mànhuà (阅文漫画)

Pregnant Wife, One Plus One with other name The Duke’s Hidden Baby: BOGO!He has the absolute power. He kills without hesitation and is a cold, fickle man. Yet he becomes obsessed with her and dotes on her nonstop.The first time they met, he asked, “Was it you, six years ago?”The second time they met, he’s holding onto the DNA test, “You still dare to say he’s no
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Beethoven Reborn 4.8

Beethoven Reborn

Chapter 5

22 May 30,24 Woojin, Jayeoung-I

Only music sustained me from the maddening pain. If only I could hear my music... with my own ears... Even as my soul was falling apart, I prayed to God... and prayed again. Ludwig van Beethoven is considered the greatest composer in human history. I closed my eyes like that. And 180 years later in Seoul. The saint of music, known as an immortal genius, has been reborn. And then I began to hear t
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The Last Golden Child 4.5

The Last Golden Child

Chapter 137

8.5K May 30,24 Al Kkeh

How many kicks does it take to smash the heart of a giant? Though she’s not a pure Child of Golden Light, Loxy must learn to channel the sun’s warmth and topple the towering titans that stand in the way of saving her sister. With bloodthirsty giants in her path, and the ruthless God of the Gods, Odin, in hot pursuit, Loxy pushes her body to its very limits in the hopes that she can become half as
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S-Rank Party Wo Munou Da To Tsuihousareta Kedo, "kantei" To "chiyu Mahou" De Nariagari Musou

Chapter 22

6.1K May 30,24 HIRU Andon , Zianazu

Nigris, an adventurer who has a rare “appraisal” skill and specializes in “healing magic”. He supported the S-rank party behind the scenes, but was deemed incompetent and exiled. Nigris begins his career as a solo adventurer with a fresh start, but his destiny begins to change when he meets the elf slave girl Fels and the thunder master Alisa. "Wha, what is this power...!" Nigris' talent blooms, a
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Infinite skill getter 4.1

Infinite Skill Getter

Vol.3 Chapter 21

5.4K May 30,24 Maruzushi , Kaisanbutsu

During a Once-in-A-lifetime ceremony, the young boy, Yuri, receives the trash skill "Life transfer", allowing him to transfer his life force to another personCrushed by despair after receiving the skill, Yuri encounters a woman who loses her life right in front of him. Wanting to be the one to decide who he gives his life to, he activates "Life Transfer", dying on the spot. It had appeared as thou
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Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight 4.7

Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight

Chapter 59

27K May 30,24 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Nagi (Ii)

When there is no way out, the way is in. Doomed to die next month, our terminally ill protagonist Chan is too frail and defeated to try anything at all. No wonder he chooses to plunge himself into an RPG world he is only too familiar with. Why should this run be any different? Well, other than the fact that he will wake up inside the game and get struck with an
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Freezing the World: I Built a Doomsday Safehouse 3.8

Freezing The World: I Built A Doomsday Safehouse

Chapter 131

4.8K May 30,24 记忆的海

The world is plunged into an icy age, and 95% of humanity is wiped out! In his previous life, our hero Zhang Yi was tragically killed by the very people he helped, thanks to his kind heart. But fear not, for Zhang Yi has been reborn and now possesses the awesome power – space manipulation! He's gone completely bonkers hoarding supplies for the icy apocalypse and is ready to rule the frozen wa
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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation 4.7

Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Chapter 125

38.5K May 30,24 Hyung Geun Cho, Kwang Hwi, 광휘, 조형근

A scout in the infamous Demon Cult, Seolhwi is on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encounters a fearsome master of the Mount Hua Sect, the sworn enemies of the Demon Cult. Without warning, the Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire squad. As Seolhwi lies dying, lamenting years of service to the cult with nothing to show for it, he is suddenly faced with a video game prompt, asking
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Absolute Necromancer 4.7

Absolute Necromancer

Chapter 53

19.1K May 30,24 Blue Jaeng-Yi,Chung Song,Ji Baekho

Read manhwa Absolute NecromancerThe tower. An unknown place with many rapid changes.Ten years later, I reincarnated into the body of a boy who lives on Earth in South Korea."The guy who backstabbed me and the one above him I'm going to rip into them." The person who reached the top as a necromancer and achieved the class above that, Spirit Master Cha Jinhyuk. As the "All-Master," he will take his
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Kill My Love 3.3

Kill My Love

Chapter 20

172 May 30,24 Xini

A decade ago, he was a beta at the pinnacle of his assassin career. But one day, while trying to save an Alpha child, he suffered severe injuries leading him to lose the sharpness and insight an assassin needs. Left with no choice, he retired and moved into a remote small town to start a new life under a new identity. Everything was going well until an unexpected visitor showed up at his house. Th
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I Obtained a Mythic Item 4.7

I Obtained A Mythic Item

Chapter 106

77.6K May 30,24 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Hess (헤스)

D-Rank non-combat raider becomes a great enemy of god that will save the world with the strongest restoration item.
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Talent-Swallowing Magician 4.7

Talent-Swallowing Magician

Chapter 76

94K May 30,24 Bread-eating Squirrel,Younggeun (story Plus),Dj Gonglyong

Elric Melvinger. The sole heir of the prestigious magic family. Though he possessed innate talent, he had too much talent, and as such, could not learn magic. However, he then received a blessing left by his ancestors! [Eat demons.] [Swallow demons.] [Drink demons.] [Continue to keep accumulating demons within yourself, and achieve new magic!]
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The Rising of the Shield Hero 4.7

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Vol.26 Chapter 106: Witch

220.6K May 30,24 Aneko Yusagi

Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no o
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The Galactic Navy Officer becomes an Adventurer 4.8

The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes An Adventurer

Chapter 48.2

63.5K May 30,24 Takuma Tomomasa,A_itoh

The spaceship which Imperial Galactic Navy Officer Alan Corinth helmed was shot down by a surprise attack during hyper-space navigation. Completely due to freak coincidence, Alan became the only one in the ship to survive. The severely damaged spaceship lost its navigation capabilities and plummeted onto a nearby planet. Using an escape pod, Alan headed toward the planet alone
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Though Young People Recoil From Entering the Black Magic Industry, I Found Its Treatment of Employees Quite Good When I Entered It, and the President and Familiar Are Cute Too So Everything Is Awesome 4.6

Though Young People Recoil From Entering The Black Magic Industry, I Found Its Treatment Of Employees Quite Good When I Entered It, And The President And Familiar Are Cute Too So Everything Is Awesome

Vol.9 Chapter 50.5: Those Blasphemous White Days

31.4K May 30,24 Kouki Izumi,Kisetsu Morita

Franz is a recent graduate of magic school who is having trouble finding a job — he constantly bungles interviews due to his poor communication skills. With all the major magical jobs out of his reach, there’s only one place left for him to go.<br><br>The industry of black magic. Known for being Disgusting, Dirty, and Dangerous, Franz is incredibly hesitant to actually ente
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The Supreme Way 4.3

The Supreme Way

Chapter 106

10.8K May 30,24 噼咔噼

The Supreme Way manhua, This is a world where all people have the hope of becoming gods. Taking the path of the Thunder God, one can become a Thunder God. After taking the path of Mountain God, one can become a Mountain God. After becoming a god, one can open up a divine kingdom. The crossover Lai Cang had no money and no talent to take the God path, but in an accident, he became the first in his
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While You’re In Love 4.5

While You’Re In Love

Chapter 32

1.6K May 30,24 Soy Media,Yoo Soo Hee

Read manhwa While You're In Love / Synopsis While You're In Love I actually knew the truth. I didn't marry my wife because I loved her. So it's not his fault. It was all my fault to have false expectations. I just signed a contract with her based on needs. Three years as his wife. I tried hard to be the right woman for him, but I couldn't get a piece of his heart. I didn't
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Monster Stein 4.9

Monster Stein

Chapter 9: Joseph

110 May 30,24 Otosama

A few decades back, humanity went to war against strange beings such as werewolves and witches, and was on the verge of defeat. The solution to breaking this deadlock was the human weapon created by Dr. Frankenstein. Time passes, and Vic, a mysterious girl, is traveling with Stein, a large man covered in scars. All in order to destroy the distorted principles of this world.
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Saikyou Skill 3.7

Saikyou Skill "inochigoi" De Kuyashii Kedo Musou Shi Chau Moto Maou-Sama No Sekai Seifuku Katsudou

Vol.2 Chapter 11: "begging For Mercy From A Servant"

509 May 30,24 Murata Shinya,Sumita Kazuasa

Village girl Chelsea, who is beloved by everyone, is actually the reincarnated ex-Demon King.However, when she reincarnated, for some reason neither her magical powers nor skills were inherited, and she was forced to live as a normal human being.Humiliating days continued until one day, the remnants of the Demon King's army appeared to loot the village. Hunted down by her former subordinat
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I Used to Be a Boss 4.6

I Used To Be A Boss

Chapter 79

41.6K May 30,24 Lucks

Baphomet is the ruthless, dispassionate lord of the Abyssal Tower, a mysterious, monster-filled dungeon plaguing the human world. Many Hunters seek to defeat him and bring the tower down to no avail. Despite his demonic power, Baphomet grows curious about humanity. One day, Baphomet is defeated by Raven, the strongest Hunter, and realizes that his true wish is to be just like the humans he previo
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Space Juggernaut 3.4

Space Juggernaut

Vol.7 Chapter 59: The First Snow X

453 May 30,24 Clancey Fajardo

Wanderer, imposing, somewhere in the vast void of space, Rendezvous awaits! The only space station built inside a living being, where the best scientists, warriors, explorers and engineers of the galaxy live.Follow the adventures of the Rendezvaj against the galaxy's major enemy; The Raccoon-race "preservation" Federation in this epic Space Opera.
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I Got Married To a Beast Duke 4.8

I Got Married To A Beast Duke

Chapter 23

2K May 30,24 Nayang, Bag Yagcho

Read manhwa I Got Married to a Duke Called Beast / Duke Staton, with his vast estate and immense wealth, proposed to me.Why did he propose to me? I'm the daughter of a noble family with no fiefdom bearing only the name?In addition to that, there was a terrible rumor coming from the capitalRead at to support us."Duke Staton is a beast without blood or tears."
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