Osewagakari wa Mamanaranai 4.6

Osewagakari Wa Mamanaranai

Chapter 6

30,429 Jan 17,21 Sakou Watari

Iijima Touka is a girl who loves the 2D world. She decides to move out to enjoy her time alone as a full-time fujoshi. What she didn't expect was to have company, a handsome man called Oku, who wants to live with her no matter what. What are Oku's real motives?
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Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf 4.8

Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf

Chapter 7

300,808 Jan 17,21 Juu Ayakura,Isuna Hasekura

The young man Cole dreams of one day joining the holy clergy and departs on a journey from the bathhouse “The Spice and Wolf Inn,” owned by his savior, Lawrence. The Winfiel Kingdom's prince has invited him to help correct the sins of the church. But as his travels begin, Cole discovers in his luggage a young girl with a wolf's ears and tail named Myuri who stowed away for the
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Sore wa rei no Shiwaza desu 4.8

Sore Wa Rei No Shiwaza Desu

Chapter 19: True Feelings

639,182 Jan 17,21 Noise

My name is Torii Nozomu, a plain, inconspicuous, introvert. Then a new transfer student, Kirishima Kyoko, came to sit next to me. She's cute, kind, and for some reason, she proactively talks to me, even though I'm a a nerd! A true saint.  ...But I want to get involved with her as little as possible. It's because she's haunted by a "ghost" that onl
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Kaoru-kun to Hana no Mori 5

Kaoru-Kun To Hana No Mori

Vol.2 Chapter 10.5: Oneshot: Gyu...tte Shite Mo Ii?

115,412 Jan 17,21 Shiraishi Yuki

From Chibi Manga and Intercross: Kaoru is as kind as a prince towards girls. She would love to meet men stronger than her! And then, two men appeared in front of her...
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Kyou mo Kurosaki-san no Turn! 4.6

Kyou Mo Kurosaki-San No Turn!

Chapter 2

24,075 Jan 17,21 Ayuka

Renge Kurosaki is your regular run-of-the-mill gyaru, but she hides a secret that she shares only with our lowly protagonist Yashiro: she loves card games.
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“Ou no Saien” no Kishi to, “Yasai” no Ojou-sama 4.7

“Ou No Saien” No Kishi To, “Yasai” No Ojou-Sama

Chapter 2

12,023 Jan 17,21 Mashimesa Emoto,Tanuda Niso

Constantin de Arambourg, knight of the garden, is an overly serious knight who guards the king's kitchen garden. One day, he met a beautiful woman chasing a rabbit in the garden. When she caught the rabbit with her bare hands, she said: "I'll turn you into a meat pie, rabbit!" When she said this with a smile, his heart was struck like lighting - fall in love!
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Douse, Koishite Shimaunda 4.6

Douse, Koishite Shimaunda

Chapter 2: If You Kiss Your Childhood Friend

2,008 Jan 17,21 Mitsui Haruka

From Kogarashi Scans: Surrounded by 4 good-looking childhood friends, Mizuho's everyday life is full of nothing but heart-racing moments ♡ On top of that... Lately, Kizuki, the youngest among the group, has been drawing in steadfast towards her!? A dazzling tale of youth begins!
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Stalker x Stalker 4.7

Stalker X Stalker

Chapter 70: Snowfall

6,935,490 Jan 17,21 Reon Merryweatherey

What happens when two yandere stalkers fall in love with each other
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Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san 4.8

Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-San

Chapter 108

10,669,094 Jan 17,21 YanBARU

A sexy-boss has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the Comedy-Ecchi at work!!
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Lust Geass 4.3

Lust Geass

Chapter 30

4,104,036 Jan 17,21 Takahashi Osamu

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My Universe 4.7

My Universe

Chapter 33

269,055 Jan 17,21 Gong-i

"If aliens exist, I want to meet them." Then one day, the universe suddenly spoke to me. And on top of that, it's speaking through the body and face of my one-sided crush from school...?
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Demon Sacred 4.2

Demon Sacred

Chapter 46: Hatred

478,971 Jan 17,21 Itsuki Natsumi

A symptom which causes one to physically regress till the point of disappearance. A pharmaceutical company which claims to be researching a cure and the cause for this syndrome. What are their motives? And what does a dragon slayer and even a handful of demons have in relation to all this?
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Kaettekita Motoyuusha 4.5

Kaettekita Motoyuusha

Chapter 5.2

734,375 Jan 17,21 nishi,NARUSAWA Kei

Once, a hero has been summoned to a different world in order to defeat the demon king. After the war stretching 3 years ended, the commendable hero slayed the demon king. And he was forcibly deported back to earth after being dismissed."Give me a break! Elves in addition to beast race, dwarfs and demon race. Even though I wanted to make a harem in the different world I saved!
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Blinded by the Setting Sun 4.7

Blinded By The Setting Sun

Chapter 27: Going Back, The Path We Left (1)

509,398 Jan 17,21 Muro

“Hildegar”, a witch that receive the blessing of Kariya, the god of the sun. “Erkin,” a northern man who lost his hometown, heads after the witch to an unnamed castle.
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Empress Mother 4.4

Empress Mother

Chapter 12

56,434 Jan 17,21 Updating

The tyrant Xi Wuji always thought that his pampered queen treated him affectionately, like a delicate little lotus flower. He thought she loved him, but on the day of his death, he opened his eyes. As a result of his death, she took charge of the government and had many lovers, and lived in debauchery. But he became her favourite lover again in this new life‽
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Sandwich Girl 4.1

Sandwich Girl

Chapter 28

252,238 Jan 17,21 Han Yu-rang

Lee Jaekyung, a violent girl, just wants to live a peaceful and normal high school life. She goes to the same high school that her crush, Yu Minwoo attends, and even learned to sew and cook just for him. She finally sees him again when he gives his student body president speech, but she also finds out that the annoying playboy Sejoon Kang, is also at her school. How does Jaekyung know Sejoon?
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Natsuaki-kun wa Kyou mo Kokuhaku shitai 4.7

Natsuaki-Kun Wa Kyou Mo Kokuhaku Shitai

Chapter 5

39,885 Jan 17,21 Satoru (さとる)

Natsuaki has a crush on his classmate Nashida, if only he could just come out and say it! An unrequited love comedy between the inscrutable Natsuaki-kun and the unaware Nashida-san.
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My Childhood Friend, the Devilish Knight, Hates Me 4.6

My Childhood Friend, The Devilish Knight, Hates Me

Chapter 2

38,100 Jan 17,21 Aminohada,IZUMI Izu

Suria, who has just been appointed as the new “Spirit Princess,” is reunited with her childhood friend, Reiss, with whom she had a falling out. Several years have passed since that bitter memory and Reiss, now known as the heartless “Devilish Knight,” is entrusted with the important task of being her escort. The two now have to travel together, bringing out Suria’s ol
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Husky Kareshi to Junjou-chan H na Banken wa Mate ga dekinai 4.6

Husky Kareshi To Junjou-Chan H Na Banken Wa Mate Ga Dekinai

Chapter 2

14,048 Jan 17,21 Serzawa Nae

Yuri, who lost her dog Natsukichi three years ago, is studying to become a veterinarian. One day, she rescued a stray dog from the side of the road and brought it home. While taking care of the dog she’s reminded of nostalgic memories of Natsukichi. When she woke up, she saw a handsome guy sleeping next to her. Her deceased pet dog came back in the form of a human?! And wants to have XXX wit
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Hana to Kuchizuke 4.8

Hana To Kuchizuke

Chapter 2

10,035 Jan 17,21 Natsu Samako

Left homeless, Kasumi decides to fix the situation on her own to not be an inconvenience to her busy family. But through a misunderstanding, she meets this handsome flower artist, who... despite being older, seems to be very interested in her. Has the time for her to fall in love finally come?
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Unnamed Memory 4.8

Unnamed Memory

Chapter 3

36,107 Jan 17,21 Furumiya Kuji,Koshimizu Naoki

“As long as you’re the master of that sword and I’m a witch, someday you’ll have to kill me for real.” As a child, Oscar, Crown Prince of Farsas, had been cursed to be childless. At the age of 20, he paid a visit to Tinassha, the strongest witch in the continent, to break the curse. He came back bringing Tinassha along as his protector, and
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Debby the Corsifa is Emulous 4.6

Debby The Corsifa Is Emulous

Chapter 2: Shirizumo

12,041 Jan 17,21 Hirakata Masahiro

"I know! I'll destroy some humans to kill time!" The strongest demon ever makes an unexpected appearance! But she's... a total airhead?! A comedy about a clumsy but emulous demon trying to kill time begins! Author's Twitter:
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Kiruru Kill Me 4.8

Kiruru Kill Me

Chapter 5: Kiruru, Nurse Of Death

80,657 Jan 17,21 Kano Yasuhiro

is coming to collect on it is Kiruru Akaumi. But the one who commissioned this hit... was Aoi himself! He fell head over heels in love with Kiruru from the moment he saw her and, in order to spend more time with her to deepen their relationship, he himself commissioned the Kiruru company to kill him.
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His Highness, don't leave! I will lose weight for you! 4.6

His Highness, Don't Leave! I Will Lose Weight For You!

Chapter 63

754,440 Jan 17,21 博易创为动漫

Waking up as the descentand of a Nobel family of traditional Chinese medicine, Han Fei found herself unable to bend down and see her toes. Later, she found out that she is known as the famous fat woman of the prime minister Han's house, the eldest daughter of the Han family, And King Qin, who was laughed at and crippled, was her husband to be appointed.
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