Regarding That We Decided to Live in the Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came to Us 4.7

Regarding That We Decided To Live In The Countryside With The Female Knight Who Came To Us

Chapter 69: The Itous' Grandson

10,500,438 Dec 03,21 Sakuta, Akino Kakashi

Saeki Kanji, 32 years old and still single, is living in the Japanese countryside, which is in decline. After graduating from university with a degree in economics he took a job as a salary man in a leading company in Tokyo, but retired when he inherited the family farm in Miyama village when his parents passed on. He soon took to the life of a simple farmer. One day a beautiful woman
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Boy's Abyss 4.6

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 76: Key

13,227,794 Dec 03,21 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja 4.7

Shikkaku Mon No Saikyou Kenja

Chapter 49.1: The Strongest Sage Is Having Fun

40,980,525 Dec 03,21 Shinkou Shotou

In a certain world, there was someone who excelled in magic combat, people called him 『Sage』. Seeking the strongest combat art, he devoted himself to research every magic and combat arts in existence. And the conclusion he arrived at was very cruel, 『My body is not fit for magic combat』. Yet he didn’t give up. He sealed his own soul with a magic art, and was reborn in a far-off future. And t
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Akatsuki no Yona 3.4

Akatsuki No Yona

Chapter 217: Tightly Closed Lid

32,685,997 Dec 03,21 Kusanagi Mizuho

Akatsuki no Yona Manga: Yona of the Dawn, known as Akatsuki no Yona in Japan. "Yona of the Dawn" , also called Akatsuki no Yona -The girl standing in the blush of morning-) is a Japanese manga series by Mizuho Kusanagi, serialized in Hakusensha's sh?jo manga magazine Hana to Yume from August 2009
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Sandwich Girl 4.1

Sandwich Girl

Chapter 32

298,535 Dec 03,21 Han Yu-rang

Lee Jaekyung, a violent girl, just wants to live a peaceful and normal high school life. She goes to the same high school that her crush, Yu Minwoo attends, and even learned to sew and cook just for him. She finally sees him again when he gives his student body president speech, but she also finds out that the annoying playboy Sejoon Kang, is also at her school. How does Jaekyung know Sejoon?
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Tearmoon Empire Story 4.9

Tearmoon Empire Story

Chapter 15.1

2,707,889 Dec 03,21 Mizu Morino,Gilse,Nozomu Mochitsuki

In the Tearmoon Empire, the disdained selfish princess Mia was sentenced to death -- or at least, she was supposed to be! Instead, she woke up as her twelve-year-old self??<br><br>To avoid the guillotine in her second life, she won't repeat her past failures...<br><br>"F-for me, something of this level is an easy task!"<br><br>Ultimate self-defense
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The President's Alternate Bride 1.6

The President's Alternate Bride

Chapter 33: 033

75,073 Dec 03,21 TEGONGKUANGFEI

After her elder sister eloped with another man the day before her wedding, she was married off to her elder sister's enraged groom-to-be. On the night of their wedding, her handsome but distant groom ordered her to "start fulfilling her duties as his wife", only to call her by her elder sister's name even after she'd relented and shed her clothes for him...She had no idea that there was much to co
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Xiaobai's Dream Daddy 3.7

Xiaobai's Dream Daddy

Chapter 30: As Expected Of My Son

72,299 Dec 03,21 Ake Culture

A baby enters their lives as a result of a conspiracy. When she meets him again a few years later, he doesn't seem to be as cold and aloof as the rumors say. Produced by the original creators of “Young Master He's Blitz Marriage." Be sure to subscribe to the comic.
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Aharen-san wa Hakarenai 4.9

Aharen-San Wa Hakarenai

Chapter 120

9,222,737 Dec 03,21 Mizu Asato

From the author of Denkigai no Honya-san and Dansai Joshi comes a short-length comedy about Raidou and his seatmate Aharen-san, who has problems determining how chummy she has to be when approaching other people. Get up close and personal with the small, quiet but unfathomable girl, Aharen-san!
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Song of the Night Walkers 4.8

Song Of The Night Walkers

Chapter 78: Why Is Cheating Bad?

7,957,705 Dec 03,21 Kotoyama

Unable to sleep or find satisfaction in his daily life, Yamori Kou begins exploring the city at night, where he meets a strange girl who offers to help his insomnia by sleeping beside him.
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Ookami-heika no Hanayome 4.8

Ookami-Heika No Hanayome

Chapter 88

4,911,102 Dec 03,21 Kauta Mato

From StarryHeaven: Yuurin, the daughter of a low ranking government officer, came to the royal palace after hearing of a job with higher wages. However, that job is to act as the bride of Haku Reishou, who is feared as being the ruthless and heartless "His Majesty, the Wolf". In the royal palace where conspiracies swirl, after learning His Majesty's secret, Yuurin ends up stuck being
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Kenja ga Nakama ni Natta! 4.7

Kenja Ga Nakama Ni Natta!

Chapter 35: Shrine Visit With The Saint!

3,245,288 Dec 03,21 Azu

High-school student Suou Amadera has gone big brain and quit real life! Why waste time and money on real friends when you can browse the internet all day, every day? But suddenly, a mysterious girl appears, and with her saintly patience she shows Suou that maybe, friends in real life aren't so bad after all... Join us for the new "friendship comedy" by the author of the acclaimed "Tejina-senpai"!
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I Want Your Mother to Be with Me! 4.9

I Want Your Mother To Be With Me!

Chapter 33 [End]

5,266,905 Dec 03,21 Yutaka Tazawa

New Manga UP! Romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother.
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Futago Complex 4.8

Futago Complex

Chapter 24

713,915 Dec 03,21 Orihara Sachiko

You're a good guy !!!! Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they love each other, sometimes rivals? Momo that can't be released a little while well, and is always taking care of the trouble. Ayatsuki,a tsundere (?) Story of twin high school students who are the opposite of personality!
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I'm An Opportunistic Princess In-Charge of Solving Things 4.6

I'm An Opportunistic Princess In-Charge Of Solving Things

Chapter 13.1

2,191,554 Dec 03,21 Kazusa Yoneda,Mamechoro,Mitsuya Fuji

Princess Octavia was a high school girl until she was reincarnated into her beloved BL novel's world.<br>The fact that she's able to see her brother, the main character, and his lover so closely is a good thing, but both of them are male.<br>If so, won't there be trouble with future heirs?!<br>There's no way they'll make her take a political marriage to offer
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The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady 4.7

The Magical Revolution Of The Reincarnated Princess And The Genius Young Lady

Vol.2 Chapter 13

4,105,204 Dec 03,21 Karasu Piero,Nadaka Harutsugu,Kisaragi Yuri

Anne-Sophia, the Princess who remembered her previous life at a young age, as well as her old self’s intense love of magic, set off to live out her fantasies in this fantasy world. One day, during a magical mishap, she stumbled upon a scene where her brother Algard was breaking off his engagement to his fiancee, Euphilia. What nobody could have foresee
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Kimi no Okaasan wo Boku ni Kudasai! 4.6

Kimi No Okaasan Wo Boku Ni Kudasai!

Vol.4 Chapter 33

516,269 Dec 03,21 Tazawa Yutaka

New Manga UP! romantic comedy about a freeter who ended up falling in love with a single mother. Links: Artist's Twitter @kimihahak
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Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend 3

Home Sweet Home: Living With My Celebrity Boyfriend

Chapter 48: Wen Rou Is So Heartless

140,852 Dec 03,21 Tianyi Icartoon

A Mainland Chinese boy band suddenly rises to the top as the country's most popular idol group. An ordinary girl who works in a convenience store bumps into one of the members in a serendipitous encounter, moving the idol's heart with her gentle kindness. They move in together and start a sweet life full of drama and heartwarming moments. Will Prince Charming and Cinderella get their happily ever
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Green Apple Paradise 3.4

Green Apple Paradise

Chapter 75

10,014 Dec 03,21 딘돈,서 혜은

Sisters Ju-eun and Hye-jin lived a miserable life. After the death of their mother, their 'father', who had always been absent from their lives, suddenly appeared. Hye-jin, the older sister, agreed to his suggestion: if one of them joins the 'Daesung Group', he will rescue them from their poverty-stricken life. However... three years after entering 'Daesung Group', she dies in vain. This left Ju-e
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The Tyrant's Whereabouts 4.9

The Tyrant's Whereabouts

Chapter 46

1,617,289 Dec 03,21 DIAN, Yoo Hae Ryeo

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, merciless and greedy king. Looking at his life record, God shook his head. And God asked the three women who suffered the most to the king "What penalty do you want him to punish you?" Then the three women who looked at each other answered all at once. 'Please send all of us back to the earth." The beauty of the beautiful woman by t
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Circumstances of Switching Bodies 4.6

Circumstances Of Switching Bodies

Chapter 31

384,680 Dec 02,21 달꽃,윤달,푸릭

The prince was cursed of switching bodies with the woman he spent the night with, and I became the daughter of the duke who could not solve the curse. Tempted to solve the curse, I seduced him indifferently and spent the night with him. I gave him the antidote, so I stopped paying attention to him… “Princess, you're leaving me because you weren't satisfied that night.” “…”
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Mao 4.8


Chapter 120: Glaring Fires

1,518,082 Dec 02,21 kahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."
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