Dance Dance Danseur 4

Dance Dance Danseur

Chapter 130

9.4K Jul 20,24 George Asakura

Junpei is happily snoozing away during his sister's ballet recital when a male ballet dancer steps onto the stage. Moved by the strength and skills the dancer displays, the boy discovers his love for this art. But after a certain tragedy happens, he vows to leave his past behind and turn into the epitome of manliness. What will he do when his love for ballet reignites?!
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I’m a D-Rank Adventurer, for Some Reason I Got Recruited Into a Hero Party, and Now the Princess Is Stalking Me 4.5

I’M A D-Rank Adventurer, For Some Reason I Got Recruited Into A Hero Party, And Now The Princess Is Stalking Me

Chapter 29: For Some Reason My Heart Flutters When He's Near

9.9K Jul 20,24 Tachitsu Teto,Shiroao Toraneko

If you become a hero and defeat the Demon King, a life of idleness awaits you...! This is what the young man Jirei believed, and he worked hard day and night to achieve his goal. However, when he found out that the heroes who defeated the Demon King were the ones who were doing all the hard work, he ran away. But the girls that Jirei had been saving on his journeys before he knew it came pouring i
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Does Your Mother Need A Son-In-Law? 4.4

Does Your Mother Need A Son-In-Law?

Chapter 298

55.7K Jul 20,24 Boyi Animation

Long ago, Chien Han underwent "forced cultivation" because of the domineering empress. He cut off part of his soul to escape from the tiger's den! After that he is reborn in a new body. In this life, he will study military affairs and master spiritual practices.
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The Abandoned Wife’s Rebirth 3.8

The Abandoned Wife’S Rebirth

Chapter 41

823 Jul 20,24 连城漫画

"Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."[Translated by Mosh Scans] Wu Ruo couldn't see the true colors of the people around him until the day he died. The family of the friends who he treasured had been using him, and the husband who he neglected was the one who rescued him in
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How to Protect My Male Lead 4.7

How To Protect My Male Lead

Chapter 39

283 Jul 20,24 SEO Liha

Read manhwa How to Protect My Male Lead / Overcome with grief, Iris cradles her dying husband, Crown Prince Cedric, who was betrayed by her own bloodline. Suddenly, she's transported to another dimension where Cedric's life is written in a book, and pleads for the power to change the ending. That's when Iris is sent back to the time before her marriage, armed with the knowledge of impending tr
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My Favorite Novel Has a Weird Epilogue 4.6

My Favorite Novel Has A Weird Epilogue

Chapter 40

357 Jul 20,24 Homi (II)

Read manhwa My Favorite Novel Has a Weird Epilogue / External Ordinary, Slightly Strange / The Side Story of My Favorite Work Is a Bit Strange / The Spin-off of My Favorite Work Is a Bit Strange / Fencing champ Rina is on cloud nine after winning gold at the Olympics, but is pulled down to earth when she wakes up as an extra in her favorite novel. Though she thinks she'll have a front-row seat
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A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the Emperor 4.7

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal For The Emperor

Chapter 64

3K Jul 20,24 Geojuja

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the Emperor / Whether it's beauty, status, or a Ph.D, Elliere has it all. But one thing she doesn't have is luck with men, which she discovers when her prideful fiance dumps her for "being a know-it-all." Enraged, Elliere storms to the bar and drunkenly rants about her troubles to a mysterious stranger, whose good looks inspire her to ask for his han
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Anecdotes with Master After the Novel Transmigration 4.1

Anecdotes With Master After The Novel Transmigration

Chapter 21: Nan Qiu

47 Jul 20,24 野兔头11

After transmigration, both Shizun and the original protagonist's personas went out of character!! Double male lead, Shizun x Transmigrator.
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In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret 4.3

In My Death, I Became My Brother's Regret

Chapter 29

426 Jul 20,24 一亭

The half-demon, Jing Mo, was killed by his older brother Jue Ming when his demonic energy lost control. He found himself in the body of a young man named "Bai Shu", and this body seemed... abnormal. Due to suspicious circumstances revolving around the disappearance of Jing Mo's body, Jue Ming kept an eye on Jing Mo who desperately hid his true identity. With one of them hiding a secret and the oth
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I’m Sure It’s My Baby 4

I’M Sure It’S My Baby

Chapter 58

5.2K Jul 20,24 HAN Mint , RED (III) , Holog

After getting hit by truck-nim, she was reborn in another world as Claire, the eldest daughter of a baron. With a harmonious family, a lovely younger sister, and a modest estate, Claire had planned to live as an unemployed moocher and never work again. However, one night, she drunkenly slept with Duke Erich Clausener, rejected his proposal, and, when she returned home, found out that her younger s
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Shout Loud My Heart 3.7

Shout Loud My Heart

Vol.1 Chapter 3

2 Jul 20,24 Youga Reiri

Feelings that cannot be put into words are put into music-- Gen, a university student who plays guitar in the rock band "Eve," meets a man named Mike at a live music venue one day. He smokes cigarettes and talks about whatever he likes, making him seem like a shady guy. But what Gen hears is a clear, straightforward, one-of-a-kind singing voice. The next day, the two discover they
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The Snake Demon Wants to Flee 4.5

The Snake Demon Wants To Flee

Chapter 10

39 Jul 20,24 Idol Meow Studio (爱豆喵工作室), Jué Wèixiāng Yā Bó (绝味香鸭脖)

An extreme two-sided war of romance between a flirtatious snake demon that claims to fuck the gods VS a righteous but cold Daoist who only knows how to fight! Due to an unexpected mishap, the Snake Demon King could only bond with the (weird) righteous genius. This story about how the Snake Demon King tries to undo the bonding while trying to figure out how to take back his throne, but loses his bo
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Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again 3.7

Ex-Husband Wants To Marry Again

Chapter 75

4K Jul 20,24 书耽网 , 糖糕很甜

Qianfu You You You Xiang FuhunleYe Linghan's words turned Ji Ran from an Alpha to an Omega. Ji Ran endured the rejection reaction after changing his physique, endured Ye Linghan's repeated injuries, and after Ye Linghan divorced him, he turned and left heartbroken.And Ye Linghan, who got his wish, looked at the empty villa, and suddenly came to his senses
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This Time, the Tears Were Mine 4.4

This Time, The Tears Were Mine

Chapter 26

76 Jul 20,24 So Hyeong-Sung

Read manhwa This Time, the Tears Were Mine / A noble lady unwanted by her family. A prince unwanted by his country. There was a reason why they gravitated toward each other. Andrea always dreamed of Prince Charming coming to her rescue. And she thought she found him in Kahirthe abandoned Prince of Ragenia. But when her stepsister schemes to marry her off to an old and perverted marquis, Andrea
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Guide to Raise a Loyal Dog 3

Guide To Raise A Loyal Dog

Chapter 29: I Regret It Now

64 Jul 20,24 Xing Ji Hu Yu

Ling Xiangwan and Bai Qingxiao find their fates being intertwined in a case of "Lost Dog, Will Be Rewarded Greatly If Found". Poor college student Ling Xiangwan carries a dog to find its owner only to walk in on Bai Qingxiao doing lewd things. That was when he realized that the 'dog' stated in the search description isn't referring to an actual dog but as he was trying to leave he was stopped by t
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The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending 4.6

The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With The Ending

Chapter 38

993 Jul 20,24 Snug Hamster

Read manhwa The Young Lady Who Broke Her Engagement Is Only Obsessed With the Ending / [You didn't make it all the way to the ending]Possessing a dating simulation game,Serdel, whose fiancee had an affair, felt the bitter of ending failure.Reset to the original starting point,She swears she'll never live the way she used to.First of all, let's start everything with dealing with this man!"Youn
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Love Hug 3.8

Love Hug

Chapter 246

2K Jul 20,24 SORAKI Hanato

Tsubasa has come to dislike boys because of their relentless teasing in the past. She enters high school, but refuses to attend soon after. However, with the support of her online friend Momo, she decides to go back...
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I’m Sorry for Being an Unqualified Empress 4.3

I’M Sorry For Being An Unqualified Empress

Chapter 52

2.4K Jul 20,24 Chae Jeongyeon

After an unhappy marriage, Rose Etoile dies miserably at the hands of her husband, the Emperor of the Solstern Empire. Somehow, she goes back to the day before the emperor's marriage proposal to her, and at the rate she's going, it looks like she'll have to marry that bas**** again."I'll go to Hellavant instead of Lady Muriel, the Marquis's daughter!"Rose escapes from the madman to the Helavant Em
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Third Night Only 4.7

Third Night Only

Chapter 77

3.7K Jul 20,24 Got W , Nalanala

29 years old , Baek Dohee who feels hopeless and skeptical about her life , dreamed of escaping from a frustrated heart , meets Jun Won in place of her friend , Nuri. Due to an unknown attraction they end up having a one night stand , but at the climax. Dohee passes days without meeting Jun Won inorder to forget that day. Dohee reunites with Jun Won , who has taken the position of team leader. How
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Time Traveler 4

Time Traveler

Chapter 43

130 Jul 20,24

Read manhwa Time Traveler /
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One of the Lewd Demons 4.5

One Of The Lewd Demons

Chapter 97

8.2K Jul 20,24 Kim Mare

On the way home from meeting her friend, Oh Ha-na meets 'Mama', a demon who feeds on human greed and lust. In order to avoid this devilish crisis, she asks for help from a suspicious man, Luxria, whom she meets by chance, but this man makes a dangerous proposal to Hana. "Do you want help? Then you should have sex with me."
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I Was Born as the Second Daughter 4.7

I Was Born As The Second Daughter

Chapter 62

16K Jul 20,24 Nyugung Ding Pangpang , Yong Wongchan

I Was Born as the Second Daughter manhwa, My mother died of a serious illness. Then I met a man who had the same hair as my pink hair that I shouldn't show to anyone?! He even looked like me and said that he's the emperor! I also had 3 older brothers! "Mom Will I be able to get along with my new family?"
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