The Band of Young Ruffians 4.8

The Band Of Young Ruffians


103 Jan 20,16 Takahashi Rumiko

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Pure soldier OTOMAIDEN 4.6

Pure Soldier Otomaiden

Ch.1 : Pure Soldier Otomaiden

152 Jan 20,16 I-rabi

A normal high school student, Aria Hino, is walking home from school, but happens to see a cutsie dressed girl being mobbed by tiny like green creatures. After being mistreated and abused, the girl is approached by Aria, who becomes a Pure Soldier with her passing. Along with her friend, Luna, a famous celebrity, the two must transform into Pure Soldiers and fight evil.
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Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪ 5

Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪

Vol.3 Ch.28-42

166 Jan 20,16 TSUKIRINO Yumi

Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪ is set in the same universe as Magical Pokémon Journey, and features Pikachu and Clefairy as returning main characters. However, it is set in Hoenn and most of the main characters are new, mainly a Torchic, Poochyena, and a human character named Haruka.Source:
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Gonensei 3.9


Vol.5 Chapter 31 : The Failure And The Harlot

405 Jan 20,16 Kio Shimoku

Akio and Yoshino believed all there was left for them was to graduate. But life had different plans for them. Yoshino moves on while Akio stays behind, and something between them begins to change. The story of their youth continues.
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Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Gakuen 4.9

Cross Ange - Tenshi To Ryuu No Gakuen

Chapter 25--V2-

535 Jan 20,16 Sunrise

A high-school 4-koma comedy spin-off featuring the characters from Cross Ange.
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Sougiya Riddle 4.9

Sougiya Riddle

Vol.8 Ch.46.5 : Omake [End]

745 Jan 20,16 Akai Higasa

Hayate Sakura, a normal high-school student except one thing: ghosts are attracted to him. One day, someone saved him from all the ghosts he had attracted. His so-called hero introduced himself as Undertaker Riddle who sends spirits to peace. Sakura then asked him a favor if he could help him get rid of the ghosts, and in exchange he'll do anything. Undertaker Riddle then offered Sakura to work
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Henshin no News 4.9

Henshin No News

Vol.1 Chapter 9

249 Jan 20,16 Miyazaki Natsujikei

A collection of short stories which feature the mystery of human beings with a seemingly surreal yet pure literature-like style.
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Partner 5


Vol.3 Ch.14

254 Jan 20,16 Obana Miho

From ShoujoMagic: High school freshmen and twins, Nae and Moe, and Ken and Takeshi, enjoy their lives as students and close friends. Until Moe suddenly dies in a traffic accident...and her corpse disappears? Between the vanishing corpse and a pharmaceutical corporation, her three remaining friends are struck with the reality that something is amiss in their world...
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Megane Danshi na Kare. 5

Megane Danshi Na Kare.


122 Jan 20,16 Aikawa Hiro,George Asakura,Sakurai Machiko

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Ch.3 : Falling

190 Jan 20,16 Manga Tengu

In a post nuclear holocaust world,it has become a truly sinister dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive. few humans are left and are easy pickings for mutated creatures but now here comes the mutated humans...
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White X Silver Anthology 4.6

White X Silver Anthology

Ch.0 : A Troublesome Thing

104 Jan 20,16 Quinrose

White X Silver Anthology comprises a collection of standalone stories of multiple pairings featuring various Wonderland characters from the Alice series. Oneshots:A troublesome thing- Blood x Alice
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Gameko no Chouhoroku 4.6

Gameko No Chouhoroku

Ch.ibi-Manga : [Oneshot]

145 Jan 20,16 Yukari Yorii

Her parents moved away, but she wanted to stay with the guy she likes, Naruse, so she takes the train to get to her school everyday. But it isn't cheap, so she decides to earn all her money by doing anything she can to earn it from her classmates and she is therefor nicknamed Stingy girl. From showing homework, to doing back massages, she does what she can. No one knows about this, of course, and
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The Return of the Doran Cat 2 5

The Return Of The Doran Cat 2

Ch.5 : Inferno At The Pier

104 Jan 20,16 HARUKI Etsumi

Amusing comedy about a cat And booze.
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Kaettekita Doranko 2 5

Kaettekita Doranko 2

Ch.5 : Inferno At The Pier

123 Jan 20,16 HARUKI Etsumi

Amusing, albeit dark, comedy about a cat. And booze.
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Bull Sight 5

Bull Sight

Chapter 0

81 Jan 20,16 Kokuru Akira

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Waltz 4.7


Vol.3 Ch.10 : Tempo 10

236 Jan 20,16 Isaka Kotaro

A nameless high school dropout teenager turns into an assassin for hire. He is a complete loner who uses his knife to kill his targets without any emotion or hesitation. He kills anyone who gets in his way whether they be a complete stranger or even the client that hired him in the first place. He meets a man named Iwanishi after one of his jobs goes bad. Iwanishi nicknames him Semi (Cicada) becau
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Men's Kou 4.9

Men's Kou

Vol.8 Ch.31.4

251 Jan 20,16 Izumi Kaneyoshi

From Serenus Dreamers: Five minute walk to the sea. The closest train station takes 50 minutes by car. Famous private dormitory male high school Seihou is located in that super remote place. What will happen at that place where men are crazy for love?!
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Cafe Velomano 5

Cafe Velomano

Chapter 4

143 Jan 20,16 Gali

Taken from ryColaa: Taemuk han is a 39-year-old Barista who opens his own coffee shop. He likes being free and finds it hard to get the right woman. Yeoun Sun is a 28-year-old woman who wants to be a Designer and wants to be a cool career woman who spends her life alone. However, she can't get her career started and somehow ends up working at Cafe Velomano.
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Haru Meguru 5

Haru Meguru

Chapter 5

212 Jan 20,16 Obata Yuuki

Life can be so wonderful as terrible. The young Umeno, bullied since she started high school, decided to put an end to her life, but her suicide attempt failed and she survives. And it's precisely in the hospital that fate seems to provide her a new beginning, she'll know people who would show her a different meaning of life, above all a boy her own age in a terminal illness ...Can hope germinate
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Tsuzuki wa Mata Yoru ni 4.8

Tsuzuki Wa Mata Yoru Ni


133 Jan 20,16 Chiba Ryouko

Popular host Akusawa Fumi and renowned detective Futagami Takaharu have been classmates throughout high school and college, and also been lovers at some point. They met again two years ago, and have since rekindled their sexual relationship. And while it proved to be as hot and fierce as ever, in truth there might perhaps still be a little more to it than just that..?
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Zero no Tsukaima Chevalier 4.5

Zero No Tsukaima Chevalier

Vol.2 Ch.14 : The Ruby Of Atonement 4

1.4K Jan 20,16 Yamaguchi Noboru

From FoOlRulez: Hiraga Saito was summoned to the wonderful world of Halkeginia through the use of magic. He was summoned by the very cute, yet with "Zero" magical ability, Louise. Although it was an accident, Saito was summoned during the summoning ceremony, and sealed the agreement to become Louise's "Familiar" through a kiss. That is how he arrived in this world. While on
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Union! 5



189 Jan 20,16 Shiratori Shirou

From Casanova: After being kidnapped by an "alien woman", Yuuta developed a severe case of gynophobia. Having to be in charge of a bath house, Yuuta couldn't be more inconvienced by this. Just when he was thinking of trying to cure his phobia no matter what, a beautiful girl called Uni suddenly appears in front of him, and that's not all, that girl says she's the daughter of the alien woman who
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