Hatsukoi Monster 3.5

Hatsukoi Monster

Vol.1 Chapter 5B : Epilogue

315 Jan 20,16 Hiyoshimaru Akira

From Yen Press: When fifteen-year-old Kaho Nikaidou leaves her sheltered home to start life anew in a Tokyo high school dormitory, the last thing she expects is to nearly get hit by a truck! Saved in the nick of time by a handsome stranger, Kaho falls head over heels for him and, after finally tracking him down, boldly confesses her feelings. Turns out Kaho’s mystery savior, Kanade, is the son
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War Angels 4.6

War Angels

Vol.1 Ch.6

161 Jan 20,16 Kim Jae-hwan

Almost five hundred years from now, life on Earth struggles to survive in the aftermath of an apocalyptic war. Beasterians, scientifically created human/animal mutants designed to be strong, disposable soldiers, are now the masters of the remaining humans. Humanity’s one hope is the birth of a savior who will lead them out of the darkness. Before that time can come, however, three angels, all supe
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Wara! Pyunuijum 5

Wara! Pyunuijum

Ch.110 : Laptop

987 Jan 20,16 Ji Gang-min

I can't avoid my local convenience store!
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Kyousei Harem Keiyaku 4.5

Kyousei Harem Keiyaku

Chapter 48

1.2K Jan 20,16 Snack Gori

From DeNA: Our protagonist Haruka has been given the gift of precognition. He’s led an ordinary life so far, without really giving question to his special ability. However, one day, he foresees someone close to him die in an accident while travelling. It’s only after he sees this insufferable vision that he gathers the determination fight against the future, but… in such an unthinkable way. Wha
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Midori Duo 5

Midori Duo


102 Jan 20,16 Graham Crackers

Friendship- four panels at a time.
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Susume! Kitakou Housoubu 4.6

Susume! Kitakou Housoubu

Chapter 11.2 : Noto-Sama's Christmas Revenge: Hetalia, Susume! Kitakou Housoubu, An...

224 Jan 20,16 HIMARUYA Hidekazu

From the Creator of Hetalia and Chibi-san Date, his first manga.Kanazawa Noto joins Kitakou's broadcasting club on his first day of school only to find a ninja committing suicide. Hilarity ensues.________________________________________________(Himaruya, who was a teenager at the time he created the comic, stated that his motivation was to write a story to show how enjoyable the experience of broa
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Waru Amai Mitsu 4.3

Waru Amai Mitsu

Vol.1 Ch.1

154 Jan 20,16 Tohjoh Asami

A Oneshot from Denkou Sekka Boys : Chouhatsu volume 2 A police officer is attacked by a pervert in the middle of his very important assignment guarding the high school student son of a politician.
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Ultimate Special High School 4.8

Ultimate Special High School


115 Jan 20,16 Kim Eun-jung

In 21st century Korea, there is a school for students with special abilities. New transfer student Minnow doesn't have any special abilities. He does, however, seem to have a secret agenda.
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Warui Yume 4.9

Warui Yume

Vol.1 Ch.0

122 Jan 20,16 Tateno Makoto

Satoru Kidaka and Akitoshi Kazu have been together since school. Now they're roommates and Satoru decides they should break up, but still live together. Kazu agrees, but can it really be as easy as that?
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Yokubou Strawberry 5

Yokubou Strawberry

Vol.1 Ch.4 : End

117 Jan 20,16 Takada Tami

+ Story 1: The heroine is a girl named Mio. Today is her 16th birthday, and to celebrate, her friends are taking her to get her body painted. A handsome guy wanted to paint her, has a small crush and he even kisses her because Mio has the prettiest body he has seen? She can’t quite believe it when, the next day, he appears at her school in his red sports car, ready to pick her up for a date! +
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Wasuremono 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.5

227 Jan 20,16 Katou Setsuko

From Attractive Fascinante: ch 1-2) A return flower Masatsugu, a calligraphy sensei, liked his student, Sumiya, for a very long time. His feelings got stronger and he started to avoid eye contact with Sumiya. Sumiya sensed Masatsugu’s awkwardness and confronted him. They eventually did it and Sumiya didn’t look for Masatsugu anymore after that. Then one day, Masatsugu came home to find Sumiya
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Waruiko no Susume 4.9

Waruiko No Susume


94 Jan 20,16 Hori Erio

Tokuhiro likes mayonnaise and Sakura doesn’t. After trying to use mayonnaise in one of their “lively” nights, Sakura bans him from eating it when he’s around.
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Wasurerarenai Yoru to Hikikaeni 4.5

Wasurerarenai Yoru To Hikikaeni

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Bloodstained Hands

429 Jan 20,16 Takakura Tomoko

Collection of oneshots 1,2) Unforgettable Night (2 chapters) Kasuma, a high school student, meets his "idol", the president of Watase corporation... 3) All I Want To Do Is Embrace You Sanjo Izumi, 14 years old, is the seemingly cool and composed heir of the Sanjo corporation... 4) The Biker Who Couldn't Stop Yuusuke has a thing for motorbikes... 5) Sweet Violin Sakimoto has proble
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Wasureyuki 4.9


Vol.1 Ch.1

109 Jan 20,16 Amano Shinobu

Tomo has always been stuck with the dependent Miyako ever since she was born. For half of his life, he had been forced to look out for her due to her clumsiness and unreliability. Simply put, he 'hates' her. But there is something that completely prevents him from telling her his real feelings. When she is about to move to the United States, will he be able to love and let go, all before it's too
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Gantz 4.7


Vol.37 Chapter 383 : Endpoint

82.8K Jan 20,16 Oku Hiroya

A couple of high school pupils, Masaru Kato and Kei Kurono, are hit with a subway train in a effort to save the life span of a drunk homeless guy who'd fallen onto the tracks. Following their deaths, Kato and Kurono find themselves transported to the inside of an unfurnished Tokyo flat, where they meet with a Gantz expert Joichiro Nishi, as well as other clueless players. The pair soon underst
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Watarai-kun ke no youkai-san 5

Watarai-Kun Ke No Youkai-San


92 Jan 20,16 Amano Shinobu

From Dragon&Fly Scans: The story revolves around a family of five. Due to a financial crisis, the family moved to the countryside. After they moved into their new house, a spirit appeared and threatened to kick them out. What will happen to them? What on earth is the spirit? This is a sweet family comedy you shouldn't miss!
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Watashi ni Nita Dare ka 4.8

Watashi Ni Nita Dare Ka

Vol.1 Ch.1

98 Jan 20,16 Minase Masara

When Yoshihiko becomes Host Yoshi his whole personality changes. Nakane likes Yoshi but can he love Yoshihiko?
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Watashi no Kakurega e Douzo 5

Watashi No Kakurega E Douzo

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Extra Chapter

127 Jan 20,16 Ishihara Satoru

The first story is on the various customers who visit this little bar called Venez Chez Moi (Come to my home / house). Next, World Market is on a struggling writer who writes rather trashy stories based on the experiences of the people around him with their colorful pasts and encounters. Chapter 3 is a supernatural side story with the characters from So wa Reirei no Yuki ni Mai. Aun is a
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Watashi no Mahoutsukai-sama 4.8

Watashi No Mahoutsukai-Sama


101 Jan 20,16 Koga Yoshiki

From Intercross: After being instantly rejected by her crush, Takatsuki Yoshino gets seen by her absent-minded classmate, Sakura. Seeing how she seemed sad, Sakura decides to show her some magic tricks to cheer her up. Soon, Yoshino starts to talk more often with him and the two of them get closer... until Yoshino gets a bit... jealous?
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Watashi no Kidou 5

Watashi No Kidou

Vol.1 Ch.0

77 Jan 20,16 Kurogane Ken

Aboard a spaceship there is a group of girls gathered together on top of the school's roof for the last time due to an impending meteor shower. - The end of the world is coming and a bunch of girls gather on the roof to greet their death.
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Watashi no Yaban na Geboku 4.7

Watashi No Yaban Na Geboku

Vol.1 Ch.7

310 Jan 20,16 Narumi Yutta

Chapter 1 From Attractive Fascinante: Touya’s caretaker was sick and got the grandson, Okutera You, as his replacement. Okutera was a rash and arrogant guy. But he showed his gentleness when he comforted the sad Touya. Touya gradually fell in love with him. In the end, who was the master? Chapter 2-3: Tama, an actor, meets his step-brother on a shoot. Katsuki ran away when their parents found
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Watashi no Oujisama 5

Watashi No Oujisama

Vol.0 Ch.1

139 Jan 20,16 Nagae Tomomi

1 Volume, 5 short stories. 1) My Prince (Watashi no Oujisama) : A rich man and a poor man appear before Hanako, an office lady who used to be rich. She wavers over which man to choose. Her feelings are comically described.
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Watashi to Fukigen na Panya-san 4.7

Watashi To Fukigen Na Panya-San


94 Jan 20,16 Hino Matsuri

A touching story of a young woman on the verge of adulthood who reminisces about a certain bakery she visited many times during her youth as she is on her way to visit it once more.
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