Mighty Heart 4.5

Mighty Heart

Vol.6 Chapter 65: The Last Christmas

1,522,201 Feb 19,20 Matsuri Seishirou

Tenkawa Toichi is a normal, ordinary high school boy, except he has a secret identity - he is a member of the evil Phantom Organization, going by the alias Wolken. They are planning to conquer the Earth, but is being met with opposition from the so-called Angel of Judgement, Mighty Heart (Who, coincidentally, is a classmate of Toichi, Maishima Kokoro). Surprisingly, Mighty Heart is so weak that
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Heavenly Jewel Change 5

Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 4

2,531 Feb 19,20 Tang Jia San Shao

Zhou Wei Qing, who was born in the Heavenly Bow Empire without a Power Jewel or Elemental Jewel, was treated as a joke.  He is the son of the empire's Admiral Zhou who is a Nine Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master. An opportunity arose when he swallowed the Dark Demon Tiger God's Life Bead from another world. From then on, he embarked on a road of adventure, finding true love a
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The Demon King’s Daughter Is Too Kind 4.9

The Demon King’S Daughter Is Too Kind

Chapter 10

1,246,816 Feb 19,20 Yuuya Sakamoto

"The Demon King Ariman" He reigns above all in hell. Together with powerfull demons. He seeks to conquer the entire world. <br>However, the Demon King halted his world conquest for a centain troubling matter... His daughter - Dou is too kind..?
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Blades of the Guardians 4.7

Blades Of The Guardians

Chapter 95: One Step

2,846,094 Feb 19,20 Xu Xian Zhe

‘Escort’, refers to paid warriors, their targets of protection, are also referred to targets that are wanted by the government. On the eve of civil chaos during the last years of Sui dynasty, with the rise of a reign of terror around the country, various peoples’ feelings of grudge and animosity develop…
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Soul Land IV - The Ultimate Combat 4.8

Soul Land Iv - The Ultimate Combat

Chapter 96

6,897,202 Feb 19,20 Tang Jia San Shao

Following with nearly extinct Spirit Beasts and Soul Masters Joint force and archieve peace. 10,000 years have passed since the end of the battle of the Douluo plane with the Abyss plane. The abundant energy of the Abyss opened the door for soul masters and spirit beasts in the Douluo plane to reach knowledges, power, and ranks that were once impossible to achieve. The humans of Douluo Plane conqu
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Fake Hero 3.5

Fake Hero

Chapter 78

945,991 Feb 19,20 SHENMAN,Meng Qi

What could a mechanical repairman do? What could a special scout do? What could a military staff do? A person who could combine three professions, and even master psychology tricks and assassin camouflage, however, was a wretched, despicable and fat man.
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Sweetheart Must Love MeSweetheart Must Love Me 3.3

Sweetheart Must Love Mesweetheart Must Love Me

Chapter 71

80,747 Feb 19,20 ZuoAnKaMan

Lin Xiaoya’s life was anything but ordinary, and it only got crazier the night before the day of her arranged marriage. As she was jogging down the streets, a strange man kidnapped her, calling her the mother of their child! As she fights her way out of his grasp, she will continue to learn even more bizarre secrets about her fiancé, her “chi
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The Ghost Bride 3.9

The Ghost Bride

Chapter 102

742,001 Feb 19,20 Cloud Studio

I'm Jian Yu. I used to dream of a guy with a blurry face ever since I was little. The villagers said that's a ghost wishing to marry me so I was afraid that I wouldn't live past 18... However I'm 20 years old now and am fortunately still alive. I even bought a cheap villa but every night I feel that something icy is touching me in my dreams! That was when he finally appeared... and
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Lie By The Pillow 4.3

Lie By The Pillow

Chapter 58

111,371 Feb 19,20 Cheese Cat

Xinyuan was cheated by the man she loved and almost got beaten by him. Unexpectedly, a charming man who owns a well-known company came to rescue her and asked her to marry him instead. However, this was not an ordinary romantic story. Soon she realized that she was trapped into a dark conspiracy full of betrayal, jealousy, greed, and most of all, love.
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Wishing on the Moon 5

Wishing On The Moon

Chapter : Oneshot

362 Feb 19,20 MORINAGA Milk

"Wishing on the Moon," by Morinaga Milk, is another story in the series that began with "Even If We're Not Friends" and continued in "If I Kiss Her Ring Finger" and "Chocolate Kiss Kiss." Can Nana and Hitomi manage to balance their relationship with the other demands on their time? This is the last chapter published for Ichijinsha's Yuri
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My Dear Concubine 5

My Dear Concubine

Chapter 1

475 Feb 19,20 YUNDUAN COMICS

An excellent white-collar worker travels through time and finds that she was poisoned and has to marry a strange man and can only be his concubine—“Forget about it. You’ll see my resource when I get a chance!” Finally she takes the position of his first lady by virtue of her intelligence. 【Copyright Authorized】
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Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni 3.5

Boku Ga Watashi Ni Naru Tame Ni

Chapter 3: Episode 3

19,682 Feb 19,20 Yuuna Hirasawa

An autobiographical manga that tells the story of the author's trip to Thailand in order to undergo sex reassignment surgery, describing the process of transitioning from male to female. But the path to womanhood is a lot more painful than imagined...
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Zombie Gunner 4.6

Zombie Gunner

Chapter 7: The Cat, A Zombie And A Ghost

227,146 Feb 19,20 Keke Kitaya

A world in which zombies prevail. Nat, a boy who's called a "Professor" travels with a mysterious girl. His goal, and Maggie's identity are...?! This is the start of a love comedy that's a little dark and exceptionally cute!
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Chapter 1

330 Feb 19,20 砂上雪

This is a story between a businesswoman and an apprentice worker. She is a businesswomen. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself. She is an apprentice. She is optimistic and initiative. While at the same time (second pair )... She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care le
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Takasugi’s Tiny Delinquent Hero 5

Takasugi’S Tiny Delinquent Hero

Chapter 3: The Serious Handsome Man

960 Feb 19,20 Tomisa

Takasugi Koyuki who is 180cm, gloomy and shy is secretly fond of Komaeda Masakatsu, who is short in stature but has a big heart. Will the distance between the two obvious mismatch be shortened---?!
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X Epoch of Dragon 4.8

X Epoch Of Dragon

Chapter 92

4,155,831 Feb 19,20 Yun Tian Kong

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Blend S 4.7

Blend S

Chapter 20

421,854 Feb 19,20 Nakayama Miyuki

At a certain cafe, there are many different people with unique attributes such as tsundere, little sister, etc. The new part time worker Maika has been asked by the shop owner to fill the role of super sadist?! Now, while doing her best to work hard, she also blossoms as a super sadist... Stomping as way to victory, this is a perverted working comedy!
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The Romantic Anecdotes of Mount Shu 3.7

The Romantic Anecdotes Of Mount Shu

Chapter 68

1,408,702 Feb 19,20 Wawayu Comic

Jian Renxin,a man who was born as a cannon fodde, accidentally obtained martial arts cheats. Although he had the companionship of beautiful junior sisters and handsome senior priests, he still got killed by Iron rod in the presence of all. He wanted to live in a different way after the reincarnation . How could he get rid of the bad luck and overturn the whole situation?“I am the master of m
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How to be God 4.4

How To Be God

Chapter 103: Red Dou's Arrival Chapter 10

5,958,108 Feb 19,20 Lin Jie The 4th

Yang Jian is exiled into the human realm from the Heavens in order to repent. His former partner, The Howling Celestial Hound, has reincarnated into a loli. Witness how a barbaric Immortal from the Heavens and a loli move 100 demons to tears.
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Emperor And The Female Knight 4.8

Emperor And The Female Knight

Chapter 27

2,248,291 Feb 19,20 Glasses Monkey,Team-Iyak

Pauliana has been defeated and captured by the army of the enemy nation, Acrea. She has been desperately trying to survive in men's society, but it was all in vain. Acrea's young king, Lucius, sees her struggle and makes an unexpected offer. He dreams to continue the war and be the first emperor to conquer the South continent and it's sea. Pauliana, swears a life-long allegiance to Luc
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Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story 4.6

Detective Conan: Police Academy Arc Wild Police Story

Chapter 5: Learning From History

67,051 Feb 19,20 Takahiro Arai,Gosho Aoyama

Spinoff of Amuro and Co. during their Police Academy Days.
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I Was Trash 4

I Was Trash

Chapter 118: The Mutants Appear!

17,584,034 Feb 19,20 San H

He was looked down on, forced to break off his engagement, he was murdered, maybe this is the life that trash should have… But he was taken over by me, the strongest cultivator, Cang Kun Zi, as I reborned. Now that I'm here, I'll make the best of it! Watch as I use this trash body of mine to trample upon you mere ants!
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I’m pretty and You’re handsome 3.4

I’M Pretty And You’Re Handsome

Chapter 42

98,303 Feb 19,20 Zuo'an ka man

I’m pretty and You’re handsome Comics Online. On the eve of her wedding day, Lin Xiaoya is ambushed and abducted by a handsome stranger while jogging alone by a dark grove. As an illegitimate daughter, she has been arranged by the Lin family to marry the wealthy heir Li Sicheng, but the handsome stranger somehow reveals to her that Li Sicheng is actually a homosexual. Li Xiaoya boldly
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