Space Chef Caisar 4.7

Space Chef Caisar

Vol.1 Ch.7 : + [Omake]

449 Jan 20,16 Boichi

Space calendar year 999 ... three pretty girls, "monster hunters" Team herds, roam the galaxy. Joining them travel a young chef under the frail lines which lurks the legend of the galactic furnaces: Caisar! Of his chopper, he slays all the ingredients with ease and pitfalls that lie ahead ... but what is its real purpose? SF-kitchen action, dive into the adventure!
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Heart ni Harukaze!! 4.6

Heart Ni Harukaze!!

Chapter 1

107 Jan 20,16 Kiyota Tomo

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Firescooter 5


Chapter 1

71 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Tatsuyuki

A young man wakes up to devastation that could only have been caused by WWIII. Knowing he might be the last man alive, he sets off to see if he can rebuild the world.
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Ebisu Gakuen Chuutouka Nichiyou Hoshuugumi Tanteidan 5

Ebisu Gakuen Chuutouka Nichiyou Hoshuugumi Tanteidan

Chapter 20

307 Jan 20,16 Tkkt

A long-awaited comic series which is a collaboration with the rising stars “EBiDAN39”! A teenage prodigy… and also a dropout?! Follow the school life adventures of six unique and unconventional students! Due to his excessive absences, Riku Rokuoin , who is a genius with an IQ of 270 ,ends up needing to go to a special “ Sunday Remedial Class” but the students he met there were ones of his kind!
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God, I want to kill that bastard! 5

God, I Want To Kill That Bastard!

Vol.1 Ch.1 : God, I Want To Kill That Bastard!

248 Jan 20,16 MATSUHASHI Inusuke

After losing her entire family to a combination of tragedies deliberately caused by certain people, a girl decides to take her own life. Before she has the chance, tough, she witnesses a murder and is subsequently cornered by the perpetrator. In search of a greater challenge, he proposes to help her to kill the people who led her family to death… so long as she agrees to allow herself to be
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Hagio Moto's Age of The Beatles Illustrated Essay 4

Hagio Moto's Age Of The Beatles Illustrated Essay

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

71 Jan 20,16 Hagio Moto

It is a 4 page illustrated essay about The Beatles (the band) and is illustrated and written by Hagio Moto and talks about them rising and how her life was impacted.
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Wedding 4.2


Vol.2 Ch.14

380 Jan 20,16 Lin Yu Chin

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Who ever said that if your life is too fortunate, you have to marry an ugly person?! Because of a fortune teller’s silly prediction, Yang Mimi suffers with awful suitors. The faces of the men her father bring home grow more and more startling... Does Mimi really have to give up her happiness in this way? As if she’ll let that happen! If Mimi is to find happiness, she’
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Satsuki complex 4.5

Satsuki Complex


254 Jan 20,16 Sugar

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Moments 3.7


Ch.0 : Prologue

94 Jan 20,16 Kim Chong-Jin

Each one's gaze, each one's memories, each one's story, and each one's feelings--the shining moments of everyday life.
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Wedding Bells 4.7

Wedding Bells

Vol.1 Ch.0

120 Jan 20,16 Natsuko Asoh

"Wedding Bells" is about a girl who, rebelling against her father's decision to force her into a marriage she doesn't want, sets out to lose her virginity but ends up going home with someone unexpected--a woman!
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Sayounara Mutsuki-chan 5

Sayounara Mutsuki-Chan

Ch.4 : Watashi No Odile (My Odile)

96 Jan 20,16 Isoya Yuki

A collection of stories: 4. Watashi no Odile (My Odile)
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Weiss Kreuz 5

Weiss Kreuz

Vol.2 Chapter 1

100 Jan 20,16 Koyasu Takehito,Tsuchiya Kyouko

Weiss - an underground group of assassins composed of four men torn by their pasts; Omi Tsukiyono, Aya Fujimiya, Ken Hidaka and Youji Kudo. Each carrying the scars of their memories, they skillfully purge the city of criminals who have either evaded the law or are out of its reach. One by one, they begin to discover the relations of the crimes to something much more sinister, reaching out to their
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Welcome to Cosmos Apartment House 5

Welcome To Cosmos Apartment House

Vol.1 Ch.0

78 Jan 20,16 Morinaga Ai

From HMR: Sora just wanted to live a plain, simple life. So what happens when something strange demands to be taken home with her?
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Welcome to the University of Love 4.9

Welcome To The University Of Love

Vol.1 Ch.0

134 Jan 20,16 Minami Haruka

From Liquid Passion: Aizome Riku enjoys napping on the school's roof, but when he falls from a tree tryng to climb down Kairi is there to catch him. The two become fast friends, but Kairi's three bodyguards who follow him everywhere soon grate on Riku's nerves. Can Kairi convince Riku that his 'like' is more than friends and capture his would-be uke's heart?
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Ibara no Koi 5

Ibara No Koi

Chapter 1

92 Jan 20,16 Mitsui Aya

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What's Your Weakness? 5

What's Your Weakness?

Vol.1 Ch.0

95 Jan 20,16 Iruka

Original dj
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What is Fate...? 5

What Is Fate...?

Vol.1 Ch.0

75 Jan 20,16 Choi Kyung-ah

A sidestory from Snow Drop. Yu He-Min has traveled back in time and is on a mission: to stop her parents from marrying!
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When You Look Like an Angel 5

When You Look Like An Angel

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Special Story 2

162 Jan 20,16 Miyawaki Yukino

Kimi ga Tenshi ni Mieru Toki (When You Look Like An Angel) - "If you try really hard playing tennis, God will give you angel wings," a boy told Yuuka when she was small. She still plays tennis, believing his words. She finally encounters the boy when she grows up. Includes two side stories.
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Whip On! 4.5

Whip On!

Vol.1 Ch.9 : Overwork

228 Jan 20,16 Chouno Shibuki

From DokiDoki: BL is such a... rich and uh... varied genre. Don't believe it? Check out this extremely hot compliation celebrating the various shapes and sizes of men in BL... from delicate waifish youths to middle-aged musclemen, you'll find it in here.
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Santa Claus wa Blue 5

Santa Claus Wa Blue

Ch.1 : Oneshot

86 Jan 20,16 Kiachi Machi

Christmas is a joyful time to eat cake with loved ones. But is that the case for Hujita?!
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Whispers Under the Roses 5

Whispers Under The Roses

Vol.1 Ch.1

84 Jan 20,16 Sakurai Aya

Sakurai Aya's "Whisper Under the Roses" is a school story set in the early 20th century.
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