Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku wo Komete 4.6

Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku Wo Komete

Chapter 88

5.3K Apr 23,24 AMINO Hada , SORAJIMA Studio

With Vengeance Sincerely Your Broken Saintess manga, , Kizu Darake Seijo Yori Houfuku wo Komete Lua is a saintess candidate who possesses the power of healing. But her ability had one flaw: she could only heal others by transferring their wounds onto herself. Because of this, others bullied her, calling her the "Fallen Saintess." But it didn't bother Lua because her best friend Arianne always sto
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The Duchess’s Secret Dressing Room 4.6

The Duchess’S Secret Dressing Room

Chapter 79

2.7K Apr 23,24 All Ages Ga

The Duchess's Secret Dressing Room manhwa, How much money must I spend for you to divorce me!? Rubika dies in a war without being able to confess her love for Arman but is instead sent back in time. A new life, she will not live in vain. But what are these new obstacles? Secret Wardrobe Of The Duchess
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The Real Other World I Logged Out From There, Not a VRMMO 4.4

The Real Other World I Logged Out From There, Not A Vrmmo

Chapter 5

270 Apr 23,24 Touwa

***A strange "real" world appears before the eyes of a boy who has cleared a VR game and returned! The best Musou strategy story, with mysteries and beautiful girls looming, begins here!***While testing his brand new VRMMO, Kanzaki Reito was trapped inside the game for three years. He defeated the final boss of the game and was finally freed, but what he returned to was something odd happened
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The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s Castle 4.7

The Cursed Maid Of The Duke’S Castle

Chapter 26

96 Apr 23,24 Odanrobot

Read manhwa The Cursed Maid of the Duke's Castle, Cursed Maid of the Duchy, The Cursed Maid in the Duke's Castle, The Duke's Castle's Cursed Maid, Lia is a young woman who saves an old man from being beaten in the street, but receives a curse that will kill her if it is not broken within a year. She discovers that the only way to get rid of the curse is to stay close to the cold and cruel Duke,
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I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead 4.7

I Lost The Leash Of The Yandere Male Lead

Chapter 57

19.5K Apr 23,24 Flanby

I transmigrated into a novel and became the villainess, Serina who comes from the noble Ducal Melford family.    As a well-to-do character, I tried to mind my own business, but the story had other ideas. A self-proclaimed mother brought back a boy – the duke's heir and a genius wizard -intent on brainwashing and blackening him.    The contents
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The Dignity Of Romance 4.7

The Dignity Of Romance

Chapter 68

2.5K Apr 23,24 Flower J , Kim Seol-hee

When corporate director Seo Woohyun goes on a blind date with journalist Lee Byul, love is not on his mind. Nonetheless, charmed by her eccentric personality, he soon finds himself in bed with her. But when Byul suddenly disappears, Woohyun tracks her down at an abandoned hotel that his company plans to develop. To his surprise, it’s a hangout for stray cats, a handsome young actor… and Byul! With
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Fantasista 4.7


Vol.23 Chapter 201: Canary Colored Wall - Rujeri

10.2K Apr 23,24 Kusaba Michiteru

Teppei Sakamoto is a boy living in the countryside. He loves soccer, and all his soccer skills were taught to him by his sister. Finally, his sister wants him to join in Mizumoto High School soccer team. Teppei's turn in life has come!! How will this soccer newbie fare in the new environment?
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Apollo’s Heart 4.4

Apollo’S Heart

Chapter 66

5K Apr 23,24 Lee Bo-na

Apollo's Heart manhwa, n the busy lobby, the woman whom he believed had died years ago appeared before his eyes. Yet, once again, he lost her in the sea of faces."Who is this Jin Hye-Yeon you are looking for?"Instead of answering, Tae-Jun pulled out a cigarette from his cigar case, lit it up and continued searching through the hotel's visitors list."Is that your lover who died four years ago?"Ta
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The Lost Stiletto Affair 4.3

The Lost Stiletto Affair

Chapter 40

54 Apr 23,24 Ino (IV)

Read manhwa The Lost Stiletto Affair / I'm in Love (INO) / / / , After her ex-boyfriend dumps her to marry the boss's daughter, Cha Eunseo swears off love and gets a job at a rival company for a fresh start. But her plan goes awry when she has a one-night stand with her new se** CEO, Lee Wonwoo! Eunseo runs from the hotel, leaving behind a heel that Wonwoo uses to find her. She wants nothing to
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I have an SSS-rank Trait, but I want a Normal Life 4.4

I Have An Sss-Rank Trait, But I Want A Normal Life

Chapter 72

22.2K Apr 23,24 IHASSSRT

I have an SSS-rank Trait but I want a Normal Life manhwa, SSS Even though strange beings like monsters and constellations appeared, my personal philosophy did not change.But with the sudden awakening and blessing of an SSS-rank trait, my peaceful life went bye-bye.I have no choice but to level up if I want to protect myself now!
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Please Leave Me Alone (For Some Reason, She Wants to Change a Lone Wolf's Helpless High School Life.) 4.6

Please Leave Me Alone (For Some Reason, She Wants To Change A Lone Wolf's Helpless High School Life.)

Chapter 22: The Popular Girls In Class Still Won't Let Their Guard Down Around Me, Alright?

11K Apr 23,24 Kabegiwa Aizaki,Uda Mamyo,Shiki Mutsuko

“Let’s start a strategy meeting for making friends.” This is a story about her and me. It’s the worst and the best second-life high school rom-com ever. Love, friendship, and the sparkling joys of youth. The high school life that I’ve looked forward to- still ended with me being alone. Then, just a day before the graduation ceremony… “Do
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[Adult BL Shorts] Bara-Boom!★ 3.3

[Adult Bl Shorts] Bara-Boom!★

Vol.4 Prologue. : A Friends Chest Is Too Muchapter For An Otaku

377 Apr 23,24 CHU

No other kind of bara under the sun!These men that fill up your hearts just by looking at them are coming to you!#HandsomeXBara #Adult #HugeTitties #BLShorts #AdultsOnlyBL+
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The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid 4.6

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid

Chapter 87

16.1K Apr 23,24 Idol Meow Studio (爱豆喵工作室), BOOM工作室

The Heavenly Path Is Not Stupid manhua, Heaven and earth are benevolent towards everything Bullshit, I don't agree with this! The former heavenly Dao was the villain, and the same heavenly Dao is full of slaughter and death! Watch me and how I straighten the yin and yang, reshape the cycle of reincarnation, and create a perfect world of cultivation. One in which all the rebels will.cough cough
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Monster Paradise 4.4

Monster Paradise

Chapter 88

11K Apr 23,24 Nuclear warhead cooked in wine,Spring water hall

As a reincarnated person who came to the Monster Paradise from the earth, Lin Huang was born with non-competitive attributes, not only has only three months of life left, but also has not yet activated the golden finger, only his sister Lin Xin is his only concern. Unfortunately, the blood-eating species invaded the home and threatened his sister that night. Lin Huang fought hard to protect his si
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AniTomo - My Brother's Friend 4.6

Anitomo - My Brother's Friend

Chapter 167

13.5K Apr 23,24 Akagawara Modomu

Nanase, a polite, a little old-fashioned girl, got a boyfriend for the first time. He, a pure and kind guy, is a good friend of her brother. However, both of them have no idea what they should do next... For Nanase, holding hand would be too embarrassing, and 'date' is something mature people would do.
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Every Villain Is Lemons 4.4

Every Villain Is Lemons

Chapter 14

2.9K Apr 23,24 Jangryang, pyangpeo

Pete Mack, a natural born nerd, and a CIA agent who focuses mainly on internal missions. One day he is assigned to a mission which is believed to determine the outcome of World War iii. During the mission he meets Linus Sweeney, a handsome genius who broke his heart 8 years ago. Pete must suppress his past feelings so he can chase him around the world to secure a dangerous weapon in which Linus de
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Cacomistle's Anthology 4.2

Cacomistle's Anthology

Chapter 13: Turtle Vs Bunny Girl, Yuri & Yokai

96 Apr 23,24 Cacomistle

An unofficial compilation of oneshots / 4-komas by Cacomistle (カコミスル) in their twitter profile.Author's Twitter : (
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Occhoko doji onee-san 4.4

Occhoko Doji Onee-San

Vol.2 Chapter 12: Troubled Naho-San♥️

1.7K Apr 23,24 KURACHI Chihiro

She may seem like a beautiful, sophisticated woman! But on the inside, she is just a XXX lady. The more she tries to act like an mature adult in front of younger boys, the more twisted and perverted she gets! A popular love-comedy that has received over 300,000 likes on Twitter.
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Rejected Lady Enjoying a Modest Life 4.8

Rejected Lady Enjoying A Modest Life

Chapter 51

5.8K Apr 23,24 Baggwili , ONDO

Read Manhwa Rejected Lady Enjoying a Modest Life on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "Rejected Lady Enjoying a Modest Life"Summary:Catherine did not want much. Even if she did not have luxurious clothes and shoes, she was alright with her hideously frayed bedroom curtains and her shoes that were so worn at the soles it was differe
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A Villainess’ Revenge Is Sweeter Than Honey 4.1

A Villainess’ Revenge Is Sweeter Than Honey

Chapter 91

2.9K Apr 23,24 Jiyeonu , MUSO

“In your sweetest moment, I will give you Hell.” Alexandra was a wicked woman who did not mind staining her hands with blood in order to make her husband the emperor. However, he repaid her unconditional devotion with betrayal, an extramarital affair, and a gruesome death. Just before Alexandra died, she had one thought in her head: “If I could go back into the past, I would be willing to be his
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Protected by My Dragon Knight 4.8

Protected By My Dragon Knight

Chapter 152

5.1K Apr 23,24 Umibird

Ichiru Futaba was just an ordinary office lady working at a high stress dead-end job. One day, when she's pushed to her limit and cannot get home in time to save her fluffy little dog, she falls to the floor unconscious. When she awakens,she realizes that she.. has died and been reborn! In a new world where magical creatures and humans coexist, and where the sand rain that faills from the sky harm
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Blood Rain 2 4.4

Blood Rain 2

Chapter 69

1.3K Apr 23,24 Min (민)

Sequel to Blood Rain (Min)
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Limit Breaker 4.6

Limit Breaker

Chapter 144

108.7K Apr 23,24 Oh (성불예정), Hong-Sil (홍실)

Due to an unknown error, Kim Kibong was trapped in the Awakening Test for 3000 years. In the real world, 10 years have passed, and it is overrun by monsters and dungeons. The battle now begins for Kim Kibong, who returned with the max level, to restore the world back to the way it was!
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 137

11.2K Apr 23,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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