Kurotsuta Yashiki no Himegoto 5

Kurotsuta Yashiki No Himegoto

Vol.1 Chapter 2: Visitors

8 Mar 20,23 Ohmi Tomu

When she was little, Chizuru lived in the house where her mother worked as a housekeeper and played all day with Yukihiko, the little lord of the Black Ivy Mansion. At some point she had to leave, and when she returns some years later she meets Yukihiko again. He invites her back into his house. But the mansion hides a terrible secret that Chizuru doesn't know…
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A Man of Great Infatuation 4.1

A Man Of Great Infatuation

Chapter 23.5

499 Mar 20,23 Lyrique (리릭)

The third generation billionaire's secret heir, Dong-Ju X Secret secretary Min-Young.Lee Min-Young of the HR team happened to see Han Dong-Ju, a new employee of the sales team, coming out of the president's office.Surprisingly, Min-Young finds out that Dong-Ju is the president's hidden son.Moreover, he receives a secret offer to spy on his private life in order to make him his heir..."But this new
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Seifuku Nugitai 3.4

Seifuku Nugitai

Chapter 2

23 Mar 20,23 Hataoka

"The plain boy in my class is cute and adorable...I can't get enough of him."Yae belongs to the upper group in his class. Although he felt uncomfortable in conversation with his friends, he was just going along with others and getting along without a hitch. Weary of such a life, he skipped the school festival and went to see a movie, where he ran into Yui, a loner in the same class. This incid
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Dungeon Tou de Yadoya wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou wo Moratta Ore no Hosoude Hanjouki 4.6

Dungeon Tou De Yadoya Wo Yarou! Souzou Mahou Wo Moratta Ore No Hosoude Hanjouki

Vol.4 Chapter 20

14.4K Mar 20,23 Yuuki Shinichi , Bunzaburo Nagano

One day, Sanada Shirou, who works for a black company, is transported to another world. Using his "creation magic", an ability he gained when transported, he opens an inn and is supposed to lead a slow life, but this other world is a little strange?! It is a world where women are overwhelmingly dominant, where women do dangerous work and battle, and men are powerless and are protected! The daily l
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Smyrna & Capri 4.4

Smyrna & Capri

Chapter 21

2.4K Mar 19,23 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

“Theo Peserus”, the head of the household, had received an oracle to give birth to a child who would pass on to the family. As he always does to invite the other Alpha, he waits for his opponent that evening while lying on the bed with his eyes closed. In the quiet corridor of Peserus’ Castle, there was "Seram Marita," the Alpha of the Revolutionary Army who had been captured. He was wandering thr
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Batsu-Hare 3.9


Vol.2 Chapter 17: Gotta Go For Him

5.1K Mar 19,23 Inaba Minori

The story begins with the protagonist, Wakou Ichiro, who decides to return home early from work to celebrate his second anniversary with his wife. But, when he opens the door of his house.... He finds his wife cheating on him! Although the marriage was short-lived, his life changes again when suddenly, a certain woman appears in front of him? Thus begins a new story, a new erotic comedy!
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Rainbow City 4.3

Rainbow City

Chapter 12

263 Mar 19,23 Chaepali

In the coming future, the Adam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., conspiracy, orchestrated the release of the Adam Virus, turning people into zombies as it spread. Only three unified countries in the world remain. Following the unexpected death of one of the virus vaccine developers Dr. Oh, a major in the Rainbow City of the United Nations, Kwak Soohwan, is tasked with retrieving Seok Hwa, a Chief rese
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I'm dating a Dark Summoner 4.5

I'm Dating A Dark Summoner

Vol.1 Chapter 12

1.8K Mar 19,23 Shaoh

Amona, a dark summoner and demi-human who uses demonic powers, is the newest addition to the party of the uptight priest Roni. Everyone expected the two to dislike each other and to have nothing to do with each other. But to their surprise, on their first day together as an adventuring party, they had a one-night stand...!
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Azuma Otoko Kyo Otoko 2

Azuma Otoko Kyo Otoko

Chapter 7

43 Mar 19,23 Kinoshita Keiko

Soma was transferred from the Tokyo branch to the Kyoto branch. The day he moved in, the landlord’s son Amane returned home and thus they ended up being roommates. Soma thought roommates should be friendly, but Amane is pretty aloof. But after accidentally seeing Amane cry, Soma keeps thinking about him…
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Joshi Shougakusei no Oujo-sama 3.8

Joshi Shougakusei No Oujo-Sama

Chapter 6: I'll Find Out Myself!

173 Mar 19,23 FUJISAKI Hikari

Himawari-chan, the Little Princess of the school-bag planet called "Girl's Elementary School Star" at the edge of the universe, has come to the Earth to find a husband. With the help of her maid, Sakura, Himawari-chan will start developing a bond with the earthlings. and with the big-breast Osananajimi, Kaguya as an extra, the Kawaii Bishoujo meteor love comedy now magnificiently dispatched.
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Saotome Shimai Ha Manga no Tame Nara!? 4.7

Saotome Shimai Ha Manga No Tame Nara!?

Chapter 72: If The Saotome Siblings Does It For Valentine!?

21.5K Mar 18,23 Ryouhei Yamamoto

A screwball ecchi romantic comedy about a young potential mangaka dealing with his assistants who are sisters as they are madly in love with him.
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Kishukusha no Kuroneko wa Yoru O Shiranai 4.1

Kishukusha No Kuroneko Wa Yoru O Shiranai

Vol.2 Chapter 12

869 Mar 18,23 Taino Nikke

The sons of respectable families from all over the world gather at Blanc College High School, a boarding school. Yuki, a first-year from Class A and House X is a scholarship student at the top of his grade. He hangs out with no one and is aloof. The only one who approaches him without apprehension is the head boy, Gene, the object of adoration of the students and someone whose existence is abs
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Kouguu no Omega 4.6

Kouguu No Omega

Chapter 10

3.1K Mar 18,23 Tsuyuhisa Fumi

"As the lowest ranking member of the royal family and as an omega, my life has been decided from the moment I was born..."Iliya is an omega with the lowest rank in the royal family. He's been set for a political marriage and now has to leave for a faraway country to marry its king!?
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Chottootona no Naishobanashi 4

Chottootona No Naishobanashi

Vol.1 Chapter 2

117 Mar 17,23 Azuma Yuki

Compilation of unreleased stories by Azuma Yuki
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I've Never, Ever Learned This 2.8

I've Never, Ever Learned This

Vol.12 Chapter 46

3.3K Mar 17,23 Nashizuki Uta

Serika's younger cousin, Taichi, 6 years her junior had passed his university entrance exams and until he's found a place to rent, Serika will be looking after him.Although he appears to be as pretty as girl and a sweet angel, he's grown into a sadist devil in the time they haven't seen each other!He suddenly hugs her and kisses her ーーーSerika's self control is on the brink of collapsing be
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Don't Get Caught! xxx 3.9

Don't Get Caught! Xxx


2.2K Mar 16,23 Lee (III)

"Why are you coming out there!!!" I couldn't forget my school crush, Seo Jungwoo.Eun Se-eun is serializing a BL webtoon based on Jungwoo and himself.When my friend told me that Jungwoo already left my hometown, I return to find a peace of mind.However, contrary to his friend's words, he encounters Jungwoo, who is now working at the post office in his hometown. - Madeleine Scans -
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Bokuko no Emanon 3.3

Bokuko No Emanon

Chapter 2

217 Mar 16,23 Kuroi Morry

Fuhoe Scans: A beautiful young man was sold to a caravan, and was the only survivor after a group of bandits attacked. He was rescued at the brink of death by a strong and brave prince, Altarf, who named him Yona.Yona pledged his loyalty to the prince and served him for several years.One day, while performing as a dancer at a banquet, Yona is given an aphrodisiac. His body starts to feel h
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I'll Be Here for You 4.3

I'll Be Here For You

Chapter 23

681 Mar 16,23 Lee Hyeon-Sook

A beautiful and precarious love story unfolded by Hyeon-sook Lee of ! Baek Seon-woo, who lost his job due to a riff raff at work, while waiting for an interview at a fine dining restaurant, he ends up meeting Ki Yoojung, who he had a crush on during their high school days. Just like that, a chance ecounter with a fragment of an old love excites Sunwoo, However.... somehow, Yoojung, doesn't seem to
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Houkago Endless Honey 2.6

Houkago Endless Honey

5 Mar 16,23 Tojo Sakana

After school, you're only mine! A BL series about the sweet after-school lives of teachers and high school boys!
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Shinkon-san no Ecchi na Tokoro wo Michau: Anthology Comic 4.1

Shinkon-San No Ecchi Na Tokoro Wo Michau: Anthology Comic

Chapter 7: A Full Stomach Newly-Married Life. - Hokuto Sui

492 Mar 16,23 Gotou Masaki, Hazuki, Horizontal World, Uenoryoma, Touka Lily, Miyabi Akino, Hokuto Sui

An anthology comic that collects the flirtatious and naughty parts of newlyweds!My wife is too cute...!! Usually a shy wife seduces her husband with cosplay, or tries to have sex on the beach at her honeymoon...!?Cover Illustration: (
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Lendarios Story 2.4

Lendarios Story

Vol.3 Chapter 36.1: Notice

159 Mar 16,23 Manga N.U

In 2023 in a universe where there are 4 realms BRILHO,ESCURA,CRISTAL and TERRA a rare feat happened a 13-year-old Brilloniann boy still didn't know how to use powers. You will get the adventures of Nikko Sasaki and many other heroes
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Boku wa Kimitachi wo Shihai suru 3.7

Boku Wa Kimitachi Wo Shihai Suru

Vol.2 Chapter 12

3K Mar 15,23 Daisuke Chida

Seven women, one man, a suspenseful harem story! During a class reunion, the school became an enclosed dimension without warning. Yelling and screaming brought no response. 26-year old unemployed Haruka Sato has to survive by cooperating with seven of his former classmates. Soon, the extreme conditions began to eat away at their sanity, and Haruka's hidden desires began to take hold.
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Scary Campus College University 4.3

Scary Campus College University

Chapter 31: Sparklers

2.8K Mar 15,23 Nagashii Kouhei

Makina Chiraishi is a college student plagued by strange phenomena. She visited some ruins with her senior Fujinomiya, and from that moment on she became plagued with nightmares of being raped every night. Trying to save herself, she visits a mysterious man on the university...
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Shinsujeon 3.9


Chapter 17

297 Mar 15,23 Satan (마왕)

For the sake of his parents, who became ill after hunting a tiger, Choi Hyeon went to the mountains in search of the sacred guardian tree. Upon finding the sacred tree, a mysterious man named Tak Myeong appeared before him.In return for helping his parents recover, Tak Myeong asks Choi Hyeon to visit him in the mountains for a hundred days. But, will Choi Hyeon be able to repay Tak Myeong’s ki
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