Kitsch Marriage 4.2

Kitsch Marriage

Chapter 39

366 Jun 06,24 Saha

"Please marry me."A 2 billion won contract offered to a private military company's mercenary. The condition is one year of marriage."Customer, are you perhaps crazy?""You're the only lunatic that's fine with having a divorce history."Lee Raehwa, the only daughter of Daesan Construction. In order to break free from her father's control and complete her painting, Raehwa hires a legal
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Dickhead (Censored) 2.6

Dickhead (Censored)

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Lucky Day Part 1

65 Jun 06,24 JerzM

In a post apocalyptic world, a young girl defends herself from bandits using a penis monster contract.---**Notes:**- There's an uncensored version marked as pornographic.
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Yandere Koroshi!! - Shuuchaku Yaba me no Osananajimi ni 4.3

Yandere Koroshi!! - Shuuchaku Yaba Me No Osananajimi Ni "watashi Mo Suki" To Tsutaetara, Lovecome Route Ni Shift Shimashita

Chapter 4

1.4K Jun 06,24 Toyama Monaka

Read Yandere Koroshi!! - Shuuchaku Yaba me no Osananajimi ni "Watashi mo Suki" to Tsutaetara, Lovecome Route ni Shift shimashita on mangabuddy+
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A Studio Apartment Will Suffice 2.7

A Studio Apartment Will Suffice

Chapter 7

29 Jun 06,24 Baekgong

Jaeyoon, a graduate student, can no longer withstand the noise while living in a college town and goes forth to look for a new house. His efforts go to waste until he walks into a real estate office and ends up meeting the broker of his dreams.
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Misunderstanding 3.3


Chapter 2

15 Jun 06,24 Guji , 구지

One day, in a drunken stupor, Jiheon, a man whose love for pretty things is second to none at Hankuk Uni, suddenly confesses out of nowhere to a junior he doesn't even know. He very much wanted to brush it off as a misunderstanding, only to be suckered (?) by the heartfelt tears of said junior, and they soon start dating...
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Tsumi to Toga 3.6

Tsumi To Toga

Vol.1 Chapter 6.5: Extra

447 Jun 05,24 Tenkawa Ai

I can only feel aroused around people that don't move.A psychopath who does not know love × A young boy in despair over life. A near-maddening love-hate relationship story...Raised by a single parent, Subaru was forced to work to pay rent while enduring abuse from his mother with a dependent personality disorder, and her lover. One day, Subaru's advanced wages are stolen by his mother's lo
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Dawn After Dusk 3.9

Dawn After Dusk

Chapter 32

931 Jun 05,24 Seungyoung , Deokhwa

Hyunoh leads a meaningless life as a member of the Yakuza. On the day he decided to end his life, he was given a new meaning to keep living it with the help of Seohyun. This single memory from the night he spent with the pure Seohyun became the sole reason he continued to try living. Thus, he believed that Seohyun would be leading a life far from his.However, six years later, Hyunoh is reunite
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Diego 2.9


Chapter 1

5 Jun 05,24 Bunmung , 분뭉

Veteran Jayden is suffering from severe PTSD after losing his crush Matthew, during their deployment in the war a few years ago. He has been trying hard to return to his everyday life but the pain isn't getting any better. One day, he decides to give up on everything and leaves for a trip without a plan... When Jayden reaches his unplanned destination, he happens to meet Diego, a man who l
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Yurameku Aki no Koi Gokoro 3.8

Yurameku Aki No Koi Gokoro

Chapter 2

17 Jun 05,24 Nobana Saori

I want you to hold me just once… I promise I won’t tell you I love you. — Igarashi, a photographer, is friends with benefits with Shida, a popular stylist who only ever touches him when he’s drunk. — The truth is, I’ve had an unrequited love for Shida ever since high school...but I'd rather settle for holding him in my arms than confessing my feelings and not be able to be by his side anym
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Irene of Love Revisted 2.4

Irene Of Love Revisted

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Adami

155 Jun 05,24 Arai Hideki

The story of a mixed couple, A Japanese man named Iwao Shishido and a Filipino named Irene. Foreign wife Irene suddenly appeared in a cold village like a blowing pool.---_Note: This title has an original edition of 6 volumes and a shinsouban of 2 volumes, released in 2010. Most of the details here cover the latter edition.
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Love your love enemy 3.4

Love Your Love Enemy

Chapter 1

11 Jun 05,24 Nanatsuno Wataru

“I hate him, but I want this face all to myself!” Yousuke and Daichi, students at the same university, are romantic rivals for Mitsuru. However, as a result of a stratagem of Mitsuru’s, they get locked in a room and can’t leave until they have sex! The two love rivals. Yosuke kisses Daichi in an attempt to tease him, but to his surprise, Daichi has such a sexy reaction…!?
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Sparkling Baby 3.3

Sparkling Baby

Chapter 12

79 Jun 05,24 Zec (제크)

"Excuse me, are you Korean?"Due to a recent heartbreak, Hanjoon arrives at New York.Not only is he delighted to meet a Korean in an unfamiliar city,he has a one-night stand with him."I should've asked for his name."However, these two end up meeting again in an unusual place.Where will their one-night stand in the artist's city of New York lead them to?
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Alpha Buddy 3

Alpha Buddy

Chapter 7

34 Jun 04,24 Confeito Planet

Back then, it was not only the two of us.Me, you, and him.That guy, who always hovered in the periphery of my first love Omega's sight, was an Alpha without pheromones.The winner of that first love was naturally me, the Alpha with pheromones,And now, that guy, Seong Jewon, is just another member of our friend group.I thought our days would continue to pass by peacefully,But
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Between Us Now 3

Between Us Now

Chapter 19

198 Jun 04,24 Gaeng (갱), Gong Yeon-Hee

He was my best friend in the world. And that was enough.Taesung and Wooyoung became best friends by chance when they were young.Their friendship seemed to continue, even as they went to high school, but Wooyoung feels the desire to be more than just friends with Taesung.Meanwhile, Taesung has become wary of Suhwa, who had become close to Wooyoung in high school. And an incident bet
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Naisho no Stalker-san 3

Naisho No Stalker-San

Vol.1 Chapter 5

47 Jun 04,24 Hiro Haruyoshi

Kadoya is a resilient, hardworking, and gentle person, so he’s often pushed to do a lot of work.He has this certain “secret”.He is living strangely with someone he can't see.When he comes home completely exhausted, there’s a hot bath and meal prepared for him.And at night…—— “He” comes to his side and holds him.Kadoya feels so perfectly supported in everything, from housewo
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Hwanyoung's Misery 3.4

Hwanyoung's Misery

Chapter 36

586 Jun 04,24 Yeaze

Living with the crazy fan who imprisoned me...
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Undercover Darling 3.6

Undercover Darling

Chapter 8

43 Jun 04,24 Hot Fuzzy Comics

The daily life of Lee Jae, a hot-blooded police officer in a quiet rural village, is turned upside down by the reunion with his first love.Who would have thought that his first love, who had suddenly disappeared without a word one day, would reappear before him as a gangster?"Just bear with it a little longer. I'm going to do everything that I've been putting off today."Can he resist t
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Let Me Suck It 3.4

Let Me Suck It

Chapter 7

76 Jun 04,24 Fresa Pie (파이)

Vampires, the closest beings to demi-gods, are living in harmony with human civilization. Edward (nickname: Eddie), a vampire with weak supernatural powers, approaches Joshua, a nerdy and easy-looking prey. Eddie’s expectations are sky-high as he watches Joshua obediently follow after him, but there seems to be a misunderstanding about Eddie sucking WHAT?!
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Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda 4.1

Hajirau Kimi Ga Mitainda

Chapter 66.2: The Grand Reconciliation Plan!

41.3K Jun 03,24 Umagome Rakure

Akito Shirasawa, a high school boy whose father is a film director, sees something in the library preparation room. It was the "masturbation scene" of his classmate, Kaho Honjou. Akito is puzzled, but ends up filming it with his smartphone. Kaho notices Akito, and in the men's restroom, makes a "proposal" to Akito! Exposed high school girl and movie boy. The "exposed love" of twisted adolescence,
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Watashi Dake no Kami-sama - Chikara no Kaifuku no Tame ni Kiss wo Nedarareteimasu 2.9

Watashi Dake No Kami-Sama - Chikara No Kaifuku No Tame Ni Kiss Wo Nedarareteimasu

Chapter 1

20 Jun 03,24 Negami Musubi

Izuki Sudou, who was unreasonably fired from her company, meets an eerily beautiful boy on her way home after being fired. Mizuki began to talk with the boy every day in front of the shrine, and she was able to find a new job without incident. In return for his kindness, Mizuki says she wants to be of help to the boy, but... the boy is in fact a monster who failed to become a god?! "I can
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Open at Night 3.1

Open At Night

Chapter 3

14 Jun 03,24 Tanmon

After reuniting with someone who doesn’t even remember me, we became friends with benefits.What’s even funnier is that after becoming friends with benefits, I secretly fell for him.Jimin reunites with his old friend from swimming, Chanhyung, after becoming a college student. While Chanhyung is under the false assumption that Jimin is an older guy, the two become friends with benefits. Foll
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Rosen Garten Saga 4.5

Rosen Garten Saga

Vol.11 Chapter 65: Utter Defeat ~Orgasmus~

23.5K Jun 03,24 Sakimori Fuji,Tonooka Yousetsu

Rin's village getting attacked by bandits doesn't keep her down in the dumps for long! Picking up a sword housing an extraordinary pervert… I mean hero, Siegfried, she sets off on a journey of many bouts with various degenerat… ahem, heroes!
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Juujun na Omega wa Yoru ni Tsume wo Tate 3.4

Juujun Na Omega Wa Yoru Ni Tsume Wo Tate

Chapter 5.5

493 Jun 03,24 Chabashira Puu

Umezaki Shion, an Omega, is the new manager of talented actor Alpha Matsuoka Yusei. However, this ostensibly innocent relationship is not as it seems. If fact, Shion has a mission. He needs to get closer to Matsuoka in order to take revenge, as he is the son of the actor who forced Shion's mother to retire from the entertainment industry. As Shion gradually gains the trust of Yusei, how will their
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Rise of the Kowtowing Girl ~Sacrificial Revenge Game~ 2.8

Rise Of The Kowtowing Girl ~Sacrificial Revenge Game~

Vol.2 Chapter 11

552 Jun 02,24 Tanaka Doriru, Amemiya Kie

In a mysterious school, there is a class where students with the lowest grades are sent, named the "isolated class". Akari, an ordinary female student, falls into the "isolated class" due to her friend's betrayal, where she is exposed to irrational senseless violence! However, she stands up to the members who dominate the class with an unyielding heart. At the same time, Akari joins forces with Yu
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