Into the Thrill 4

Into The Thrill

Chapter 21

269 Feb 23,24 Leefail

Haewon, a violinist who has no interest in others and lives an unmotivated life.In his daily life, he practices violin for a fixed amount of time every day and gets into casual relationships. However, one day, while living his languid routine life, he learns about his friend Taeshin's suicide. “Hey, Haewon, I spoke to him for the first time today."Taeshin's been persistent in calling
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Why Are You So Kind To Everyone Except Me? 4.1

Why Are You So Kind To Everyone Except Me?

Chapter 30

1.6K Feb 23,24 Mallinflower

Kang Chaeheon.He's a high school alumnus, a university colleague in the same cohort and also Jeongyun's long-time crush. A man who's always at the top of the food chain but is kind and friendly to everyone. However, one day, Chaeheon is starting to become colder and colder to Jeongyun.'Why are you so kind to everyone except me?'Jeongyun, who can't seem to see the reason behind it, had
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Rain Advisory 2.7

Rain Advisory


197 Feb 22,24 dodGe

“What?! I'm supposed to be the guardian of this tentacle monster?"In a research facility specializing in monster biology, Monster Veterinarian Doha finds himself under a slimy assault from a pubescent tentacle monster.During this encounter, the tentacle monster comes to recognize Doha as its 'maternal figure,' and he ends up becoming its guardian for a year, taking on the responsibility of
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Ore no Kareshi ga Ichiban Kawaii 2.4

Ore No Kareshi Ga Ichiban Kawaii

Vol.1 Chapter 5

83 Feb 22,24 Nihonmatsu Shino

Mahiro, a 2nd year high school student, has loved his childhood friend Kaoru ever since they were children. Yet Kaoru enrolled into the most dangerous delinquent high school in their hometown, dubbed ‘Scum High’! Recently he’s been dyeing his hair, befriending delinquents, and even getting his ears pierced… Mahiro, feeling uneasy, impulsively confesses his feelings!
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Stay With Me 3.6

Stay With Me

Chapter 48

3.5K Feb 22,24 Pufu

The hottest and most popular model on SNS these days, Choi Bom. Born with a good-looking appearance, he accidentally became a trend, posting a job offer for a housekeeper on his SNS. And after a while, a man comes to visit saying that he will work as a housekeeper... His best friend and first love, who disappeared 7 years ago ...
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Love and Hate and Love (Unrequited Love Yuri Anthology) 2.5

Love And Hate And Love (Unrequited Love Yuri Anthology)

Chapter 6: Kashiwagi Tsukiko - Snowdrops

60 Feb 21,24 Kashiwagi Tsukiko, Tsutsu, Nochimuyu, Mako Takahashi, Hanasaki Manio, Ichigo Ichie

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Vivarium 2.6


Chapter 32

1.8K Feb 21,24 Sundal

The unemployed, arrogant and selfish Huisung attempts to steal his childhood friend’s banking book. Leaving their house with light foot steps, he is suddenly abducted by a mysterious figure. Huisung, who had been raped in his sleep, awakes to see a smiling Jaeyeon looming over him.
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1 to 10 2.8

1 To 10

Chapter 15

251 Feb 20,24 NOD

Every 100 days, Geon-jun repeats breaking up because he is disappointed in his lover's little place.Even so, there is one belief that he really wants to keep, and that is that there are stages in every relationship!"Dating from ancient times, you step on the progress step by step from 1 to 10, and when the 100th day is reached, then you have a relationship!"Contrary to Geon-jun, Jung-s
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Omaeni Dakareru Nante Kiitenai! 3.8

Omaeni Dakareru Nante Kiitenai!

Chapter 33

482 Feb 20,24 Natsuhara Saike

Even though he’s an ordinary office worker, it has become part of Natori’s daily routine to have a dry orgasm while watching AVs featuring crossdressing men. One day at an alumni gathering, he reunites with Seo who he learns works in the AV industry, and asks Seo to introduce him to a girl who can help him understand anal sex. But the person who enters the room is Seo himself…!! “The person who pl
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Hwanyoung's Misery 3.2

Hwanyoung's Misery

Chapter 34

569 Feb 20,24 Yeaze

Living with the crazy fan who imprisoned me...
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Looking up to Magical Girls 4.8

Looking Up To Magical Girls

Chapter 58

20K Feb 20,24 Akihiro Ononaka

Hiiragi Utena, a girl who loves Magical Girls, lives her ordinary everyday life wishing to be like them. One day a curious character appears in front of her and offers her the power to make her wishes come true, but… Magical Girls vs. The Forces of Evil, the fierce battle begins!
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My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today 4.4

My Girlfriend’S Not Here Today

Vol.5 Chapter 23: A Wish For Love

4.7K Feb 20,24 Iwami Kiyoko

It's a secret that I'm dating the love of my life at school. There's no way I can tell anyone, especially when we're both girls. But I can't help my feelings from slipping out in the background. It's not the ideal way to be a couple, but I can put up with it because I really love her... But such loneliness has also nurtured dark thoughts in my head.
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There's a Rat in Our House 4.8

There's A Rat In Our House

Chapter 26

356 Feb 20,24 Kimcamomo, Kim Suji

Amidst the freezing winter, a solitary being huddled on the snow-covered pavement, bearing the burden of deep loneliness and faded scars. It had forsaken itself, fragile and vulnerable. The reason for welcoming this nameless creature into the home was straightforward. "What... does this mean?" "You helped me, and I wish to return the favor." In the complete darkness where no trace of light could p
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Furoufushi Shoujo no Naedoko Ryokouki 4.2

Furoufushi Shoujo No Naedoko Ryokouki

Chapter 4.2: Hornet And Nyx Forest (Ii)

1.4K Feb 20,24 Luna Usagi

The journey of a genius girl who became immortal to grant her dreams of being breeding to different species of creatures in order to fulfill her curiosity.
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Underneath His Wings 2.7

Underneath His Wings

Chapter 20

771 Feb 19,24 Bbaek Oh

Junghyuk, an incubus who has become insensitive, could not feed on human essence, leading to starvation. Without any expectation, he went to a club and had a one-night stand with a man who had a different kind of taste to him... "I different an incubus is compared to a human." But it turns out that guy is Seohee, the biggest playboy and a junior from the same University! Although he d
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Onee-chan wa Game o Suruto Hito ga Kawaru Onee-chan 4.3

Onee-Chan Wa Game O Suruto Hito Ga Kawaru Onee-Chan

Vol.2 Chapter 20: The Crafting Older Sister

12.6K Feb 19,24 Roots,Munyu

Toshi, an ordinary high school student, spent his days being fed and taught by a beautiful neighbor named Yū-neesan, who lived near his house instead of his parents, who were rarely home. The older sister was kind and perfect as an adult. However, she had a hidden side in that her personality changed completely when it came to games... Games aren't just for fun! Big sister gets angry, gets nak
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Shikeishuu ~Ijou Hanzaisha no Matsuro~ 3.8

Shikeishuu ~Ijou Hanzaisha No Matsuro~

Vol.3 Chapter 16

776 Feb 19,24 Hori Hiroaki

The story is about Mio Shiraki, a woman who feeds on diabolical criminals.
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Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy for Different World 4.6

Reincarnated Carrier's Strategy For Different World

Chapter 8

8.4K Feb 19,24 Koumi Tarou

A man who yearns for freedom is reincarnated and he chooses the undesirable job "Carrier"--The fastest way to conquer both women and other world with wisdom and courage! A new erotic fantasy series from Nocturne Novels!
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That Sexapparition 2.9

That Sexapparition

Chapter 17: Side Story 5 - Final End

1.5K Feb 19,24 블랙김찌, Black Kimchi

Every night, Hong Yoosin has a dream in which he is raped by a monster.As an aftermath of these weird dreams, he suffers from sexual frustration and his everyday life becomes difficult. That's when Yeom Jueon, a man introducing himself as an exorcist, shows up.While living together, they both start a routine ritual to exterminate the monster...
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Boy's Abyss 4.4

Boy's Abyss

Chapter 166: Fumbling

87.4K Feb 19,24 Minenami Ryo

In a town with nothing, in the middle of a daily life with seemingly no signs of change, high schooler Reiji Kurose was "just" living. Family, dreams for the future, childhood friends. All of them were binding him down to that city. He thought he would "just" keep on living like that. Until he met her. Is there hope in living? Is there light waiting ahead? It's the start of
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Genocider 4


Vol.4 Chapter 24: A Faint Hope

857 Feb 19,24 Miyazaki Maya

Violence, abduction, extortion, drugs, blackmail. This gang will do literally anything for money. One day, they kidnap a young girl, physically and mentally destroying her in the process. Seeing what was done to his beloved daughter, the girl's father loses his sanity, his anger turning into an obsession to find and torture every member of the gang, to ensure they die in the worst imaginable
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Adam no Rokkotsu 3.7

Adam No Rokkotsu

Chapter 13

28 Feb 18,24 Michinoku Atami

Yuuma works and live at the amuesment park called "Dream Park". His days are normally filled up with kids tackling him and chatting with coworkers. Well, this is until his new coworker/roommate appears.
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Matataki no Ao wo Tadotte 4.2

Matataki No Ao Wo Tadotte

Chapter 4

215 Feb 18,24 COICO Ico

One day, Tsukimachi Yamato—who dreamed of becoming a teacher since high school—comes across a familiar name on his class roster: Komiya Isshin, the name of his best friend who fell into a coma during their senior year. Isshin states that he woke up two years ago, did his rehabilitation, and transferred into the class to get a restart on his high school life. After this dreamlike reunion, though no
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