I Will Become the Villain's Poison Taster 4.7

I Will Become The Villain's Poison Taster

Chapter 45

2.8K Apr 20,24 Nemolaming,Pilyoo

I, an innocent office worker, possessed a character in the devastating novel *The Poisoned Apple*. On top of that, I'm Giselle Lloydsvin, a villainess who gets poisoned to death before being hanged! But the poison brought by the assassins doesn't work? It even tastes like fruit! "You'll be okay since it's only a little bit, so hurry and drink it." …Even though I possessed someone
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The Player Hides His Past 4.8

The Player Hides His Past

Chapter 52

22.1K Apr 20,24 Gaechaban,Binukki,Bethes

[By the studio that brought you and !]The virtual reality game "History of the Archana Continent" became part of reality, and "players" who were synchronized with humans appeared to protect the world. Lee Hoyeol, who was an ordinary salaryman, took over the body of the character he created in middle school, "Grandfell Claudi Arpeus Romeo." Under normal circumstances, it would have been an absolute
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Foam of the Waves 4.6

Foam Of The Waves

Chapter 14

170 Apr 20,24 Ratte

Read manhwa Foam of the Waves /
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A Broken Heart Flows 4.4

A Broken Heart Flows

Chapter 14

2.5K Apr 20,24 Goraebyeol

Emperor Lucardis, the dragon's heir and guardian of the empire, suddenly visits Dyke, a retired knight who lived in peace with his daughter in a rural village after the war. There was a deep relationship between the two, but something seems to have happened! Meanwhile, the wheel of fate begins to flow in a new direction. A bittersweet and a little sexy love story between the young and charmi
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Hawar Of The Winter Garden 4.8

Hawar Of The Winter Garden

Chapter 44

1.1K Apr 20,24 Minato , RARET 미나토

Princess Canola arrives in wintery Tripol expecting a warm welcome from her future husband, Edel, and his kingdom. It's love at first sight the moment she lays eyes on him. But her picture-perfect fantasy comes crashing down when the people of Tripol reject an outlander for their prince. Now, Canola has to jump through hoops just to remain in Edel's orbit. Most would crumble under the pressure, bu
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Actor Class 4

Actor Class

Chapter 47

111 Apr 19,24 Dogaebi

Read manhwa Actor Class / Up-and-coming actor Seo Kangwoo is up for "Rookie of the Year" when his former lover, industry exec Lee Jiwon, suggests they act like a couple in public. Although they are no longer dating, Jiwon now needs Kangwoo's help to create a dating scandal that will break off an engagement set up by her family. With his lingering affection for Jiwon, Kangwoo jumps at this chance t
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I Became the Youngest Member of Top Idol 4.6

I Became The Youngest Member Of Top Idol

Chapter 22

194 Apr 19,24 Gangseoul,Masgom

“25…that’s too old to become an idol.” Do Seohan, who got eliminated from the successful idol survival audition program ‘Stardust Project’. Giving up his dreams, he is trying to find his way working part-time jobs. When all of a sudden, he wakes up 8 years in the past after an accident. Right before the ‘Stardust Project’ started! As the youngest (but most experienced), can he make it to the final
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How the Pro in His Past Life Sucks the Sweet Honey 4.7

How The Pro In His Past Life Sucks The Sweet Honey

Chapter 70

27.4K Apr 19,24 Song Sooha , Ebipo

This is his 101st reincarnation!Is this life a fantasy again? Another fantasy? Just as he is disappointed, he hears his mother's mumbling.He is the youngest prince with no inheritance rights?No one pays attention to him?Hooray! This life is a piece of cake.He is tired of saving the world or fighting desperately for ambition.What does he want?Only to enjoy the sweet hone
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The New Empress 4.4

The New Empress

Chapter 34

74 Apr 19,24 Yangnlam

Read manhwa The New Empress / The symbol of the Apollinerian Empire is none other than the bird'!There was a legend in the empire that held birds as sacred and worshiped[On the day the (Divine Bird), made of silver and gold descends to this land, the empire will have everlasting glory.]It was a trust that came down from the distant past.Each interpretation was different, but people waited for the
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Fakes Don’t Want To Be Real 4.6

Fakes Don’T Want To Be Real

Chapter 46

6.2K Apr 19,24 Seol Ilin, Soeun

Read manhwa / "My palace was not there from the beginning." Despite being accused of being a fake princess, she devoted herself to earning her family's recognition, betrayed by all, Psychke was accused of trying to murder the real princess and was killed. If I were given another life, I would never live like this.' Was it because of the thought that came to her mind at the last moment? When P
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Helena: Master Of The Guardian Stone 4.4

Helena: Master Of The Guardian Stone

Chapter 88

7.1K Apr 19,24 Eol , Rascca , MOMO(모모)

Helena Croisen, bastard child of the family, thought she would finally be acknowledged when the power of the guardian stone manifested in her. Little did she know, a conspiracy was going on behind her back — one that would end with her beloved fiancé stabbing her in the heart. As Helena draws her final breath, a mysterious voice speaks to her. “Do you wish for vengeance?” Next thing she knows, she
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Abating Scoundrel 4.2

Abating Scoundrel

Chapter 61

2.4K Apr 19,24 Kakao Webtoon

During the Japanese occupation period, Kang Deokbae was born without knowing who his parents were.Having built up his strength to protect himself and formed a group under the name of his family, he becomes the Korea's top organization, the"Taesung Group".On his 50th birthday, Kang Deokbae closes his eyes after getting stabbed by a hostile organization while he gathering with his family.30 years af
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Crazy Princess Renia 4.4

Crazy Princess Renia

Chapter 80

3.3K Apr 19,24 Asra Lin

Crazy Princess Renia manhwa, Mad princess lenia , Renia is the princess of the Fontiano Empire. Her happy days were now shattered, after she married Duke Clovis Zenov. "I would like to sentence my wife Renia Zenov to death for the murder of Duke Clovis Zenov" "I'm innocent, I swear to god I never intended to kill my beloved husband!" Reality was like hell, nothing changed even if she screamed i
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A Con Artist But That’s Okay 4.8

A Con Artist But That’S Okay

Chapter 37

2K Apr 19,24 Wiyeon , Portofino , chacha , Sukja , 숙자

"If you sign this paper, then Milady will become the Duchess of Leviaus for the next year. In exchange, you will receive a deposit of 100,000 rubles and if you fulfil the terms of the contract successfully, you will receive 1 million rubles." A contract marriage to put an end to the rumor about Duke Leviaus, who has a status comparable to that of the imperial family! The rumour is that the wo
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Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time 4.7

Even The Demon King, One Step At A Time

Chapter 135

11.2K Apr 19,24 Yun Hong ; Team , 윤홍

One Step to the Devil, Mawangkkaji Han Geol-eum, This is No different from Villager A There can't be a stronger being in this world!" To become the strongest, Yuria, the sea king (or queen), came down in search of the strongest demon king. BUT looking at the mirror, a face of a kid? In exchange for legs she have lost all her powers even then, still aiming to become the strongest, the painful jou
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Surviving as an Illegitimate Princess 4.8

Surviving As An Illegitimate Princess

Chapter 30

25.2K Apr 19,24 서결, Seo Gyeol

"Don't look down on me just because I'm a child! Even though I look like this, this is my 10th life!" I'm an illegitimate princess whose life was cut short after being misunderstood for having the same blood as the enemy country and died early. After nine tragic repetitions, I discovered the identity of my biological father. He is Paeon, a war hero who defeated the demon king and the strongest ho
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Sleeping Ranker 4.7

Sleeping Ranker

Chapter 110

70.2K Apr 19,24 Cheon Jin-Hee (천진희),Woleog (워럭)

“We’re only taking a break for about 30 seconds? I’m not imagining things, right?” “…Yes.” After 15 hours of hunting, Hyunsung asked to rest for a while, and after 30 seconds, he had to get up again and started hunting. Actually, Hyunsung has a special skill. [Thananos’ narcolepsy skill is activated.] [You’re being forced into a sleep state.] After sleeping for a while and waking up, I got an
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Reaper of the Drifting Moon 4.7

Reaper Of The Drifting Moon

Chapter 84

68.9K Apr 19,24 Ugak (우각),Mok-In (목인),Inkyo

He’s in the deepest part of the Jianghu. Keep your eyes wide open if you do not wish to get dragged into the abyss.
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Heavenly Grand Archive’s Young Master 4.8

Heavenly Grand Archive’S Young Master

Chapter 73

29K Apr 19,24 Kim Hyeon Yeong , Midnight Studio , 128

The soul of the charming and imposing Murim Alliance Leader, Hu Gong, suddenly possesses the body of a darn young man’s body one day. That young man’s name is Beom Hang. He’s the young master of the ‘Heavenly Grand Archive’, one of the three major archives of the jianghu, yet a sorry excuse of a person. In order to determine why his soul has swapped bodies, Hu Gong begins to train Beom Hang’s bo
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Don’t Mess with My Duke Dubless! 4.4

Don’T Mess With My Duke Dubless!

Chapter 55

4.2K Apr 19,24 Myel , SESAENG , Kang Youngsun

Read manhwa Don't Mess with My Duke Dubless! / Don't Be My Darling / One day, Jade Kinsel finds herself in the world of the novel .She decides that, while she is here, she'd try and change the ending of her favorite character-Duke Dubless. Rather than the sad, underdog second-lead that loses out on the girl and eventually dies alone, Jade would find him his own match and let him meet an ending h
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Where Are You Looking, Manager? 4.5

Where Are You Looking, Manager?

Chapter 132

11.5K Apr 19,24 Rich , Yoon hanryang , Lits

"You're saying that I'm dead?" On the day of his road manager interview, Kim Injoon gets dragged into the afterlife due to a grim reaper's mistake. While desperately running to avoid death, a faint ray of light appears andBANG! "What the-? It was a dream? It's too detailed to be one!" But after that day, he started seeing strange strings. Both black and white strings of fate! If these strings mean
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The Land Lord’s Baby Retires 4.5

The Land Lord’S Baby Retires

Chapter 91

16.5K Apr 19,24 Sam Baek Hwa 삼백화

Read manhwa The Land Lord's Baby Retires / In her third life, she was reborn as the only daughter of a villain that didn't have blood nor tears.People lived in a house that was on the verge of collapsing, so she designed a building using her previous life's knowledge.However, her dad caught her and"We passed a bill that the building's ownership would be given to the person who
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The Little Lady Behind the Scenes 4.8

The Little Lady Behind The Scenes

Chapter 82

20.7K Apr 19,24 Cheonghae,seonsaeng,Yehwon

I was the only younger sister of the female protagonist in the reverse harem novel. In addition, I was exceptionally pampered by the female lead after waking up after being very sick. I used that to defeat the original inexcusable tr*sh male leads who only hurt my sister… ‘Lili, how are you? Do you like cake?' ‘Lili is really pretty because she resembles her sister. Won'
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I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game 4.8

I Became The Tyrant Of A Defense Game

Chapter 93

46.8K Apr 19,24 Ryueun Garam (류은가람),Ha Jung (하정),Gyong (굥)

Tower Defense & Dungeon Attack RPGI saw the ending to the game no one was able to clear.But, when I came to my senses, I was inside of the game.In fact, I was in the tutorial stage, a place where strategy was impossible."I'll clear this bullshit game no matter what!" mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related m
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