The Villainess Wants To Go Home 2.6

The Villainess Wants To Go Home

Chapter 6

17 Sep 28,23 VrK , WHYNOTME , DXD Animation

A friend of the heroine, Lillie, possessed by the villain Astin. What saved me from the life of the villainess was always my sweet friend, Lillie. Lily was my everything. 'If you stay by my side, Lillie might be unhappy' So I decided to disappear from Lillie's side. All for a perfect ending. however.... “Lician, why are you looking for me?” Why did the male lead,
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The Team Leader is Tired of Being A Newlywed 5

The Team Leader Is Tired Of Being A Newlywed

Chapter 12

0 Sep 28,23 Ganghada , Jang Green , 강하다

What would you do if you were ordered to enter a fake marriage… with your crush? That's exactly what happened to Dodam, an agent working for the NSO, the most secretive government organization. Dodam's mission? To expose an industrial spy. But here's the twist: she has to go undercover as a newlywed with her boss and crush, Juwon Gi. Dodam is determined to accomplish her mission and win Juwon's fa
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The Player Hides His Past 4.8

The Player Hides His Past

Chapter 22

7.1K Sep 28,23 Gaechaban,Binukki,Bethes

[By the studio that brought you and !]The virtual reality game "History of the Archana Continent" became part of reality, and "players" who were synchronized with humans appeared to protect the world. Lee Hoyeol, who was an ordinary salaryman, took over the body of the character he created in middle school, "Grandfell Claudi Arpeus Romeo." Under normal circumstances, it would have been an absolute
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Sisters at War 4.6

Sisters At War

Chapter 46

974 Sep 28,23 Maenggi ki

What if your worst enemy turned out to be your sister? Dark loner Haera and golden child Li-on have always been arch rivals, competing to be the best in their arts high school. Of course, Li-on always seems to win, with the support and privilege provided by her wildly wealthy, world-famous sculptor mother. Then again, Li-on has dark secrets of her own, and there’s just something about Haera -- her
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The Price of Breaking Up 4.5

The Price Of Breaking Up

Chapter 50

10.3K Sep 28,23 Aidela , ARC , Studio Inus

Clearly, God must have been joking when he sent down another oracle proclaiming that “the companion of His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, is to be the precious daughter of Marquis Lurhtella.” How could the oracle be mistaken? As soon as I was born, I was selected to be the Crown Princess and have spent my entire life training to be a great Empress one day, but everything changed overnight: My p
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I Failed to Oust the Villain! 4.6

I Failed To Oust The Villain!

Chapter 78

9.5K Sep 28,23 자은향 , ASSAM, Ja Eunhyang , syunnyun

Reborn as the daughter of a count she read about in a novel, Lady Valeta knows the story ends in tragedy at the hands of her lowly house pet, Reinhart. Having never wanted him in the first place, Valeta tries but fails to oust him from her house. But when Reinhart's powerful magic is awakened one day, he kills all those around her, and it is now Valeta who is at his mercy. Though the tables have t
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Sleeping Ranker 4.7

Sleeping Ranker

Chapter 89

55.1K Sep 28,23 Cheon Jin-Hee (천진희),Woleog (워럭)

“We’re only taking a break for about 30 seconds? I’m not imagining things, right?” “…Yes.” After 15 hours of hunting, Hyunsung asked to rest for a while, and after 30 seconds, he had to get up again and started hunting. Actually, Hyunsung has a special skill. [Thananos’ narcolepsy skill is activated.] [You’re being forced into a sleep state.] After sleeping for a while and waking up, I got an
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Surviving Romance 4.8

Surviving Romance

Chapter 99

15.9K Sep 28,23 Lee Yeon

Chaerin leads a blissful and comfortable life as the lead in a romance novel. She only has eyes for the male lead, Jeha, to the point where all the extras are literal black shadows. But then, one day, her story suddenly switches genres. All of a sudden, she discovers that if she wants to live, she has to band together with the extras she ignored before and work with them to survive!
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Stuck In The Tower

Chapter 58

14.1K Sep 27,23 SITT

A world where gates open and monsters come out to play— Hyunsoo longs to enter the tower and take on the role a sa hunter. But in reality, he works as a porter and meat shield of E Class Hunters who are worse than gangsters. Moreover, he was taken advantage by this hunters to the point where he was about to meet death. As soon as he thought that he was dead, he was summoned to the tower, was reviv
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Damn Reincarnation 4.8

Damn Reincarnation

Chapter 69

68.1K Sep 27,23 Park Jeong yeol (박정열),Kiki (키키),Mogma (목마)

The warrior Hamel went on an adventure with his companions to defeat the Demon Kings, but after dying just before the final battle with the Demon Kings….“Waaah.”‘What the fuck!’He was reincarnated as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth.Hamel — no, Eugene Lionheart was reborn with the blood of the Great Vermouth.‘My previous body held enough talent to be mistaken for
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Transcension Academy 4.7

Transcension Academy

Chapter 77

32.3K Sep 27,23 Eojjeoda (어쩌다),Kkyujanneu (뀨잔느)

SeoJoon, who had been working to save in order to pay off his dead parents’ debt and to attend a hunter academy, ended up needing to spend all his savings for surgery due to an unfortunate accident. In his moment of despair, a weird ad played. [You can also become an awakener!] He decided to register since he had nothing else to lose. [Mr. Kim SeoJoon, welcome to Transcension Academy.] This h
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Pure Villain 4.8

Pure Villain

Chapter 68

20.4K Sep 27,23 Seyoon

A world where special police exist to deal with criminals with unique abilities.An unreasonable villain comes to Han Doryeong, the strongest special police officer who was spending peaceful days!But something's wrong with this criminal?The worst villain who loves the strongest hero, "Park Rosa's" crazy love story.
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Behold the True Villainess 4.4

Behold The True Villainess

Chapter 104

58.4K Sep 27,23 Jeongdeun

I entered the body of Niveia Herbert, the only daughter of God in the kingdom, who was offered as a sacrifice. She sacrificed herself as the eldest daughter of my family for them, lost my fiancée to my rival, and gave my life as a believer for the kingdom… there was just calamities upon calamities happening. “There’s no point in dying. Fuck the sacrifice.” Destroying her d
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When I Returned Home, My Family Was Ruined 4.6

When I Returned Home, My Family Was Ruined

Chapter 57

22.3K Sep 27,23 Kibodeu Manse , Studio Jilpung , IRTRMF

I Regressed to My Ruined Family manhwa, I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone.Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent.I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over.I really thought it was overBut when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past.A past that was very different f
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The Lord's Coins Aren't Decreasing?! 4.3

The Lord's Coins Aren't Decreasing?!

Chapter 108

65.7K Sep 27,23 Hong Dae Eui

???: Alright, let's keep it up and do the heave-ho???: Heave???: Ho???: Heave???: We can heave ho all we want but I think we're all screwed because of that guy.The Coin market that goes beyond the dimensions, A newcomer has appeared and turned the Dimensional Trading Center upside down!Erun Steelguard, the enemy of all traders.He was actually living his second life,after losing all of this wealth
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Best Teacher Baek 4.7

Best Teacher Baek

Chapter 97

38.8K Sep 27,23 Ganjjajang , S.J LEE , ORIBORI

Once the finest instructor in the Blood Cult, Suryong Baek is killed, only to to wake up in the body of someone who teaches martial arts at a small rural academy. His new body may be weak, but he knows how to fix it, and it’s not the first time that he’s found himself in a body that can’t access its inner power. Curing his body requires money, however, and Suryong decides that becoming the great
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I Obtained a Mythic Item 4.7

I Obtained A Mythic Item

Chapter 73

54.9K Sep 27,23 Jung Seonyul (정선율),Hess (헤스)

D-Rank non-combat raider becomes a great enemy of god that will save the world with the strongest restoration item.
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F-Class Destiny Hunter 4.7

F-Class Destiny Hunter

Chapter 41

10.4K Sep 27,23 Anamin

many more!]In a world where destiny decides the ability one awakens, Seo Gangrim is born with the worst destiny.He awakened as a hunter, but he was the very bottom of the bottom.One day, he is ambushed[Power Destiny Stealing' is being activated. You have obtained the power Regression'.]He lost all his teammates to an assassin, but right before dying, he regressed to his past.Right then, Seo Gangri
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A Second Chance at Saving You 4.1

A Second Chance At Saving You

Chapter 25.5

100 Sep 27,23 Gwonsuri , Yueunbi , Geuneuli

Empress Niobe Roden, the precious Blue Rose of the Rustan Empire, is in love with another man--the one to save her from her tyrant husband. She patiently waits for her lover Eloi, but all that returns is the news that the Emperor has beheaded him. Hopeless in her own imprisonment, Niobe ends her life only to be returned to the past–exactly two years before her marriage with Valon. With the second
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Cheer Up, Your Highness! 4.8

Cheer Up, Your Highness!

Chapter 36

558 Sep 27,23 Hyean , Niru B

Read manhwa Cheer Up, Your Highness! / Good Job, Her Highness the Princess / , There comes a time in every princess's life where she has to find her prince. But Hayool shuns marriage and wants to remain in the royal palace with her family. This crybaby princess is known throughout the kingdom for her strongheadedness. She's even earned the nickname of "Eun-Lu," or silver tears, for her crying fits
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My Daughter Is a Musical Genius 4.6

My Daughter Is A Musical Genius

Chapter 105

23.9K Sep 27,23 kings2ac , Lee Hansung , Harvey , 이한성,깅삵,하비

I was crazy about music and dedicated my entire life to it, but I neglected my daughter. I soon started to regret that for the rest of my pathetic life. Just like that, I died, but when I opened my eyes, it was 10 years ago. This time, I vowed to be a good father. By the way, I think my daughter is a musical genius.
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The Betrayed Queen is Devoted To By The Beautiful Baron 4.1

The Betrayed Queen Is Devoted To By The Beautiful Baron

Chapter 20.5

968 Sep 27,23 Yun Mari

Read manhwa The Betrayed Queen is Devoted To By The Beautiful BaronOut of a sense of responsibility for being the queen, Estelle lived her entire life as if she married the state.However, what awaited her at the end was a betrayal by the person she trusted the most.With her dying breath, Estelle vowed that:If she were to be reborn, she'll never become the queen again.Suddenly, she woke up and foun
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Rosalyn Bogarte 4.7

Rosalyn Bogarte

Chapter 58

1.9K Sep 27,23 Hano , SWE

Rosalyn Bogarte manhwa, "Do you not think the husband is so beautiful his in-laws will bring him into sudden wealth?"Due to the luxurious spendings of the royal and noble families, the church and state of the Calabria Kingdom had collapsed. In order to obtain honor, the only thing they cannot obtain, being bourgeois, the Bogarte merchants try to marry off the black sheep of the family, their seco
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I'll Save the Heroine! 4.5

I'll Save The Heroine!

Chapter 47.5

4.5K Sep 27,23 Dok Yeon , Kim Wootz

Imagine Lee Sangyeo's surprise when she wakes up one day inside her favorite novel... and her horror when she realizes she's in the body of the adorable heroine's evil sister-in-law, Aylee Brydon! Knowing that the story will end terribly if nothing changes, Aylee is determined to save the heroine at all costs. However, her complete character reversal leads to problems in high society and causes fr
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