The Age Gap Sister is at That Age 4.4

The Age Gap Sister Is At That Age

Vol.1 Chapter 33: Lovers' Kiss

1K Apr 01,24 Hachiko

Two sisters, with ten years separating them. Once close, they grew distant with time. As the younger sister enters high school, their relationship once again begins to change. This time in an unusual direction.
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Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata 4.6

Kimi To Tsuzuru Utakata

Extra. : The Eternity For You

4.4K Mar 31,24 Yuama

Shizuku Hoshikawa, a high school girl who lives avoiding contact with people, writes a novel which is accidentally read by her classmate Kaori Asaka. However, when she reads the novel, she ends up saying: "Let's have a love relationship, for the next job…"
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Anemone is in Heat 4.6

Anemone Is In Heat

Chapter 40: 1-B

6.8K Mar 24,24 Ren Sakuragi

Nagisa Ootsuki shed her former self out of shame from failing her highschool entrance exams. On her first day in her new highschool, who does she meet but the girl who made her fail the exam! How does Nagisa deal with these complicated emotions?
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Sorry but I'm not Yuri 4.5

Sorry But I'm Not Yuri

Vol.6 Chapter 32: Dodgeball (Part 2)

4.2K Mar 23,24 Mochi Au Lait

In an attempt to win her homeroom teacher's heart, Itsumi Toudou purchashed a shady love potion, and tested it out on her stuck-up student committee president, Yomotsuka. Now, she has an uncharacteristically affectionate girl to deal with, and she's not even a lesbian! Right?
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Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata 4.6

Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata

Chapter 12.2

2.6K Mar 22,24 Ukaniuka,卯蟹うか,Ukaniuka (卯蟹うか),Urabika,Urabika (卯蟹うか)

Highschool teacher Saeki Nao is secretly a hardcore otaku who loves yuri manga. One day, at a doujinshi convention they participate in, Nao is eager to convey her feelings to "Nyapoleon", an artist she worships. However, it turned out to be a girl from her school, Kurumizawa Haruka, and moreover, she had to help her. After the event, they decided to
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Yamada to Kase-san 4.4

Yamada To Kase-San

Chapter 37: Futon And Kase-San

5.1K Mar 22,24 TAKASHIMA Hiromi

Sequel series to:
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My Cute Little Kitten 4.6

My Cute Little Kitten

Chapter 18

2.6K Mar 21,24 Morinaga Milk

A story of two close friends living together.
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Fusoroi no Renri 4.9

Fusoroi No Renri

Chapter 97.5

10.7K Mar 17,24 Mikanuji

Tanaka Iori is a worker for a company that sets unreasonable demands, on top of that she has a penchant for dating married men. What a recipe for disaster! One day she gets drunk with an acquaintance and wakes up the next morning by her side naked! What's Iori to do?
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Oshi ga Tonari de Jugyou ni Shuuchuu Dekinai! 4.1

Oshi Ga Tonari De Jugyou Ni Shuuchuu Dekinai!

Chapter 67

639 Mar 15,24 Tsutsui Tetsu,Sugawara Koyubi

Manaka Sakiko is a huge fan of Chihiro, an idol from the idol group Haruiro Sunshine, and on her first day of high school she finds out the new girl sitting next to her is none other than Chihiro herself. No one else recognises Chihiro, so Sakiko resolves to keep her knowledge under wraps, but when she accidentally slips and reveals she's a fan, she unwittingly makes herself the enemy of anoth
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Kakegurui - Yorozu: Official Comic Anthology 4.3

Kakegurui - Yorozu: Official Comic Anthology

Chapter 18: Perfect Day To Be A Pet [End]

1.2K Mar 12,24 Zhena, Tachi, Mosuko, Kana Yoshimura, Seigo Tokiya, Makoto Fukami

Kakegurui - Yorozu: Official Comic Anthology is the exciting anthology edition spin-off of the popular gambling girls franchise, Kakegurui! With 32 of today’s best artists all bringing their unique skills to the table there’s even more fun to be had with this collection of original manga stories.
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Peaceful Yuri Manga 4.5

Peaceful Yuri Manga

Chapter 15

517 Mar 12,24 Chihuri

Yuri manga, taking place in a fictional Russia.
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Her Shim-Cheong 4.8

Her Shim-Cheong

Chapter 89

6.6K Mar 10,24 Seri, Biwan

Set in historical Korea, some legends are not completely told. This is the untold half of a legend concerning a beggar woman and the wife of a powerful minister.
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Does It Count if Your First Time Is With an Android? 4.3

Does It Count If Your First Time Is With An Android?

Vol.5 Chapter 21

1.8K Mar 10,24 YAKINIKU Teishoku

Beautiful, brainy Tsuda Akane is indispensable at the robotics manufacturer where she works, but her colleagues never saw her private side. At home, Akane’s a hot mess with an apartment that looks more like a landfill than a living space. When she drunkenly orders a maid to help her tidy up, the lady android who arrives is a horny hottie who’s about to give Akane more service than she bargained fo
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Murcielago 4.5


Chapter 160

9.6K Mar 09,24 Yoshimura Kana

In a city overflowing with heinous crimes and violence, two girls make it their job to kill criminals who can not be dealt with by police. (Warning: Contains explicit gore and sex in future chapters.)
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I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved 4.5

I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved

Chapter 5: I Wouldn't Mind Lies

458 Mar 08,24 Amano Shuninta

Kimura Rin is a young office worker who's constantly harassed, bullied and otherwise spends her time at work suffering. With no future ahead of her, and nothing she wants to do, she wonders why the world hurts her this way... Until, after an incredible night with an incredible woman, she decides to become a lesbian escort.
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It's Maka! Not baka!!! 1.5

It's Maka! Not Baka!!!

Vol.3 Chapter 43: Chapter 43

534 Mar 06,24 Sashimisan

Maka is your typical highschool girl, living in Austria. Her Father gets himself in a huge debt, and has to flee. He drops off his daughter at the airport and drives away. Maka has to travel to Japan, to live with her Mother, which she hasn't seen for many years. And thus, the adventures of Maka-Chan begins!
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If I Can Encounter Koshiba Aoi Today 4.1

If I Can Encounter Koshiba Aoi Today

Chapter 24: The Truth About The Liar Part 2

1.9K Feb 29,24 Hazuki Takeoka,Fly

The latest manga by the creator of Masamune-Kun's Revenge. The story of Kyo, Koshiba Aoi ni Aetera follows Sahoko, a girl who values what others think of her, and Aoi, a girl who is able to let out her true self without caring about what others think. To get closer to Aoi whose candid air appeared shining, the action that Sahoko takes to get closer is... a kiss.
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Can't Get Along With Dear Princess 3.1

Can't Get Along With Dear Princess

Chapter 136

2.5K Feb 27,24 石头人

"Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older."For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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Easygoing Oyako 3.6

Easygoing Oyako

Chapter 21

61 Feb 20,24 Taiyaki Nakamura

not found...
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Anything! Okay 3.8

Anything! Okay

Chapter 4

34 Feb 20,24 Equipe - 30 Building

the brilliant new life in university of a freshman was ruined by her old friend!
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Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmarida! 4.6

Neta Chara Tensei Toka Anmarida!

Chapter 21.2

11.7K Feb 18,24 OTONASHI Kanade , AMANE Kamuragi

Toru Aikawa is a university student who spends his days going through the motions of attending school and working at a local convenience store. The only time he really feels alive is when he's playing the massive multiplayer VR game Real World Online. One day, he has a stroke of luck: he's hit by a runaway bus and reincarnated as his game character. But something's gone wrong... Instead of the in
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The Incapable Married Princess 4.4

The Incapable Married Princess

Chapter 101

5.5K Feb 18,24 石头人

For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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White Angels Have No Wings 4

White Angels Have No Wings

Chapter 77.5: Epilogue [End]

4K Feb 18,24 Gado

A Catholic school where everything seems tranquil and fine. But for Ayeon, a day doesn't pass without getting bullied until one day, Yeonhwa steps in against the bullies. Ayeon is grateful for Yeonhwa but what she doesn't realize is that there seems to be something more than just good intentions behind that beautiful smile.
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