Suimitsutou Ha  Shoujo Ni Kajirareru 3.7

Suimitsutou Ha Shoujo Ni Kajirareru

Chapter 1: The Girl That Is Going To Have Sex Today...

7,571 Sep 19,20 Amasaki Iroha

Momoka who has become an arasa with zero romance experience. Frustrated by this situation, she discovers the existence of "lesbian sex" while searching for an online encounter. Momoka decides to use it, but she is attracted to her by having sex with a lesbian sex girl "Riko" who appeared at the meeting place, but she has a secret ...?
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Dark Cherry to Shoujo A 3.7

Dark Cherry To Shoujo A

Vol.1 Chapter 7: Girls Bitter Ambitious

1,941 Sep 19,20 Chisako

1. Candy Trap 2. Honey Method Sakura realizes that lasting love is possible with Mai, even if she's a woman. 3. Tadashii Pantsu no Sutekata 4. Naisho no Kaijuu-chan 5. Sakasama Buranko 6. From Tomorrow on, No More Drinking Madoka and Yuina were in the same high school friend group but went separate ways in college. No
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Hello, Melancholic! 4.5

Hello, Melancholic!

Chapter 1: Strange Chameleon

1,798 Sep 16,20 Ohsawa Yayoi

Asano Minato is hiding in plain sight. She’s tall, but she’s very quiet, and very withdrawn. She keeps her hair over her face and her head down. It’s not hard to see that she’s avoiding being seen. While eating lunch alone in her secret spot, she hears what is obviously an instrument. She immediately wonders why, since this high school doesn’t have a band. She knows t
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Want to Sell Me Your Body? 4.5

Want To Sell Me Your Body?

Chapter 4

15,986 Sep 20,20 Sanada Haiji

“That makes a grand total of 100 thousand dollars.” After Tsukasa’s mom is killed in a car accident, her dad becomes addicted to drinking and gambling. One day, he disappears, leaving Tsukasa with a debt of 30 thousand dollars. There’s no way a student like Tsukasa could get her hands on that much money! Eventually, debt collector Reiko shows up, invitin
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Touzainanboku! 4.5


Chapter 1

992 Sep 07,20 Namori

Spin-off manga of Yuru Yuri following the four teachers of Nanamori Middle School – Shihoko Azuma, Nana Nishigaki, Tsubasa Minamino and Hatsumi Kitamiya – in their high school days.
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The Wolf in Love and Mille-Feuille 4.6

The Wolf In Love And Mille-Feuille

Chapter 2: Märchen 2: A Dangerous Smell

6,763 Sep 06,20 Ugatsu Matsuki

The Wolf falls in love. A dark fairy tale action starts.
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Model and Quiet Manager 4.6

Model And Quiet Manager

Chapter 2

14,072 Sep 08,20 Taneko

A cool model and a manager’s romantic comedy begins!
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I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved 4.2

I Wouldn't Mind Being Loved

Chapter 1

3,039 Aug 20,20 Amano Shuninta

Kimura Rin is a young office worker who's constantly harassed, bullied and otherwise spends her time at work suffering. With no future ahead of her, and nothing she wants to do, she wonders why the world hurts her this way... Until, after an incredible night with an incredible woman, she decides to become a lesbian escort.
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Salieri & Mozart 4.3

Salieri & Mozart

Chapter 40

73,741 Aug 17,20 Kim Suo

Author's Twitter
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Hot Milk and Your Voice 4.2

Hot Milk And Your Voice

Chapter 7: "hot Milk And Your Voice"

16,494 Aug 14,20 Kure Kai

7 Years have passed by and she encounter with the boy who loved her, but she doesn't know that he's actually a woman. Bahasa Indonesia 7 Tahun telah berlalu dan dia bertemu oleh seorang bocah lelaki yang dulu mencintainya, akan tetapi dia tidak tahu bahwa bocah tersebut adalah seorang perempuan. Vietnam Sau bảy năm cô gái ấy đã gặp lại người con trai n
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Moshi, Koi ga Mieta Nara 4.7

Moshi, Koi Ga Mieta Nara

Chapter 3.2

9,311 Aug 10,20 Mikami Teren

"This actor and this idol will get married." From the long time ago, I've been surprised every time I hit that line, so I've stopped saying it recently.  The school life of Mei Haruno, a girl who knows whom the one other people like, begins (Taken from the official synopsis). Indonesian: "Aktor dan idola ini akan menikah." Sedari dulu
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I Favor the Villainess 4.8

I Favor The Villainess

Chapter 3: Their First Contest (Part 2)

31,047 Sep 12,20 Sumio Aono,Inori,Hanagata

Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!
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Kokono-Chan Drinks Tears! 4.4

Kokono-Chan Drinks Tears!

Vol.1 Chapter 8

16,533 Aug 14,20 Shitaranana

A pair of classmates have a unique relationship.
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For Each Retweet, Two Straight Girls Who Don't Get Along Will Kiss for One Second 4.6

For Each Retweet, Two Straight Girls Who Don't Get Along Will Kiss For One Second

Chapter 15

68,629 Aug 02,20 Fukuroumori

Two straight girls who don't get along will kiss 1 second for every 1 retweet  
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I'm an Elite Angel, But I'm Troubled By an Impregnable High School Girl 4.3

I'm An Elite Angel, But I'm Troubled By An Impregnable High School Girl

Chapter 5: The Angel Wants To Be A Mama

57,264 Sep 18,20 Noyama

The role of the angels is to evaluate the good deeds of human beings and fulfill the "small wishes" that were in the good deeds. The angel, Ariel, is one of them. However, what appeared in front of her was a high school girl who didn't have any "small wishes" despite having done tens of thousands of good deeds Ariel decides to approac
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Futari Escape 4.2

Futari Escape

Chapter 4: Penniless Dream Escape

14,775 Sep 05,20 Taguchi Shouichi

A deadline-plagued manga artist and her jobless senpai try their best to escape from the oppressiveness that is "real life". Expansion of Taguchi's previous doujin Ninin Escape.
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Shuujuu Yuri Anthology ー Rhodanthe 4.4

Shuujuu Yuri Anthology ー Rhodanthe

Vol.1 Chapter 1: A Butterfly's Spare Time (Yukiko)

6,353 Jul 27,20 Yukiko, Mikanji, Dokuta Pepako, Numachi Doromaru, Doggy, imi, Yuino Chiri, Zanka, Itou Hachi

A yuri anthology featuring love between masters (mistresses?) and servants.
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Kyou Kara Mirai 3.9

Kyou Kara Mirai

Chapter 6.6: Bonus #02: The Perfect Answer

24,580 Sep 19,20 Yoshitomi Akihito

High school girl Miku confesses to her childhood friend Kyouko, asking that she give her reply before they graduate. Until that happens, however, Miku gives Kyouko the freedom to do whatever she wants with her.
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Gunbured igx Sisters8 4.5

Gunbured Igx Sisters8

Vol.2 Chapter 6.5: So That's What You're Into

34,963 Sep 12,20 Mitogawa Wataru

The manga is set in a world where, beginning with vampires, the supernatural world has been exposed to the public. Dorothy, a member of the Red Sisters clergy group that hunts down supernatural beings, has a fateful encounter with a blood-drenched woman named Maria.
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KiraKira★Study ~Zettai Goukaku Sengen~ 4.2

Kirakira★Study ~Zettai Goukaku Sengen~

Chapter 17: Facing The Test With Full Power

20,647 Sep 18,20 Hanabana Tsubomi

Misaki Marei is a second year in high school, and she sucks at studying. She has no real goals in life, and has zero interest in taking the college entrance exam...until her childhood best friend, Micchan, says she's going to college. Now Marei has found her goal: pass the entrance exam for Akamon University, an elite college, and go to school with Micchan. (tagged both sho
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Bondage Play 4.1

Bondage Play

Chapter 25

145,231 Jul 28,20 Satoru

Chapter 1 - Girl ties up Girl Chapter 2 - Girl ties up her Father
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Wake Ari na Kanojo-tachi 4.5

Wake Ari Na Kanojo-Tachi

Chapter 5: The Girl With The Fangs

13,002 Aug 12,20 Neji

A story set in a world where non-humans live among normal humans, focusing on a titan named Kara and a vampire name Vivi.
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