Between us (Noru) 3

Between Us (Noru)

Chapter 122

1.6K Jul 19,24 Noru

Wujoo basically has two parental figures in his life. His real father of course, and Inha- his best friend of 18 years who's even more invested in his personal affairs the average parent. Wooju is desperate to get Inha something special for his birthday, but being just a mere high school student, he unfortunately doesn't have the money. Wooju comes up with a very unorthodox method to earn some cas
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The Deputy Wants To Do It 3.3

The Deputy Wants To Do It

Side. : Epilogue (19)

2.8K Jul 19,24 이윤희 , Lee Yoonhee , Yoonhee

When country bumpkin Kang Bongsoo lands a new office job in the big city, he falls in love at first sight with Yoo Jiwon, the refined and sophisticated deputy manager in a neighboring department. After initially resigning to silently pine for Jiwon, Bongsoo unwittingly spots him making out with a man at a gay club and decides to confess his true feelings. When Bongsoo’s plans to form an emotional
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Fairy Pairing 3.9

Fairy Pairing

Chapter 6

255 Jul 19,24 Yahee

not found...
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Dark Fall 4.3

Dark Fall

Season.2 Chapter 67

15.7K Jul 19,24 Darulung

Leon, who reigned as the ruler of Darkfall, loses power for an unknown reason. Those who support him begin to reveal their strong sexual desires and nature to give birth to a new king to replace him +
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Comes In Threes 3.7

Comes In Threes

Chapter 70

1.3K Jul 18,24 Gyulrock

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Love Me, My God 3.9

Love Me, My God

Chapter 46

254 Jul 18,24 Nesso

Min-ha, who has seen strange things since childhood. As he became an adult, he gradually forgot about thise, but he can't avoid small accidents all the time, he keeps getting hurt constantly. Then one day, a man who suddenly appeared and saved Min-ha, who almost had a big accident. He introduces himself as Minha's guardian deity and recites memories that only Minha can know...+
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Feel My Benefit 3.7

Feel My Benefit

Chapter 19

219 Jul 18,24 Bam Man Deuk

"Sunbae, what are you doing now?" "I'm hard. ? Sleep with me" Woo Ju-hyun wants to do have his first time with someone he likes. Byun Seo-joon, a promiscuous man who appeared in front of Ju-hyun. Ju-hyeon, who dreams of a romantic relationship, gradually becomes swayed by Seo-joon, who has firm bre****(?)...+
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A Terrible Romance 3.6

A Terrible Romance

Chapter 84

2.7K Jul 18,24 Chemji

Woojin, who blindly relies on his lover, Minho, is getting tired of Minho's unreasonable sexual demands. At a play that a friend invited him to watch because he cares about him, he becomes interested in actor Taehwan, who plays a minor role. So Woojin starts a relationship that Minho did not allow...
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Hyung, do you think i'm fat? 3.3

Hyung, Do You Think I'm Fat?

Chapter 25

651 Jul 18,24 Oheun , Cho Sangduck

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Stranger in the Mirror 3.4

Stranger In The Mirror

Chapter 49

254 Jul 18,24 Artois , Jo Eun

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A mail from my dead lover 3.7

A Mail From My Dead Lover

Chapter 47

237 Jul 18,24 Seram , Seyang

(02:19) Nowadays ghosts go on radio waves.? (02:22) So don't reply if you receive strange e-mails or notes.An email came from my lover who died a year ago.And the odd guy who got scared of the weird stuff that followed,I'm looking for help on the Internet."Do you believe me? ""Yes, I believe."The man I met in random chat, Lee Hyun,Can Hee-soo trust him and hold his hand?Can Lee Hyun save Hee-soo,
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A Tree Without Roots 4.1

A Tree Without Roots

Chapter 56

5.3K Jul 18,24 라포 , Lapo

Hee-seo, who lost his only family member, his mother, in an accident when he was young and is now raised by his adoptive parents and is curious about who his secret supporter/sponsor is. That night when he was hospitalized for causing an arson, he meets the person he has been looking for so much...
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Formless 3.8


Chapter 50

932 Jul 18,24 Won Lideu , Taegun

not found...
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Myungtae, You Little Rascal! 3.4

Myungtae, You Little Rascal!

Chapter 38.5

163 Jul 18,24 Sitta

Yang Kyesoo and Yoon Myeongtae are meant to be. Or at least, that’s what Kyesoo had always thought. With Myeongtae following him around and practically begging for his attention since elementary school, how could he ever get the wrong idea? So when the burly boy babbles off a list of qualities for his ideal boyfriend, Kyesoo is left shocked and stunned - because not one of them applies to him! In
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How to Be the Chosen One 3.5

How To Be The Chosen One


4.7K Jul 18,24 Face Park

Cho Sunwon finds his life boring and tedious. Sex is the only thing he isn’t sick of, but it’s getting a little too easy to talk any guy into bed. He wants a new life, a new world, and a new challenge…and he totally gets all of those when he’s summoned into another world as the so-called god of Abroria! Awesome, right? Except, nobody seems to fall for his bedroom talk, and there’s a sexy king hell
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Taboo Temptations 3

Taboo Temptations

Chapter 34

101 Jul 18,24 Strawberry Soymilk

After Five years, his brother-in-law Yoo-ha appears in front of Hyun-seo, who has been living alone since his wife passed away due to an illness.After his sister's death, Yoo-ha, who left with his family abroad, asks Hyun-seo to take care of him until he finds a house in Korea.The two start living together, and Hyeon-seo receives a strange feeling from Yoo-ha, who has grown up into a completely di
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The One Under The Wing 3.9

The One Under The Wing

Chapter 33

2.4K Jul 18,24 Bbaek-oh

Incubus Jeong-hyeok, who was starving without being able to gain vitality due to insensitivity, tasted the new world at one night with a man he met at a club he went to without much expectation. It was playboy Seohee?! I was forced to become a sex partners, but I don't know how far this man is going! +
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New Year's Passion 3.6

New Year's Passion

Chapter 73

817 Jul 18,24 Bori

It was an exhausting love. I've only experienced it once. It was an unrequited love that shook my entire life. However, I met him again. That drunkard guy who got dumped by a man. Although I had promised that I won't waver again like I did last time, I still can't control my heart. Why are you still struggling for me?
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Wind Beneath My Wings 2.9

Wind Beneath My Wings

Chapter 49

445 Jul 18,24 Hongda

Read Wind Beneath My Wings [Official] on mangabuddy
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Single Not Ready to Mingle 3.8

Single Not Ready To Mingle

Chapter 65

1K Jul 18,24 Chadol

Once upon a time, in a land far away…lived the ordinary and painfully single high school literature teacher, Bu Taekwon. Ordinary, that is, until he found himself transported into one of his students' comic books. But this wasn't your typical comic book adventure, and Taekwon never anticipated the unconventional genre awaiting him. To his despair, he was now trapped in a hardcore BL fantasy world,
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