Cupid in the Rainbow Trap 3.4

Cupid In The Rainbow Trap

Chapter 36

176 Apr 17,24 Rotten GreenT , Ahn Eunjin

'Taejun', who has the ability to see auras from people who have been in contact with him since childhood, connects with people with similar auras, and at his company he is known as 'the Cupid of the Sales Department'. Then, Hongyeon, a new employee with a rainbow-colored aura, approaches Taejun...+
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Reunion (2coin) 3.5

Reunion (2Coin)

Notice. : R19 Officials Soon

1.1K Apr 17,24 2coin , Deulsum

Maybe we're destined to meet. Struggling to pay his mother's hospital bills, Hakyung receives an offer: the fees will be taken care of. The catch? In exchange, he must pretend to be a girl he once knew in order to deceive the chairman of a powerful company. It's going well until Yoonsung, the chairman's grandson, appears...
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The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love 3.8

The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love

Chapter 133

2.5K Apr 17,24 煮个甜粽 , 晋江文学城 , 蜂漫社

Alternative Name: The Protagonist Just Wants To Falling In Love, The Protagonist Only Thinks About Falling In Love, System 067 encountered 13 awakened self-awareness systems, and as a supervisor, arranged for each awakened self-awareness system to go to a different novel, changing the original storyline of the protagonist of the novel. If the mission is successfully completed, the awakened self-aw
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The Pizza Delivery Man and The Gold Palace 4.3

The Pizza Delivery Man And The Gold Palace

Chapter 69.5

3.8K Apr 17,24 어피

Woo-won is a pizza delivery guy down on his luck, and Seo-an is wealthy man suffering from panic attacks and social phobia. You wouldn’t think these two would have any reason to get to know one another, but one small kindness leads to a series of encounters that bring the two men closer together than either of them anticipated. Maybe they can find the solutions to their problems together…or perhap
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Macguffin 4.4


Chapter 33

2.6K Apr 17,24 Hotshoe , Maro

"What kind of person do you think I am?” "……a stranger." Lee Soo-ha, who has been locked up in an unidentified facility for a long time, is dragged by strangers and meets a man one day. Lee Soo-ha, then lives with that man, he found out that he is an Omega who was sold to him, an Alpha. He is concerned about his situation where he has no heat cycle and is unable to conceive due
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High Clear 3.6

High Clear

Chapter 64

943 Apr 17,24 Yunbyeol

Han Juwon has the worst habit ever. He’s an average guy with an average college life, but his facial expression and words become terrifying the second he feels shy. Although he’s trying his best to fix it, Juwon realizes he messed up yet again when he says something rude to his hoobae, Jeong-min. And not only that, but he also keeps unintentionally touching Jeong-min’s chest every time they meet!
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Love & Hate

Vol.1 Chapter 5

1K Apr 17,24 Takagi Ryou

Ichigo was once a popular detective that used his good looks as a weapon. However, now that he's completely worn out, he is in needy circumstances... A man named Kuki Otohide then requests his services. Ichigo is enthusiastic about the reward, since it's been a while for him. Unfortunately, he fails, after all, his client had to help him out. However, there was something Kuki wanted to check with
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Love Trap「Official」 3.4

Love Trap「Official」

Chapter 54

918 Apr 17,24 Rayuan

not found...
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Crush and Burn 3.3

Crush And Burn

Chapter 69

3.7K Apr 17,24 Chilyong

.Ken's life is ordinary. He's a former orphan, he works as a server in a pub, and he lives on the outskirts of Aman, a religious nation free from the influence of vampires. Then one day, Ken is bitten and cursed by a vampire, and is only saved from certain death by Agia Frederick, a powerful disciple of the Church. However, freeing Ken from his curse requires a physical intimacy with Agia, who see
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Come and Take! 3.9

Come And Take!

Chapter 39

1.9K Apr 17,24 Tale , 테일

Hajin is a gifted violinist. Jaehyuk runs HJ company. Jaehyuk brings Hajin to his company when he's a teenager to support him as a violinist but Hajin falls for him. After confessing and leaving the company, they meet again after 7 years. +
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Thirst 2.4


Chapter 74

1.4K Apr 17,24 Asami

Half-vampire and A-list celebrity, Ethan Blackwell keeps his vampiric urges at bay by feeding off the energy of his adoring fans. His world unexpectedly takes a turn when he meets the up-and-coming star, Tristan Montgomery who poses a threat to his popularity and energy source. Coerced into working with one another on an upcoming film, the two unexpectedly develop chemistry much stronger than what
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Stars Seeing Nightmares 3.4

Stars Seeing Nightmares

Chapter 26

182 Apr 17,24 Range

Geum-woo, the president of the liquor company 'Geumrakwoon'. He has never dreamed. One night, Geum-woo had a dream. While looking at it with interest, he meets Eun Ho-sung, the "nightmare watchman" who catches nightmares...+
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Fake Romance 3.7

Fake Romance

Chapter 63

1.8K Apr 17,24 탄금 , Tan Geum

I didn't like that guy. Handsome, kind and good at studies. It's all good because he's perfect. That's why Dad likes Nam Jooha more than me, a stupid and deficient son. Though, I thought it would be fine since he was not part of my own family. However, one day, Dad said he would be offering Nam Jooha for adoption. Baek Kwonyoung, the youngest son of th
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Touch X Practice 3.5

Touch X Practice

Chapter 4

40 Apr 17,24 MAE

The Horned', an unordinary existence on earth. Horns, which reddens per stimulation, grow on this kind's foreheads as a result of unusual human mutation. Jiang Yu, a random high schooler, though not after crossing paths with Lu Yanhe, sees his destiny to take a turn+
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Backlight 4.1


Chapter 23

203 Apr 16,24

not found...
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Fanboy Summoning Shafted by an Otherworldly Beast 3.7

Fanboy Summoning Shafted By An Otherworldly Beast

Chapter 156

4.3K Apr 16,24 FUJISAKI Moe

."I'm a man who loves BL, but I'm not actually into men!" Kotone Aizuhara, a hardcore BL fan, is run over by a truck and suddenly transported into another world. This is how he finds himself in front of Nagi, a very handsome but strange-looking man who tells him he's a Sacred Beast and Kotone is his Chosen One, that he's been waiting for him and their wedding night foreve
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Habibi's Rabbits 3.9

Habibi's Rabbits

Chapter 65

3.2K Apr 16,24 Dong Gobi Mum , Gongil

Myowol-guk, where rabbit spirit creatures 'myoin' gather. Nungso, the 101st prince of Myowol-guk, who is mixed with human blood and is bullied, receives the following tasks for coming of age. "Rescue the sacred and honorable 'Moon Rabbit' captured by evil humans and bring him back safely." Haru, a dalgona-colored brown rabbit imprisoned in
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The Color of the Night 4.1

The Color Of The Night

Chapter 34

525 Apr 16,24 Gwendolyn , Make

The Herrera Empire, a world where it is possible to live a life close to eternal life through body swapping. Kiaran Bedoya, the head of tattoos, and Finlay Ekstein, the head of martial arts, are true rivals in the political world. The relationship between the two began to become special when Ekstein acquired a video. In the video, Kiaran attends a sadomasochistic club banquet but doesn't do anythi
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Placebo Memories 3.4

Placebo Memories

Chapter 15

1.6K Apr 16,24 Do Kyung

[Woojin, who has lost his memories x Hamin, who has had an unrequited love for 13 years] An accident occurs where Woojin forgets 13 years worth of memories with Hamin. This causes a lot of panic for Hamin, as he has harbored unrequited feelings for him for those 13 years. Seeing this reaction, a misunderstanding occurs where Woojin believes that they are dating…
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Minami-kun Wants to be Teased by that Voice 4.4

Minami-Kun Wants To Be Teased By That Voice

Chapter 6.5

179 Apr 16,24 Coco Aino

The untalkative and constantly placid Karasuma Koudai is a college student who streams ASMR once or twice a week. However, recently, his views are not growing, so he is thinking of quitting. One day, he found out that his polar opposite, the cheerful and popular Minami Masaya, is actually an enthusiastic listener who comments on his streams. What surprised him more was when a blushing Minami confe
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Akuheki 2.8


Vol.4 Chapter 18

256 Apr 16,24 Limo

How far can someone bully you until you snap? Daimon has had to endure Kojima's relentless teasing and nagging at work, to the point that bullying Daimon became customary inside the company. But could Kojima's attitude be because he actually likes Daimon? Let's find out!
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My Father-in-Law Is My Wife 2.9

My Father-In-Law Is My Wife

Notice. : Read Please

3.9K Apr 16,24 月关日

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!
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To Make A Delicious Omega Squeak 4.4

To Make A Delicious Omega Squeak

Vol.2 Chapter 10

1.3K Apr 16,24 Hanasawa namio

Kurumizawa, a mangaka and an omega mouse, isn't fond of his editor Ukano, an alpha fox. He lives his life terrified by Ukano's eyes that seem to watch him like a predator does their prey. One day, Kurumizawa's heat cycle is forcefully induced while drinking at an omega-only bar and he is rescued by Ukano himself. Ukano takes Kurumizawa to a love hotel as his heat fails to subside, and sweetly tell
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