Listen Attentively 4

Listen Attentively

Chapter 1: Your Music Has No Soul

816 Sep 19,20 Qing Shu

Born into a musical family, Gu Si was known as a genius, but was never recognized by his father because of the lack of emotion in his music. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Gu Si began to study the music of Charles, a musician known for his emotions. Who would have thought that halfway through the book, he would wake up 200 years ago and find himself in front of a paralyzed man with rusty p
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An Abyss 3.8

An Abyss

Chapter 1

2,127 Sep 19,20 Cha Ji Ahn

"I... thought you were dead..." Kinard has lived for revenge after the incident that took place ten years ago. Despite his longtime friend Raman's worries for him, he and Yesing hid their identities under the alias, "chaff", and strived for revenge. In doing so, he runs into Alvin, who was certain that he was fated to die. While protecting Alvin und
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Struggle 3.7


Chapter 1

2,375 Sep 19,20 김닌자

Juheon left me when I was a lost 19 year old. Lee Kang was wrecked by an unexpected imprint. The doctor said that the only solution was to find the partner of that imprint, as soon as possible. I had been looking everywhere for seven years to find that partner, so that at last I could know…, It was Jooheon who tightened the leash that I couldn't unravel.
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Fruit of the Tongue 4

Fruit Of The Tongue

Chapter 2

1,839 Sep 19,20 머니

Noah, a kid that I met 6 years ago in an orphanage. His closed off appearance, made me feel like I was seeing my younger self so i have to admit that I wanted to care for him more... I didn't think that he would follow me this much. Lord, can I lead him to the right path?
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A Wicked Beast 4.5

A Wicked Beast

Chapter 13

58,258 Sep 11,20 Qingqin studios

XiuRui, a suspense writer, personally involves in tracking the mystery for the sake of writing materials, only to find that the truth of the murder case is exactly the same as his novels! And who is the secretly manipulating man that is lurking around him...?  Crime makes love grow fangs, while discrimination will eventually devour and destroy trust, and the tangled love triangle will unfold.
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Enthusiasm 4.5


Chapter 3

22,513 Jul 31,20 Brothers Without a Tomorrow

Choi Moonhyuk used to be a fighter for an illegal club. He will do anything to protect his brothers. On the day of his supposed 15th consecutive win, he ends up losing and is sold to Daebuho's son, Seo Yeonjin. In accordance to the shameless Yeonjin's plans, Moonhyuk ends up being his mad dog and winds up under his leash.
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Spinel 4.5


Chapter 11

66,472 Sep 05,20 BaekJi

A world divided into Pels and Spinels. Unlike the Pels who have wealth and fame, the Spinels live as their accessories. Rowell, a Pel who became a duke at an early age after the death of his parents, treasures the pendant given to him by his parents when he was young. However, the Spinel named Dev stole the pendant while escaping from the slave market and he suggests exchanging t
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Bokura no Tsuzuki 4.8

Bokura No Tsuzuki

Vol.1 Chapter 2

13,585 Jul 27,20 Amamiya

Highschoolers Yousuke and Shuu have become somewhat estranged due to an accident early in their childhood. However, their relationship is restored when Shuu moves to the shopping district Yousuke resides in, to stay at his grandmother's place. Yousuke, although akward at first, starts feeling stirred by the expressions and mannerisms that the usually aloof Shuu only shows to him!
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Mabayui Hikari 3.5

Mabayui Hikari

Vol.2 Chapter 9

25,071 Aug 10,20 Tanaka Suzuki

Asahi and Mirai love each other very much, but Asahi has become pretty distant lately... Could it be because of aliens and terrorists!?
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Ore no Buka ga Eroi Mousou wo Yamete kurenai 4.5

Ore No Buka Ga Eroi Mousou Wo Yamete Kurenai

Vol.1 Chapter 1

19,001 Jul 26,20 Haikin

Sayama, who possesses the power to read people’s minds, accidentally sneaks into the mind of his subordinate, Kaneko, during a meeting one day. Inside, there are all kinds of erotic play, such as blindfolds, restraints, and verbal abuse that can’t be imagined from the seriousness of his face as he takes notes… And the most shocking thing is the other person is “me”?!
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My Father-in-Law Is My Wife 3.7

My Father-In-Law Is My Wife

Chapter 2

25,251 Jul 01,20 月关日

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!
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The Prince And His Mischievous One 4.5

The Prince And His Mischievous One

Chapter 7

91,537 Sep 14,20 Diao geng - Ming bo er

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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Aniki ga Koi wo Hirotte Kimashita 4.4

Aniki Ga Koi Wo Hirotte Kimashita

Chapter 3

32,777 Jun 08,20 Hirama Mitsunaga

Even though Makoto is only a middle school student, he’s the one taking care of his airheaded older brother. One day, Makoto arrives home from school to find that his older brother has picked up a suspicious man from the garbage dump and what’s even worst, it seems his brother has fallen in love at first sight with this garbage dump stranger!
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Your Highness, Please Don’t Be a Demon 4.5

Your Highness, Please Don’T Be A Demon

Chapter 9

33,330 Aug 26,20 Yoosa

Met by chance in the mortal world, the charming and prideful young master of the flower house and a two-faced prince. These two have many fights arguments, and kill each other along the way. However, the prideful young master overturns again and again in the presence of the young prince. In the process of repeatedly reviving and overturning, the hearts of these two are slowly coming closer togethe
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Beast of Blood 4.7

Beast Of Blood

Chapter 7

34,137 May 28,20 Seina Anji

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Kurenai Kitsune no Hatsukoi Zoushi 4.5

Kurenai Kitsune No Hatsukoi Zoushi

Chapter 3

28,357 May 26,20 Toritani Shizu,Hitsuji Sakura

Chiaki inherited the house of his late great uncle, who was a shaman and starts living there. When he finds a mysterious ring and puts it on, he accidentally summons a beautiful demon fox.
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Inma-kun wa Oshigoto Dekinai 4.5

Inma-Kun Wa Oshigoto Dekinai

Vol.1 Chapter 5: End

126,877 Jun 10,20 Harekawa Shinta

The incubus Alkeros’s graduation exam assignment is to have sex with a highly superior human being, Koutarou. However, Koutarou has erectile dysfunction due to the stress of his corporate slave lifestyle!! Al moves in with Koutarou uninvited so he doesn’t miss his chance for sex, but it doesn’t go so smoothly… Today was supposed to be the day I make my move a
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Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro ka 4.6

Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro Ka

Vol.1 Chapter 5

119,935 Jun 01,20 Chiba Ryouko

After his divorce and transferred to Osaka, the only thing Soga thinks about is getting through his day. One of the things that he takes great pleasure in is going to 26-year-old Sakae’s restaurant and eating the delicious food he creates. However, he doesn’t know that Sakae sees him more than just a frequent customer.
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Sugar-ism 4.6


Chapter : Oneshot

16,176 May 12,20 Mugisabou (Kuromame Mugicha)

Everyday, Tetsudo is driven by thoughts of wanting to die as he works in a company that overworks people. One day, he meets his college bud Kamitezuna again for a long while after 8 years. With his ill complexion as an excuse, Kamitezuna drags Tetsudo away from the last train and invites him to his house.
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Hitsuji no Kawa wo Kita Kemono 4.3

Hitsuji No Kawa Wo Kita Kemono

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Fake.4

62,774 Sep 19,20 Kyuugou

Daichi's big sister is getting married, and to a super hot guy named Jun Igawa! When they first meet, Daichi's suspicious; what does this accomplished, rich, attractive guy see in his sister? But Jun seems like such a nice guy, and slowly, Daichi starts to drop his guard... is Jun really everything he seems? Or is he a devil in disguise?
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Shan Yue 4.2

Shan Yue

Chapter 42: Completed

150,957 Jul 18,20 八娜娜(主笔)+玉扇倾城(编剧)

Legend has it that when the three princes of the Feng Country returned to fight for the throne, they brought back a stunning juvenile named Shan Yue. Shan Yue soon became a prey among the princes. And the conspiracy hidden in him, has also lifted off the tip of the iceberg. Vengeance, schemes, imperial power, heart-tormenting, what kind of future will Shan Yue be heading towards?
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Zhuzhiqu 4.4


Chapter 10

40,125 May 11,20 十二只, 不可治

The irresistibly beautiful Crown Prince wandered within the streets, among the people, ended up as a wife to a villager. Being in a place where everyone fights for power, even so, he doesn’t want you to be disturbed by these customs; I can only wish to put aside the thoughts of dominating the world, in order to live a simple life with you, and spend the rest of our lives together.
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Love Leveling. 4.5

Love Leveling.

Chapter 3

101,812 May 30,20 Brothers without a tomorrow

This is the story of two gamers, Jeong Dong Woo (Another) and Cha Su Jin (Honey Milk Tea), who met each other in an online game. Dong Woo falls in love with Milk Tea and the two get virtually married. One day, they decide to meet in real life. However, upon the arrival of Honey Milk Tea, Dong Woo discovers that his beloved wife is a...
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