Mashiroiro Symphony - Wind of Silk 5

Mashiroiro Symphony - Wind Of Silk

Vol.1 Ch.6.5 : Sakuno's Destructive Power [End]

150 Jan 20,16 Palette

From MangaHelpers: This is a story related to the Mashiroiro Symphony manga and visual novel game. An all-girl's school is preparing to consolidate with another nearby school, which will make them co-ed. Uryuu Shingo is chosen to be a male 'test student' at the girl's school before they officially merge in the following year. Though there was initially some opposition by the female student bod
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Shion of the Dead 5

Shion Of The Dead

Chapter 26

468 Jan 20,16 Muroyoshi Takashi

Shion Shoji, 15 years old (?), is a brilliant and gorgeous high school student!! Tsubasa Raimi, the lucky boy who sits beside her, is torn between whether or not to ask her out. Because, I mean…she’s totally a zombie!! Get ready for surreal gags and modern, refreshing, and slightly bittersweet school life, because even zombies need love!
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Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang 4.8

Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang

Vol.2 Chapter 12

1K Jan 20,16 Feng Nong

From Chinatown KM: Bai Pingting has always been unable to believe the saying "a woman's virtue is ignorance". She is a maid of Jing Anwang, but she lives even better than some wealthly women. She is also wiser than most men and she hopes for a higher intellect. Even if that man is an enemy, both are full of lies and conspiracies. She is not fond of that man. But between a choice of love and loy
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Magnolia Waltz 5

Magnolia Waltz

Vol.3 Ch.12 : The Last Chapter: The Last Waltz

280 Jan 20,16 Saitou Chiho

The sequel to Waltz wa Shiroi Dress de. You will see how the lives of Koto, Sajit and Masaomi go on.
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Office de Animal Love 4.4

Office De Animal Love

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Ijiwaru Kimi

825 Jan 20,16 Ibuki Misato

Yamamoto Sari has been in a secret relationship with her boss, Yonezawa, for three years. One day, news spreads that the most popular new OL in the company, Miku, hit on the chief?! Five frisky tactics to tempt the guy you love, all packed in this new comic.
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The World You Live In 5

The World You Live In

Vol.1 Ch.1

82 Jan 20,16 Yukimaru,Moe

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Kimi no Iru Sekai 4.6

Kimi No Iru Sekai

Vol.1 Ch.1

99 Jan 20,16 Yukimaru Moe

"A girl lives in a small, quiet town by the sea, where life moves slowly and she is unable to move on."
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IS - Sugar & Honey 4.9

Is - Sugar & Honey

Chapter 15 : Make My Heart Race [End]

415 Jan 20,16 Yumizuru Izuru

The newest IS spinoff that stars Charlotte! This monthly webcomic is sure to show you more of her life that hasn't been shown in the light novels nor the anime. With stories that is as sweet and enticing as its title, you'll be wanting for more. Be sure to not to miss out on this serialization about the ever adorable Charlotte, Ichika and the others!
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Sore wa Isshun no Hikari, dewanaku 4.9

Sore Wa Isshun No Hikari, Dewanaku

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : [End]

161 Jan 20,16 Studio May-be,Takaki Kyo,Takajou Saki

Quiet, sweet story of an emotionally shuttered university sempai and his conversationally clumsy junior. Sharing the same last name and a love for classical music brings them together a little. But will this be enough to bridge the gap between the sempai's secret sorrow and the junior's awkward naivete?
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Bokukoi Conductor 4.6

Bokukoi Conductor

Vol.2 Ch.20

296 Jan 20,16 Sakamaki Akimu

Nakamura Kouta is a freshman in high school who dislikes girls. One day he is visited by his childhood friend Karen, with whom he lost contact over time. Karen is a tomboyish girl, who refers to herself as "Boku" (a first person pronoun usually used by males). She asks him to help her become more feminine to win the affection of Itsuki-san, a colleague at her part time job. Even though he is reluc
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Tsukiyo Zoushi 4.9

Tsukiyo Zoushi

Vol.1 Ch.4

107 Jan 20,16 Himegami Hiro

From Nagareboshi Manga: Tsukiko has always had in innate ability to see spirits and monsters. When she gets a call from a young girl in a rural village, asking for her help, she finds out that the village is full of secrets, and that she may be a secret herself...
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Sakura Sakura (Morishige) 4.3

Sakura Sakura (Morishige)

Vol.4 Ch.20 : Extracurricular Activities

585 Jan 20,16 Morishige

Fifteen years ago, birthrate decreased greatly in Japan and the few who were born during that time are called the "LastGen." Hanasaka Haru, a 15-year-old LastGen kid, has never met any classmates before. Now, he goes to school for the first time and meets Himeshiro Sakurako. But Sakurako is not quite the ideal classmate he imagined, and his dream school life isn't turning out the way he wanted
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Tsumi Bukaku Aishiteyo 4.8

Tsumi Bukaku Aishiteyo

Vol.1 Ch.1.2 : End

198 Jan 20,16 Tennouji Mio

- Love Me Sinfully (Beginning) At the airport, Yuu Ono bumps into a man in a dark suit. The man then takes Yuu to meet his employer—Prince Carlo of the small country of Qurdis. It seems the Prince and Yuu share the same face… and the dark-suited man named Brad is none other than the Prince’s bodyguard! Prince Carlo has a request for Yuu, and that is to become his decoy. Fearing for his own safe
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Tsumibito no Kiss 4.6

Tsumibito No Kiss

Vol.1 Ch.5 : & Ch. 6: Sinner's Kiss && Angel's Kiss (End)

342 Jan 20,16 Mizukami Shin

1) The Welcoming Fire- when fuyuki goes to his grandma's house for the o-bon festival, he gets sick and has an illusion about a soilder named seita, who completely confuses him for someone named fuyuhiko- and confesses his love for him!!! who's fuyuhiko??? and why does seita make fuyuki feel so strange?!?! 2) The Sea Roar - The beautiful young son of a nobleman falls in love with his tutor who
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Tsurukusa no Niwa 4.5

Tsurukusa No Niwa

Vol.1 Ch.7

298 Jan 20,16 Katou Setsuko

From Bliss A collection of Oneshots. Summer vacation has started and Yoshiyuki and his cousin, Takaharu are being tutored by Kurushima, who works for Yoshiyuki's brother. Though reluctant at first about having a home tutor, Yoshiyuki starts developing an attraction towards Kurushima. However, there's more to Kurushima than meets the eye...
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Turning Point (Yaoi) 4.5

Turning Point (Yaoi)

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : Extra

1K Jan 20,16 Takanaga Hinako

In the pursuit of his dream to become a successful writer, Sakuragi Keigo has become jaded and disillusioned. All he really wants any more is a good night's sleep, unburdened by the stress and pressure of his career. When he picks up a stranded Imamura Toshiki, a student looking for his own dream to follow, Sakuragi finds himself being inexplicably kind to the younger man. Why? Will Imamura be
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Twin's Labyrinth 4.9

Twin's Labyrinth

Vol.1 Ch.7 : My Gothic Angel

404 Jan 20,16 Akira Norikazu

A light-hearted read with gorgeous characters (the twin semes with contrasting looks & personalities are super cool!) and wonderful pairings (yeah, each twin gets his own darling). Mildly angsty, craftily erotic, and lots of fluff--and a happy ending! Closely connected to ' Heart Strings '
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Twinkle Cherry 5

Twinkle Cherry

Vol.1 Ch.6

126 Jan 20,16 Obara Shou

From Toothpaste Scanlations: Sakura always believe she would meet the mysterious guy again, whom she fell in love with eight years ago. But she only knows two things about him, which are that his name starts with the letter "K" and he has already left this city. One day, two transfer students... Kurokawa Sei and Azuma, who used to live here eight years ago, suddenly appeared. Not only that but th
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Two Beasts 4.5

Two Beasts

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Let's Do It [End]

362 Jan 20,16 Kurumatani Haruko

From Chibi Manga: Yukari and Haruhi are the same age while Ruka is 4 years younger and they are all childhood friends. The three of them get along well with each other, but unexpectedly Haruhi confesses his love to Yukari and the two begin dating. But, Ruka forcibly chases after Yukari causing her heart to wander between Haruhi and Ruka. Although she doesn’t want to break up with Haruhi who
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Two Colors 4.9

Two Colors

Vol.1 Ch.3

133 Jan 20,16 Kisaragi Manami

The first time Tsujiya met Hayashi, it wasn't a pretty sight, at least for him. He had his clothes blotched with paint and was blown away by his senpai's frankness. Tsujiya asked Hayashi whether he could practice in the studio once in a while. Before they knew it, their relationship started to blossom
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Two Lifetimes of a Moon 3.5

Two Lifetimes Of A Moon

Vol.0 Ch.1 : Original Pre Designs

99 Jan 20,16 Despoina Skalimi

A 16 years Old Girl, Deb, lives with her mother and her two siblings because her father has left the house, when Deb was around eight. Eight years now, her family and she, move out to a new town. She thinks that her family hides something important from her. At the new town, Deb goes to see her sister, Kelly at her new job, but she faces a bunch of strange, deformed men. Suddenly, a man ap
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Two Smiling Faces 4.3

Two Smiling Faces

Vol.1 Ch.1

81 Jan 20,16 Aoki Ume

A short one-shot about a girl who catches a strange disease, and her boyfriend's worrying about it.
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U-Bu U-Bu 5

U-Bu U-Bu

Vol.2 Ch.4

177 Jan 20,16 Sugi Emiko

From MegKF: Ayako Minato, a girl who dreams of becoming a model, must bare her soul and body to three men, her idol photographer, Bird, his student and to a successful male model. Thay will change her ideal world of beauty as she is taught the meaning of true beauty. But can she do it?
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Ubukawa - Hajimete no Kare 4.9

Ubukawa - Hajimete No Kare

Vol.2 Ch.5

347 Jan 20,16 Doumoto Nao

From Midnight Scans: Uri was just a normal, average female high school student, but, one day, she suddenly got three older brothers!! Not only that, but they are all extremely handsome?! Surrounded by big brothers like that, who will be Uri's first love...?!
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