Tamed A Blackened Slave Man 4.5

Tamed A Blackened Slave Man

Chapter 46

4.8K Feb 25,24 Purple Village

In the future, I succeeded in taking the man who would become the best in swordsmanship, one step ahead of the Prince and enlisting him as my younger brother.I treat my younger brother, which is not blood related to me, more kind than anyone else, and I fed him well and raised him well.He will be my younger brother who will protect me from the damn fiance who killed me in my previous life,
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I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog 4.5

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog

Chapter 65

17.1K Feb 25,24 Jagyum , Jagae

Right before she died, Reinhardt repeated the same words as she had wished. When she came to her senses, she was back at her father’s funeral 15 years ago. It was the time when she was divorced by Prince Michelle, the reason why her father lost his life. As revenge, Reinhardt stabbed the Crown Prince’s leg. And as a consequence, she was exiled. While she was on her rough journey, she meet the poor
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The Witches’ Isle 3.7

The Witches’ Isle

Chapter 34

345 Feb 25,24 potato (II)

Read manhwa The Witches' Isle / Island Where Witches Live / Island of Witches / "Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older." Hannah, a tutor, receives a high paying job offer at a mansion on a remote island. There, she meets the young and kind owner, Ian, and his younger sister,
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I Failed to Oust the Villain! 4.6

I Failed To Oust The Villain!

Chapter 100

13.4K Feb 25,24 자은향 , ASSAM, Ja Eunhyang , syunnyun

Reborn as the daughter of a count she read about in a novel, Lady Valeta knows the story ends in tragedy at the hands of her lowly house pet, Reinhart. Having never wanted him in the first place, Valeta tries but fails to oust him from her house. But when Reinhart's powerful magic is awakened one day, he kills all those around her, and it is now Valeta who is at his mercy. Though the tables have t
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Sigrid 4.7


Chapter 86

16.8K Feb 25,24 Siya , Glee , 글리, 시야

She always lived by the rules. She thought her life had been honorable. She was loyal to the emperor, even at the cost of her life. But the only thing she got in return was the blade of the guillotine. Why? Why is it like this? She kept asking this before her death. However, when she opened her eyes, she had returned to 5 years before she died. &ldqu
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The Remarried Empress 4.8

The Remarried Empress

Chapter 173

69.5K Feb 25,24 Alpha Tart , Herelee , Sumpul

Navier Ellie Trovi was an empress perfect in every way -- intelligent, courageous, and socially adept. She was kind to her subjects and devoted to her husband. Navier was perfectly content to live the rest of her days as the wise empress of the Eastern Empire. That is, until her husband brought home a mistress and demanded a divorce. “I accept this divorce… And I request an approval of my remarria
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Going To Bed With My Hater 4

Going To Bed With My Hater

Chapter 46

1.3K Feb 25,24 Gadein , Lee da-woni

Heesu,a critic known for her hating comments towards the Korea's top actor Dohyun was getting herself drunk in a small street vendor near her house after her boyfriend's ghosting. She runs intoDohyunwhile she's totally wasted, and somehow wakes up naked in his bed the next day. To make things worse, she has to co-star with Dohyun in a TV program called "Going To Bed With Your Hater". While Dohyun
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Undercover! Chaebol High School 4.5

Undercover! Chaebol High School

Chapter 45

5.2K Feb 25,24 AJ

"Da-Kyung", a member of an elite gang, loses her boss, who was like a father to her. After realizing that all of this was the doing of "Chairman Lee", there was nothing she wouldn't do to get revenge. However, it is not easy to approach the person behind the "private group." Just when she was about to give up, she got her hands on information about Chairman Lee's son. For her final mission, Da-kyu
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Secchan 2.4


Vol.1 Chapter 7

42 Feb 25,24 Oshima Tomoko

"Secchan" by Oshima Tomoko is about a girl who sleeps with anyone and a boy who doesn't have interest in anyone. These two young university students meet due to a certain incident and their lonely lives intermingle. (from Manga Mogura)
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Ao no Hana Utsuwa no Mori 4.9

Ao No Hana Utsuwa No Mori

Vol.6 Chapter 29: Chapter 29

1.2K Feb 25,24 Kodama Yuki

Aoko is a ceramic painter at Hasami Wares Pottery, when suddenly an unfriendly and unapproachable man named Tatsuki arrives from overseas. Rejecting her way of life by telling her he isn't interested in painted ceramics, Aoko feels dejected, but can't help but be drawn to Tatsuki's ceramics… This is a mature love story of a man and woman, both fascinated by ceramics.
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Lies Become You 4.7

Lies Become You

Chapter 76

8.5K Feb 24,24 Seoru (II) , Danbi

Never fall in love with a lie.Lacey is finally ready to enjoy the high life after finishing up her most recent con. Unfortunately for her, her last client has betrayed her, and now there's a bounty out on her head! She climbs aboard a ship to escape, unaware that it belongs to her archnemesis, the alluring Prince Halid.
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Boss Makes the Boy Group’s Center of Me 2.8

Boss Makes The Boy Group’S Center Of Me

Chapter 168

314 Feb 24,24 郑九川 , 阅文漫画

The influential A-list female artist Ye Xian becomes a vicious character with the same name in the novel "Proud Best Actor Only Favors Me." In this novel, she disguises herself as a boy in the hero's boy group to pester the hero, bullies the heroine, sabotages the relationship between the hero and heroine, and finally dies a tragic death. To avoid the sad demise, Ye Xian decides to stay away from
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Flavors of Reincarnation 3.7

Flavors Of Reincarnation

Chapter 121

1.1K Feb 24,24 Hwang Mi-ri

After a heroic death, Oh Youngsil is given the chance to select her own rebirth. With all the flavors of life before her, Youngsil forgoes all else and piles on one "scoop" of beauty after another. But there's a catch. The choices she makes now take time off her life. To stop this, she is told she must give birth to "God's Helper," which will grant her wealth and happiness. Armed with beauty and n
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Please Marry Me Again, Husband! 4.8

Please Marry Me Again, Husband!

Chapter 72

17.3K Feb 24,24 Miu , Rana , Paragu , 미우

In the middle of a sea of yellow flowers in the garden is my husband, Kardi. "You told me you liked these flowers before." A sweet man who remembers words spoken in the past and makes a field filled with daffodils. Even if it could be quite selfish, I'm happy every day knowing that I won't lose you. Even if I die on your behalf. "I've never regretted being your partner." "Of the thirty years I've
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The Splendid Daily Life Of A Fake Girlfriend 4.8

The Splendid Daily Life Of A Fake Girlfriend

Chapter 52

1.7K Feb 24,24 Hemo , Kim Poppy

In her past life, Duke Casis Esteban swept Sally off her feet and took her in as his mistress. However, she was living in a nightmare when Duchess Elysee Esteban plotted to ruin her life and turn all the nobles against her. Now, Sally has a second chance to turn the tables on the cold duke who used her to end his unhappy marriage. She agrees to be the duke’s mistress only in appearance. Meanwhile,
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I Give You My All 4.2

I Give You My All

Chapter 11

41 Feb 24,24 Mangnanyong , Seokyung

Read "I Give You My All " for free at Story line of "I Give You My All ":Sehui Yun, a promising designer, lives as nothing more than a puppet for her family and is under the constant watch of her abusive stepmother. One day, she meets a seemingly perfect man, Taehyeong Han, who offers her an amazing job to free her from her shackles. However, it seems he may want more than just a standard work rel
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Fall for You 4.6

Fall For You

Chapter 53

80 Feb 24,24 Choi Soo-hyun, Dadeulaegi

Read manhwa Fall for You / Meet in Autumn / / , Hankook University's Seo Jihyeok is the most popular professor on campus with female students. Because of this, he's had trouble finding a T.A. who can get the job done and not fall in love with him. The dean of his department thus decides to bring in Yoon Heemin as his new T.A. Perfect at her job, she also immediately tells Jihyeok that she has zer
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Hoshigari JK Ria 2.6

Hoshigari Jk Ria

Chapter 8.2

2.1K Feb 24,24 Tsukimori Coco

Ria is a bored, horny high school girl who's out to see the world burn as a distraction from boredom.
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Don't Tempt Me, Oppa 3.6

Don't Tempt Me, Oppa

Chapter 42

2.6K Feb 24,24 Jinri-kun , Evena

Eui-jun, who replaced his brother’s vacancy for 10 years, and Woo-mi, who has had a crush on him, finally confesses to Eui-jun at the moment when she has been full of emotions that she has kept to herself for a long time “Your hands are long and pretty.” “I gave you powdered milk with this hand.” “Your voice is sweet because it’s nice to hear.” “I sang your lullaby with this voice.” But what is it
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Colored With Time 4.3

Colored With Time

Chapter 48

235 Feb 24,24 Yoo Song Joo

Read manhwa Colored With Time / Time to Be Dyed / Time to Be Stained / Time to Dye / / Oh Eunsoo and Min Jaeha are madly in love, but Jaeha's best friend, Ji Geonwook, is appalled that the two are even together. After putting up with Geonwook's rude behavior, Eunsoo tells Jaeha that she wants nothing to do with his pal. But after an unexpected accident takes Jaeha's life, the one to bring her up
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Anime Tenchou 4

Anime Tenchou

Vol.1 Chapter 24.2: Afterword!!!

152 Feb 24,24 Kazuhiko Shimamoto

A new Animate is opening up, and things are looking tight without the manager. Unfortunately, he won't make it - one young man, Anizawa, has been bestowed his position in his stead! Learn alongside Anizawa the ins-and-outs of running an Animate, along with various anime production merch and events.A work meant to promote the anime goods shop Animate, packed with Shimamoto's nekketsu (hot-blood
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Channeling Urges 2.6

Channeling Urges

Chapter 40

154 Feb 24,24 Gyang A

not found...
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My Sweet Enemy, Thy Name is Husband 4.4

My Sweet Enemy, Thy Name Is Husband

Chapter 49

3.7K Feb 23,24

My husband, my nemesis. Till death do us part. Canach Riadon a slave who rose to emperor and the man I wed in my first life. Yet our ill-fated marriage left my family murdered and my homeland destroyed at his hands. Now given a second chance, I vow to succeed in this political marriage and save all I love Or will his love save me first?Political Marriage With a Friendly Enemy /
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Her Shim-Cheong 4.8

Her Shim-Cheong

Chapter 86

6.5K Feb 23,24 Seri, Biwan

Set in historical Korea, some legends are not completely told. This is the untold half of a legend concerning a beggar woman and the wife of a powerful minister.
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