Hime-chan wa Omoi Onna 2.5

Hime-Chan Wa Omoi Onna

0 Feb 26,24 Hanataba Soshiki

Himeno is a college sophomore who's into other women.Although she is happy being madly in love with her wonderful girlfriend, Yoru, she is often filled with worries and anxieties because of it...This is the story of her everyday life.
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Really Truly Getting a Divorce 4.3

Really Truly Getting A Divorce

Chapter 61

2.8K Feb 26,24 Seohu

Go Baekhee had a hard time carrying her head when she was the main character of the "Storm Strong Kick" meme. In order to leave Korea, she will get a fake marriage on the premise of getting divorced with Hangyul, a permanent resident of Australia. However, to be accepted, one must prove the "true love" between the two. What is true love? True love is not easy. And it's also not easy to keep a rela
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Rock 2


Vol.1 Chapter 7

27 Feb 26,24 Okazaki Kyoko

We begin the story as Rock has left her husband, Astro, and their children and wants a divorce because Astro has cheated on Rock (again). As the five year old twins, Rockette and Astro Junior, find pictures of their parents when they were young, we flash back to the ever so popular romcom scenario of when Rock met Astro... except it's Kyoko Okazaki so it's messy, it's kooky, it's funny and it's al
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The Secret Bedroom of a Dejected Royal Daughter 4.4

The Secret Bedroom Of A Dejected Royal Daughter

Chapter 70: Can You Teach Me How To Dance?

21.5K Feb 26,24 Sung Hye-rim, Hyeni

Princess Llewelyn, who was once an outstanding but now miserably abandoned. Her ugly curse is placed upon her, and no one protects her. It is the curse that makes her lustful for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom in the end... Four men are entangled with the abandoned princess. Will the truth of the curse be revealed? And who will be the man who will end up with her?
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Fake Wife 4.1

Fake Wife

Chapter 39

1.4K Feb 26,24 Jipang , Mandala

In order to save her ill father, Yoo Yeonwoo makes a dangerous deal to deceive the members of the esteemed Taeseong Group. Her task is to pretend to be her estranged twin sister, who disappeared just before her marriage to Taeseong’s youngest son, Cha Kitae. Yeonwoo only needs to keep up the act for six months, but in the fifth month, she is found out at the worst time possible: right after refusi
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Third Night Only 4.6

Third Night Only

Chapter 57

3.4K Feb 26,24 Got W , Nalanala

29 years old , Baek Dohee who feels hopeless and skeptical about her life , dreamed of escaping from a frustrated heart , meets Jun Won in place of her friend , Nuri. Due to an unknown attraction they end up having a one night stand , but at the climax. Dohee passes days without meeting Jun Won inorder to forget that day. Dohee reunites with Jun Won , who has taken the position of team leader. How
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The Maid With A Dictator On A Leash 4.3

The Maid With A Dictator On A Leash

Chapter 42

2K Feb 26,24 Haema , Park Orot , Soebangmangi

“Your Highness, then would you like to make a bet with me? You might forget my maid's name in a month or not.” “It’s fortunate. She is a maid who is difficult to make eye contact with, but her name is easy to remember.” Lianna Theodore was a maid who knew her subject. The lady I serve is enough to understand the bet she made with the prince she has a crush on. She's a maid and has a crush on the p
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The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World 4.8

The Forsaken Saintess And Her Foodie Roadtrip In Another World

Vol.3 Chapter 15.2

10K Feb 26,24 Yoneori,Kogami Nana

Rin Takanashi, a caregiver in her thirties, was unceremoniously discarded as "trash" despite being summoned as a saint.However, as a lover of the great outdoors and all things camping, she was blessed with a special skill, , as well as another unique skill! Thus, a riveting tale begins: one of sweat, tears, and insatiable hunger as Rin, together with companions she picked up along the way, lei
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The Bromance Book Club 3.8

The Bromance Book Club

Chapter 33

383 Feb 26,24 Lyssa kay adams

Gavin Scott, a star MLB player, is on the verge of losing his marriage. Desperate to win his wife back, he seeks redemption in Nashville's secret club, exclusively for alpha males, that uses romance novels to mend relationships. Will Gavin decode the language of the heart and secure a happily ever after?
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Your Kiss Scene! 3.5

Your Kiss Scene!

Chapter 46

372 Feb 26,24 Jonnie

Entertainment writer Lee Seul, heard the news of her favorite idol, Block Shoot's Seung-Chan, on her new entertainment program.Expectations of meeting her favorite for more than 10 years are brief, and she accidentally sees her favorite idol kissing someone else in secret at the broadcasting station.In addition, the entertainment program she was in charge of is a love variety program that’
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My Fiancé is in Love with My Little Sister 4.4

My Fiancé Is In Love With My Little Sister

Chapter 21.2

16.1K Feb 26,24 Mashiro,Hanabusa

There my fiancé stood, gazing intently at my charming younger sister. When I saw them fall in love the moment they laid eyes on each other, I was hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Aah, again?   My fiancé had been in love with my younger sister even in my previous life. There was nothing I could do but watch it all unfold.
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Revenge Channel Uramin 4.5

Revenge Channel Uramin

Vol.4 Chapter 21: Breakthrough

79 Feb 26,24 Iihoshi Shinya

The online video site "Uramin TV" is a popular channel that distributes videos depicting punishment on harmful people and has over 3 million subscribers. Minori Yoshiura, also known as "Uramin", who runs this site, has enthusiastic followers, but in fact, she was bullied horribly when she was in elementary school and became a shut-in. She vows to take revenge on her bullying perpetrators and
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Nina the Starry Bride 3.7

Nina The Starry Bride

Chapter 46

1 Feb 25,24 Rikachi

Nina had a rough start to life, stealing to surviveand eventually being sold into slavery by her own brother. But to her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, ordained that she would live the life of a princessspecifically, that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha. But despite her changing fortune, Nina won't give up her old life without a fightand Azure might just be the one to fina
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Loveless Heroine 4.6

Loveless Heroine

Chapter 83

2K Feb 25,24 MU

Loveless Heroine Pennueng was reincarnated into one of the most well-known Thai folklore epics, "Khunchang-Khunpan".To be more precise, she woke up as a younger self of the infamous female lead, Wanthong the double-hearted'.The nickname she was unfairly given before sentenced to death for appearing indecisive toward the contesting of marriage to her. All because she couldn't decide which of these
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Young Love 4.4

Young Love

Chapter 76

342 Feb 25,24 Miwool , BV

At an age when everything is uncertain but exciting, a group of university students find themselves dealing with the ups and downs of life, love, and friendship. Popular freshman Yootae is learning how to take his first steps into romance, while shy senior Somin recovers her confidence after her failed first love. Meanwhile, campus beauty Hyeri just wants to avoid being the target of rumors when c
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The Top Star Has Been Plotting Against Me 2.4

The Top Star Has Been Plotting Against Me

Chapter 32

71 Feb 25,24 热萌文化

The Top Star Has Been Plotting Against Me,Ding Liunian Xia Dui Wo Xumou Yi Jiu,mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, favorite quotations, and simply those ordinary anime things that you enjoy, particularly memes.You can , online f
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Boy ☆ Skirt 2.7

Boy ☆ Skirt

Chapter 5

14 Feb 25,24 Torino Shino

'I am a high school boy who wears skirts.' The day I wore a skirt to school, I was rejected by my girlfriend. It was a summer day when Momoi Taichi (17), a member of Class D of the 2nd grade, came to school wearing a skirt. His classmates and teachers are in an uproar over his sudden "wild behavior. The only one who finds it amusing is an eccentric girl (classmate) named Shirai. "You mean you
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Be Quiet and Don’t Even Smile in the Office 4.6

Be Quiet And Don’T Even Smile In The Office

Chapter 35

1.4K Feb 25,24 Kim Chacha , Hong Gwa

Kim Nayool, a hard working office woman, had recently been dumped by her boyfriend due to her being too busy with work all the time, even cancelling her own anniversary trip to work on a project. Making things more difficult, a terrible work PC destroys the 3 days of working overtime. The cause of all her unhappiness and misfortune, Kwon Sijin, her perfectionist, overworking boss, CEO of Right Com
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Goddess’s Way of Attacking Tigers 4.5

Goddess’S Way Of Attacking Tigers

Chapter 31

372 Feb 25,24 Awan , Cheongla

After being betrayed by her lover, the sun god Moha meets a bitter death--but soon finds herself thrust back into her past in someone else's body. Two tiger spirits from Moha's past vie for her affection as she struggles against the looming tragedy that once ripped her heart--and the world--apart. As Moha navigates this unfamiliar world alone with no divine power, will she be able to change the tr
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Maseknam - A Sexy Magician 4.7

Maseknam - A Sexy Magician

Chapter 28

1.4K Feb 25,24 Simon Yuk, Langtto

Idol of the magician world, Korea's greatest magician, Ma Masung!One day in the middle of Gwanghwamun, a woman in a swimsuit fell into his sports car and shouted, "Your Highness the Crown Prince!"Chundong, who's been living in Korea after losing the memories of her past, recognises Masung as the Crown Prince 'Lee Ho' from Joseon as soon as she touches Masung's body... Chundong, a Joseo
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Today the Villainess has Fun Again 4.7

Today The Villainess Has Fun Again

Chapter 81

40.6K Feb 25,24 Updating

My friend stole my boyfriend and then dared to hand me a wedding invitation with a smile? Ha! I had a blast enjoying my revenge and came home and fell asleep but... When I woke up I was in the body of the Villainess of a Romance Fantasy novel who has everything, appearance, assets, and intelligence. The only thing this girl lacked was the insight to judge a man. Throw the b
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Strong Girl Geum-ju 4.1

Strong Girl Geum-Ju

Chapter 27

229 Feb 25,24 Baek Mi-Kyung , Lee Won-Sik

Geum-ju Hwang is a strong woman. Literally. Blessed with supernatural strength passed from mother to daughter for generations in her family, Geum-ju fights bullies and takes on the challenges of modern-day Seoul. Nothing can stand up to her brawn and natural luck in her quest for success.Strong Girl Geum-ju, Strong Girl Geumjoo, Strong Woman Hwang Geum-Joo, , mangabuddy is a website dedicated to
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