Asshou 3.2


Chapter 30

78,646 Sep 24,21 Shoko

Yoshida-san is beautiful. Yoshida-san is popular. Yoshida-san is a little weird. Yoshida-san… I like her. A shocking love suspense story about the twisted sexuality and love of college students.
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Valhalla Penis Mansion 4.5

Valhalla Penis Mansion

Chapter 10: Oh Shit, I'm Fucked Up

675,802 Sep 10,21 Gurashi,Yuhito

Shota Iijima picked up erotic books during his childhood and suffers from a severe foreign sister fetish. Thereafter, from the years between his age of 12 to 15, he masturbated 999 times. For his 1000th round of masturbation, he had been transferred to a different world. And Shota is sold as a slave. A paradise for women and hell for men… Valhalla, the
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Koukando ga Mieru you ni natta n da ga, Heroine ga Count Stop shite iru Ken 4.2

Koukando Ga Mieru You Ni Natta N Da Ga, Heroine Ga Count Stop Shite Iru Ken

Chapter 4

180,955 Aug 12,21 Komaki Ryosuke,Oyama Kina

High-school student Touma Kirisaki can view his affinity stats with other individuals after an incident. Acquaintances are around 30, friends are around 70.   Even though he is confused about these affinity statstics, he found out that one of the four goddess at school,  Kujou Momoka, has maxed out the affinity count-!? The perfect girl has fallen in love wi
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Nirugame-chan With the Huge Ass and Usami-kun 4.7

Nirugame-Chan With The Huge Ass And Usami-Kun

Chapter 34: A Night With A Girl With A Huge Ass

835,943 Sep 06,21 Sanka Kumaru

This is the story of Nirugame-chan, who somehow ends up getting into trouble with her butt and going round in circles.
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Take Off Your Clothes For Me! 3.7

Take Off Your Clothes For Me!

Chapter 10: Wan Wan♪ Pyon Pyon♪ Buhihi♪ Ahyiii~♡

174,305 Aug 25,21 Kurou

The shy girl, Ninose Shizuk, is a high schooler who makes a living out of drawing adult oriented manga. Every day, in order to survive, she puts her heart working on it, until she encountered a certain problem...
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The Serious Succubus Hiragi-san 4.8

The Serious Succubus Hiragi-San

Chapter 8

395,301 Sep 12,21 Chilt

An upright and clean handed person, Kusakabe has no experience in dating. Wishing for sexual desire and love to go into ruin, he keeps his distance away from them. However one day, a cute neighbor, Hiragi-san, appears before him and asks him to hand over his used tissues to her!? And so begins the story of a serious guy and a neighbor succubus, a one shot heart thumping comedy!!
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Master of X-RAY Vision 3.8

Master Of X-Ray Vision

Chapter 117

730,889 Sep 25,21 Yoolook Comics

He is an international martial arts master who can kill a person within ten steps. He is a gentle and elegant antique master who is good at jade gambling and painting collection. He is a famous master from Xuanmen School who excels in geomancy and fortune-telling and is greatly respected by Buddhism and Taoism together. He is also a guru in the fields of medicine, reconnaissance,
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Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!! 4.4

Mezase Gouka Kyakusen!!

Chapter 7: Wataru’S Magic Ship Was Exposed!

183,300 Aug 06,21 Tamutamu,Zazaron Anan

After falling into the ocean, Wataru Toyoumi, finds himself reincarnated in another world! Armed with a skill to allow him to summon boats he plans to get rich and live a happy life aboard his very own luxury liner.
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The Rising Of The Vibrator Hero 3.7

The Rising Of The Vibrator Hero

Chapter 6: Valhalla Pussy Mansion

483,482 Aug 03,21 Saitou Michi

Kenji is just an ordinary college student. One day he was noticed by Senpai, and was asked to retrieve Senpai's personal belongings, which happened to be a bag of sex toys. On the way he met Mana-chan (a girl he liked), who after finding out what he was carrying told the supposed Man-Thot to be gone, and bounced out. Wanting to explain the misunderstanding, Kenji chased after her, but
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One Of Them Is A Devil 4.5

One Of Them Is A Devil

Chapter 25

218,147 Jun 27,21 Bilibili,完美世界漫画

I am a professionally trained second-generation hero! Goal: Find a way to seal the demon lord through kissing! Are all the demon lords super beautiful?! Oh, that's just what I'll kiss and destroy~ One Of Them Is The Devil / Among Them Is The Demon Lord / Let Me Kiss You / 其中一个是魔王
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My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka 4.8

My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka

Chapter 17: Asahi And That Bastard

2,322,262 Sep 22,21 Kuze Ran

Kuroiwa Medaka was born in a temple and is currently a monk in training. Because of his temple's rules, he can't interact with girls - and what's more, he doesn't even know how to regularly socialize with them. Mona, the "queen bee" of the school, however insistently tries to make him fall in love with her, but he always ignores her in order to maintain the rules of his temple.
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Sword or Blood 4.5

Sword Or Blood

Chapter 75

2,739,343 Sep 25,21 Zhiyin Animation x ChuangYi comic

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Ho Dongdong traveled to another world after a car accident, and turned into an Orc elf—A hybrid of an Orc and an elf. It's terrible enough that he is a loser in both worlds, but even worse, he is now a slave… Let's see how this
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Suzuki-Kun is peeping. 4.5

Suzuki-Kun Is Peeping.

Chapter 6

1,334,666 Sep 15,21 Yukino

A high-school boy, while sleeping in school, saw a dream in which a girl proposes to him, and then a goddess pops out and grants him something special. The girl from her dream happens to be his classmate sharing the same family name – “Suzuki”. After that, he finds out that he got a special app on his mobile which lets him see other girl thoughts!? Satou-kun is Peeping(Prequel)
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Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta 4.2

Inu Ni Nattara Suki Na Hito Ni Hirowareta

Vol.4 Chapter 27: Milk Is An Adult's Charm (Part 1)

1,432,994 Sep 18,21 Furukawa Itsutsuse

The POV of being Inukai-san's pupper!
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Sawaranaide Kotesashi-kun 4.6

Sawaranaide Kotesashi-Kun

Chapter 7: Izumi-Chan Wants To Quit Swimming #2

1,774,511 Aug 11,21 Shinjou Takuya

Kotesashi Kouyou is the protagonist who possesses outstanding skill as a masseur. He aspires to become a sports doctor and wants to get scholarship in medical school. Starting spring, he will attend the high school attached to Seiwa University, a sports powerhouse. Since his family is not wealthy, he has to work as a hostel manager where he is allowed to stay in order to pay for his school expense
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Asura’s Paradise 2.5

Asura’S Paradise

Chapter 47

391,926 Jun 30,21 Zhiyin Animation x Shenju E'rengu Comic

This story is about a girl's adventure in the late Victorian era when steam engines are widely used. Because of the pollution, the content of platinum and nickel in the air rises, and thus very few people mutate and gain special power. Those people are called the platinum-nickel mutants. The government established the Garden of Eden, claiming that they want to help the mutants live a better life.
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The Blade 3.7

The Blade

Chapter 37

511,806 May 16,21 Zhiyin Animation x Yunshaoyue

Five years ago his whole family was slaughtered but he narrowly survived! Now he's got mysterious great power and comes back for revenge! He alone roams about the world, trying to find out the truth behind the whole thing. What are the secrets he is hidden from? What kind of friends he'll make on his way? And will they get rid of the chains fate brings them?
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The Ultimate Self-destruction System 4.1

The Ultimate Self-Destruction System

Chapter 96

2,550,221 Sep 24,21 Zhiyin Animation x Chibaofan Factory

A catastrophe known as “Data Crash” struck the earth in 2020. Survivors rule the game, and losers are erased. Jacob Wei, a senior player, happened to fail despite surviving many rounds. Surprisingly, he was taken back to the beginning of the crash and was reborn with the incredible Self-Destruction System. Now he earns points from his stupid acts, triggering self-destruction in order to be reborn.
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Dreamland Adventure 4.8

Dreamland Adventure

Chapter 89

8,628,035 Sep 24,21 Webnovel comics

Howard, the lowly office employee, is stuck at the bottom of the corporate ladder until a chance encounter with the mimic dream system changes his life! Now he can access all the adventure he ever wanted: having adventures, fighting monsters and living with his gorgeous but fierce boss! The mission, as always, is to be attractive but independent, bold but sensitive.
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Heaven Shop Agent 4.2

Heaven Shop Agent

Chapter 98

1,440,382 Sep 07,21 Zhiyin Animation x Chibaofan Factory

Imperius Auld is a college student who's found himself on the wrong side of a deal, but he found himself inadvertently opening a shop for Heavenites to buy mortal possessions with the help of his immortal grandfather! He's gone from hiding from debt collectors to becoming a neo-immortal merchant that slides between both worlds!
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Kikaku Hazure no Eiyuu ni Sodate Rareta, Joushiki Hazure no Mahou Kenshi 4.6

Kikaku Hazure No Eiyuu Ni Sodate Rareta, Joushiki Hazure No Mahou Kenshi

Chapter 5

996,381 May 24,21 KT60,Cccpo

A young man who died in an accident while protecting a girl reincarnated in another world and was picked up by an old man. However, the old man wasn't just a person. Far from being just anybody, he was a "hero" who didn't understand common sense at all !! This is the story of a reincarnated person, Rain, who, fortunately or unfortunately, was raised by an unscrupulous hero and has acquired tremend
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Mountain Love 3.3

Mountain Love

Chapter 64

151,532 Jun 12,21 Zhiyin Animation x Heihei

In addition to the human world, the world is divided into five kingdoms: Mountain, River, Cloud, Tree, and Gold. Their relations with the human world are rocks, water, gas, tree, and metals. People of every kingdom who want to arrive in the human world need to be kissed by a human being.
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Dominated by a Monster Boy 2.7

Dominated By A Monster Boy

Chapter 58

316,269 Jul 30,21 Zhiyin Animation x You'ouqi Factory

Fang Qi, an alchemist in the modern world, time traveled to a new world ruled by monsters because of an accident during pill refining. He decided to use monsters as materials to refine pills. However, after he woke up, he found himself sitting on the bed like a blushing bride. The “bridegroom” he's waiting for turned out to be a little monster boy called Yuying, and then something really weird hap
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