Isekai Robin Hood 5

Isekai Robin Hood

0 Oct 01,22 Miyama Yuuki,Fumihiro Kiso

Takio Asakawa is an ordinary salaryman who - surprise, surprise - dies and gets reincarnated into another world. A big fan of isekai stories, Takio is immediately ready for his OP slow life adventure. However, when he enters the other world, he discovers that not all is as it seems. Adventure guilds are a relic of the past, and income inequality has plagued the country. Technology has also pr
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Against the Gods 4.5

Against The Gods

Chapter 527

115.6K Oct 01,22 Xiao Qi, Huo Xing Yin Li

Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. Cloud’s End Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s Cemetery. Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count. None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heave
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My Amazing Wechat 4

My Amazing Wechat

Chapter 515

88K Oct 01,22 iCiyuan

Leo, a common middle school student, was accidently invited to a Wechat group full of miracle figures, such as Lord of Thunder, Mother of Lighting, Mighty Miracle God... since then his life became totally different with wonderful equipment he got from the Wechat group.
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I Am Behemoth Of The S Rank Monster But I Am Mistaken As A Cat And I Live As A Pet Of Elf Girl 4.7

I Am Behemoth Of The S Rank Monster But I Am Mistaken As A Cat And I Live As A Pet Of Elf Girl

Chapter 50: Tama's Determination And The Sword Saint's Power

81.5K Oct 01,22 Tarou Shinonome, Nozomi Ginyoku

Elven girl, "Aria" is an adventurer. A small beast with an adorable face embraces Aria's fruitful chest, she decides to keep it as a pet and names it "Tama". At first sight it's just an average cat, but Aria has yet to notice that Tama is a former Knight and that his identity is not a cat, but a young monster of the strongest class "Behemoth".
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Nana to Kaoru ~Kokosei no SM gokko~ 4

Nana To Kaoru ~Kokosei No Sm Gokko~

Chapter 30: Graduation Ceremony (Awarding Of Certificates)

8.7K Oct 01,22 Amazume Ryuta

New Nana & Kaoru's spinoff, serialized on the newly released (28/11/18) digital magazine "Harem" (ハレム), aiming at adults.  The story takes place in the third year of high school, after the ending of the manga, but before Black Label (aka Arashi).
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Workplace Romance 4.1

Workplace Romance

Chapter 18

1.8K Oct 01,22 Gregor (그레고르)

Say goodbye to the never ending job hunt, the exciting and vibrant days are ahead.But it doesn’t make any sense that you’re my boss, my bully in high school! There are bad rumors about his boss, Hye-Jung. That’s how I’ll do it, I’ll find out her weakness, no matter what! A struggling new employee, Dong-hyuk’s office life and his beautiful coworkers will now begin.
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Dorei wo Choukyoushite Harem Tsukuru 4.1

Dorei Wo Choukyoushite Harem Tsukuru

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

1.8K Oct 01,22 Aldehyde

A MAN purchases three little slaves and begins to groom them into perfect girls for his harem. You will never have a gaggle of lolis with horns in your life. ;_;
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Sekai de Ichiban Oppai ga Suki! 4.1

Sekai De Ichiban Oppai Ga Suki!

Chapter 61

10K Oct 01,22 Konbu Wakame

The story about the cool Ichihara Chiaki and her big breasted friend, Harumi Hana. Chiaki is a member of the archery club and is also a huge breast fetishist. If she doesn't fondle breasts, she can't perform at her best in archery. The big breasted tsundere named Hana attends a different school than Chiaki, but still goes along with Chiaki's requests. Just how far will Han
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The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!? 4.6

The Young Witch Wants To Have Sex!?

Chapter 7

1.3K Oct 01,22 Nakamura Enjitsu

Hiiragi visits Chikage Komori, a transfer student that has never come to school. His chastity is at stake when he comes across a beautiful girl that is wearing nothing but a jacket!? A magical-sex Spring Junior High Student journal begins now!
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Erotic x Anabolic 4.5

Erotic X Anabolic

Vol.1 Chapter 7: 7 Reps

3.5K Oct 01,22 Achumuchi

Ageki Kyousuke,  a fat guy with a big appetite, has always been interested in Mitsukura Itsuha, a girl who doesn't stand out in his class. He comes across her alone on the rooftop after school, exposing her erotic body in an extreme swimsuit! Kyousuke finds out Itsuha's secret, which is too unexpected to be ......! [ So in short THICCNESS
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Hirasaka Hinako ga Ero Kawaii koto wo Ore dake ga Shitteiru 4.7

Hirasaka Hinako Ga Ero Kawaii Koto Wo Ore Dake Ga Shitteiru

Chapter 41

14.6K Sep 30,22 Konya Yukio

Eight years have passed since they promised the witch to keep loving each other. A little naughty love story where adolescent childhood friends secretly observe each other.
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I Suddenly Have an 4.2

I Suddenly Have An "older" Sister!

Chapter 7: Suddenly My Sister-In-Law Came To Visit

575 Sep 30,22 Rokushou Kokuu

***A young "older" sister suddenly appears before me...?! A love-comedy of "irregular" siblings living together. ♡*** Asami, a beautiful but mysterious girl appears before Ryosuke, the protagonist who is in his thirties, and claims that she is his sister. She is the sister of Ryosuke's brother's wife, in other words, she is somewhat Ryosuke's sister... Aiming to be the ideal older sister, she dec
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Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo? 4.5

Jishou F-Rank No Oniisama Ga Game De Hyouka Sareru Gakuen No Chouten Ni Kunrin Suru Sou Desu Yo?

Chapter 35

18.7K Sep 30,22 Mikawa Ghost

Everything that happens in the world is settled through games.
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The Evil Lady's Hero 4.8

The Evil Lady's Hero

Chapter 103.5

41.5K Sep 30,22 Lee haron

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.”
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Kininaru Danshi ni ○○ suru On'nanoko. 4.2

Kininaru Danshi Ni ○○ Suru On'nanoko.

Chapter 84.6: Variant Colored

5.6K Sep 30,22 Gentsuki

Girls in different positions with same goal.
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Master of X-RAY Vision 3.9

Master Of X-Ray Vision

Chapter 223

6.9K Sep 30,22 Yoolook Comics

He is an international martial arts master who can kill a person within ten steps. He is a gentle and elegant antique master who is good at jade gambling and painting collection. He is a famous master from Xuanmen School who excels in geomancy and fortune-telling and is greatly respected by Buddhism and Taoism together. He is also a guru in the fields of medicine, reconnaissance,
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Girl and Science 3.9

Girl And Science

Chapter 255

17K Sep 30,22 诈术师德德

They were childhood friends, and she had always been more powerful than him. But when they accidentally traveled (summoned?) to another world, it was finally time for him to become the knight in shining armor! He had to find her first though, since they were separated... Come and witness his fight to be better in a crazy world where monsters roamed and technology wa
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Does Your Mother Need A Son-In-Law? 4.4

Does Your Mother Need A Son-In-Law?

Chapter 235

34.6K Sep 30,22 Boyi Animation

Long ago, Chien Han underwent "forced cultivation" because of the domineering empress. He cut off part of his soul to escape from the tiger's den! After that he is reborn in a new body. In this life, he will study military affairs and master spiritual practices.
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My Big Sister is Love Youkai 4.3

My Big Sister Is Love Youkai

Vol.3 Chapter 34.5: Extra

2.7K Sep 30,22 Kanae Aoshima

♪A little ecchi Love-Comedy Between Apparition Onee-san and Human Shota-ish. Yuuki Kuwahara, a boy who decided to live alone at his father 's parents house when He entered high school. He used to plays alone at his grandparents house ... with a pleasant expectation that He may meet again with a longing person He met when He was a child! However, in that house where nobody was supposed to be liv
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Trigger 2.6


Vol.1 Chapter 41.1: Review

578 Sep 30,22 Blue Lack (블랙커피)

An offer to give 100 million won for bringing a ballpoint pen.For his family in need, Han Seojin pretends to be a partner for the night.He is heading to the house of Choi Moohyun, executive director of Daeil Air.But with a cynical smile and cold eyes, Muhyun, who looks clean and perfect without any flaws, pushed Seojin away.Seojin gives up his last pride and begs him…
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Time Stop Brave 4.7

Time Stop Brave

Vol.10 Chapter 30: Victory And Stop

13K Sep 30,22 Mitsunaga Yasunori

KUZUNO Sekai was transported to a medieval fantasy game-like world (isekai). He was given a game controller with the ability to stop time and a 3 days countdown timer. Now he has to figure out the mechanics of this game world and clear it in time.
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Rebuild World 4.8

Rebuild World

Vol.8 Chapter 38

23.7K Sep 30,22 Kirihito Ayamura,Nafuse

At the risk of his own life, a young man sets foot in the ruins of a devastated old world. His name is Akira, and in order to claw his way out of the hellhole that is his birthplace of Slumtown, the boy became a hunter. In the wastelands he happens upon a strange woman, standing perfectly still, stark naked. She is beautiful, but it seems that only he can see her. She exists incorporeal, tan
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Everyone's Sunbae 2.5

Everyone's Sunbae

Chapter 11

0 Sep 30,22 Hangster

Ahn Woo-young, a young 20-year-old who wanted to have a wonderful relationship. As he wishes, he starts dating the wonderful senior he has dreamed of. But... why does a senior come out gasping for breath with a stranger every time he happens to meet him? +
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The death game is all that Saotome-san has left 4.5

The Death Game Is All That Saotome-San Has Left

Chapter 24: Nothing But A Confession (3.)

2K Sep 30,22 Mikami Yuu

During a summer vacation with class 2-A, Makoto and his fellow classmates find themselves waking up in an unknown abandoned school building out in the woods. It turns out they’ve been captured and taken hostage by unknown people who have the intention of making two of the students participate in a “death game” where Makoto gets picked along with his classmate, Saotome. Follow alo
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