Yogoto Akuma to Kiss o Suru 4.8

Yogoto Akuma To Kiss O Suru

Vol.1 Ch.5

307 Jan 20,16 Yagami Rina

Collection of short stories: 1. Yogoto Akuma to Kiss wo Suru It's been half a year since school started, but she still isn't able to get a boyfriend. While she was walking on the streets late at night because she had to work late, she suddenly started wishing that she had a boyfriend. And a devil appeared in front of her eyes!? The guy who jumped in front of her on his skateboard looked like h
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Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru 4.8

Kimi Ga Koi Ni Midareru

Chapter 10

554 Jan 20,16 Takanaga Hinako

One day, dazzled by the pattern of a beautiful kimono, he suddenly finds himself enchanted by the talent behind its simple genius. Just how far will he go for such a lovely masterpiece?
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Makai Tenshou 4.2

Makai Tenshou

Ch.11 : The Eternal Struggle [End]

221 Jan 20,16 Yamada Fuutarou

The story takes place after the failed Shimabara Rebellion, led by Shiro Amakusa as a Christian uprising against the Shogunate. It ended...brutally, and Amakusa himself was executed. However, dark forces are at work, and Amakusa returns from the grave...
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MoeKan 5


Ch.7 : Strip #7: Shiroyo!

140 Jan 20,16 HIMARUYA Hidekazu

MoeKan was a short comic that debuted on Kitayume in 2006. However, it was removed from the site with its revamps in late 2007 and early 2008. It is notable yet controversial in its lead character being a Korean and their depiction. The title derives from the word moe (lit: "bud", a slang term used to describe things that one has an affection for) as well as Kankoku, the Japanese word for South Ko
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Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic 3.8

Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic

Vol.1 Ch.16 : Combine! Valvrave [End]

474 Jan 20,16 Natsunishi Nana,Sakurai Ato,Toboso Yana

From Shoujo Sense: Story 4: Ashes to Ashes by Natsunishi Nana Story 6: Someday by Sakurai Ato
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Angel Oil 5

Angel Oil

Chapter 5

177 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Tatsuyuki

In a future where cyborgs are more common than fully flesh and blood humans, a girl goes out to seek oil when her family's ration gets cut off. She needs to get it quickly so her grandmother's heart doesn't burn out, but no one has ever gone up above to the ration center and returned alive... (Note - the first four chapters were published in the four 2007 editions of Quarterly S, the fifth chap
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Hoosamguk Gokyo 4

Hoosamguk Gokyo

Vol.8 Chapter 40

498 Jan 20,16 Hwang Mi-ri

From Vampire Knights: Alice is the heiress to the famed Han Gan clan. She returns to Korea to search for a husband who can then lead the clan, and has her hands full with competitive suitors, each fighting for the coveted position more than for Alice herself. What they don't know, however, is Alice's true motive...
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Ichikyu Kyupeke 4.3

Ichikyu Kyupeke

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : February 1994

455 Jan 20,16 Amazume Ryuta

The story is set in the 90's. Our main character attended a high school in a rural area, and drew his female classmates in his erotic manga. After graduating, he is accepted to a college in Tokyo. There, he finds everything he was looking for - a manga circle.
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TC-225 5



71 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Tatsuyuki

In the future (1998), Japan has fallen under military control. As young men are conscripted to help with the war efforts for longer and longer periods, Risa waits anxiously for her boyfriend's return...
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Kakumeiki Valvrave - Ryuusei no Valkyrie 4.4

Kakumeiki Valvrave - Ryuusei No Valkyrie

Vol.2 Ch.10 : [End]

531 Jan 20,16 NAGAI Shingo

A side-story of Kakumeiki Valvrave centered on the school idol Saki Rukino, telling her story from both past and present points of view.> Spin-off of Kakumeiki Valvrave( )
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Shoujo Kairo 5

Shoujo Kairo

Chapter 4

118 Jan 20,16 Yokoyama Kimuchi

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Jigoku Koi Sutefu 5

Jigoku Koi Sutefu

Vol.2 Chapter 11 : [End]

184 Jan 20,16 Omiya

From MangaHelpers: Life in hell is like peaceful, ordinary life in some ways. The kids live in a place like a dorm, and they go to school. However, every person that has fallen into hell has some kind of punishment. Eto Juri falls constantly into hopeless love, sometimes even with inanimate objects. Hida Mari is compelled to always eat carrots, which she hates. Ando Natsumi is ridiculously popu
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Kakumeiki Valvrave 4.6

Kakumeiki Valvrave

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Revolutionary Children [End]

372 Jan 20,16 Sunrise

True Calendar (T.C.) 71 - A new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of "Dyson Sphere", a city in space.The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew out of a military alliance, and the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS), which grew in power as it expanded its trade agreements. The minor nation
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Eniro Cinderella 4.5

Eniro Cinderella

Chapter 8

586 Jan 20,16 Fuyumori Yukiko

From Transient Mirage: Be my woman and I'll let you become a top singer!This is the speech made by Yukihito Yoshizawa, a music producer. A female high school girl who wants to save his weak and sickly brother accept his terms by offering her voice and body. A passionate yet twisted entertainment love story thus begins!
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Kakumei Club Valvra-Bu 5

Kakumei Club Valvra-Bu

Vol.1 Ch.8 : Fated Showdown [End]

166 Jan 20,16 Kanikama,Sunrise

> Spin-off of Kakumeiki Valvrave( )
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Sweet Melancholy 4.7

Sweet Melancholy

Chapter 1

106 Jan 20,16 Yuririn No Moto

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Erotic Fairy Tales: The Star Money 3.8

Erotic Fairy Tales: The Star Money

Vol.1 Chapter 2

1.3K Jan 20,16 Takano Yumi

Rin sells her body for a living after her parents passed away. The other villagers conspire against her, and eventually they take it upon themselves to kick her out of town for lowering the town's morals. With nothing but the clothes she's wearing, some coins, and a loaf of bread her childhood friend Yuu gave her, Rin sets out with no goal in mind. What will she find in the forest as night
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Sugar Code 4.9

Sugar Code

Vol.1 Ch.4.6

624 Jan 20,16 Natsume Isaku

From Nakama: When Takagi Akira, an owner of an apartment, was in town, he ran into a scene where a man, Oodoi, saved an old man from a gang. Akira fell for Oodoi’s manly courage and took him in his apartment. Oodoi found Akira’s apartment comfy and spent time there. Akira thought Oodoi's manly act was now part of the past... But when Akira was harassed by mobs and about to sell his apartment, i
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Dynamite Star 5

Dynamite Star

Chapter 1

91 Jan 20,16 Yamaoka Yui [add]

Sena and Hoshino had been friends ever since the day Hoshino was assigned to the seat in front of hers. When Hoshino suddenly confesses to her, Sena begins to face the difficulties of love as she tries to understand her feelings as well as his. What will Sena say in response to his confession?
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GetBackers Bangaihen 4.5

Getbackers Bangaihen

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

104 Jan 20,16 AOKI Yuuya

Side story of Get Backers created two years after the conclusion of the main series.
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Shiroi Majo 4.7

Shiroi Majo

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Decisive Battle

421 Jan 20,16 Nagakawa Naruki

Simo Häyhä, the legendary sniper who distinguished himself defending Finland from Russia in World War II, is a woman.
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Ani no Hanashi 4.9

Ani No Hanashi

Vol.1 Chapter 3

166 Jan 20,16 Ike Reibun

From Bakeneko Scanlations:
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Shireba Shiruhodo 4.7

Shireba Shiruhodo

Chapter 1

112 Jan 20,16 Arai Haruna

Mori-san has found a comfortable place to be in her friendship with Shinohara-kun, but can it stay that way forever? Are they really “just friends”? The more she knows, the more she realizes that things may not be as simple as they seem.
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