Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi 4.7

Sunao Ni Narenai Otokotachi

Vol.1 Ch.6

96,707 Jan 20,16 Fujii Sakuya

From Fantasyshrine: Suzuki Masami has been painfully aware of his rival in high school swim team, Kashiwazaki Yuichi, ever since Kashiwazaki saved him from drowning. As fate would have it, now they both work in the same company! But unbeknownst to Kashiwazaki, Masami is behind the reason why Kashiwazaki never gets the worms (girls). Will Kashiwazaki realize who’s sabotaging his love life…? The
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Super Boyfriend 5

Super Boyfriend

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Superguy's New Year's Dilemna

36,937 Jan 20,16 Chung Yi Won

A one volume manga composed of 3 oneshots. 1) Super Boyfriend; 2) So Special; 3) Superguy's New Year's Dilemna.
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Sunshine (Sandman) 5

Sunshine (Sandman)


31,204 Jan 20,16 Sandman,[add]

A girl get's caught up in a storm and loses her bike. She finds the closest town looking for water and a peculiar old man finds her.
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Super Dragon Bros Z 5

Super Dragon Bros Z

Vol.4 Ch.7

83,224 Jan 20,16 Berrizo

Here is the crossbreed between Dragon Ball Z and Super Mario Bros! Two pages a week, the story follows DBZ... well, from a safe distance!
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Superglue 4.7


Vol.1 Ch.1

43,667 Jan 20,16 Kago Shintaro

A town is infected by something so disgusting that if someone steps on it, they are too disgusted to remove their foot, leaving them there to die.
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Suriipingu Biyuutei wa Nemurenai 4.9

Suriipingu Biyuutei Wa Nemurenai

Vol.1 Ch.3 : Story 3. Sleeping Beauty Can't Sleep

62,123 Jan 20,16 Toma Rei

• Hoshiiro no Okurimono (Star Colored Gift) I have always believed that this meeting was fate. I thought that your smile, everyone’s laughter, and the happy times were going to continue. We wish upon a shooting star, hoping that we would be together always. Thinking that the wish would come true… • Antique Wish e Youkoso (Antique Wish) Nishina has always been in love with Haijima Kaname since
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Surf Junkie 4.5

Surf Junkie

Vol.1 Ch.5 : Extra ~ Hold Me Tight

78,361 Jan 20,16 Sadahiro Mika

[from Fantasy Shrine:] Ritsuro is an expert in surfing and sex but a novice in love. As fate would have it, he meets another novice in both love and surfing. On the Shonan* beach, these two novices actually fell in love... with each other... But will their love survive from all the confusion, hurt, and growing up? A legend of love among surfers! This book also collects one shot of a doctor and h
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Suteki na Kigawa ga Nakuttemo 4.8

Suteki Na Kigawa Ga Nakuttemo

Vol.1 Ch.5.1 : First Extra

114,652 Jan 20,16 Kamo Nabako

(taken from DokiDoki) An office worker married to his job needs a bit of spice in his life and contracts a prostitute on the insistence of his dirty-minded friend. Not caring much for sexual relations, he's not particularly interested in the boy who arrives at his door. But he ~has~ always wanted a cat... Rating: 18+ (explicit, cat ears, businessman x college student)
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Surprise Party 5

Surprise Party

Vol.1 Ch.0

50,101 Jan 20,16 Junko Matsufuji

[From Lililicious]: "Surprise Party" is about a delayed anniversary celebration.
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Suteneko no Karute 4.9

Suteneko No Karute

Vol.1 Ch.4

79,409 Jan 20,16 Halco

From Shinmakoku Scanlations: Kaoru is frustrated. He's just been dumped, again. And it's all because he could never express his feelings properly. What's wrong with him? What should he do? Feeling all alone and restless, he strolls into a gay park and meets... a cat. Youhei is a straight guy, and younger than Kaoru. But something in Kaoru moves his heart, reminding him of a cat, the feline s
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Suzunari! 5


Vol.2 Chapter 1

43,980 Jan 20,16 Iwami Shouko

Kaede is a sweet and kind-hearted young lady whose life is suddenly thrown off-balance by the appearance of a strange cat-girl, Suzu, who looks remarkably like her. Before she knows quite what happened, Kaede finds Suzu has moved in and is living as her younger sister. Who is this girl?!?
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Swan Prince 5

Swan Prince

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : And Then The End.

63,702 Jan 20,16 Ami8877

From Bamboo Garden: Louri is a witch. She wasn't always a witch, however; an incident caused her to be this way. And a long, long time ago she cast a curse on her beloved which makes him turn into a swan for the daytime. The only way to get him back to the way he was before is a kiss from his beloved. Louri wants to help him become his true self, but her jealousy leads her to do the opposite- and
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Sweet (INOMOTO Rikako) 4.5

Sweet (Inomoto Rikako)

Vol.1 Chapter 9

163,068 Jan 20,16 Inomoto Rikako

1)Shit! Matsuda-kun feels Omoshiro-san is ignoring him, so he finds an interesting way to make him pay attention. 2)I Won't Do It 3)The Taste of The Tongue 4)I Can't Ecape 5)You Really Are... 6)I Won't Tell Anyone 7)Sex Friend
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Sweet & Sensitive 5

Sweet & Sensitive

Vol.2 Chapter 0

41,024 Jan 20,16 Park Eun Ah

From ADV: Life is tough for lovesick teenagers! Meet Ee-Ji, a high school freshman suffering from—or is, perhaps, the cause of—an adolescent love triangle. Torn between two men, she is racked with grief over her own indecision. The first man in the running is Han-Kyul, a classmate since elementary school and Ee-Ji’s longtime lovable crush, or the safe bet. But, his competition is a far cry from h
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Sweet Bitter Candy 4.3

Sweet Bitter Candy

Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Sasoku

107,471 Jan 20,16 Asou Mitsuaki

In high school, Kawaguchi was short and overweight. He got picked on, of course, but not by Kanaya, who was tall, and good-looking... and openly gay. High school didn't end well for them. They meet again at a reunion and things have changed for both of them. Will they have a better relationship this time? 1) Sweet Bitter Candy 2) Quick Slow Rhythm 3) Sweet Sweet Candy 4) Mou Sukoshi Matte 5) M
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Yamada Ikka Monogatari Gorgeous 5

Yamada Ikka Monogatari Gorgeous

Vol.1 Ch.6

61,624 Jan 20,16 Morinaga Ai

From The Little Corner: Revisit each of the Yamada family members as they have all grown up and well! Yamada Tarou Monogatari (Main Story)
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Sweet Caramel 5

Sweet Caramel

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Snow Diary

50,430 Jan 20,16 Seto Yuuna

Collection of 5 oneshot stories: 1) スイートきゃらめる (Sweet Caramel) 2) シンデレラ☆マジック (Cinderella Magic) 3) 東京ファンタジア  (Tokyo Fantasia) 4) 雪色絵日記 (Snow Diary) 5) 愛▽らぶ▽DOLL (Ai Love Doll)
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Sweet Guilty Love Bites 4.6

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Love Bites (Part C)

89,702 Jan 20,16 Amano Shuninta

From Okazu: Sweet Guilty Love Bites follows the trials and tribulations of 4 hostesses at Club Lilac. From Kawaii Scans: The series follows 4 hostesses at Club Rose and their relationships. It’s directed more towards an adult audience but manages to sneak in just enough cute to make it fun as well.
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Sweet II 4.8

Sweet Ii

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : My Sweet Honey

121,731 Jan 20,16 Aihara Miki,Usami Maki,Kikuchi Kamaro,Natsume Aiko,Kawamaru Shin,Kanesada Yukio

A collection of short stories: 1) 10 Days - High school senior, Aiko, and 30-year-old Shirakawa are to have an arranged marriage, so they decide to try being a couple for 10 days... 2) There's No Logic To Love! - Mayu can't get over her big shock from being dumped. But then a transfer student came to her class, and... 3) Happy Happy Letter - Aiko is extremely thrilled to receive her fi
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Sweet Meats 4.7

Sweet Meats


49,757 Jan 20,16 Minami Haruka

A master and servant school boy couple. We get to sneak a peak at how this master uke is served in his dorm room. Book 1 in the Voyeur Report series.
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Sweet Medicine 5

Sweet Medicine

Chapter 1

35,535 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Meca

Natsuo is suffering from a weak heart, and is mostly confined to the infirmary, the taste of bitter medicine in his mouth. Chiaki is a girl with horrible baking skills, yet dreams of becoming a baker whose cakes will be loved by everyone. Can this girl with bitter cakes sweeten a boy's bitter medicine?
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Sweet Memory 5

Sweet Memory

Vol.1 Chapter 9 : End

71,778 Jan 20,16 Uehara Kimiko

From Mangasync: Mutsumi is an elementary student who's mother is a popular manga artist. Her mother has a strange habit of moving to different cities every year. Until one day, they moved to Sutsuji Gadai, New Town. How does Mutsumi cope with her new school and friends in this city? It's a sweet manga about love and sacrifice.
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Hoshi wa Utau 5

Hoshi Wa Utau

Vol.11 Chapter 65

458,459 Jan 20,16 Takaya Natsuki

From Suba Furuba (a Takaya fansite): In a small town in the countryside, close to the sea, a young high-school girl lived alone with her cousin.When life seemed to her too painful and too sad, she contemplated the sky and was refreshed by looking at the stars. But one night in spring, she met a boy who sealed her destiny. . . .
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Sweet Poison on Our Lips 4.7

Sweet Poison On Our Lips

Vol.1 Chapter 7

76,722 Jan 20,16 Koide Mieko

Jin and Yuu are pop singers in the duo CROSS. They've always been friends, but lately things have become different. Yuu is determined to seduce Jin so they can always be together, but he's an idiot, so it's not going well. But whenever Yuu starts acting like over eager puppy, Jin can't seem to resist him. ***Prequel to Netemo Sametemo ***
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