Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome 4.4

Wagatsuma-San Wa Ore No Yome


573,943 Jan 20,16 Kuraishi Yuu

Aoshima Hitoshi is a second year student in high school, who wishes he had a girlfriend. One day he wakes up for an unknown reason 10 years in the future, and he is married to the prettiest girl in school, Wagatsuma Ai! How has their relationship grown from mere acquaintances to husband and wife!?
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Monochrome Myst 4.8

Monochrome Myst

Vol.3 Ch.20 : Go Home [End]

154,829 Jan 20,16 Shiina You

Angelica North has lost her parents in a fire accident. She harshly blames herself for their deaths, and this has driven her to darkness. Sylph Rave is an 'occult writer' that is rumored to see ghosts. These two strange, rumored characters are driven by fate to meet. How will Sylph help Angelica? What other mysterious things haunt our troubled heroine?
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Joou-sama no Jikenbo 5

Joou-Sama No Jikenbo

Chapter 0

36,413 Jan 20,16 Ogura Akane

Mr. Sakaki and Ms. Ousaka investigate the case of the serial scribbler!
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Shiny Doll 4.8

Shiny Doll

Vol.2 Chapter 7 : Shiny Girl

203,265 Jan 20,16 Ichinose Ruka

Ochiai Akari has just moved to Nagoya and whilst taking a picture of a mannequin she accidentally bumps into a sparkling boy. The sparkling boy is second year, Kanada Hikaru and he tells Akari that he will be her stylist and help her change. However the road leading to fashionable cuteness has many problems. Will Akari be able to overcome each obstacle?
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Danshigurashi 5


Vol.1 Chapter 4

79,743 Jan 20,16 Nishikata Mai

Ryouga finally thought he was gonna get a place where he will be free of dirty messes. But as soon as he walked through the door, he found another guy named Keigo already living there and within one day the place was filthy. There was a slight mistake when it came to the rooms and until a new spot opens up, Ryouga will have to live with this messy guy. However, Ryouga has some rules in which they
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Ame ga Yamu Koro ni 4

Ame Ga Yamu Koro Ni

Chapter 0

49,224 Jan 20,16 Adachihara Hikari

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Hatsukoi no Yamai 5

Hatsukoi No Yamai

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Zekku (Speechless) [Extra]

63,689 Jan 20,16 Tojitsuki Hajime

Six stories of love and sweetness. 1) Sickness of the First Love - After a car accident Ayase begins to see hallucinations of his first love,Haigo, who died as the young man he was. An operation is supposed to fix the problem, but doesn't. Seeing a young Haigo during the day, and a grown-up Haigo at night, has Ayase finally gone crazy? 2) The Mystery That Began on the Train - There are two
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Aru Asa Okitara 4.8

Aru Asa Okitara

Chapter 0

80,660 Jan 20,16 Nisioisin

Oneshot from Nisioisin and Kawada Yuuya. A boy suddenly wakes up to find out he's in the body of a High School girl. Who is she and how did he switch bodies?
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Henshin Ganbo 5

Henshin Ganbo

Chapter 0

87,989 Jan 20,16 Nisioisin

A oneshot by Nisioisin and Miyokawa Masaru. Sunaki is a back-up player on the baseball team and he finally gets the courage to give a love letter to the idol of the school. Where will his actions take him?
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Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to 4.8

Ouji To Majou To Himegimi To

Vol.4 Ch.23

283,283 Jan 20,16 Matsuzuki Kou

From Intercross: Ooji Subaru transfers from an all-girls school to a co-ed school so that she won't be away from her father. She has had recurring dreams of a beautiful and gentle princess, but she believes that this is because of her admiration of princesses. Upon entering her new school, she encounters three guys -plus her childhood friend- who claim to be...?!
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Ane Golem 4.6

Ane Golem

Chapter One-Shot-1

43,515 Jan 20,16 Horiizumi Inko

What happens when your long-deceased older sister decides to pay you a visit because you're behaving to much like a freeter in high school? And what's more, she's become a golem to put you back on track?! Find out in this cute afterlife comedy.
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Hima na no de Hajimete Mimasu. 4.7

Hima Na No De Hajimete Mimasu.

Vol.1 Ch.5.5 : Extra [End]

223,629 Jan 20,16 Sakyo Aya

Amano Rintarou has taken care of Nakatsugawa Maki since they were kids. He knows his childhood friend Maki isn't the brightest crayon in the box but in spite of that, or maybe because of that, he still has always thought he would be taking care of him now and in the future. However, when they enter university together and Rintarou is made to move in with Maki, Maki goes from being a regular idiot
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Karakuri 5


Chapter 0

33,117 Jan 20,16 Ishiguro Masakazu

Her grandfather has passed on, leaving a mecha in his likeness to help her. Has he left other gifts and will she ever truly understand?
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Le Jardin du thé 5

Le Jardin Du Thé

Ch.1 : Oneshot

39,799 Jan 20,16 Nakamura Asumiko

A mysterious story about a poor young man who orders a kind of tea called Huan Ying – “The Illusion”. He asked for a small quantity - just to have a taste - and was granted one cupful...
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Doubt! (AMANO Sakuya) 4.8

Doubt! (Amano Sakuya)

Vol.4 Chapter 15 : Cuckoo Family [Final]

171,243 Jan 20,16 Amano Sakuya

Ichiru Kanzaki is given an offer he can't refuse: to clear his entire debt, he has to enroll in the high school where his father works to track down his father's illegitimate daughter, his own younger half-sister, whom he has never met. But which girl is she?
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Transient Dreams of Transient Things 4.8

Transient Dreams Of Transient Things

Ch.3 : Part 3 (End)

105,696 Jan 20,16 Tamamusi

A little less fluffy yuri/shoujo-ai (from the highschool prostitution point of view...)
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Kippo 5


Vol.1 Ch.1

41,240 Jan 20,16 Tanaka Hiroshi

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Astro Boy 5

Astro Boy

Vol.23 Ch.98 : The Silver Tower

738,360 Jan 20,16 Tezuka Osamu

From Dark Horse: Dark Horse proudly presents another of the crown jewels of international graphic fiction—Astro Boy! Created by the late Osamu Tezuka, a revered animator and cartoonist—who created over 150,000 pages of comics in his career!—and considered the Walt Disney of Japan, his Astro Boy was the first manga series to be adapted to animation and became a worldwide phenomenon, making Astro
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100 - Handred 5

100 - Handred

Vol.1 Ch.2.2

58,845 Jan 20,16 Takabatake Enaga

Collection of short stories: 1-3. 100-HANDRED- 4. Bonus Gamer Coming out! 5. Josou Kyoudai 6. Saejima-san
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Seishun Rikon 5

Seishun Rikon

Ch.9 : (End) Read Online

123,965 Jan 20,16 Kougyoku Iduki

In the beginning spring of high school life, "Sakono" Ikumi and "Sakono" Touma were utter strangers. The only coincidence is that they have the same family name and in the same class, but when they noticed the whole class had started to call them "husband and wife". This is a story of their love story in a husband and wife relationship, their youth days which lasted around two years a bit.
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UNdeadman 5



52,535 Jan 20,16 Yagi Norihiro

This debut work won the 32nd Akatsuka Award.
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Clannad - 4-Koma Manga Theater 5

Clannad - 4-Koma Manga Theater

Vol.1 Chapter 6

65,461 Jan 20,16 Key

A series of 4koma comics drawn by various mangaka involving characters from the KEY visual novel Clannad. There are no game (or anime) spoilers in this book.
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Kaikan Trap 5

Kaikan Trap

Vol.1 Ch.4

60,604 Jan 20,16 Kuramochi Mari

Usui Fuuko is ridiculed by her classmates as 'ugly' after unsuccessfully confessing her love to Amahara Haruhiko. With the failure still in her mind, she swears to lose weight and to get revenge by making Amahara fall in love with her! However, after a series of event, Usui is beginning to have second thoughts about her plan...
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Komori Quintet! 4.9

Komori Quintet!

Chapter 7.1

85,483 Jan 20,16 Sugii Hikaru

In order to follow her dreams and be like her mom, Chika sought out her mom’s high school to join the Folk Music Club. However, when she entered the school, the club that her mother made famous no longer existed. Depressed and at a loss for what to do, Chika eventually meets Tenko who wishes to create a band and believes Chika to be the answer. Chika is excited to be able to play in a rock band bu
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