I’m Gonna Live with You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You 4.6

I’M Gonna Live With You Not Because My Parents Left Me Their Debt But Because I Like You

Chapter 24

20.7K Jul 13,24 Amane Megumi,Mitsuki Meia

The main character, Yoshizumi Yuya, was being pressured into paying off the debt left by his parents who had fled abroad. It was his classmate, Hitotsuba Kaede, chosen as the cutest schoolgirl in Japan, who saved him from this crisis of life and death. However, there was a catch. The condition required to fulfill in return for taking over his debt was — “In return for the loan, you have – to live
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Juliet, This Isn't Kansas! 4

Juliet, This Isn't Kansas!

Chapter 55

163 Jul 13,24 흰도요 , 이호

Why did Shakespeare give the FL of his story the name Juliet?If he'd instead given that extremely tragic story the name my life would be so much better!A highschooler in Kansas, Juliet Holiday had some minor inconveniences as her first name was very well known, but her days were relatively normal.Or it was- before a student named Romeo transferred over."HI, it's great that I was able to meet you
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Okomorigurashi no Fafnir 4.5

Kobayashi-San Chi No Maid Dragon: Okomorigurashi No Fafnir

Chapter 30.5

1.7K Jul 13,24 Cool Kyoushinsha,Nobuyoshi Samurai

Spin-off of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. The series focuses on the life of the otaku dragon Fafnir.
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Koushaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta node, Mental Otome na Ore wa, Zenryoku de Onnanoko wo Tanoshimimasu 4.6

Koushaku Reijou Ni Tensei Shiteshimatta Node, Mental Otome Na Ore Wa, Zenryoku De Onnanoko Wo Tanoshimimasu

Chapter 17.1: Sudden Guests, Once Again

4.2K Jul 13,24 Shachi,Chahara

A humble man in his twenties suddenly dies and is reborn as the daughter of a duke in an 18th-century lookalike world where magic exists!He is now living a second life as the adorable "Miranda Mirandiehl," who looks like a doll.As he was always a "girl inside" with girlish interests, he accepted his reincarnation surprisingly easily.And so, after being reborn as Miranda, he will enjoy
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I Want To Become The Emperor, So I Need A Divorce 4.5

I Want To Become The Emperor, So I Need A Divorce

Chapter 49

11.9K Jul 13,24 Magma, Ryu Juyeon

Born as an imperial princess, Arnoah was forced to marry the pathetic young king of a small neighboring kingdom. Her older brother became the emperor, so what was she supposed to do? And due to the laws of inheritance, even if her older brother and younger brother were to die, she would still not inherit the throne - rather, her good-for-nothing cheater of a husband would!! Any title she inherits
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Jueun 4.3


Chapter 25.5

171 Jul 13,24 Yangha

"Let me have a family." Growing up in an orphanage, Jinheon finds a newborn baby from the forest where he prayed every day. A small child who would not have been found without Jinheon. Jinheon, who had been longing for a family, thinks that this is the blessing of the Lord and gives the child the name Ju-eun himself. Soon after, however, Ju-eun is adopted, and although he seemed to live happily wi
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Miyu-chan wa Zutto Tomodachi 4.5

Miyu-Chan Wa Zutto Tomodachi

Chapter 5: Murai's Home, Set Ablaze

56 Jul 13,24 Hideki

In the summer of his second year of high school, the protagonist, Yuushin Tahara, finds that his childhood friend, Miyu Fukagawa, who had moved away, has returned to the house next door. Although Miyu has grown up to be quite cute, there's something a little strange about her... This is a fresh and suspenseful romantic comedy about the gentle protagonist and his cute but rather quirky childh
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She’s a Villainess, but Her Husband Is Handsome 4.8

She’S A Villainess, But Her Husband Is Handsome

Chapter 44

813 Jul 13,24 Beojkko Chgeuligo , Kwon Soo-Ri

" Lamaine, I think I'm crazy about you."My husband is about to divorce me, and he's so handsome! And he seems to like me in a different way than in the original? I'm a struggling writer who's been losing money all her life. I've been possessed by Lamaine Roger, the evil woman in the novel.I've decided that this is my last chance to do everything I want to doShe
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Gedou Tenisha no Harem Dungeon Seisakuki 4.1

Gedou Tenisha No Harem Dungeon Seisakuki

Chapter 14: Ryuuto's Battle

13.2K Jul 13,24 Takenoko,Kusari Nomu

While all of his classmate were transported to another world as heroes, for some reason he was left out as the dungeon master... and he, Satoshi Shinta, became the world's enemy. As the enemy of humankind, in order to survive and live a pleasant life in another world, he had a big choice to makeー. Through devilish methods, make his enemies fall, and strengthen his dungeon!! To violate his en
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Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san 4.7

Karakai Jouzu No (Moto) Takagi-San

Chapter 313

115.3K Jul 13,24 Inaba Mifumi,Yamamoto Souichirou

The (former) Takagi-san and her daughter, Chi-chan, bring you this teasing home comedy. Is Dad going to make an appearance too?
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A Fairy Tale for Villains 4.7

A Fairy Tale For Villains

Chapter 66

11.1K Jul 13,24 Nyangiwa Hyangshinlo

Despite being born as the daughter of a nanny, I considered myself blessed. With my loving mother, caring masters, and their three children, I couldn’t have asked for a better life.However, this all changed during the year my mother and masters died of a plague. That was when I remembered who I was before this life.Somehow, I was reincarnated as a side character of an angsty reverse harem ro
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Protected by My Dragon Knight 4.8

Protected By My Dragon Knight

Chapter 163

5.2K Jul 13,24 Umibird

Ichiru Futaba was just an ordinary office lady working at a high stress dead-end job. One day, when she's pushed to her limit and cannot get home in time to save her fluffy little dog, she falls to the floor unconscious. When she awakens,she realizes that she.. has died and been reborn! In a new world where magical creatures and humans coexist, and where the sand rain that faills from the sky harm
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Boss, You've Worked Hard 2.1

Boss, You've Worked Hard

Chapter 10

151 Jul 13,24 속공

Ma Ki-woong, who holds the position of general manager of the Black Namcho Company, is famous for his bad temper enough to be called the 'Chief of Demon King'. Yoo Ha-jin, who worked at the company while hiding his identity as the chairman's grandson, decides to take revenge on Ma Ki-woong in every way.+
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My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path 4.5

My Younger Brother Forces My Flower Path

Chapter 90

16.1K Jul 12,24 Hylain

When I was reincarnated, I only wanted to live happily with my one and only younger brother. But the problem is, my younger brother, who will do anything for my sake, gave me the crown off the head of the tyrant who was the Emperor just up until yesterday. "I'll make the continent kneel at your feet, Sister!" ...At this rate, before becoming the first Empress to unify the continent, I migh
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Sickly? Husband’s Contractual Wife 4.5

Sickly? Husband’S Contractual Wife

Chapter 110

11.2K Jul 12,24 Serian

I’m Selena, a daughter born to a family well-known for their fertile women. I was all but sold off in a marriage to a sickly duke whose life hung in the balance, all for the sake of producing an heir for his family. They provided me a medicine purported to aid in pregnancy, and the astrologist advised me good days for sleeping together, but… there was no child. “So, are there an
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Truly Refuse To Be A Witch 4.4

Truly Refuse To Be A Witch

Chapter 94

1.2K Jul 12,24 言言夫卡

After transmigrating as the ultimate villainess of an otome game, Andelle took the fact pretty well. As long as she took care of her reputation and stayed out of all the events that could awaken her witch powers, she won’t become a stepping stone for the main character. But as it turned out… her ideas were well-planned, but reality was a different matter. Andelle: I just want to quiet
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Grand Dwarf 4.8

Grand Dwarf

Chapter 32

3.8K Jul 12,24 Saito Naotake

For 52 years, Takumi Fujimura, a craftsman who has continued to hone his skills at a town factory, finds himself in a predicament when he has a dispute with a client and stops getting loans from banks. After many years of hard work, he finally collapses, but he awakens in a different world where he meets Frau, a girl who aspires to become a hero. With the benefit of modern technology and decades o
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Karasu wa Aruji wo Erabanai 4.3

Karasu Wa Aruji Wo Erabanai

Vol.2 Chapter 13: For Every Hundred Plum Blossoms...

50 Jul 12,24 Abe Chisato

Yamauchi - a fantastic world where the Yatagarasu, a race of three-legged crows with the ability to transform into humans, live. Yukiya, a young Yatagarasu, is appointed as the personal attendant of the eccentric Crown Prince Wakamiya. Soon, he is entangled in a web of conspiracies attempting to overthrow the heir to the Imperial throne. An adaptation of the second book of the award-winning novel
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The Movie King Wants to be My Financier 4

The Movie King Wants To Be My Financier

Chapter 6

294 Jul 12,24 汶羊刀

The Film Emperor is Dead Set on Becoming my Backer. The gold medal paparazzi secretly photographed a big piece of news, Lin Chu privately meeting with his backer. However, he met with a car accident, causing him to transmigrate into the body of Lin Chu, who was surrounded by rumors. As it turns out, the suspected mysterious backer of Lin Chu is the cold/aloof Film Emperor, Li Yu? Something more te
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Enoch: Shining Tree 4.3

Enoch: Shining Tree

Chapter 14

172 Jul 12,24 Park Chanyong

“Those wearing armor shall never take off their arms, will never die, and will live in pain.” With a witch’s curse, the ‘Cursed Knights’ began to roam the world. And Enoch, a boy who encounters one, is about to discover what happens to him.
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The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want to Die, so She Decided to Cross-dress! 4.8

The Villainess, Cecilia Silvie, Doesn't Want To Die, So She Decided To Cross-Dress!

Chapter 20.5

5.9K Jul 12,24 Akizakura Hiroro,Akiyama Shino

I was reincarnated into the body Cecilia Silvie, the villainess of an otome game. According to the plot, what awaits me in the normal route is either a slow, painful death or an instantaneous one... Essentially, every route leads to my demise. Then I'll change my fate! And that's why I decided to become a man. However, I made a mistake during a certai
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How Can You Be Pure! 3.5

How Can You Be Pure!


1.8K Jul 12,24 Magoo

One day, Seojin, a judo instructor meets Jaeha, a former member of the national team, who came in as a temporary instructor. Unlike Seojin, who is quiet, he feels awkward about Jaeha's blunt personality. On the way home, Jaeha ran into Seojin and both had a drink. When a drunk Seojin opened his eyes, he saw Jaeha masturbating while calling his name.+
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Fiancee be Chosen by the Ring 4.7

Fiancee Be Chosen By The Ring

Chapter 24

4.3K Jul 12,24 Yasuyuki Torikai,Yue Matsuyuki,Jun Hayase

An Engagement ‘Love Fantasy’ that all started with a ring!<br>Daughter of the Countess, Aurora, attended an evening party. Despite attending, she wouldn’t talk to anyone and only stared at the embroidery on the various dresses.<br>Then she was suddenly hit with a single ring!? What in the world could this mean…?
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Occhoko doji onee-san 4.4

Occhoko Doji Onee-San

Vol.2 Chapter 17: The Three Dojiri Sisters

1.9K Jul 12,24 KURACHI Chihiro

She may seem like a beautiful, sophisticated woman! But on the inside, she is just a XXX lady. The more she tries to act like an mature adult in front of younger boys, the more twisted and perverted she gets! A popular love-comedy that has received over 300,000 likes on Twitter.
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