Mad Place 3.3

Mad Place

0 Aug 17,22 Junah

Seconds after winning his case, Sehyuk is immediately called to investigate another murder, this time, with a suspect who claims to be his biggest fan Ideun, the suspect in question who holds the key to the investigation, requests a private sitting with Sehyuk, in all essence of the word.As the mystery unveils, unpleasant truths and painful memories rise to the surface once again, plunging Sehyuk
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Falling for the Enemy 4.6

Falling For The Enemy

Chapter 37

92 Aug 17,22 Mieun-Lee

Read manhwa Falling for the Enemy / How could I love the enemy? After her parents' death, Lia versed herself in swordsmanship to protect her family. But as the Empire's only female Commander of a knights' battalion, she can't seem to catch a break because of the meddling Duke Edgar! But wait Why does this "enemy" blush whenever he looks her way?!
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Devil Sugar Blood 3

Devil Sugar Blood

4 Aug 14,22 Pyo Ryu

not found...
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Haechi’s Princess 4.5

Haechi’S Princess

Chapter 9

100 Aug 17,22 HNM, Studio Weiib

The unfortunate Princess Soyang, who lived as the daughter of the dethroned Rain. Threatened by those who aim for the legendary ring. By fate, she meets Haechi, gets help, and builds a relationship... 300 years later, Korea, Youngkwang Lee, the curator in charge of the ''Princess Soyang and Haechi" exhibition, picks up an unusual cat. But this cat, who speaks even human words, is actually harming
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Blue Checkerboard 3.8

Blue Checkerboard

Chapter 21

32 Aug 16,22 Liang Azha

Lin Bo and Zheng Xiaotao have always been secretly attracted to each other, but because they don't know of each other's feelings, they're too embarrassed to confess. Helpless, they each turn to their own sisters. Lin Bo's little sister is a great god-like BL writer, while Zheng Xiaotao's elder sister is a great god-like BL novel reader. The two girls, priding themselves on their perfect qualificat
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Because Your Majesty Is a Beast 3.9

Because Your Majesty Is A Beast

Chapter 43

424 Aug 14,22 Dopamine , MON쉘 , Kim No-eul

Bella, the woman who saved the dying beast. At that time, she didn't know that he would change her life like this… Khan, a man who contacted Bella, who was about to leave the country and run away. Unlike her untamed energy, her movements were sweet. His whisper that he will change her shabby life was also sweet. "Let me heal you." "Follow me." If you take one more step, you can hold his hand..
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Beautiful You 3.1

Beautiful You

Chapter 33

166 Aug 13,22 Ganu

Ever since young, "Woojong Kim" adored cute and pretty things, and believed that once he became an adult, he too would become like the idols he watched on TV.Instead, he becomes a 195 centimeter, heavily muscled, masculine man.Timid Woojong thus decides to create beauty instead, and changes his plans accordingly.This is how he meets "Ryuhyun", who studies modeling in the same university.It's love
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Metro Hunter 3.8

Metro Hunter

Chapter 50

229 Aug 14,22 Manhwa, Mr.Cheok

The capital of Korea, Seoul. All over the subway Monsters of unknown origin started appearing. But don't worry, because In this nightmare-like crisis, there are saviors who will protect you. We call them the Metro Hunters!
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A Perfect Ending Plan of the Villain in a Fairy Tale 4.7

A Perfect Ending Plan Of The Villain In A Fairy Tale

Chapter 37

1.4K Aug 13,22 피치 파이

The protagonist of a fairy tale whose tears turn into diamonds.I was possessing her bad sister.Three years left until the passing prince fell in love with my younger sister and married, and the family who harassed the protagonist were executed.I'd rather go find the prince and throw in the protagonist and plan a way to live.'It was nice to find the prince after the twists and turns"Please marry me
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Queen of Avalon 2.9

Queen Of Avalon

Chapter 20

292 Aug 12,22 Rossiwon

"Queen Arthur. That is your name from today."I was summoned to save the kingdom that King Arthur had rolled over.As the Archmage Merlin said, I am the possessor of the same soul as King Arthur.If I find the Holy Grail and complete my mission, will am I be able to live with love?But why are knights so rude?Xian, who has been living a life of bliss for 20 years.When I woke up one day, I became a cha
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Twin or Lose 3.2

Twin Or Lose

Chapter 27

142 Aug 12,22 Jordan Jackson , Meghan Callahan , Tapas Media , Kisai Entertainment

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Minority 3.2


Chapter 54

157 Aug 17,22 Hinoon

Jin Hyuk, a model student who only knows how to study, and Im Heechan, who is at the center of the (social) class. Jin-hyuk is irritated by Heechan's group that only does stupid, reckless, and useless acts that ruin the mood in the class. He swore to keep ignoring them, but on his way home from school, he saw Hee-chan being beaten by his father... curiosity strikes him as he saw his bruised face.C
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Princess Blooms into a Crazy Flower 4.7

Princess Blooms Into A Crazy Flower

Chapter 26

1.6K Aug 13,22 Han Bo-Yeon, Hwang Man-ju

Read manga The Princess Blooms as a Crazy Flower / , It's been a year since I pretended to be crazy to find a way to stop this marriage."Your Majesty! I really want to get married, as a representative of the nation!! If the Aizen Empire doesn't work, send me to Vladimir Kingdom! I heard the king will be there today today and tomorrow, so I want to get married there and live happily ever after!""
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The Skeleton Becomes a Cat Dad 4.6

The Skeleton Becomes A Cat Dad

Chapter 90

740 Jun 04,22 Mago

A soft skin, short and coarse fur, tiny feet… What is that strange and cute creature? Hegol (skeleton) is independent and wants to raise a baby cat. He finally got a cat from the human agency service on the day he moved houses! But the baby cat got less fur on it's body… Does a baby cat look like that normally? He cannot contact the human agency service, Hegol takes in the sleepi
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Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up? 2.5

Little Wife, How Dare You Say Break Up?

Chapter 44

225 Aug 17,22 Updating

Li Chengxiu tasted the bitterness of life at a young age and longed to be loved. Shao Qun has a distinguished background, the second generation of naughty and unruly character in high school to the extreme, due to curiosity and approach, from bullying to be attracted, youthful feelings occurred in the wrong period, doomed to harm. He wanted to leave everything behind and start anew, but will the e
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Tit For Tat 3.1

Tit For Tat

Chapter 25

82 Aug 08,22 水千丞

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Cases of Judge Zhang 2.8

Cases Of Judge Zhang

Chapter 81 : [Official - End / Indefini.

85 May 23,22 大风刮过 , 千二百/鲜漫文化

Ministry of Rites met poor student Zhang Ping by chance. Seeing a talented person being so broke, he sent him in the office, and let him begin investigations. Look at an ordinary person rising in his career and being worshiped.
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One Night Mate 2.8

One Night Mate

Chapter 33 : It's A Secret

312 Jun 13,22 Cherry Manju , Justice

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Marriage and Sword 4.6

Marriage And Sword

Chapter 48

1.5K Aug 15,22 Saha

Read manhwa Marriage and Sword /   House Targayel, the sword of the Emperor and the glory of the Empire.House Targayel, whose name was respectable, was doomed. They weren't just doomed, they were destroyed.Just to make ends meet, Elje hides her identity and goes to war.After returning home, Elje who made a name for herself through her amazing swordsmanship and gained a fortune though
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I was Reborn as the Villainess' Father and I Need XXX to Survive!? 2.5

I Was Reborn As The Villainess' Father And I Need Xxx To Survive!?

Chapter 80

1.5K Aug 12,22 Cocoon Production

.We all know the isekai formula. The MC is always some nobody, they wake up in a perfect body, and they always end up dominating their new world. Sure, Satoru got the first two tropes, but he sure didn't choose to be reborn as an evil king in his ex-girlfriend's otome game. He'll have to quickly figure things out before the hero slays him and his villainess daughter.... all while dealing with sexy
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Don't Be Nice To Me 2.3

Don't Be Nice To Me

Chapter 10

72 Aug 12,22 Ssak

You called me first, bought me chocolate milk when I was drunk, deliberately visited me at my part-time job and the small group that consisted of only us. I didn't want to receive any of this from you.Yeonwoo Hyung, the person who treats me nicely but appears indifferent towards everyone else.
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