The Knight of Embers 4.1

The Knight Of Embers

Chapter 149

20.9K Jul 20,24 Updating

His only family, his younger twin, has been murdered. He isn't as talented as his late genius brother, but in order to get his revenge, he will become "strong". Will I be able to get my revenge?
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I  Was Reincarnated as a Poor Farmer in a Different World, so I Decided to Make Bricks to Build a Castle 4.7

I Was Reincarnated As A Poor Farmer In A Different World, So I Decided To Make Bricks To Build A Castle

Chapter 20.1

15.2K Jul 20,24 Cancellara,Makishima Gin

Please read the title again. <--  How often do I need to write it, so that you understand... I can't read! In another world where the Royal family power is on decline, and turmoil are lasting. In a remote village, a young child, who will later be named Ars, is "gardening" and "improving the land." Having the
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6th Degree 4

6Th Degree

Chapter 35

52 Jul 20,24

What is the price of revenge? Kris knows she's different but lives in the dark about her power, controlled by her father's supervision and her job as "The Cleaner," doing the dirty work of the Hyuu Police Department. When she finally has a chance to learn more about herself, her father is murdered by a vicious crime syndicate. Eden, the chairwoman of a rival crime family, gives Kris another chance
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Winter Moon 3.5

Winter Moon

Chapter 593

21.6K Jul 20,24 R. Merryweather

A homosexual sorceror and a seductive priestess cross paths in an Online RPG.
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The Ember Knight 4.6

The Ember Knight

Chapter 149: Episode 149

39.9K Jul 20,24 Hwan Daeng (환댕)

When Nagyunn’s twin brother, Najin, is murdered before his very eyes, he vows to avenge his brother’s death by assuming Najin’s identity. But although the two may look alike, when it comes to fighting, Nagyunn lacks the talent and skill his brother possessed. In order to successfully execute his plot for revenge, Nagyunn resolves to train himself to become the prodigious knight-in-training his bro
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The Strongest Florist 4.7

The Strongest Florist

Chapter 187

72.1K Jul 20,24 Kumtata

Hwang Jae-Ho joins a game and wants to open a flower shop, thus begins his long journey of being a florist in a virtual world.
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Did I Become Invincible After Confessing My Love to the Beautiful Ancestor? 4.2

Did I Become Invincible After Confessing My Love To The Beautiful Ancestor?

0 Jul 20,24 猫仆工作室

On a day marked by celestial upheavals and reversal of the cosmos, Lin Fan descended into the world. He instantly became the Prince of the Heavenly Sect and was taken in as a disciple by the founding ancestor. Amidst an ordinary cauldron explosion, something unexpected occurred... Lin Fan regained his memories! He reincarnated? System? Favorability? Upgrades? Lin Fan suddenly woke up to realit
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I Created a Salvation Organization 4.1

I Created A Salvation Organization

0 Jul 20,24 Xiao Dong Zai , 小东仔 , 锈迹符文 , 三千瓦

He got a doomsday salvation system. As long as he saves the world, he can have everything. He recruited top talents to build the Pan-Human Principle Guardian Association. He descended into the doomsday worlds as the guardian of human principles, allowing the whole world to admire him and worship him as a god. The ultimate natural disaster. The mutation frenzy. The whisper of the evil god. Thus, a
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Magic Emperor 4.8

Magic Emperor

Chapter 573

365.9K Jul 20,24 Nightingale (original) + No two comics

at Zhuo Yifanwas a Magic Emperor or could be called a Demon Emperor because he had an ancient Emperor's book called the Book of the Nine Secrets, he was targeted by all the experts and he was even betrayed and killed by his student. Then his soul enters and comes back to life in a family servant boy named Zhuo Fan. Because some demonic magic is holding him back, he must unite the child's memories
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Tensei Shitara dai Nana Ouji dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu o Kiwamemasu 4.7

Tensei Shitara Dai Nana Ouji Dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu O Kiwamemasu

Chapter 174

139K Jul 20,24 Kokuzawa Yousuke,Kenkyo Na Circle

A magic nerd's life came to an end after a dreadful encounter with the nobles who ended his life with a powerful spell. His last wish, being able to study and master more magic, has been answered when he was reincarnated as Saloom Lloyd, the 7th prince of Saloom Kingdom. Now he'll be able to perfect his magic as he pleases...
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The World's Best Assassin, Reincarnated in a Different World as an Aristocrat 4.7

The World's Best Assassin, Reincarnated In A Different World As An Aristocrat

Chapter 29

124K Jul 20,24 Rui Tsukiyo

The eldest son of the assassin aristocrat Towerhades. The skill, experience, knowledge of the previous life, magic, all of which grows his power as an assassin. Excellent assassins pass through. He was usually admired as the ideal lord, and behind it wielded a blade as an assassin aristocrat.
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Juvenile Prison 4.5

Juvenile Prison

Chapter 8

34 Jul 20,24 Cheongmin

'Cha Ju-young' is imprisoned in a juvenile detention center for rendering his gangster father comatose. Not long after, the father, who was thought never to wake up, comes to visit...
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Catastrophic Necromancer 4.7

Catastrophic Necromancer

Chapter 101

36K Jul 20,24 黑鸟社

The game has emerged into reality, the rules of the world have been turned upside down and humanity has entered the era of becoming players with the world set as a game stage. The only way to become a player is by leveling up to become stronger! The only way to rise to the top of the world! On the day of world fusion Lin Moyue chose to take on the sole hidden class, Necromancer. From then on, Lin
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1st Kiss Was Intentional 4.7

1St Kiss Was Intentional

Chapter 49

3.6K Jul 20,24 Shi-ah ahn

When I opened my eyes after a fire, I became a side character in a novel. What am I to do now?Get closer to the heroine? No.Get closer to the male lead? No.I'm going to live a long and simple life!I've lived peacefully outside the Emperor's castle for 3 years. I thought I would be free as long as the novel ended happily as it should.“Who's th-…”“Servant.&rd
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The Unmatched Powerhouse Just Wants To Farm 4.5

The Unmatched Powerhouse Just Wants To Farm

Chapter 103

12.7K Jul 20,24 绘境社

When Chen Fan transmigrated to the world of martial arts, not only was he abandoned by the system, he was also a cripple without martial spirit. He had no choice but to be the most inferior mortal. But unbeknownst to him, his home was full of divine things; the bath water is a spiritual spring, the person ploughing his land is a dragon prince, the person watering the vegetable fields is the first
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I’m living with my Mother-in-law! 4.6

I’M Living With My Mother-In-Law!

Chapter 69

10.2K Jul 20,24 GONGYOUNG

It's well-known that living with one's mother-in-law is basically he**. So marrying a poor merchant with no family should be an easy way to avoid that mess, right? Well, that was Elaen's plan until she realizes that her husband, Ahen, lied to her, and is actually the son of the empire's ferocious Grand Wizard, Kanessis Corenea, who she'll have to live with at her palace! Though intimidated at firs
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Hyper Luck 4.3

Hyper Luck

Chapter 80

50.4K Jul 20,24 Zod,Jo Yak-Dol (조약돌)

The luck that was missing from my life, came all at once before quitting the game. Lee Ki-Ho, who tried to turn his life around in the world’s first virtual reality game , claimed the rare item not one in 4 billion players ever came across! "Isn't this a real life changer!"
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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation 4.7

Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation

Chapter 130

39.6K Jul 20,24 Hyung Geun Cho, Kwang Hwi, 광휘, 조형근

A scout in the infamous Demon Cult, Seolhwi is on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encounters a fearsome master of the Mount Hua Sect, the sworn enemies of the Demon Cult. Without warning, the Mount Hua Cult master slaughters the entire squad. As Seolhwi lies dying, lamenting years of service to the cult with nothing to show for it, he is suddenly faced with a video game prompt, asking
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Movies Are Real 4.9

Movies Are Real

Chapter 38

10.5K Jul 20,24 Ah In Jam

While working as a small supporting actor in a movie, Ki Man Sung has nothing else going for him. However, that was when ,through mysterious circumstance, the movie set had become reality during filming. With the sound of the director's cut, during that short take, he's not an actor but actually thrown into the events occurring, showing the pain and emotions he faces in that moment. He can
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The Cook of a Perished World 4.6

The Cook Of A Perished World

Chapter 36

2K Jul 20,24 Mild Coffee

Read manhwa The Cook of a Perished World / The Cook of a Perished World / Cooking Disease in a Ruined World / / Apocalyptic Chef AwakeningApocalyptic Chef Awakening Synopsis: Shin Young-jun, a sergeant chef, was greeted by the apocalypse just days before vacation. The battalion turned into chaos in an instant, and the communication network was cut off. Then something appeared before his eyes! [
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My Daughter is the Final Boss 4.8

My Daughter Is The Final Boss

Chapter 134

68.3K Jul 20,24 Rk Studio (Rk스튜디오),Geulsseunya (글쓰냐)

Lee Seojun could only watch as his daughter, the witch Lee Seola, turned into the wicked final boss who destroyed the world and brought upon his death. Though never a good dad, as he loses consciousness, Seojun gets a new quest: "Change the Future." Upon awakening, he sees a 5-year-old Seola standing before him. Now, Seojun must raise Seola to avoid the misfortunes that originally turned her wicke
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Cheat skill 4.5

Cheat Skill "shisha Sosei" Ga Kakusei Shite Inishieno Maougun Wo Fukkatsu Sasete Shimaimashita ~Dare Mo Shinasenai Saikyou Hiiro~

Chapter 34

81.8K Jul 20,24 Risumai,Hanyuu

Licht, a young man who has the special ability, [Resurrection], makes his living as a member of an S -Rank Adventurer's Party.  However, the King, who feared his power, ordered his comrades to betray him, and in the end, executed him in an unfair manner. But Licht, who was fortunate enough to be revived because of his own skill, now swears to carry out his reveng
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