Minecraft: Journey to the World's End 3.8

Minecraft: Journey To The World's End

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Defeat The Desert Bandits!

138 Jul 24,24 Kazuyoshi Seto

The adventure to the end of the world begins!The world-famous game with the theme of "freedom" makes its grand debut as a manga!Don't miss the crafting that is even freer than in the game!Join the main character Nico and his friends as they set off on an adventure to the "end of the world"!Familiar characters and items from the game will also appear!
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Hero-kun Won't Set Out! 4.1

Hero-Kun Won't Set Out!

Vol.2 Chapter 11

2.8K Jul 24,24 Ochi R

The Hero is expected by God and the People to defeat the Demon King!!And now its time to set out!!...But before he can he is tempted by a thick sexy bunny girl! At the mercy of the Bunny girl's wiles he is unable to depart... Furthermore a Priest of the church charms him with her night skills...Will the Hero ever be able to set out on his journey?
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Return of the Mount Hua Sect 3.6

Return Of The Mount Hua Sect

Chapter 133

155.2K Jul 24,24 Updating

Chung Myung, The 13th Disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, One of the 3 Great Swordsmen, Plum Blossom Sword Saint, defeated Chun Ma, who has brought destruction and disarray onto the world. After the battle, he breathes his last breath on top of the headquarter mountain of the Heavenly Demon Sect. He is reborn after 100 years in the body of a child. ……What? The Mount Hua Sect has fallen? What kind of n
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My Little Brother Is The Academy’s Hotshot 4.7

My Little Brother Is The Academy’S Hotshot

Chapter 81

41.8K Jul 24,24 Bae Hanul

In the last battle with the king of the dragon race that killed countless humans, Rudd Denatos loses his comrades and biological brother, Aesir Denatos.The moment he slays an unidentified dragon that appears before him, he returns to his days as an academy cadet.This time, Rudd tries to kill all dragons, so the past doesn't repeat itself.However, in the past, he has regressed into his brother, Aes
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The Non-Ability Fighter 4.8

The Non-Ability Fighter

Chapter 21

682 Jul 24,24 Chikinmu

To revive the mixed martial arts that has been ruined due to being overshadowed by the Special Ability League, Se-yeon calls upon Hwang Kwang-ho, a champion who was permanently Banned in the past. The reason is because he is the G** of box office Success'. The distinction between ability and Non-ability becomes meaningless before this man. He wields skills that have ascended to the Peak level
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Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One 4.8

Goblin Slayer: Side Story Year One

Chapter 106

112.3K Jul 24,24 Kagyu Kumo

A prequel series that reveals Goblin Slayer's past and the events that led him to become an adventurer with the sole purpose of exterminating all goblins from the world.
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The King of Zombie 3.8

The King Of Zombie

Chapter 18

66 Jul 24,24 延强动漫

"Don't they know this is the only way to save the world?""...That they do.""So why would they stop us?""Because they so used to exploiting...""Then what shall we do?""Give them a very tiny bit shocking from the zombies."
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Return to Player 4.8

Return To Player

Chapter 167

147.5K Jul 24,24 INDEX (인덱스), UMKY (엄키)

Ten years ago, a group of gods turned everyone on Earth into players of a sadistic game that forced them to kill monsters in real life -- or be killed themselves. Sehan Kim has already seen how this game will play out: everyone in the world dies except for him. When he’s given the chance to go back in time and start a second playthrough, Sehan is determined to change the course of events and beat
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Did I Become Invincible After Confessing My Love to the Beautiful Ancestor? 4.7

Did I Become Invincible After Confessing My Love To The Beautiful Ancestor?

Chapter 14

33 Jul 24,24 猫仆工作室

On a day marked by celestial upheavals and reversal of the cosmos, Lin Fan descended into the world. He instantly became the Prince of the Heavenly Sect and was taken in as a disciple by the founding ancestor. Amidst an ordinary cauldron explosion, something unexpected occurred... Lin Fan regained his memories! He reincarnated? System? Favorability? Upgrades? Lin Fan suddenly woke up to realit
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341st RMR Battlegroup 4.6

341St Rmr Battlegroup

Chapter 7.5: Volume 1 Extras: Learn The Secrets Of Warfare Through Comics!

461 Jul 24,24 Rei Hiroe

The “Youth War Drama” takes place on the chaotic frontline of countries at war. A certain person stands at the head of a combat team that is sweeping across the land. The story follows the strong and fleeting emotions of the young people whose lives are scattered on the battlefield.
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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest 4.7

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest

Chapter 164

111.4K Jul 24,24 Hiro Mashima, Atsuo Ueda

After overcoming the threat of Acnologia and Zeref, Fairy Tail has become stronger and more energetic! The 100 year quest which Natsu and company left for, and also to the members who had remained at the guild, something new is going to happen!? Although the story was supposed to have concluded, a new adventure now begins!
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The Newbie is Too Strong 4.8

The Newbie Is Too Strong

Chapter 104

60.2K Jul 24,24 Shin Jung-Min (신정민),Ssikku (씨꾸),Itbaem (잇뱀),Midas

JaeJu (which means “skill” in Korean) grew up without parents in an orphanage skillfully, just like his name suggests. One day, he heard that the orphanage was having a hard time and would have to close in 3 years. While trying to raise money for the orphanage, JaeJu got an alert on his phone. On it, he saw a video of himself climbing the tower as a BJ (broadcasting jockey aka streamer
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Foreigner on the Periphery 4.7

Foreigner On The Periphery

Chapter 55

21.5K Jul 24,24 Huloseuteu,Tyang

I don't want to work. Like at all. But I don't have a choice. On earth where Humans, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and Alien immigrants live, it is an endless repetition of incidents. This is the story of a man that's had to work in secrecy for 800 years because he'll die if he doesn't work.
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The Archmage's Restaurant 4.9

The Archmage's Restaurant

Chapter 42

9.2K Jul 24,24 Bad Boys, chassi

A man who was reincarnated in another world as a 9th class wizard and retired after saving the continent from a dragon war. He decides to open a small restaurant in the countryside, but his routine is anything but ordinary. On the second floor of his restaurant, there lives a black dragon who has transformed into a woman, named Rurin. She is greedy, cute and loyal to him, but also ignorant and clu
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Easy Survival in Another World 4.6

Easy Survival In Another World

Chapter 36

13.6K Jul 24,24 Ayano

More than ten years have passed since a means of transporting individuals from Earth to another world was developed. High school student Kakeru Satomi was taught survival techniques and wisdom by his mountain-dwelling grandfather. Kakeru was sent to another world together with 100 other adventurers of the same age in order to take part in a training program to become an adventurer, but the portal
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Tales of Demons and Gods 4.8

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Chapter 479.1

869.4K Jul 24,24 Mad Snail

Nie Li, one of the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world , however he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, with the aid of the vast knowledge whi
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Genius of the Unique Lineage 4.7

Genius Of The Unique Lineage

Chapter 78

51.4K Jul 23,24 Zaino, SOULPUNG , 소울풍, Kkudadak , 꾸다닥, Clover, 클로버

I want to be someone who kills invaders __ I want to kill invaders and live a happy daily life in a special world. Can’t I just ask for that? Why? Why can’t I do that? People say chasing two different rabbits will make you miss both, but… just don’t miss them.
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The Villain's Follower 4.2

The Villain's Follower

Chapter 83

601 Jul 23,24 Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画), 天津漫神动漫

travel to a fusion novel world. Xu Beiwang couldn't help complaining: "Why do other people pretend to be the protagonist, no matter how bad they are, I'm a fool, but I'm just a little guy who is loyal to the female villain?" However, he soon discovered that it feels good to bully peoples.
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Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night 4.8

Sword Fanatic Wanders Through The Night

Chapter 122

48K Jul 23,24 Yu Jin Sung (유진성),Jp,Song Min (송민)

The Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe took in Jin Sohan as an orphan, and he spent his childhood with them. But one day, one of the four great demons, the Venom Demon, discovered that he was special and kidnapped him. After all kinds of test, he decided to raise him as his disciple. Ten years later, Jin Sohan tried to look for traces of the Mystic Lunar Dance Troupe, but the Sword Dance Troupe had alre
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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint 4.7

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Chapter 220

72.9K Jul 23,24 Sing-Shong,Sleepy-C (REDICE STUDIO)

‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.
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Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha ga Hikikomoru ni wa Hirosugiru 4.7

Makyou Seikatsu: Gakeppuchi Boukensha Ga Hikikomoru Ni Wa Hirosugiru

Chapter 14

4.6K Jul 23,24 Hanabokuro

After being expelled from his family home, our main character tries his hand at becoming an adventurer, only to find out that things aren't quite as they seem. Determined to change his fate, and with the money he's saved up, he heads out to purchase a plot of land in the remote, unexplored wilderness, with the intent of forging his perfect new life. Little does he know, this expanse is infamous as
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My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person 4.4

My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person

Chapter 72

59.9K Jul 23,24 Sand Fairy (샌드페어리),Ppilippala (삐리빠라),Todac_S (쓩늉)

Mankind discovered the essence of the human soul, Edeya, and were achieving materialization. Society was built around Edeya, which was invulnerable to conventional weapons. Humanity started to place all their focus into the combat power of Edeya. Park Jinsong, the main character, possessed an F-rank soul and F-rank combat power. After the introduction of a poor military program to his high schoo
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Chronicles of a Returner 4.8

Chronicles Of A Returner

Chapter 92

56.4K Jul 23,24 Myosu (묘수),Leopeu (러프)

Chronicles Of The Martial God's Return manhwa, Chronicles of a ReturnerThe sixth masterpiece of the Wuxia Genre that'll meet your expectations, just like the [Third-rate Chronicles of Return], [The Conquer of the Heavenly Faction], and the [Chronicles of Seven Dragons and Seven Demons]. [Chronicles of the Martial God's Return] The Ultimate Martial Divine Demon, Dan Woohyun, was sealed up because h
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Makyo Seikatsu ~ Gakeppuchi Boken Sha Ga Hiki Komoru Ni Ha Hirosugiru 4.5

Makyo Seikatsu ~ Gakeppuchi Boken Sha Ga Hiki Komoru Ni Ha Hirosugiru

Chapter 14

719 Jul 23,24 Hanabokuro , ITOU Toshinori

After being expelled from his family home, our main character tries his hand at becoming an adventurer, only to find out that things aren't quite as they seem. Determined to change his fate, and with the money he's saved up, he heads out to purchase a plot of land in the remote, unexplored wilderness, with the intent of forging his perfect new life. Little does he know, this expanse is infamous as
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