Army of Hell 3.9

Army Of Hell

Vol.5 Chapter 43: Company, March!!

421 Feb 22,24 Tatsumi Yoshihiro

A boy abandoned at birth and raised by rats, with the mysterious power to control rats, grows up seeing the dark side of the humans that rejected him, and vows to become humanity's greatest enemy.
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Dungeon ni Hisomu Yandere na Kanojo ni Ore wa Nando mo Korosareru 4.4

Dungeon Ni Hisomu Yandere Na Kanojo Ni Ore Wa Nando Mo Korosareru

Chapter 9

3.6K Feb 22,24 Kitagawa Nikita,Nomura Eji

"Dungeon ni Hisomu Yandere na Kanojo ni Ore wa Nando mo Korosareru" is a fantasy story about Kiska, a boy who is mistreated by the villagers. He manages to survive thanks to his childhood friend Namia, who was the only one by his side. One day, Namia is murdered by three men, and Kiska is accused of the crime and banished to an inescapable class S dungeon. However, he finds himself in a different
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Angelic Lady 4.7

Angelic Lady

Chapter 156

32.2K Feb 22,24 Susu

Angela was my friend. I wanted to give anything to her, who I thought more precious than my own family. And I eventually turned Angela, a lowly aristocrat from the countryside, into the flower of the capital society. But it was betrayal that came back. She sold me and my family to become an imperial princess. “…did you have to go this far?” “Because I wanted you to be unha
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Juujika no Rokunin 2.7

Juujika No Rokunin

Chapter 157: Cutting Off A Lizard's Tail

126.6K Feb 22,24 Nakatake Shiryuu

”Is it okay to kill people?" A treacherous revenge suspense by Shiryu Nakatake, a newcomer to Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. "Shun, if someone is converted, let him go and do nothing. He should be given a chance to be reborn." "Grandpa, I hope he doesn't reincarnate himself." In order to d
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Oshi no Ko 4.6

Oshi No Ko

Chapter 141

70.3K Feb 22,24 Akasaka Aka

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it. What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he man
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Fate/Grand Order -turas réalta- 4.6

Fate/grand Order -Turas Réalta-

Chapter 76: Seventh Singularity 15

2.7K Feb 21,24 TYPE-MOON

"The human race will become extinct in 2017." The Chaldea organization, an organization charged with preserving the future of humanity, observes a singularity. To solve it, Rika Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight will be transported to the city of Fuyuki in 2004. The battle for the future of humanity has begun.---**Note**: This manga adapts the first, third, fifth, seventh and final singularity
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Mao 4.7


Chapter 218

2.4K Feb 21,24 Takahashi Rumiko

The story is set in a "land where two worlds intersect," and it centers on "a strange romance between a boy and girl who meet by fate."(from ebookjapan):Onmyoji and Yokai? A girl's bizarre Taisho romance! When she was in the first grade of elementary school, her whole family was involved in an accident, but she is the only one who survived. In her third year of junior high school, she pass
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Love and Hate and Love (Unrequited Love Yuri Anthology) 2.5

Love And Hate And Love (Unrequited Love Yuri Anthology)

Chapter 6: Kashiwagi Tsukiko - Snowdrops

60 Feb 21,24 Kashiwagi Tsukiko, Tsutsu, Nochimuyu, Mako Takahashi, Hanasaki Manio, Ichigo Ichie

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Tiger Books 4.2

Tiger Books

Vol.3 Chapter 10: Glass Brain (Shonen Sunday Special Reprint, 10/20/1975)

100 Feb 21,24 Tezuka Osamu

This is a collection of loosely interconnected stories where the main characters are all animals, especially the tiger who is the hero of the first book.
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When I Quit Being A Wicked Mother-in-law, Everyone Became Obsessed With Me 4.7

When I Quit Being A Wicked Mother-In-Law, Everyone Became Obsessed With Me

Chapter 53

20.2K Feb 21,24 Rana (II) , Somang

I woke up in the body of the only duchess of the empire Anriche von Valois, a wicked woman who is feared and hated by her husband and her son. She is the evil mother-in-law who will meet her end by the hands of her family after tormenting the female lead. To change my fate and get her on my side, I rescued my young future daughter-in-law who was being abused and raised her. If I treat her well, I'
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Housekeeper 4.8


Chapter 98

7.6K Feb 21,24 Chae Yong Taek,Yu Hyeon

In the near future where Android (A.I) becomes common among humans, a virus outbreak suddenly occurred, turning over 70% humanity into zombie-like "Creatures." The A.I soon break away from their infected owners since they're not programmed to recognize "Creatures" as humans, but one of them, the housekeeper Hasty, acted otherwise when her infected young master, Neville'
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Rebirth 3.7


Chapter 223

7.4K Feb 21,24 Lee Kang-woo

From Tokyopop: Three hundred years ago the Dark Magician Deshwitat Lived Rudbich, a vampire, was sealed in limbo by the Light Magician Kalutika. Resurrected in the present day, Deshwitat has vowed to destroy Kalutika, and now, with the help of a team of spiritual warriors, seeks the means to use Light Magic to achieve his ends.
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Dead Tube 4.3

Dead Tube

Chapter 96

52.4K Feb 21,24 Yamaguchi Mikoto, Kitakawa Touta

Distributing thrilling videos in secret!! A school game that puts life and death on the line!!
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An Ice Lamp: Gira Chronicles 4.2

An Ice Lamp: Gira Chronicles

Chapter 72

6.1K Feb 21,24 Choi Seo-wan , Jeokce , Dogeu

She is a 14-year-old smart girl who was raised as a boy. Thinking about whether to leave the monastery empty or become a slave to the nobility, the transcendent Maharita offers to plant her eggs in her body and grant her wishes in return for showing the fully swollen moonlight each time. After accepting Maharita's suggestion, she had a man's voice for 10 years. There are even a lot of ladi
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Genius Corpse-Collecting Warrior 4.9

Genius Corpse-Collecting Warrior

Chapter 18

663 Feb 21,24 Coramel, Hyeonggwang Yeonpil, Choi Jin-Gyu

It has already been two years since I possessed a character in this insanely difficult game. In order to go back to Earth, I have no choice but to stop the downfall of this world and reach the ending of this game. [You have collected the body of a "pathetic soldier." Inheriting abilities.] [Inherited rewards: Stamina +1, Proficiency +1, Dehaman's Armored Combat (D)] I will see through to the end o
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Gachiakuta 4.8


Chapter 86

38.2K Feb 21,24 Kei Urana

A slum where criminals descendants live... People beyond the border look down and discriminate them as "tribal people". Rudo, an orphan boy, lives in the slum with his foster parent, Regt, and makes a living using his extraordinary physical abilities. However, one day, he is accused with a crime that he doesn't remember, and is thrown into the "abyss" that even the slum peo
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Majo Taisen - The War of Greedy Witches 4.5

Majo Taisen - The War Of Greedy Witches

Chapter 39: True Face

5.7K Feb 21,24 Kawamoto Homura,Shiozuka Makoto

32 Witches throughout the history fight in a deathmatch tournament so their desire will be granted From the author of Kakegurui
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His Name is 101 5

His Name Is 101

Vol.1 Chapter 2: The Decoy

2 Feb 20,24 Yokoyama Mitsuteru

(from ebookjapan):Babel II is back! Koichi Yamano, a 16-year-old ESPer boy, is now called 101 at a research institute, where he donates his special blood to give vitality to the sick. However, he escapes when he finds out that ESPers are actually being created and misused by a huge organization. The battle between 101 and the organization has begun as 101 tries to dispose of his ESP ab
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Castle 2: Pinnacle 4.8

Castle 2: Pinnacle

Chapter 37

2.7K Feb 20,24 Jeong Yeon (정연)

Kim Shin, a special killer who gathered men from all over the country and made the Organization 'Baek-Yi' to destroy the absolute power 'Castle' of the underworld.Through a negotiation he got inside the Castle and started working with the enemy... Will Kim Shin be able to take down the Castle and complete his revenge as he hoped.
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Secrets of the Silent Witch 4.9

Secrets Of The Silent Witch

Chapter 8.5

27 Feb 20,24 Isora Matsuri , Tana Tobi

Monica Everett, the Silent Witch, is the only mage in the world who can use unchanted magecraft, a true hero who singlehandedly defeated a legendary black dragon. However, this young genius is actuallysuper-duper shy! That's right: She learned to cast spells silently just to avoid speaking in public, and despite her power, she has zero self-confidence. Now Monica has been tasked with secretly guar
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Angel Heart 4.9

Angel Heart

Vol.30 Chapter 321: Black Wrath

6.4K Feb 20,24 Hojo Tsukasa

A young Taiwanese assassin codenamed "Glass Heart" committed suicide by jumping off a building, and her heart was pierced by a metal fence. Miraculously, her life was saved by heart transplantation. During her recovery she began to experience strange dreams, which led her to Japan looking for the donor of her heart, who happens to be Kaori Makimura, former partner of City Hunter.
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How to Live as a Villain 4.6

How To Live As A Villain

Chapter 126

63.1K Feb 20,24 Gam Sakeu , Lee Masik

"You have been chosen as a player in the great game to select the next god's successor, the Mission! Congratulations!"Seonghoon has suddenly fallen into another world to participate in a game to become a god. This other world that is akin to that of a game contains players who cooperate and also kill each other in cold blood!!Seonghoon, a person without an ounce of talent, uses wicked and crude tr
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Memoir of the God of War 4.7

Memoir Of The God Of War

Chapter 160

87.2K Feb 20,24 Ugak (우각)

Breathing does not guarantee everyone’s alive! Dan Sa Yu, a descendant of Goryeo, greatly reprimands the Central District for the sake of his friend whom he treasures the most. He reigns every battle! No one could stop him! Cheonpo Armed Forces. The greatest martial arts of Goryeo! The legend of Cheonpo Armed Forces lives on while the history of the King of War unfolds!---- (https://www.yo
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Amazing Rumor 4.2

Amazing Rumor

Chapter 154

1.2K Feb 20,24 Jangyi , Jang E

In this world and the next, both good and evil exist. But who do you call when evil spirits from the afterlife escape to prey on innocent human lives? You call the Counters, people with supernatural abilities, who also happen to run a noodle shop. When one's killed, an ordinary high school student is unexpectedly chosen to take their place. The seemingly mundane life of So Mun takes a drastic turn
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