I'll Raise You Well in This Life, Your Majesty! 4.7

I'll Raise You Well In This Life, Your Majesty!

Chapter 112

50.3K Jul 16,24 Anna,Jaha

When Ellisa opens her eyes and sees her young son, Leon, staring at her with eyes full of love and concern, she realizes that, by some miracle, she's been given a second chance. In her past life, she thought making Leon emperor was the only way to ensure his safety. But if she had known Leon had never wanted the crown, or that laying a crown soaked with the blood of his enemies and beloved one
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Trapped in A Cursed Game As an NPC 4.8

Trapped In A Cursed Game As An Npc

Chapter 53

4.7K Jul 16,24 Gwon Gyeoeul

I'm going to live a normal life!...said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village.Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a video game! I've been locked up here for two years, and I only just noticed.If I can't get out of the game..."A, in their 20's, was found starved to death while playing VR games."This could be what I'm remembered as!"I have to get o
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Call Me Master 3.5

Call Me Master

Chapter 40

1.4K Jul 16,24 仙娱文化

Zhou Ming is reborn as the head of a small school who is full of girls. In order to survive, for dignity, and for the sake of his sister, he used his golden fingers to overcome all difficulties and lead the long-declined sect on the road to rise.
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Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - Missing Link 4.4

Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story - Missing Link

Vol.2 Chapter 7: Contact

27 Jul 16,24 Yoshiyuki Tomino, Tomohiro Chiba, Nakamura Koujirou, Hajime Yatate

In the midst of the Universal Century’s raging One Year War, there is a shadowy unit that purges the Federation of wrongdoers! The long-awaited first volume of the manga adaptation of the Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden Missing Link from the popular game "Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories" by Namco Bandai Games!
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Legend of the Galactic Heroes (MICHIHARA Katsumi) 4.4

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes (Michihara Katsumi)

Vol.3 Chapter 24

24 Jul 16,24 Tanaka Yoshiki

Manga adaptation of 1980s. Five hundred years ago, Rudolf von Goldenbaum united the disparate governments of humankind and established a mighty human empire, a tribute to his own greatness that stretched across the galaxy. Demanding loyalty and discipline, Rudolf created an order designed to long outlast his own rule; but all human works fade in time. Today, the decaying empire faces
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Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor 4.4

Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor

Chapter 109

1.1K Jul 16,24 Daichi Banjo

Set during the Universal Century’s One Year War, this story followers exiled soldiers from Zeon join the Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F.) and form a unit called "Aggressor."
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Divine Soul Emperor 4.5

Divine Soul Emperor

Chapter 416

44.9K Jul 15,24 大行道动漫

The young man Lin Yan awakened the waste spirit and was ridiculed by everyone, but he did not know that the spirit was called the life and death coffin, and he turned around the heavens and earth. He also included a beautiful young girl master Qian Qianxue with unlimited ability. Ultimately the position of God Emperor Wu.
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Unsound Relationship 3.9

Unsound Relationship

Chapter 162

2.1K Jul 15,24 Qiyan

The hot-tempered criminal investigation team leader Qian was wrong, and Teng Ruiyu, a cold-blooded detective with high intelligence quotient, and the two of them partnered to solve countless incredible cases, and were involved in continuous alchemy crimes two years ago …
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Deuteronomy 4.5


Chapter 7: Fast

9 Jul 15,24 SaintItChief

Deuteronomy follows the story of a young boy named Sesom, who is destined to free his people from slavery. They live deep underground in a cave that has but one exit, which is under control by their slave masters. This cave is overrun with famine, disease, and unforgiving death. In order to free his people from this cruel circumstance, Sesom must overcome insurmountable odds, both internally and e
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See You Never 4

See You Never

Chapter 142

3.2K Jul 15,24 Tian Xi

In his previous life, Xia Lin dedicated his whole life to Song Yan, yet he still can’t escape the fate of being Song Yan’s second option. After being reborn, Xia Lin has decided to cut off their twisted relationship and stay away from Song Yan…
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Wind Breaker 4.7

Wind Breaker

Chapter 506

164.4K Jul 15,24 Jo Yongseuk

Street riding drama of youngsters who dream of freedom! - Naver
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Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki 4.9

Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki

Chapter 7

988 Jul 15,24 Watase Yuu

From Nyan-Nyan Rampage: "The final arc of the story begins... When Takao Osugi receives the mysterious "Universe of the Four Gods" book from his mentor, Einosuke Okuda, he does everything to keep it away from his young daughter, Suzuno. But when disaster strikes Tokyo, can he still protect her from her fate? Shortly after the tragic finale of Genbu Kaiden, young Suzuno Osugi's t
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Growing Tired of the Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years 4.8

Growing Tired Of The Lazy High Elf Life After 120 Years

Chapter 32

17.8K Jul 15,24 Kou Narita,Rarutori

Life in the Great Pulha Woodlands is the very definition of stillness and tranquility—and Acer’s had enough of it! That’s right. Acer isn’t quite like the other high elves of the forest. For starters, he remembers living a past life as a human in another world...meaning he’s got a taste for meat, adventure, and plenty of other decidedly un-elven things! He’s also bored out of his skull after 120 y
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The Darkness Was Comfortable For Me 4.5

The Darkness Was Comfortable For Me

Vol.3 Chapter 20

5.4K Jul 14,24 Kon Hoshizaki,Aoiko

“I will have the 1,000 people I have chosen go to a parallel world.” Chaos spread once those words of God were displayed to the whole world. Kurose Hikaru, whose childhood friend had been chosen, was killed together with her on the same day she was supposed to be transferred. However, for some reason, Hikaru didn’t die and, even though he wasn’t chosen at first,
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Me & Roboco 4.5

Me & Roboco

Chapter 193

1.4K Jul 14,24 Miyazaki Shuuhei

The year is 20XX… A time when every household owns cute maid robots known as OrderMaids. Average grade-schooler Bondo dreams of having his very own robot. But what he got was… Unable to compute!!! Life is gonna get a whole lot weirder when Roboco, the most powerful clumsy maid ever created, shows up at his door!
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Kagurabachi 4.6


Chapter 41

9.2K Jul 14,24 Hokazono Takeru

Young Chihiro spends his days training under his famous swordsmith father. One day he hopes to become a great sword-maker himself. The goofy father and the serious son--they thought these days would last forever. But suddenly, tragedy strikes. A dark day soaked in blood. Chihiro and his blade now live only for revenge. Epic sword battle action!
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Warrior Grandpa and Grandmaster daughter 4.7

Warrior Grandpa And Grandmaster Daughter

Chapter 48

1.6K Jul 14,24 Ilhyang , Shin Ui Cheol

Just when Liu Jinshan thought he could die without regrets, his family was annihilated! As a result, he became determined to live just so that he could see his only surviving granddaughter, Liu Seol, reach adulthood. As he struggled to raise her and train her with his aging body, Liu Seol, who was born with the talent of a supreme martial artist, grew up much faster than he thought she would. "Don
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Silencer 2.4


Vol.1 Chapter 8: Turning A Blind Eye

26 Jul 14,24 Buronson

(from ebookjapan):Shizuka Katsuragi is a female detective who loves silencers. She is assigned to the "annex" of the Community Safety Division, a hive of activity in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Her partner is Kenya Iha, the most eccentric person in the Metropolitan Police Department. The pairing of the two is a strange one, as they both pull each other down. With the poli
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Sekaiju no Shita kara Hajimeru: Hanryuu Shoujo to Boku no Musou Life 4.2

Sekaiju No Shita Kara Hajimeru: Hanryuu Shoujo To Boku No Musou Life

Chapter 31: Epilogue

248 Jul 14,24 Kaburagi Haruka

Buried by an avalanche caused by an eruption, a girl discovers a secret place undergroud where she tastes the flesh of a dragon, becoming half-dragon half-human. Afterwards the girl who was to be sold as a slave was bought by a kind-hearted boy. This novel is about a girl who became a Half-Dragon and a boy who has healing magic; a story about their carefree journey.
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Brainless Witch 4.7

Brainless Witch

Chapter 95

5.1K Jul 14,24 落灰之书 / 瑞兽萌

The immortal witch cannot stop her tears after losing what was precious to her once again, while trying to find a way to stop her tears the witch accidentally provokes the prince of hell. This is the start of a chaotic daily life!
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Serial Killer Isekai ni Oritatsu 4.5

Serial Killer Isekai Ni Oritatsu

Chapter 23: The Serial Killer And "zombie"

11.6K Jul 14,24 hitotsubu ichigo

A murderer who cannot stop the urge to kill people, even though he wants to stop, receives the death sentence he wants. His joy is short-lived, as he is reincarnated in another world. The mission entrusted to him by the goddess is to kill 12 reincarnated people using his murderous impulses. Not all reincarnated people are saints!
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Hundred Ghost Stories of My Own Death 4.8

Hundred Ghost Stories Of My Own Death

Chapter 84: A Life Of Beauty

11.7K Jul 14,24 Matono Anji

Anthology horror series detailing the "Round of 100 Ghost Stories", an old folktale believed to originate from Japan. Often used as a test of courage where participants tell one hundred supernatural stories and blow out one candle then look at themselves in the mirror after they finish each story. When the one-hundredth candle is blown out, it is said that ghosts and demons are summoned
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Buta no Fukushuu 4.3

Buta No Fukushuu

Vol.8 Chapter 32.1: Idol I

2.7K Jul 14,24 Nitou Sau

Before successfully being able to commit suicide, Takeshi Hirota, a bullied high school boy is transported to another another world where he is accepted by the orcs due to his appearance.
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Ateya no Tsubaki 4.3

Ateya No Tsubaki

Vol.6 Chapter 49: The Mountain Of God (Part 11)

1.2K Jul 14,24 Kawashita Kanji

Housen is a painter of erotic art in the Edo period, who stumbles into a murder mystery involving women who have hooked up with one of his patrons. With the help of Tsubaki, a girl he runs into on the street who seems to know more about him than he does and is an artist herself, they start unraveling mysteries involving sex, murder, and occasionally the occult.
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