Hey! Be More Confident 4.2

Hey! Be More Confident

Chapter 0.5

1,990 Mar 09,21 羊咕咕

Gu Ge just returned home to meet the girl that's always on his mind, Bai Yu, who's unable to recognize him due to her suffering from face recognition loss. After a few days of getting along, Gu Ge found that she is no longer as cheerful and lively as before. Why did she lose her light, and what has she experienced over the years? The girl who suffers from prosopagnosia and the boy who sets his min
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Piano Duo for the Left Hand 4.2

Piano Duo For The Left Hand

Chapter 3

9,565 Mar 07,21 MATSUOKA Kenta

The girl who changed my life is for those who never return. It is his left hand that rescues Shu in despair… ⁉︎
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Why The King Needs A Secretary 4.7

Why The King Needs A Secretary

Chapter 3

62,151 Mar 06,21 Bamui

Celestia lives in the back alley of Golddina and has a skill that can dispel magic. She thinks that her skill is useless and supports her talented friend Serengevan instead. “Get that crazy bit*h out!” But he betrayed her and sold her as a s*ave even though they promised to get married. In her inescapable despair, a man who looked to be a nobleman appeared before Celestia a
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The Branded Swordswoman 4.6

The Branded Swordswoman

Chapter 3

124,323 Feb 27,21 Hermit,Fukatsu

There was a time when mages were feared. In the Kingdom of Fulgund a female spellsword called Alfiris travels in hope to become a "person who can save others". However, those who manipulate magic are shunned even by the mercenary guild. If one day she finds a travel companion and her "curse brand" is seen... When one day she is reunited with Sister Anorn, a drunk who considers her a "friend", and
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The Reverent Saint, Luo Wuji 4.1

The Reverent Saint, Luo Wuji

Chapter 21

90,236 Mar 04,21 大魔王漫画

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Kimi wa Shinenai Hai Kaburi no Majo 4.8

Kimi Wa Shinenai Hai Kaburi No Majo

Vol.2 Chapter 5.1: Confronting Malice (1)

46,990 Mar 01,21 Hainumi

The meeting between a normal boy and a witch liberates the world from its curse... I'm a magic apprentice. "My master," who has been living under this same run-down roof with me, is a shut-in girl who proclaimed herself to be a great witch. Despite sounding all high-and-mighty, my defenseless master loves to watch her disciple cooking for her. Our daily lives, filled with happiness, g
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Sore wa, Kimi ga Mita Ao Datta 4.5

Sore Wa, Kimi Ga Mita Ao Datta

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Closing Ceremony

6,257 Feb 22,21 Mitsunaga Wao

A loved one died. Momo, a high school student who lost her best friend Sayo, who had been with her since elementary school, in a sudden accident. In despair, she reunites with Sayo's younger brother, Keichiro, at the funeral for the first time in eight years. The secret base in the residential area, the ferris wheel dyed in twilight, and a candy shop they frequently visited. Momo and
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The Horizon 4.9

The Horizon

Chapter 21

76,200 Feb 22,21 Jeong Ji-Hoon

Two children unexpectedly meet in the midst of war. After running away from the chaos, they come across a long empty road. With no adults to rely on, the two strangers, now become friends, walk alongside each other to see what's at the end of the road. All they hope is to keep being able to move forward. Just what kind of trials and tragedy awaits them during their journey for survival? Link
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Kyosei Tensei 4.5

Kyosei Tensei

Chapter 2.3

75,917 Mar 07,21 MIYATSUKI Arata

Anezaki Satoru, a Genius had his childhood friend murdered and raped, he then tracks down her 15 killers and he murders them, he then gets sentenced to death for his crimes of murder, after being executed though, he found himself in a parallel apocalyptic world...
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This Gorilla Will Die In 1 Day 4.9

This Gorilla Will Die In 1 Day

Chapter 3: Day 2 (Alternative)

20,653 Feb 19,21 Ishida Sui

An online comic by Ishida Sui of Tokyo Ghoul about a gorilla living his last day.
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Thus, the Hakurei 4.5

Thus, The Hakurei


2,976 Feb 16,21 ぴらふ

Being Gensokyo's Hakurei Shrine Maiden is far from just fun and games all the time. Sometimes you must get down to business, even when it gets bloody and messy, and even if it's the dead last thing you want to do. This is a brief look into the tragic role of Reimu Hakurei as both youkai exterminator and protector of humans. Pixiv:
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Winter Sovereign 4.3

Winter Sovereign

Chapter 7

56,162 Feb 17,21 I Eat Tomatoes,Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi

Back in ancient times, there was a small piece of land owned by some nobles that were located in the Anyang province. The name of the land was, “Land of the Winter Eagles.” The owner of the land was named Dong Bo Lie. He created the land after having a romance with Mo Yang Yu of the Mo Yang family. Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu had two children, Dong Bo Xue Ying, and Dong Bo Qing Shi. (TL
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Strange detective 4.6

Strange Detective

Chapter 16

36,098 Mar 01,21 创画文化

Wang You Cai, who has the abilities of a detective, originally planned to take a break after resigning as a cop; but to his dismay, his friend experienced an unexplainable tragic death. As a detective, he has decided to solve the mystery; while searching for answers, he met the female Mc Zhen Meng, who is part of a mysterious group; confidentially, they start to uncover the truth of many other obn
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Monster in the Greenhouse 4.7

Monster In The Greenhouse

Chapter 0

24,132 Feb 09,21 송서림

Julia Lappier, the so-called flower of society and envied by everyone. She had a lover for 10 years, and he was the illegitimate son of a baron who had nothing. For him, Julia gives everything she has, making her a greenhouse, but… “Julia is a girl who has nothing but a pretty face and a family.” “But she is the only child of the Marquis.”
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The Tragedy of a Villainess 4.9

The Tragedy Of A Villainess

Chapter 0

46,139 Feb 09,21 Honey Flow (꿀이흐르는)

The social outcast, Seria, had changed. Seria Shuteren, the vile woman who had everyone trembling with fear at her feet, was now calm. Truthfully, the woman had not just changed, she was a completely different person. Realizing she had possessed the wicked woman’s body in this romance novel, she decided to live on the low, having a hunch about the future. She would en
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I Don't Love You Anymore 4.8

I Don't Love You Anymore

Chapter 17

800,182 Mar 05,21 수수,연재중

To Nivea, the world seemed like an eternal winter. Her parents and maids had given her the cold shoulder ever since she was a baby. When she fell down in the snow, no one spared her a glance. It was truly a dreadful winter. While living day to day like a doll on a display shelf, Nivea was engaged as part of a pre-natal agreement between her father and her fiance’s father. Her fiance was a Wi
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Hollow Souls 4.5

Hollow Souls

Vol.2 Chapter 13: Grasp For Air

39,577 Feb 28,21 Mihai Melnic

It all started in Aeris, capital of Ameria, in the midst of the summer festival. During the festivity, people started unexpectedly attacking each other and a large scale massacre took place instead of dancing and merrymaking.     Under the strangest circumstances, Edward comes back to the living, just to find himself in a strange place inhabited by the Gray Guardians. W
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JK Musou - Owaru Sekai no Sukuikata 4.6

Jk Musou - Owaru Sekai No Sukuikata

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Part-10 Cutlet Panic

115,810 Mar 04,21 Tsuda Yuuya,Ishikawa Kanoto

Creatures that were supposed to exist only in fiction were running rampant throughout the world, drawing civilization close to its demise. That day, I, the protagonist, noticed that there was a special skill dwelling within me. Leveling up the more she fights and gaining new skills as well as the ability to harness magic in turn, a high school girl who was once a shut-in
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Seek For Three Lifetimes 4

Seek For Three Lifetimes

Chapter 1

12,712 Feb 26,21 溯痕

“I will stay by your side until you grow old.” He kept his word. For 50 years, he held his hand with a smile by dawn, and embraced him by dusk. Over the valleys and hills, across the river of time, walking side by side to the ends of earth. ———By the grace of this miracle, I will dedicate every moment to you.
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Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic) 2.6

Hungry Cat Kyuu-Chan (Fan Comic)

Chapter 243: Dora "k" Mon

174,491 Mar 05,21 cromat

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Oshi no Ko 4.8

Oshi No Ko

Chapter 36: The Night Before

109,502 Mar 04,21 Akasaka Aka

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it. What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he man
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Killer Shark in Another World 4.7

Killer Shark In Another World

Chapter 5

272,773 Feb 20,21 Kuboken

A story about a little summoner girl that accidentally summons a shark from another world as her pet that has all of the powers seen in shark movies in the modern world.
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Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain 4.2

Fox Volant Of The Snowy Mountain

Chapter 24

190,517 Mar 08,21 Jin Yong

Based on Jin Yong’s novel of the same name. After the Dashing King seized the capital, all the generals of the Ming dynasty surrendered and gave their wealth as tributes to save their own lives. In a few days, gold and silver piled up like a mountain. After the Dashing King retreated from the capital, he sent his trusted subordinates to hide the treasure somewhere beyond the Great Wall, inte
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