Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire 4.2

Two Empires, The Slave Of The Empire

Chapter 50

2.6K Jul 20,24 Hegan, Morgen, Revnoad, Salt Bread

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Temptress 4


Chapter 143

1.9K Jul 20,24 Oh Gye

Haeyo can't help herselfshe gets aroused whenever, wherever. Whether she's on her way home, in the gym, or in a bar, she's ready to entice anyone who's brave enough to accept her advances. Equipped with a sultry stare, she woos unsuspecting targets who can't say no after getting a glimpse of what she has to offer. Well... Are you ready to get tempted?+
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Midnight Dweller 4.1

Midnight Dweller


2.4K Jul 20,24 Gwendoline , Myeong Ye , Yang Ji

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Over Run 3.5

Over Run

Chapter 29

107 Jul 20,24 Bani

Dio has a long-time crush on his superior, Aidan. He thinks of leaving the army when he becomes a sergeant, as he has decided to ever since he joined the special forces, but in the hopes of having even just memories, he musters up his courage then confesses and has a one-night stand with Aidan.However, Aidan feels drawn to Dio over this night then asks him out on a date and the two begin dating. A
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A Sweet Part Time Job 4.5

A Sweet Part Time Job

Chapter 45

1.3K Jul 20,24 10k Won

It seems like Seo's new part-time job is going to be great... first off, it pays well. Second off... he's surrounded by absolute hotties!
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Master On Saturday's 3.8

Master On Saturday's

Chapter 33

1.2K Jul 19,24 Seom Onhwa

•This series relies heavily on honorific's, it's part of the storytelling. •The series is under the tag "비욘드 하드코어" which means beyond hardcore. Meaning this series is not suitable for everyone and can be very extreme
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Don't Mix Business with Pleasure! 4

Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!

Chapter 48.5

2.6K Jul 19,24 Hodot

Baek Do-hoo, a BL novel writer and college student, gets to know Seo Joo-heon, a junior from the same university. Baek Do-hoo, who was sure that he would come up with a good idea if he conceived a seme character based on Jooheon, followed him around, analyzed him, and developed an interest in Seo Joo-heon. “Do you like me that much? Enough to do such a dirty thing?"
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PLACEBO: Let's Play 4.5

Placebo: Let's Play

Chapter 34

3.5K Jul 19,24 Cuke Soap

The hit short story Placebo returns as a series!"Let's play"All Seo Woo-yeon wants is a simple university experience away from his intensely annoying step-brother, Woo-jin. So imagine his frustration when Woo-jin not only gets into the same university as Woo-yeon, but also follows him to the same major and even the same classes! Woo-yeon's determined to make the world see how awful his brother tru
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Making a Child with a Beast 3.8

Making A Child With A Beast

Chapter 63

5.4K Jul 19,24 Tachibana Bisco

"Are you so happy to conceive my child that you can't restrain yourself?" I'm a playboy, but I get wet when a beast man touches me...!? Yurito, a playboy who attends a veterinary school, is suffering from the idiosyncratic nature of being "avoided and hated by males", whether they are humans or animals. On the other hand, he has a free-spirited sexual life with women, but these women can't help hi
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Reversal (Yaoi) 4.1

Reversal (Yaoi)

Chapter 27

708 Jul 19,24 Saejo

Lee Ha-jin, who hides his real name "Yuhan" and his past, which was a "passionate omega" trait, and lives as a "beta." It has become his daily life to please Jin Seung, the son of J-Tech CEO, while holding a debt alone without a family. One day, Ha-Jin, who reunited with Sung Hyeop, his first love in high school, at a meeting place with a client. Seong-hyeop, the son and friend of a driver who liv
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Samsam-ine House 3.5

Samsam-Ine House

Chapter 15

408 Jul 19,24 Yeonu

"Maybe you are my destiny?" On the third day, one animal was abandoned in front of the house. It was not mere sympathy that could not be turned away. Seung-gyu, who was left alone after divorce, decided to imbo because he looked similar to himself. He gave him the name Samsami and tried to fulfill his role as Im Bo-in, but Samsami seems to be in heat with Seung-gyu.
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Macguffin 4.3


Chapter 40

2.7K Jul 19,24 Hotshoe , Maro

"What kind of person do you think I am?” "……a stranger." Lee Soo-ha, who has been locked up in an unidentified facility for a long time, is dragged by strangers and meets a man one day. Lee Soo-ha, then lives with that man, he found out that he is an Omega who was sold to him, an Alpha. He is concerned about his situation where he has no heat cycle and is unable to conceive due
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Lustfully 4.8


Chapter 36

514 Jul 19,24 Cheoyong , Takara

Read manhwa "Lustfully" for free at Summary:As the second daughter of the affluent Daeju Group family, Yoon Seung-ah should have a perfect life of luxury. However, the dismal truth is that she has experienced nothing but contempt and restriction simply for being an illegitimate child. Then, one day, in a strange twist of events, Seung-ah meets Ki Taejun from the KCT Group, who wants to strike up a
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First Impressions 4

First Impressions

Chapter 41

207 Jul 19,24 Fiorenti , Kwang Ya

Hyeseo and Seoha were only supposed to be tutor and tutee. But why are they becoming something more?First Impressions, Hubae Evolves, The Junior's Evolution, The Younger Generation Evolves, mangabuddy is a website dedicated to fans of anime, , , , video games, and cosplay. Where you may find all of your anime-related memes, recommendations, reviews, manga recommendations, character fanfiction, fa
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My Boss is a Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill  The Complete Collection 4.5

My Boss Is A Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill The Complete Collection

Chapter 8

309 Jul 19,24 Kamu C

Read manhwa "My Boss is a Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill The Complete Collection" for free at Summary:Natsumi, also known as "Ham-chan," hustles at a demanding office job like a hamster running in a wheel. Meanwhile, her boss Samejima is more like a shark. He's handsome, sure, but he's also imposing and scary at least, until he confesses his feelings for her?! Natsumi is a li
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Fairy Pairing 3.9

Fairy Pairing

Chapter 6

259 Jul 19,24 Yahee

not found...
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Milf Hunter In Another World 3.9

Milf Hunter In Another World

Chapter 48

2.6K Jul 19,24 ERO404

TAE-YANG runs away to the other world after getting caught sleeping with a married womanThe best married woman in this world, and a bed? Can TAE-YANG complete his harem in this other world successfully?Cazador de milfs de otro mundo, Different World Milf Hunter, MILF Hunting in Another World, MILP Hunter From Another World, , , Milf Hunter In Another Worldmangabuddy is a website dedicated to fan
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"sukida." Iretara Tsutawaru... Katabutsu Otoko No Hitamukina Saiai

Chapter 42

954 Jul 19,24 Inozaki Hinata

My childhood friend - normally so cold and uncaring - caressed me sweetly. I couldn't stop myself from moaning or my body from getting hotter and hotter. Why do I feel this way when we don't even like each other?
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Dark Fall 4.3

Dark Fall

Season.2 Chapter 67

15.8K Jul 19,24 Darulung

Leon, who reigned as the ruler of Darkfall, loses power for an unknown reason. Those who support him begin to reveal their strong sexual desires and nature to give birth to a new king to replace him +
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Comes In Threes 3.7

Comes In Threes

Chapter 70

1.3K Jul 18,24 Gyulrock

not found...
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A Terrible Romance 3.6

A Terrible Romance

Chapter 84

2.7K Jul 18,24 Chemji

Woojin, who blindly relies on his lover, Minho, is getting tired of Minho's unreasonable sexual demands. At a play that a friend invited him to watch because he cares about him, he becomes interested in actor Taehwan, who plays a minor role. So Woojin starts a relationship that Minho did not allow...
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Hyung, do you think i'm fat? 3.4

Hyung, Do You Think I'm Fat?

Chapter 25

664 Jul 18,24 Oheun , Cho Sangduck

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