Sin Flower 4.4

Sin Flower

Chapter 46

638 Dec 08,22 Taffy (태피)

Haesoo takes care of Dojin after he loses his parents to an evil spirit. As Dojin grows up, he struggles to hide his feelings for Haesoo, but tries to do so regardless by assisting him in his priestly duties. But evil soon creeps into Dojin's heart when he stumbles upon Haesoo's dark secret, whispering to let his desires loose...
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Concentration of Malice 4.5

Concentration Of Malice

Chapter 61

2K Dec 08,22 Lachik , Paldu

"Proud Carter, it's all thanks to you my life has been ruined!" Rita, a lady of a noble, became a bar waitress for li because of him. There are many days when she wants revenge, but doesn't have a blade to hold on to. One day, a foreign shaman suggested to Rita, "I will exchange your old body for a new one." With the shaman's magic, Rita, the countess's daughter, was able to be reborn as Bertha A
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Ingoshima 3.4


Chapter 183

64.3K Dec 08,22 TENKAFEM

The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on t
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Salvation 4.5


Chapter 46

194 Dec 08,22 Gwendoline , Dojin

Min-hoo, who was thought to be loved by his stepmother, wandered around a winter pond after hearing the news of her divorce and fell into the pond.And as his eyes opened, he woke up on an unfamiliar planet named "Jubrade" and Emperor Sioen declared that Minhu would be the savior who would save Euphrates from'recruits', calling Minhu the'moon man'Min-hu fights to overcome fate in order to get back
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Make You Mine 4

Make You Mine

Chapter 25

439 Dec 08,22 Chinoko

Jinwoo Kim, a university student with severe social anxiety, returns to school, determined to make new friends and overcome his conditions. But when his eyes meet Han Choi, the handsome and popular underclassman, he gags and runs out. Humiliated, Han vows to make Jinwoo fall for him. A seductive race between an introvert and prince charming... Who will be the winner?
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Surge Looking For You 4.1

Surge Looking For You

Chapter 40

1.8K Dec 07,22 Chung Yun

Cheong-ho is a national swim team member who has been struggling with poor records. As an alpha, his physical condition could be improved greatly through sex with an omega, but he has a fear of omega pheromones. His hopes of being a top swimmer seem to be sinking, but that all changes when he meets Yi-rim, an omega whose pheromones don’t give off any scent. Yi-rim is only too happy to help Cheong-
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Contracts in Bed 4.5

Contracts In Bed

Chapter 21

375 Dec 07,22 Soil

- Lee Junseo is a poor Omega photographer who meets the rich Alpha CEO, Choi Changwoo - Believing that they are a match, Changwoo organized a marriage contract in exchange for money - With the two having many contrasts, will the relationship turn into something more than a contract?
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A Man of Great Infatuation 3.1

A Man Of Great Infatuation

Chapter 15

17 Dec 07,22 Lyrique (리릭)

The third generation billionaire's secret heir, Dong-Ju X Secret secretary Min-Young.Lee Min-Young of the HR team happened to see Han Dong-Ju, a new employee of the sales team, coming out of the president's office.Surprisingly, Min-Young finds out that Dong-Ju is the president's hidden son.Moreover, he receives a secret offer to spy on his private life in order to make him his heir..."But this new
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How to Be the Chosen One 3.4

How To Be The Chosen One

Chapter 35

133 Dec 07,22 Face Park

Cho Sunwon finds his life boring and tedious. Sex is the only thing he isn’t sick of, but it’s getting a little too easy to talk any guy into bed. He wants a new life, a new world, and a new challenge…and he totally gets all of those when he’s summoned into another world as the so-called god of Abroria! Awesome, right? Except, nobody seems to fall for his bedroom talk, and there’s a sexy king hell
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Sense 3.7


Vol.11 Chapter 98: Lesson98:secret ㊺

14.5K Dec 07,22 Haruki

A new teacher enters an all-girls high school and as he tours around he sees a female student sleeping in a classroom. When she wakes up, however, she suddenly kisses him...
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Furin Shokudou 2.4

Furin Shokudou

Chapter 24: Curry And Chicken

1.5K Dec 06,22 Yamaguchi Masakazu

The manga centers on 35-year-old businessman Ryūichi Yamadera. Ryūichi travels around the country on business trips, and his sole pastime is trying different foods at local restaurants. He also ends up sleeping with the various married women he meets at the restaurants, while also being married himself.
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The Virgin Witch 4.3

The Virgin Witch

Chapter 119

8.5K Dec 06,22 Face Park

.30-year-old virgin Mihye is burning up with lust, but the only company she has on her 30th birthday is wine, cake, and a life-sized pillow of her favorite idol singer. Well, a girl's gotta drink up and dream big. She blows out the candles with just one wish for her coming yearto finally pop that cherry. When she opens her eyes, lo and behold, a handsome hunk has materialized out of thin air. And
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Kill Me Now 3.1

Kill Me Now

Chapter 50

617 Dec 06,22 Cosmos

Haegu, a proficient and merciless hitwoman, executes a man in front of his own daughter and takes the child under her wing. She decides to name her Mian, the word for "sorry" in Korean, and gives her one mission: "Kill me when you can." From that moment on, Mian decides that she will do this by choking Haegu with feigned love and emotionally manipulating her into submission. But as Mian grows int
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Honnou Switch 4.7

Honnou Switch

Chapter 31.5

5.6K Dec 06,22 Kujira

[from cotton candy scans] The morning after she got dumped by her boyfriend, when she woke up, she was in the same bed as her childhood friend, Hijiri?! Despite the heartbreak and shock of it all, Koyori just can't seem to forget Hijiri telling her "I love you"...?! How do you get from being "Childhood friends" to "Lovers"?! Super popular on th
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Toshishita Onzoushi to Iinari Doukyo Maiban danante Arienai 4

Toshishita Onzoushi To Iinari Doukyo Maiban Danante Arienai

Chapter 43

1.7K Dec 06,22 Sanzui syaku

Tsukiko always strives for self-improvement and she believes that effort paves the way to happiness. Yet, the man of her dreams was stolen by another woman... A cute younger guy who calls himself "Pyonkichi" gently called out to her in a bar while she was ranting to the bartender. Whenever Tsukiko is feeling down, he gently comforts her. However, when things get intimate, he suddenly becomes aggre
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One Night Mate 3.8

One Night Mate

Chapter 40

656 Dec 06,22 Cherry Manju , Justice

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Yubisaki Kara Honki no Netsujou 4.4

Yubisaki Kara Honki No Netsujou

Chapter 136

13.6K Dec 06,22 Tanishi kawano

"I can't get enough of how you're so strong-willed, but you still lose yourself in me." I never wanted to be held by a flirty man... But for some reason, inside his strong arms, his warmth feels so good... Notices: This manga has sexual content and censurable scenes, which means that it's smut, so please don't remove the smut tag Please remember to sup
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Game World Reincarnation ~Sex On The First Night~ 3.3

Game World Reincarnation ~Sex On The First Night~

Chapter 47

4.7K Dec 06,22 Re:mimu

.Office worker dies from overworking and gets reincarnated as the villain in her favorite otome game. Will she be able to keep her fiance or will she lose him to the protagonist? Read and find out...TL, DR: Smutty Isekai :>
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Isekai Ooku Ohi ni Naritakuba Yotogi de Denka ni Aisaretsuzuke yo 2.8

Isekai Ooku Ohi Ni Naritakuba Yotogi De Denka Ni Aisaretsuzuke Yo

Chapter 70

851 Dec 06,22 Sauro

Only a woman who gives birth to the prince's child can become queen. Can I take the throne when the Ladies'Chambers are so full of dangerous women?+
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Sazanami Aoshi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~ Sā, Jikkuri Medemashou ka 3.8

Sazanami Aoshi Ni Shojo O Sasagu ~ Sā, Jikkuri Medemashou Ka

Chapter 52

959 Dec 06,22 Aki Murakami

"If it's a request from my previous wife, then I will give you the moon and the stars." He flashes his gorgeous tattoos at me as he makes passionate love to me. This is bad! Something's coming...!!
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Beware of the Full Moon In March 4.3

Beware Of The Full Moon In March

Chapter 26

309 Dec 06,22 Choi Song

After being released from prison former gangster Park Mok-hwa ran a flower shop with the help of Kim Jung-ae. Kim Nak-won, a corrupt police officer who does everything he wants to satisfy his selfish desires is under probation while investigating the 'Tongyang PK' case. However, Park Mok-hwa refuses to cooperate and submit to the greedy police officer's wishes. It leaves the corrupt Kim Nak-won no
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Virgin Extinction Island 3.4

Virgin Extinction Island

Vol.8 Chapter 37: Reality

17.9K Dec 05,22 Kawasaki Junpei

On that day, suddenly, every single male virgin over the age of 18 started dying rapidly, causing a huge panic across Japan! Sex industry prices skyrocket overnight, forming angry mobs of terrified virgins, and the government knows not how to handle such an unprecedented crisis. Enter our protagonist, 17-year old virgin Kurumi Eiri. He has to get laid before his 18th birthday,
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Swapping 3.7


Chapter 42

988 Dec 05,22 Gaet Saeng , Chaepali

Woo Jitaek, the chairman of Samjo Group, one of Korea's top conglomerates, became a case of DDCS (death during consensual sex), Soheon is under police investigation as the person he was with at the time of his death. Some time later, Soheon is suddenly called by Seoho, the president of the agency he works for... He offers Soheon some kind of deal, more like a threat he can't escape from. S
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Defence Mechanism 4.2

Defence Mechanism

Chapter 22

1.4K Dec 05,22 zed

YES to sex, NO to dating! Kim Suho is a complete serial maneater. To make matters even worse, after suffering(?) from falling in love at first sight with Lee Yul, Suho is asked by Yul to protect him in a request he can’t refuse...
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